Mafia Nation




Isn’t it time to just come out & admit that we’ve thrown in the towel and given up on democracy? We’re certainly not fooling the rest of the world, they are scratching their heads in confusion as to how we could’ve elected such a corrupt moron as Trump to represent us. And two thirds of the American public know full well what a racist & sexist megalomaniac Donny is but I guess that third of the electorate that are in the Trump cult must cling to the charade that America is still a republic. I refer to these people as the Duck Dynasty Klan because they have clearly drunk Trump’s Kool-Aid & are living in Trumptown waiting for the signal to self-destruct.

Jim Jones cult weren’t that different from Trump’s


Here’s a brief overview for those of you in post-literate America, of Donny the misanthropic misanthrope’s background.


Donald Trump brands himself as a builder and manager of luxury developments, including Trump Tower, where he resides. He is surrounded by marble and gold, as well as the finest furniture. However, what most people fail to see that the roots of his fortune were built on the lower and middle classes, largely with the assistance of the government. 

the humble populist his supporters find so reassuring


If your memory hasn’t calcified, you’ll note that Donny with the girly hands & bone-spurs, came to power proclaiming his defense of the real Americans i.e. the working class & the ever-dwindling middle class. But if you’ll do even a little reading & research, you’ll soon learn that Donny & his daddy built their “real estate empires” on the backs of those same people Donny now claims to be defending. The Trumps took advantage of government loans to build many of their low-income projects (recall how much Donny hates the government?) & basically, became slumlords who often refused to make necessary repairs for their tenants. Moreover, the Trump crime family often turned-down rental applications from people of color.

People on Welfare Bad! People who get govt. contracts to screw the welfare people, Good!

Furthermore, in Atlantic City, Donny got a special building permit which allowed him to erect one of his casinos right next to a freeway offramp because of his promise to build low-income housing which he never delivered on like the tens of thousands of promises & lies he has made in his road to success. And if you give a damn about facts & truth, you know, those concepts so foreign to Donny boy, one of the best historians of Trump’s rise to celebrity & wealth is the late, Wayne Barrett in his book; “Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth.”


You see, Trump like so many corrupt politicians & businessmen count on people’s intellectual laziness & pitiful memories. Here’s another insightful little snippet from the link I provided above:


The Trump Organization was built by his father, Fred Trump, and later headed by Donald Trump from 1971. The senior Trump built small homes in the boroughs of New York City after WWII, largely with the help of low interest government loans. He also built and managed apartment complexes that were far from luxurious, also with help from the government. He built the Beach Haven Apartment complex in Brooklyn, New York over swampland, and the foundations were continually settling. These and other developments would eventually bring in great wealth from the United States government, utilizing the federal Section 8 housing program, which was designed to assist low income people.


Yep! That terrible government of ours which Trump refers to as The Swamp but if it weren’t for that same government, the Trump tyranny might very well never have come into existence? So, it seems the Trumps have been promising to “drain the swamp” for decades but they failed to mention the swamps under their building projects & how it affected their trapped tenants. I don’t know about you, but I’ve known more than my fair share of slumlords in my life, owners who refused to make repairs & always seem to find an excuse to not give me my security deposit back when I moved out? Yet Trump’s Walking Dead believe he’ll protect them from the government which helped make him obscenely wealthy by manipulating building codes & permits and gave him fraudulent tax breaks at the same time?


Again, with just a little bit of effort & research, you’ll discover that the super-rich, the G.O.P., & many, if not most of the sell-out Democratic party, have been manipulating the government via their armies of lobbyists who help or literally write the legislation that protects their wealth & gives them perpetual loopholes to avoid paying taxes, ignore regulations, & make the public pay for all their “mistakes” i.e. environmental destruction, pollution of our rivers, create the infrastructure for them to do their business, etc. etc. etc. And their refrain is always the same i.e. we can’t afford universal health care, a quality public education system, welfare, food stamps, etc. No, whatever money is available must go to the military/industrial complex which the 1% coincidentally happen to own.



Returning to that lovable liar in chief of ours, who learned the three most important tactics of his business & political life from the infamous, mob lawyer, Roy Cohn. And they are; Deny, Divert, & Detract. If you’ll make an effort to remove your rose-colored glasses while watching any video of Trump, you’ll see countless examples of him sticking to these three tactics 100% of the time.


Another bit of historical background is the fact that Roy Cohn, one of the most disgusting & despised lawyers of his time, served as Senator McCarthy’s hatchet-man during the McCarthy hearings that destroyed countless American writers, journalists, etc.’s lives & with little to no evidence to support their character assassinations. McCarthy relied on the lies, the gossip, the propaganda, etc. supplied to him by Cohn who built his fortune on defending the mafia crime bosses of New York, New Jersey, & Philadelphia to name a few. And Cohn, a self-hating homosexual who kept it in the closet until his battle with AIDS could no longer remain hidden, introduced Donny to his mob boss friends/clients.


Of course, the fact that many, if not most of these new friends of Donny’s happened to be in the construction business & concrete in particular, had nothing to do with Trump’s growing real estate empire. Nope! Donny didn’t receive any special rates on the cement he used in his building projects that he bought from the mafia bosses. Moreover, Trump didn’t benefit from his new friends’ control over labor unions in the construction business either. And once again, it was just a stroke of good luck that when all the other casinos’ employees went on strike in Atlantic City, Trump’s employees didn’t go on strike as well.


We’re supposed to believe that it was Donny’s business savvy that made him so rich, just ignore those countless mafia movies we grew up on, especially The Godfather which was so popular. Nothing to do with reality, right? But the “reality” of T.V.’s avalanche of “reality T.V. shows over the past 20 years is “real,” right? Obviously, the fact—remember Kellyanne’s ‘alternate facts?’ —that Donny, the self-proclaimed billionaire who demanded that every time his name was mentioned on the show, must be followed by the words; “the billionaire,” also had nothing to do with his “success” & clearly wasn’t a major factor in his becoming president.


Here’s another troubling fact for the blowhard in charge, King Trump the Dumb, appointed the most corrupt cabinet in U.S. history but hey, remember, he has always felt most comfortable in the company of crooks. And here’s another inconvenient truth for you Trump zombies who prefer to remain willfully ignorant (from the same article I quoted earlier)


When the former Soviet Union immigrants arrived in New York in the late 80’s and early 90’s, they needed a place to live. The Trumps were more than accommodating. First, they bought condemned buildings in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York and brought them barely up to code to rent to them. However, they also had multiple apartment buildings that they could convert to Section 8 for low income people, and the immigrants fell into that category. Most came from the Ukraine, and many were released from Soviet prisons.

They could only take the equivalent of $200 American dollars out of the Soviet Union, and these people had no jobs waiting for them. Also, most did not speak English, and the possibility of work seemed remote. However, they were eligible for Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Education, Job Training, and Section 8 housing.


Gee? Guess Russian immigrants are okay in Donald’s world-view? Just not Mexican or Muslim immigrants. I can’t help but wonder if this was when Donny boy started his love relationship with Vladimir Putin & the other Russian mobsters who took over Russia’s government? Of course, now that Trump is supposedly so wealthy, he’s declared war on all those programs that assisted Trump’s Ukrainian friends because now he’s concerned with assisting his best buddies in the 1% of America’s wealthiest who are suffering under the weight of their billions of dollars. How I would love to be there to watch each of Trump’s blind followers when they lose their food stamps, public assistance, section eight housing, Medicaid, etc. I wonder if they’ll still be chanting; Make America Great Again?


So obviously, Trump has expanded his network of friends from the Italian mobsters who terrified the working class in New York, etc. to the Russian mobsters (oligarchs) who terrorize the entire Russian public. Are you beginning to understand why Trump the Mendacious loves & respects the world’s most vicious, bloody dictators like; Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Duterte, Xi Jinping, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi (Egypt), Erdogan (Turkey), Mohammad bin Salman (Saudi Arabia), Netanyahu (Israel), Bolsenaro (Brazil), & President Modi (India). And because these days, one can’t even assume that most people even have common sense, let me spell it out for you i.e. the people you admire says a lot about you—your values, your ethics, your principles. Gone are the days when our leaders & especially our presidents used to proclaim our respect for & our support for democracy, freedom, equality, and the law. Now we have a brazen lover of authoritarians & murderous dictators & a despiser of many of our former allies. So, what did all our friends & family members die for in the non-stop wars we’ve been involved in all my life (since 1952)?

Why do we have this vile, crude creature from the Black Lagoon sitting behind the desk in the oval office? One of the two forces we fought against in WWII was fascism which originated in Italy & the Nazis whom Trump & a sizeable number of his staunchest supporters love & respect i.e. the Neo-Nazis who attacked & beat the anti-Trump protestors in Charlotte, South Carolina and killed one young woman & Trump said; “They’re many good people on both sides.” Be careful what you wish for you Walking Dead & morally-bankrupt because Trump & his kind have brought fascism to a large extent to America already.


Continuing on with Trump’s reign of error & terror against America’s citizens, Donny has been laundering money for the Russian mafia for decades & mostly through his condos & other real estate holdings. Again, if you can bother to take the time or aren’t afraid of having your little world collapse, read on. After Trump declared bankruptcy on three of his casinos, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, & Trump Entertainment Resorts, American banks would no longer loan him the money to buy even a hot dog. And don’t forget his long list of business failures like Trump University which was proven a scam from the beginning & the countless Trump products that failed.


But for the Russian mafia, Trump was the ideal business partner because they could launder the billions they stole from the Russian people by buying condos in Trump’s gaudy & tasteless hotels, etc. & in return, they loaned him all the money he needed to keep from going completely belly-up in his businesses. American banks didn’t prosecute Trump for the hundreds of millions he still owed them because they figured they might eventually recoup some of their losses from this business tycoon that all the country rubes believed in.


Here’s some food for thought? Why is it that not only the republicans but also the corporate democrats keep attacking Bernie Sanders as being a socialist like it’s some sort of horrible crime yet Donald sings the praises of communist leaders from China & Russia and etc. & does business with them but I don’t hear any criticism of Donald for being in bed with communists & his supporters don’t seem to mind one bit? And here’s another historical tidbit that very few seem to remember or having ever known, if it hadn’t been for the Russian communists in WWII, we might have lost the war. The Russians lost something like 20 million of their citizens but overnight, after the war, they were all of a sudden Public Enemy Number One? Could it be the machinations of that slimy 1% who have all of us under their boot-heels?


Note that all authoritarians need a scapegoat to focus the citizens anger & hatred while they rob us all. Trump has clearly distracted his zombies on the vulnerable Mexican immigrants who are fleeing the drug cartels & even more obviously corrupt than our own government, their government leaders. Also significant is the fact that the Mexican crime lords have been murdering journalists in record numbers & Trump would obviously like to be able to do the same thing here.


Like all successful dictators, you must discredit the press because they investigate corruption & report the facts. Trump hates the media, especially the New York Times because they had an investigative team that spent over a year & a half investigating Trump’s claim to be a self-made billionaire who only received a small loan of one million dollars from daddy. They discovered & reported that in fact, Daddy Warbucks bailed his failure of a son out repeatedly & used his political contacts to get special deals for Donald in his real estate endeavors like tax breaks, special zoning permits, etc. And in fact, Donald the Dip-shit actually got more than $400 million dollars from daddy. My bet is that it’s probably far more than that but the investigative team could only substantiate the $400 million.

Here’s another conjecture for you, my imaginary reader, that is definitely not my original idea but I do add my personal touch to it. It just dawned on me today as I’m writing this essay that even though Al Capone committed numerous crimes including murder many times, the government couldn’t convict him on anything until they nailed him for tax evasion. Think about it, why do you think Donald Duck has been fighting tooth & nail for decades to keep his tax reports hidden? The most obvious reason that many have suggested is that if his tax records were revealed, they’d most likely show him to be the biggest phony & liar that he’s always been because he’s not really a billionaire.


I read somewhere that Trump used to call in to radio shows when he was still struggling to gain fame and he’d pretend to be someone else & would sing his own praises & grossly exaggerate and lie about his business successes & the amount of wealth he had. In fact, he lied about how much he was worth to Forbes magazine so he’d be placed on some list of the super wealthy. This is the guy who keeps proclaiming “fake news?” Wake-up people!


Trump has been a bully all his life & this too is why he loves dictators because after all, they’re bullies on a grand scale with their imprisonment, torture, & killing of their dissenters. You see, Trump has been on a non-stop self-promotion tour all his life because his most valuable commodity is the brand he’s built up over the decades i.e. his name which he leases out to corporations because of its name recognition. But sadly, most of his cult believe he actually owns everything that bears his name & therefore believe he’s nothing but one huge success story & that they too can become successful if they just listen to his wisdom & accept his principles as their own, that is to say, having no principles.


And this is why we have the first Twitter president who behaves more like a malicious, teen-age bully attacking every single person who dares to point out his lies & contradictions. So much for the “social media,” and its illusory bringing people together. No, Trump is like that Wizard in the Wizard of Oz who hid behind a curtain & used a loud, bellowing & spooky voice to intimidate his subjects and only the seriously challenged mentally & morally could fall for such a scam & sham as P.T. Barnum Trump.


Need I point out the obvious like the fact that the mafia uses verbal threats, then physical intimidation, & finally if all else fails, murder to keep people fearful & turning over their hard-earned money? Particularly revealing is when Trump in his Nazi rallies calls on his henchmen to beat the hell out of a protestor & get them outta here. I am truly fearful that this may only be the beginning of these brown-shirt tactics?

Also like his mafia role models, Trump hands out favors to those who are loyal to him & publicly kiss his ass or do his dirty work but when they get busted every now & then, all of a sudden Donny declares; “I don’t know that guy.” That’s girly man’s idea of loyalty, a person who will take the fall for him even when he publicly claims he doesn’t know you or had nothing to do with whatever crime you committed at his request.


Talk about a nation of suckers, roughly a third of America’s citizens are slavishly loyal to this fake megalomaniac & we have now reached a point where it can literally mean their lives! Yep! When the coronavirus first came to our attention, Trump declared it a hoax created by the Democrats to hurt him in the 2020 presidential election. And this declaration as well as advising people to go to work even if they’re feeling sick proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he doesn’t give a damn about anyone except himself & his reelection because as long as he’s president, he can’t be prosecuted for his long list of crimes.


It really boggles the mind that his supporters will back him on every dirty deed he commits no matter how egregious & now, no matter how deadly believing in him can be. If this isn’t the hallmark of an authoritarian wanna be dictator, they’d better change the definition? Like mafia bosses whose words were absolute & anyone who didn’t follow their orders to the T, are silenced one way or another.


Returning to the pandemic now terrifying the world, Trump’s cult also conveniently ignores the fact that Trump in his obsession to eliminate every single act, no matter how valuable it may have been to the general welfare of all Americans;


“In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure.”


“Building on the Ebola experience, the Obama administration set up a permanent epidemic monitoring and command group inside the White House National Security Council (NSC) and another in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—both of which followed the scientific and public health leads of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the diplomatic advice of the State Department.”


The last quote is from the same link above & for the record, “Foreign Policy” is a conservative & highly respected journal among America’s academic & military elite, hardly a liberal publication.


“But other White House efforts included reducing $15 billion in national health spending and cutting the global disease-fighting operational budgets of the CDC, NSC, DHS, and HHS. And the government’s $30 million Complex Crises Fund was eliminated.”


Doesn’t this make you feel safe & secure? Yeah, about as safe & secure as living in an inner-city ghetto controlled by drug lords or cartels. Trump’s hatred of everything Obama is clearly pathological & my perhaps simplistic take on it —but then again, we are dealing with a guy who reads & speaks on a fifth grade level—is that Obama humiliated Trump at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2011, showing him for what he is i.e. a fake who built his political base by starting the “Birther Movement” that just wouldn’t stop in its obsession of proving that Obama wasn’t born in America.


Of course, this stirred the blood of America’s racists & bigots who refused to accept the fact that a black guy had been elected president & Trump’s base to this day is primarily made up of such patriots. Here’s the video clip if you’d like to enjoy a few laughs?


But returning to the deadly seriousness of our situation re: the coronavirus, here are a few more details of how mind-bogglingly irresponsible this moron in the oval office has behaved;


“In May 2018, Trump ordered the NSC’s entire global health security unit shut down, calling for reassignment of Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer and dissolution of his team inside the agency. The month before, then-White House National Security Advisor John Bolton pressured Ziemer’s DHS counterpart, Tom Bossert, to resign along with his team. Neither the NSC nor DHS epidemic teams have been replaced. The global health section of the CDC was so drastically cut in 2018 that much of its staff was laid off and the number of countries it was working in was reduced from 49 to merely 10.” (again, from the same article as above)


I could continue citing more depressing info from the article but I’m sure you take my point already. Perhaps some of you may recall how another great Republican president, George W. Bush, responded after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans? Well this time it’s not only the Black residents of New Orleans who are going to be thrown under the bus, but all of us.

But don’t say the G.O.P. doesn’t have a sense of humor, no, because they clearly do i.e. George Bush Sr. declared that under his leadership, America was becoming a “kinder & gentler nation.” I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself as to the veracity of that claim. And not to be outdone by daddy, George W. Bush, declared that under his stalwart leadership, the Republican party were now known as “Compassionate Conservatives.” Yeah, I’m sure the Iraqis would agree with that self-assessment as well.


Okay, back to our present “compassionate conservative” who proves his patriotism by hugging a U.S. flag in a somewhat perverse manner, Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan aka Mafia Don.


Because I have a habit of trying to educate people by way of my writing, my essays are often lengthy & in this post-literate society of ours, very few are likely or perhaps even capable of such sustained attention. So, I’m going to just list the rest of the points I’d like to make in my assessment of how we, the U.S., who have been kicking ass & taking the resources of a large part of the Developing Nations for decades now while under the banner of; ‘”Bringing Freedom & Democracy to the World,” have de facto become a nation ruled by Mafioso but legal mobsters because they got the stamp of approval by their captains in Congress.


  • Forget the obsession by the DNC that Russia put Trump in the White House (this is a distraction by the DNC to avoid their own incompetence as a major factor in why Hillary lost But the Russian government is made up of & headed by a mobster & Russian troll farms did spread millions of false rumors, etc. about Hillary & pro-Trump ads and Facebook sold Americans’ data to Cambridge Analytica which it used to zero in on the “persuadables” which they bombarded with their fake news & this did indeed play a major role in Trump’s theft of the presidency.</li>
  • Rule #1 in the Mafia, keep your mouth shut & we’ll take care of you & this is Trump through & through though he rarely keeps his word to his flunkies who fall on their swords for their amoral boss
  • And like mafia bosses who have judges, police commissioners, D.A.s, etc. in their pockets, Mafia Don has the Attorney General in his pocket & the Justice Dept. so it’s “All Skate Day” for Trump’s cronies
  • The girly-man also hands out favors like mob bosses to those who have been loyal to him
  • The Emoluments Clause of our Constitution, the bedrock of our legal & political system, (the Constitution) is crystal clear i.e. a sitting president can’t receive money, expensive gifts, etc. or in other words profit off the presidency. Trump says fuck that! And even more brazenly, he tells foreign leaders, etc. to stay at his properties so he collects tributes (bribes) in full display but no one has the balls to nail him on his blatant disregard of our laws.
  • Donald Duck has been a consistent business failure throughout his career but daddy bailed him out time & time again, then the Italian mafia bailed him out in his Atlantic City casinos, then the Russian mafia when U.S. banks wouldn’t loan him any more money because he was already in debt over $4 billion but Donny Boy’s skillful manipulation of the media throughout his life has enabled him to dodge, bury, & switch the attention of the media, to scapegoat selected targets & divert the attention from his failures, incompetence, & corrupt business practices</li>
  • Like mafia loan sharks, Donald tells his Walking Dead cult members to beat people up i.e. “get him out of here & if you get sued, I’ll pay for your legal fees” Mafioso start with breaking people’s knees, then burning their businesses or their homes, & finally in “eliminating” their public enemies not unlike in Las Vegas where they end up buried in the desert
  • Donny follows similar tactics Mussolini, the fascist leader of Italy in WWII whom many of our top business leaders loved, & coincidentally, the American mafia got started in Italy, Sicily in particular
  • One of the most nauseating facts about this swine in the White House is that he was able to dupe so many poor & working-class people into believing he was/is their champion. This is akin to the mafia bosses who took over America’s labor unions, claiming they’re the defenders of the American workers, who fought for a decent wage, overtime, workplace safety, etc. for decades i.e. the Teamsters being the most infamous case. American mobsters ran a decades long program of intimidation, beatings, & killing of union leaders. And now, Trump has fooled the gullible, though understandably fed-up with the spine-less Democrats who sold them out in the 1970s, into believing he, a guy who has screwed poor, working class tenants & employees, & contractors throughout his artificial rise to billionaire status. So, if you believe a mafia boss is your friend & champion, you clearly need to remove the scales from your eyes.
  • Like mafia bosses, Trump is eliminating every program that offers help to the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, and the dying, so you will have no one to turn to for help but him, the Emperor with No Clothes who decides your fate like the Kings & “nobility” in the feudal ages depending on his mood at the moment. No laws, no rights, no nothing unless you bow, scrape, & grovel at his feet and praise him as he does himself
  • “Fake News?” Yeah, the duplicitous duck knows all about this subject because he has mastered it over the course of his fake life. Trump clearly believes in Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda) major insight i.e. the bigger the lie & the more often you tell it, eventually will become a “truth,” or a “fact” in Kelly Anne’s “alternate facts” universe. “Inconvenient truths” are dismissed as “fake science” or “fake facts” and only the almighty Oz (Donald) knows what is fact & what is fake i.e. anything that is critical of him is fake, and anything that says he’s a genius & etc. ad nauseam, is a fact!
  • Here’s a little-known fact for you—here in the real world where the laws of gravity for example, are a real fact—Donald the Insecure demanded that every time his name was mentioned on “The Apprentice,” they must say “billionaire.” The creators, producers, & writers of the series have openly admitted that the show was fake from beginning to end but evidently, many, if not most Trump believers took it as proof of Trump’s superiority & business expertise. And for-the-record, I’m going to interject here & brag about myself—Trump does it 24/7 but I’ll probably be accused of making this all up just to tarnish the image of Little Lord Fauntleroy, the Fuhrer from Queens. I watched one episode of “Survivor” over 20 years ago which I believe was the first “reality” t.v. show & was immediately turned-off. I thought & I said to any who would listen, first of all, there’s something wrong here when we watch T.V., an artificial medium designed to dupe us into buying products we don’t need, to get a picture of reality.? This is an oxymoron or blatant contradiction in terms. And secondly, from the beginning of this tragic phenomenon, these shows all have one thing in common & that thing is what Trump has built his fortune on i.e. lie, cheat, steal, do whatever you have to do to come out on top. And this is our national leader? The kind of role model we want our children to emulate? So, Hell yeah, I’m proud as Hell that I saw through this bullshit from the get-go!
  • And America’s election system has become almost as indistinguishable as that of the so-called “Banana Republics” we love to look down our noses at. In other words, our political system is just as corrupt as any mafia’s hierarchy where he who has the most money & the most politicians & judges in their pockets, “wins.” I have long recognized the fact that the Democratic Party is basically spineless but I deluded myself into believing that at least they cared a little about the poor & the working class but I no longer believe this. Bernie Sanders is not perfect by any means, but he clearly has a very long track record of fighting for the common man. Yet, I have to face the fact that the DNC with the help of the so-called “liberal” MSNBC cable network is blatantly sabotaging Bernie’s bid for the presidency. Why? Quite simply because he represents a very real threat to their corruption as usual policies & practices just a little less overt than the G.O.P. Again, not that different from the mafia-controlled unions who pretend to defend the American worker. By-the-way, I have not forgotten that the supposedly “liberal news network, MSNBC, fired Phil Donahue for his unforgivable crime of having on one “anti Irag invasion guest for every two, pro Iraq invasion guests.” So much for MSNBC’s reputation as a bulwark against the Right wing’s assault on Democracy. (there are many other examples but I need to get to the point of this essay)



In conclusion, I was going to end this essay without including one of the most obvious facts which I’d forgotten i.e. it was the Italian/American mafia that built Las Vegas & Atlantic City so they could launder the hundreds of millions they’d gained from their criminal empires. And Trump clearly never would’ve made it to where he is without being in bed with the American mafia in the beginning of his ‘career.’ So now our president is a former casino owner i.e. laundered millions for both Italian mobsters & Russian mobsters? Boy has the bar dropped in terms of the caliber of man we’ll allow to be president of the most powerful nation on Earth. At this rate, we won’t be on top much longer!


Then the Russian mafia saved his stupid ass i.e. how dumb a businessman do you have to be to fail as an owner of a casino? For example, it never dawned on Donald the Dip-Shit that opening other casinos in the same town would be competing against yourself for business. And only mafia figures who had so much to gain by backing Donald the Moron,  no matter how stupid he was because he was very valuable as a circus master to distract the public & the government from looking too close in to their shady deals, would loan this loser money.


And like the millions of suckers every year who lose their money, sometimes their entire life-savings in gambling, all those who voted for Trump & bet on his making a real change for the better in their lives, will maybe someday realize what a fool’s errand they were on? The house always wins & the house is the mafia dons, the corporate cockroaches, & the political “leaders” like Mitch McConnell who have sabotaged every single piece of legislation that could help us, the poor, working (well, sometimes?) class to live with just a modicum of dignity or self-respect?


You see, my imaginary reader, the common factors between mafia organizations, drug cartels, dictatorships, etc. is that in order to maintain power, you must rule with an iron fist. And to do so, you must master the techniques of effective threats, intimidation, & fear. Say what you want about Donald’s inability to speak in coherent sentences or a semblance of logic or rational thought, but he is a master manipulator & fear monger.


And a “successful” mafia boss must never be troubled by things like a conscience, empathy, sympathy, morality, or principles. Donald is clearly at the top of that class along with his favorite despots around the world like Putin, Duterte, Erdogan, Xi, Bosonaro, & his love interest, Rocket Man of North Korea, to name just a few, in terms of not being hampered by those irritating humanistic qualities.


Unfortunately for humanity, all those who are not members of the 1%, the mob bosses are gambling with our lives & if the coronavirus doesn’t kill us, global warming, or a possible nuclear exchange which Trump with his 5th grade intelligence level & impulsiveness & preference for running the American government via Twitter just might be tempted to launch in one of his frequent temper-tantrums at imagined or real, public sleights or criticisms?

Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, OR March 8, 2020





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