Why They Hate Us

Imperial powers, the U.S. to be specific, take the natural resources of other, weaker nations and we use our military to do so. Our intelligence  agencies support, train, & finance dictators who allow “our corporations,” to rape, pillage, and plunder other countries’ resources and people. This is why the U.S. has more than 800 military bases around the globe & God knows how many “black op sites” i.e. secret bases. https://www.thenation.com/article/the-united-states-probably-has-more-foreign-military-bases-than

And if a dictator’s military forces & police can’t control their citizens, the U.S. sends in our military—see Major General Smedley F. Butler, U.S.M.C. Our constant assault on the weaker & poorer nations kills hundreds of thousands & millions of their soldiers as well as the innocent civilians of those nations. quote-i-served-in-all-commissioned-ranks-from-second-lieutenant-to-major-general-and-during-smedley-butler-76-80-15

Naturally, this creates hatred of the U.S. military & government, and some people resort to terrorism as their only way to fight back because of our overwhelming military power. Our behemoth corporate conglomerates set the agenda i.e. tell the politicians who to go to war against. edward-bernays-quote

The P.R. (Public Relations) industry provides the cover or the justifications for these perpetual wars. And because the corporations’ greed is never satiated, the need for an ever growing military budget is also never ending. Cheney

And of course, the “Defense” industries profit handsomely from our constant state of war (see Dick Cheney & Halliburton). Moreover, the federal treasury only has so much money, so they must continually create rationalizations as to why they need to slash funding for social welfare programs i.e. health, education, welfare, social security, Medicare, etc. etc. etc. Welfare queens

Furthermore, the power elite i.e. the corporate masters are paying less & less taxes and hundreds of them pay no taxes whatsoever & even get refunds of tens of millions of dollars while we, the taxpayers, must pay the taxes that maintain the critical infrastructure of our nations’ roads, highways, bridges, airports, ports, etc. that the corporations use to operate their businesses. And many of these corporations are subsidized by our taxes via Research & Development costs, tax breaks, tax incentives, etc. —see the invention & development of the Internet. But if we “cheat” on our taxes or don’t pay them, we’re heavily fined, our business is closed down, and/or we are sent to prison.

In conclusion, I believe it’s rather obvious as to why we have witnessed an ever-expanding level of terrorist attacks around the globe yet sadly, due to the ever more sophisticated P.R. industry (propaganda), the majority of Americans believe our enemies are immigrants illegal as well as legal, Muslims, students, intellectuals, gays, & the government itself. But if their Social Security checks failed to come in the mail or their Medicare was completely cut-off, they’d raise holy hell i.e. they forget all the things the government does that benefits them. george-orwell-568725

The powers that be have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in diverting & distracting our attention from their criminal activity when they clearly are the greatest danger & oppressor of all of humanity as well as our environment. The strategy is as old as recorded history i.e. Divide & Conquer. (see FOX “News” or as I call it, the Fear & Hate channel) I refer to these institutions as the Corporate Cockroaches! FOX News

This is the vicious cycle of degradation, death, & destruction that like, Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, ended up killing its creator, its master, and there is next to nothing that can be done to stop it because Americans can’t be bothered to inform themselves because they’re too busy with their “Smart phones.” Our ignorance and our apathy are glaringly obvious with the “election” of Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan as our commander in chief.  wpid-zombie-walk-moviles-smartphone-humorsmart-phones-stupid-people-will-technology-make-us-stupid-17-728

—Rob DeLoss, May 7, 2018  Trinidad, CA

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