The Cockroach Conspiracy

   In brief, I had built up another blog over several years but it was auctioned off. They never notified me that the payment for my domain name was due & now they expect me to pay $2,000 if I want my old blog’s name; corporate cockroaches back. I told them where they can stick it.

The key word is “corporate,” because as I see it, the behemoth corporations with their tentacles strangling just about every institution society has, are behind the vast majority of our crises. I am going to slowly post the approx. 150 essays I had on my other blog here but I don’t know if I’m willing to take all the time I did in my first blog in adding appropriate pics & You Tube music videos that seemed right for the particular essay?

I am working on my magnum opus so-to-speak which I have titled; Truth Against the World. I am about three-fifths of the way through it & it’s already over 2,000 pgs. So, I edited & printed a single copy of the first part which is “The Humanists’ Fight for Our Freedom.” I edited this first book but have yet to edit the other two books on Anti-Intellectualism in America and our Public Educational System. In the future, I plan on exposing the corporate media & then tying all the parts together with the glue that is the corporate corruption & destruction of our planet.

And as if this weren’t all enough, I picked up on a novel I started ten years ago which I call; The Return of the Flower Children. It’s been a lot of fun writing because I’ve added a lot of sex & slip in a bit of my political perspectives in hopes of maintaining a reader’s attention? Ha! Ha!

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January 2021