The Greed Pandemic


the inner Trump in physical form


I have been in a state of shock pretty much since the coronavirus pandemic struck. I mean, Jesus Christ! Just how much more brazen or in our faces does the 1% have to be? Have Americans become so dumbed-down that they need a giant poster of Wall St. & Congress flipping off the public & a caption that reads; Too Bad, Too Sad!

People are dying by the tens of thousands & we’re told that the government doesn’t have the masks, ventilators, tests, etc. we need to stop this pandemic because the casino & crony capitalists want only the bare minimum of these critical supplies in their warehouses —gotta be cost effective don’t you know?  and “our” government, “led” by the class dunce, Donald Duck, give trillions to bail out the airlines, the tourist industry, hedge fund companies, etc. etc. etc.? and it’s only a coincidence that the Chief Thief in the oval office personally gets richer because his golf resorts & etc. rely on these industries.

Thank Trump for the tens of thousands of Americans who died needlessly!


Yeah, I’m sure those millions of Americans who have been laid-off or fired, are planning their next cruise to the Caribbean or a month on the French Riviera if they’re able to pay their rent or buy groceries this month. Several of those who can still read & think critically warned us before Trump even became president that if a crisis happened when Trump was in the White House we’d be fucked & they were clearly right about that!

And we won’t be prepared for the next pandemic either!


Yet even as they circle the drain, many, if not most of the Trump zombie crowd still sing his praises? Absolutely mind-boggling that living, breathing people can still believe in such a narcissistic cretin who clearly doesn’t give a shit about his followers or the rest of us?

Until Death Do Them Part!


Ready for some more good news? Epidemiologists tell us that there are millions of other viruses out there but it won’t mean a thing to the 1% who are so blinded by their greed. What’s that saying? A fool is someone who keeps doing the same thing but expects a different result. And mark my word, once we get through this coronavirus crisis, our political & corporate bosses will go right back to business as usual. So, when the next pandemic strikes, we’ll be short on masks, protective equipment, hospital beds, etc. all over again & tens of thousands of people will die needlessly.

If you’re human, you feel her pain. If you’re Trump you have no empathy cuz you’re a sociopath!


It’s abundantly clear or obvious that the powers that be could give a shit less about us. If you recall in 2008 when the world economy was on the brink of total collapse & the Bush Cabal rammed the TARP funding through Congress, to the “Banks Too Big to Fail,” they assumed the banks would free up loans to individuals & small businesses.

Liars row; the Bankers too Big to Fail & didn’t use bail-out money to help Americans but gave themselves nice bonuses.


As Gomer Pyle used to exclaim; “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!,” the Big Banks didn’t free up loans but just kept on doing what they’d been doing before the crash & giving themselves obscene bonuses, etc. Guess what? Yep, they’re doing it again but this time it’s several trillion dollars that’s being given away with no strings attached i.e. no regulations. And the real fuck you to us is they put Mnuchin in charge of overseeing this mind-boggling giveaway. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house, but the real fox we have to be wary of is FOX “News” which provides Trump with his daily “ideas” of what to lie & rant about.

Furthermore, why is it that the “military budget” is never questioned? It’s like the Pentagon is America’s sacred temple & the generals are the priests. Eisenhower warned us of the military/industrial complex & wanted to include Congress in that complex but that was a bit too revealing. Anyway, he knew about this complex because during his tenure in office, our military budget skyrocketed i.e. he presided over it.

So, they—the federal government—always have the funds to bail-out the mythical free market capitalists & they always have the funds for more wars & weapons (some of which the Pentagon doesn’t even ask for) yet they never can find the funds for Health, Education, & Welfare?


How interesting? One might believe they i.e. the corporate cockroaches who de facto own & give the politicians their marching orders, don’t actually care about us, the peasants, who make up the other 99% of America? In fact, one is tempted to think that our only value to the power elite is our consumer spending, taxes, our lives as cannon fodder in the military, & if nothing else, as prisoners in the rapidly growing & profitable prison industry?


Furthermore, if we were to consider the hidden costs of our military complex we’d find that the amount we spend on the military is far greater than what we’re led to believe. Here’s a brief video of Chalmers Johnson, obviously a liberal radical (I’m being facetious or sarcastic)

Yep, Chalmers Johnson R.I.P. ; Chalmers Ashby Johnson (August 6, 1931 – November 20, 2010)[1] was an American political scientist and professor emeritus of the University of California, San Diego. He served in the Korean War, was a consultant for the CIA from 1967 to 1973, and chaired the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of California, Berkeley from 1967 to 1972.[2] He was also president and co-founder with Steven Clemons of the Japan Policy Research Institute (now based at the University of San Francisco), an organization promoting public education about Japan and Asia.[3]


Perhaps the liars & thieves like Trump & McConnel don’t want the public to know the facts about how much they waste of our national budget on the military?


2015 total discretionary spending was $1.1 trillion, so including nuke spending and veterans spending, spending on the military represented 63% of the total. In other words, two-thirds of your tax bill!


On the other hand, even though “we” spend two-thirds of our “budget” (note that for regular people, a budget means keeping close watch on how much you’re spending) The United States public is more frightened than just about any other nation & we are the most feared nation on Earth because of our perpetual wars/police actions, etc. I believe it was my intellectual hero, Noam Chomsky, who has pointed out this interesting irony? Moreover, I bet the majority of the American public doesn’t have a clue as to how many actual military bases we have around the world, let alone “black sites” (where they’re free to torture prisoners)?


It’s not easy to assess the size or exact value of our empire of bases. Official records on these subjects are misleading, although instructive. According to the Defense Department’s annual “Base Structure Report” for fiscal year 2003, which itemizes foreign and domestic U.S. military real estate, the Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries and HAS another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories.


Pursuing this further, I wager that not very many patriotic Americans would acknowledge that we are an empire? Why? Because it’s drilled into our heads from elementary school through high school & to a large extent even in our so-called institutions of higher learning that the U.S. is always on the side of democracy & freedom. So how could we possibly be an empire? Well here’s another “commie lover” doing the “unthinkable,” i.e. speaking truth at power:


At the time of his death, Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, also known as “The Fighting Quaker”, was the most decorated Marine in US history; he was the only person to be awarded a Marine Corps Brevet Medal and a Medal of Honor for two separate military actions. He had also become an unrelenting voice against the business of war.


“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

The most fortunate mistake of my life. They tried to get me to go to Officer Candidate School but I didn’t have the “guts” to use guys like chess pieces.

I’ve been trying to tell people for approximately 40 years that the U.S. military is basically used in foreign countries to protect the corporate cockroaches who rape, pillage, & plunder them so these corporations can become ever more powerful & rich. But, I’m usually mocked & dismissed. This is why it’s of such critical importance that the corporate media doesn’t report these inconvenient facts, because the public might become aroused & do something about it.

Those who never served are usually the loudest chickenhawks!


The greed & ignorance of those at the top of the financial services sector of our economy & those at the top in politics i.e. Trump & Mitch McConnel is so insanely unfettered that the coming crash could very well make the Great Depression look like a picnic in the park by comparison?


Moreover, this endless cycle of greed, graft, & waste won’t stop until we’ve taken back our rightful power. But we might not get that chance because the corporate cockroaches are destroying our environment, the environment that gives us life, faster than we can protect it. And equally threatening to humanity’s survival is the ever present, 24/7 threat of nuclear war hence, nuclear annihilation which our vice-president & the lunatic “Christian” right extremists & fundamentalists pray for.

How much more obvious do these “Jesus Jumpers” have to be? They’re Sick!

I know, very depressing. So, people go back to their smart phones & sports on T.V. while we steadily march like lemmings off that cliff to oblivion. Well at least some of us did try to stop the madness.

As for me, I’ve only begun to fight back against the Wall of Ignorance that Trump exemplifies & is building. Yeah, let’s waste trillions on this symbol of ignorance, fear & hatred while tens of thousands of Americans are dying, many in their homes alone. That’s your “successful” fake billionaire’s business strategy. Gee? I wonder why his casinos went bankrupt?

We’ve put this guy in charge of our economy & the Federal Treasury???


So, if you were hoping this essay would be a fairy tale with a happy ending, don’t waste your time reading further because my aim is to expose as much of the dirty truth or facts as I can in the hope of breaking through that wall of ignorance that a third or better of the U.S. public lean against.


When I first started attending community colleges after I got out of the U.S. Army on an “Undesirable Discharge,” — undesirable because I refused to let them send me to Vietnam & believe me, the army was far worse than undesirable in my book — I was 19 years old. I didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted to major in so I took several business courses (accounting, salesmanship, intro to retailing, intro to small business management, business law, etc.) and it didn’t take long for me to realize that all one needed to “succeed” in business is be extremely greedy & not have a conscience.

Well being the “loser” who couldn’t complete the two years I had signed-up for in the U.S. Army (not really my “choice” to sign-up i.e. I was in the lottery & my number was so low that I knew they’d draft me soon, and I “joined” the army because it had the least amount of a time commitment i.e. two years, versus the other branches of the military, I began a “career” (sarcasm) of changing majors, dropping-out —many times half-way or even three-quarters of the way through a semester—in my search for some meaning in my life.


I’ve had several ideas over the years of how I could’ve probably been very “successful” & made a lot of money using the cheap labor that so many poor Mexicans would do in trying to provide for their families. But the loser in me just couldn’t do it. By-the-way, this was all way before I became interested in politics. That happened when Reagan became president because he scared me & he was the governor of the state I grew up in, California.

Here’s a brief review of an excellent book I read back in the 1980s; “Greed is Not Enough,”  by Robert Lekachman & it gives an excellent overview of just how harmful Reagan was to America;  

What COVID-19 has shown more conspicuously than anything else is how morally bankrupt the Capitalist system we are living under is. Congress’ first concern, especially the GOP, was the welfare of the corporate cockroach class i.e. the CEOs of the major industries like the oil industry that has been subsidized by us, the 99%, for decades. Yep, we gotta protect it even as they gouge us at the gas pump & push humanity into a horrific environmental nightmare. Gotta keep the greediest amongst us happy.And that was why Reagan was so beloved by the “Defense Industry” because he gave the same speech for 20 years for G.E. i.e. the Commies are Coming, the Commies are Coming!


Equally terrifying is the constant threat of a nuclear exchange & with a spoiled brat like Trump in the oval office & his penchant for throwing tantrums, humanity is overlooking that abyss the lunatic “Christians” are praying for. Here’s a relevant quote from Bertrand Russell, a true humanist who devoted his life to the pursuit of peace;

Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature, Anti-War activist, jailed for protesting WWI


“Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth — more than ruin, more even than death. Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habits; thought is anarchic and lawless, indifferent to authority, careless of the well-tried wisdom of the ages. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid … Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.”

He resorts to bullying tactics when he can’t defend his position i.e. yelling, name calling, threatening, etc.


What humanity is desperately in need of right now is far more calm, rational minds not unthinking, emotional nut-jobs easily manipulated into committing acts of violence by demagogues like Trump of the Duck Dynasty Klan. Do you seriously feel okay with someone as crude & callous as Trump who clearly only cares about his wealth & fame, arguing with the president, king, or prime minister of a nation that possesses nuclear weapons over some trade or territorial dispute? This is akin to two, little boys playing chicken on their bicycles.

Trump’s intellectual peers; reading level 4th grade


The priests in the Temple of Capitalism never change their sermon, it’s the same old song for every crisis that comes along or when they simply feel the need for more gifts & tribute from the peasantry i.e. we must get this tax break or the economy will crash & put everybody out of work, etc. and if you’ll help us out just one more time, we’ll put Americans back to work. But oddly, they never seem to follow through on this “promise?”


Continuing on with this sad history of greed & corruption that has grown to such monstrous heights, we are also witnessing the rise of wars over water rights. And as usual, it’s the already suffering & dying masses of people in Africa who are among the first to feel the effects of the greed pandemic. Moreover, for those of you who claim to only care about America, why has Michigan allowed the mind-boggling callous indifference towards the people of Flint? Worse yet, this has been going on for years now & the clean water that used to flow from the Flint river into its citizens homes is now given away, practically free to the Nestle corporation? And Americans have the gall to call themselves the defenders of freedom & democracy?

Majority of Flint residents are Black & Obama sold them out for his Wall St. buddies


Of course, the fact that the majority of the residents of Flint happen to be Black doesn’t have anything to do with this state of affairs, right? And let’s not forget Obama, the Black Knight on the White steed who brought change to America. He participated in a public charade to convince the people of Flint their water was safe. Bottom-line, Trump rose to power on a platform of fear & hate and racism was the most powerful tool in his bag of dirty tricks.


And Trump’s virulent & disgusting racism has also been effective in convincing his Walking Dead-heads that it’s the “hordes” of illegal immigrants who are behind the disappearance of all those jobs that paid enough for a simple, country boy to live comfortably. Yeah, just ignore the fact that it was the corporate pigs who closed down their plants here & moved overseas where they could pay their slaves as little as $2 a day, & primordial creatures like Trump got richer by screwing America’s workers & the “illegals.”


Yep! All these free-loaders are just making-up their stories of fleeing brutal dictators, vicious drug lords & the gangs that roam their streets, or the simple fact that they can’t find any work. They’re actually a part of a vast conspiracy to destroy America from within & therefore, feel free to spit on them, beat them up, even kill them if you feel like it & Make America Great Again!


Meanwhile, as all this domestic terrorism against starving & fearful people simply trying to provide for their families goes on, the Know-Nothing Movement inspired by Trump’s proud ignorance, is distracted from the fact that humanity has reached or is damn close to the “tipping point” i.e. the point of no return in terms of the world environment’s total collapse or destruction & no longer being able to sustain human, animal, or plant life. Just more scare tactics by those Satan worshipping Secular Humanists who don’t even believe in God!


Conversely, I find it interesting to note that with all these morons supposedly in charge, when people like myself argue for universal health care or single-payer health care, we’re dismissed as not being “realistic” because “we” (the federal government) can’t afford it. Yet once again, it’s obvious what a pack of lies this is because they magically produce trillions to save the stock market? All these greedy corporate thieves who get one tax break after another like the one Trump the Terrible just gave them, just use the handouts they receive to do stock buy backs & become even richer. Hell, they’d be fools not to in their value system because they know the fed will always come to their rescue while the hundreds of thousands of small, mom & pop businesses are denied financial help & told to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, the Horatio Alger myth that Reagan was so fond of.


Well we can’t help but see where their version of “reality” has gotten us; critically short of vital, life-saving medical equipment, hospital beds, medical professionals, etc. even though the Center for Disease Control has been telling them for years that more pandemics were coming. How’s that for planning ahead in those “realistic” masters of the universe’s pointed little heads? And worse yet, we have Captain Dumb-fuck giving daily press briefings advising people to do the most dangerous & absurd things imaginable? (like inject disinfectants) Donny is a public menace & a clear & present danger to the American public yet he’s allowed to go on spewing his ignorance & hate?


America & the rest of the world is in dire need of a Humanist Crusade for Humanity! The greed of the petty spirited has gone beyond ad absurdum but to even point out such things as this is dismissed as being alarmist? It’s the mass & pervasive ignorance that is scarier than anything else in my book.


Tragically, we have lived under this insane system which allows unbridled greed & corruption to spread like a virus for so long that most people don’t believe there’s any other system possible. It’s an extremely sick, depraved, & psychopathic mentality that allows a Jeff Bezos to become the richest man in the world as humanity is dying all around us.


Relatively speaking, a handful of men like Bezos are allowed to de facto own or control the very air, water, & land we need to exist as living beings on this planet. We, through our willful ignorance & apathy have given these modern day Genghis Khan’s the power of Life & Death over billions of loving parents, children, brothers, sisters, etc. who simply wish to live & thrive and be able to provide a decent roof over their loved ones’ heads, food in their bellies, clean water to drink, air that isn’t so polluted that it’s unhealthy to breathe it, & their greatest dreams are to be able to give their children a quality education so they may have the same things for their families when they mature.


But we’re told by the Trumps of this world that this is asking too much. What the obscenely wealthy are in effect telling us is that everyone not filthy rich like they are, are insects that you should be about as concerned about as you would a pesky fly.

The “fiscally responsible” who run up the deficit when they’re in office & demand it be cut when the Dems are in office


I know it’s politically incorrect of me as well as spiritually incorrect of me according to the New Age Nonsense movement but, I would love to see all these inhumane “leaders” & men of power & wealth have to watch as their loved ones suffered the fate of the poor & watch their children suffer & die needlessly. But then again, it seems that most of those on top, aren’t even capable of normal human sympathy or compassion i.e. Trump being Public Exhibit Number One.

The tin-man, scarecrow, & cowardly lion all in one


My guess is that many, if not most, of the people who’ve known me at least somewhat over the course of my life, probably think of me as a doomsayer who revels in depressing news & facts. And it saddens me that they can’t see that I have spent my life learning about these matters in an effort to awaken people & hopefully stir them to action because I love & care about people.


And I sometimes worry that I may be “losing it,” because I can break into tears, several times a day. I feel the suffering & pain of others in my being and I can’t just sit idly by as so much evil is allowed to go on basically unchecked. This is why I am more worried & stressed-out than I’ve ever been under any other president in my lifetime, with this vile, despicable megalomaniac in the most powerful office in the world. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t start paying attention until Reagan became president because I thought, no one could be as self-serving & obedient to the corrupt wealthy as him but Trump makes Reagan look like a Boy Scout in comparison. Be forewarned, here’s another truly frightening & depressing fact, anywhere from a third to half of the American public think Trump is the greatest thing since sliced-bread. This is truly stupefying?

This kind of willful ignorance is simply beyond comprehension? I mean, Jesus H. Christ! Trump shows his ignorance, his indifference to our health, his disengagement from the COVID-19 pandemic, & his pathetic attempts to shift the blame for his criminal neglect when it comes to leading in this terrifying time. I don’t care how much you’ve fallen for this cult of personality cardboard figure, you must be an alien from some other planet to be able to overlook the hundreds of examples of obvious failures on Trump’s part. You know what this malignant narcissist’s concern is during this dark time? It’s that he can’t go golfing. His handlers must’ve persuaded him that that would be just too far even for his die-hard Walking Dead constituency.

he frequently doesn’t even attend or read the briefings & needs lots of pictures to “understand”


On the other hand, one of the most effective strategies the rich & powerful have used throughout history is to Divide & Conquer so we must give credit where credit is due, Trump may be the greatest divider this country has ever seen?

Trump is like some old rock & roll band that never stops touring in their pathetic attempt to keep their name out there in the public’s consciousness. And this is why he never stops holding his fear & hate rallies, well, up till now, but it’s driving him crazy & he’s been using what are supposed to be public health information about the virus daily press briefings, to keep the focus on him, blaming others, & fanning the flames of racism, xenophobia, & insurrection against the federal government’s warnings & steps to at least slow down the spread of the virus.


Moreover, it’s getting scarier on our public streets because not only are we fearful of catching the virus so we’re attempting to maintain “social distancing” guidelines, we have to worry about the Trump goon squads who are having protests & carrying their automatic rifles in public. These “people” are salivating at the thought of being able to play out their fantasy roles like zombie killers, preventing foreign powers from taking over America, etc.


I think they played their video games way too long i.e. from childhood to middle age & beyond for some of them. They feel so powerless in their real world lives that they can’t wait to dish out some fear & hatred on whatever group is Trump’s latest target to blame for America’s problems.


Furthermore, once again, how they cannot see that it’s exactly Trump’s kind of buddies on Wall St. and in the boardrooms of the behemoth corporations who have fucked them, sent their jobs overseas, & stolen their pensions, and every single safety net program. Yep! As Sam Elliot says in those funny cartoons; You must be some special kind of stupid!


Moving along on this trail of tears, yet another consequence of the unbridled greed in this country, is the cauldron of anger in many of our inner cities & especially those that are made up of primarily Black Americans. Why? If you have to ask, you must’ve been living under a rock for the past half century or better.


Blacks have been on the bottom of the totem pole in America from the beginning of our history to the present & sometimes these communities erupt like after the verdict in the Rodney King trial. If one were truly cynical, you’d be tempted to believe that it’s an overt conspiracy to kill off as many Black Americans as possible. It seems almost daily or at least weekly that white cops shoot down young black men & rarely are they held accountable for what is literally murder!


The greed aspect behind this tragic phenomenon is the rich who suck every penny they can from the ghettos in exorbant rents, keeping their wages barely subsistent, etc. and turning this section of our population into redundant i.e. not needed, workers. They steal a man’s pride because many of these men can no longer feed their families. Is it any wonder that many of these poor souls turn to drugs & alcohol to escape their daily misery?


On another note, I find it very interesting & worrisome that we’re not allowed to talk about politics in bars. Could it be a conspiracy of silence (no pun intended) or is it merely a coincidence? I believe that bars are the best place to discuss politics because they are the most common meeting place for average workers across America. And again, I can’t help but be suspicious of this absurd social taboo against speaking about politics in bars because it might be that the rich don’t want us comparing notes & possibly uniting against that 1% who are responsible for just about every social, financial, & political problem in our lives.


The same questions could be asked about our public education system. I know that I’m treading on thin-ice when I mention the possibility of conspiracies by the power elite because Alex Jones & charlatans like him have gone off the deep-end for far too many years. And I, like many others, roll my eyes & tune-out and look for an exit when someone starts going off on conspiracies by the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, etc. But I’ve been an educator for over 20 years & have attended school for almost half my life (I’m 67). I firmly believe they (the 1%) want us to only have enough education to be able to run their machines in their factories—the few that are still left—& perform the “service sector” jobs of our economy i.e. pump gas, wait on tables, house maids, gardeners, etc. I’ll end this paragraph with an anecdote from my life, I interviewed for a part-time job many years ago & discovered that the guy who was interviewing me was president of the local school district. He seemed open-minded so I asked him directly, why do they lie to us about American history all the way through high school? And he replied matter of factly; Well, most people don’t go on to higher education & the government wants you to leave high school with a good feeling about your country. In brief, not many people would be willing to join the military & put their lives on the line if they knew the true, ugly history of America.


In case I wasn’t clear as to how the greed factor relates to public schooling, the dumber they can keep us, the easier it is for them to exploit us through our jobs, our banking, mortgages, everything. I have long advised people to study what the rich have their kids study if you want to truly empower yourself!


And a key part of an elitist’ education is the humanities & the classics in the humanities always includes Charles Dickens. Perhaps the most powerful event in the young Dickens life was when his father was locked up in Debtors Prison. Not only did it put a tremendous strain on his family financially but the emotional scars due to the humiliation, etc. haunted him his entire life. And I believe that because of his background, Dickens was a master storyteller when it came to describing the poverty of those on the lowest rung in English life in his time.


Supposedly, debtors’ prisons were done away with but if they ever did?  They have clearly come back now. Many, if not the overwhelming majority of people in our prisons today, come from impoverished childhoods & our disgraceful public education system. Moreover, since there are hardly any jobs left other than the minimum wage, dead-end jobs, or taking the “option” of joining the military in the perpetual war system that is American foreign policy & dying or coming home maimed & then denied proper medical care. So again, it’s that vicious cycle of poverty, ignorance, & violence and the majority of these broken spirits end up in prison. Guess what’s one of the most profitable industries in America today? Yep! The prison industry. So, if the wealthy can’t profit off you as a consumer or a worker, they can profit off your incarceration because the government pays a hefty salary for locking us up like animals. And it’s our tax dollars that are used to pay for it. Of course, the rich pay little to nothing in taxes though.


I have long felt the tragic irony of the fact that these criminals in the boardrooms & fancy office suites are free to defraud us of billions of dollars & only once in a while is one of them offered up as a scapegoat to appease the ignorant hordes briefly. Of course, they’re sent to a federal country club “prison” while the rest of us are sent to living Hell-holes not fit for man or beast!


Moreover, the very police & military forces who are used when riots erupt, are from the same background as the rest of us & regularly get screwed by the wealthy as well. If they only knew just how much more they have in common with us than those corporate cockroaches who give them their orders.


Returning to the subject of the “Classics,” I’m not sure if H.G. Wells is included but I believe he was one of the first science fiction writers along with Jules Verne? Anyway, this quote from H.G. Wells struck me like a lightning bolt when I first came across it;


“Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe. Let us learn the truth and spread it as far and wide as our circumstances allow. For the truth is the greatest weapon we have.”

         And this quote has never been more pertinent than it is today. The ignorance & arrogance of Trump has already caused the unnecessary deaths of perhaps tens of thousands of Americans & this pandemic is only getting started. My goal isn’t to frighten you, we, myself included, are already sufficiently scared but I’m doing what I can to help inform people & thereby empower them.

         You see, my imaginary reader, fear is dangerous because it often blocks reason & we are in desperate need for a cool, rational, & intelligent leader to take charge in this dangerous time. And fear is one of Trump’s greatest tools in his manipulation of his cult members. Keep people fearful & give them someone to blame for their misfortunes by constantly fanning the flames of hatred is how a despot or a demagogue remains in power.

         Speaking of power, I’m fairly sure that it was H.G. Wells who imagined a nuclear bomb in his book; “The Shape of Things to Come.” And as our resident genius & a scholar’s scholar, Noam Chomsky, has written & spoken about in great detail, the ever-present threat of a nuclear exchange which would immediately escalate into a nuclear war & the entire planet would be blown up, is a very real threat to our survival.

         Furthermore, it’s not absurd or completely off the mark to fear that someone as childish, ignorant, self-centered as Trump could start a war, maybe even launch a nuclear weapon if he felt backed into a corner by possibly being removed from office & then being open to criminal charges & being sent to prison? Trump clearly only cares about himself & we witness almost daily his tantrums, and his ranting & ravings. I worry because it probably wouldn’t take very much to send him off the deep-end & in his sick mind along with his inability to feel any sympathy or empathy with others, he might just figure; Fuck it! Why not start a nuclear war because I’ll go out in style and people will remember my name?

         And as if this weren’t already more than enough to be concerned about, we have the “Christian” crazies i.e. the fundamentalists or the evangelical extremists who are praying for the end of the world. Like the toddler in the White House, they have held a deep grudge for many years. They feel persecuted for their beliefs & are becoming ever more paranoid in their warped & perverted views on life.

         Once again, we find the billionaires who manage to find a way to profit off every natural disaster as well as man-made disaster—usually attributed to their machinations behind the scenes. Witness a recent discovery i.e. our Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, a billionaire, whose agenda is to destroy public education & replace it with Charter Schools, is behind these armed protestors in Michigan who believe the “Shelter in Place” guidelines are a secret plan to take their guns.

         Yep! old Betsy is one of those “Christians,” who love charter schools because they can proselytize their extremist “Christian” views in them. History has shown that from the beginning of recorded history, the Church & the State have fought one another for the control over the public and at times, they have united in their mutual interests of keeping the public subservient to them so they can horde all the profits from the peasants’ labors.

         Furthermore, I spent several years researching the “Christian” fundamentalists & they’re really scary because many of them actually believe they’re doing us a great favor by killing us if we disagree with them a bit too strongly. And at a time so dangerous as this, we need cool heads to prevail, not the lunatic fringe.

         We desperately are in need of leaders who respect the simple philosophy of Secular Humanism. Guess who hates & fears Humanists? Yep! Religious fundamentalists around the world whether Christian, Muslim, or Jewish. In fact, I wrote a book on the subject & if you’d like to check it out, simply type in “Truth Against the World,” by Rob DeLoss on Amazon. You can read the first several pages I believe, for free?

         If you’ve made it this far in this lengthy essay, congratulations, you must have a very high pain threshold? Ha! Ha! Since we’re on the subject of the end of the world, here’s another cheerful tidbit for ya; turns out that the phrase; Masters of the Universe, isn’t so ridiculous as it first sounds. These powerful overlords clearly don’t give a shit about their near total destruction of our environment & are planning ahead. Yep! Look up; Full Spectrum Dominance, a program with the goal of dominating the galaxy & who knows, maybe the universe after that?

         Think I’ve gone around the bend as the saying goes? Well, this “program” is a literal program of our Air Force & their goal is simple i.e. have strategic satellites above the earth that can target whoever or whatever they want to on earth & threaten them with total annihilation with military laser weapons stationed in Space.  Note fairly recent announcements by Mike Pence, a ‘Christian” evangelical, of what is to become the 6th branch of U.S. Military Forces; Space Command.

         If you’re as old as me, you may remember Reagan’s infamous “Star Wars” program with the aim of developing laser weapons in space & creating a magical shield to protect America? It was thoroughly discredited by the majority of scientists & experts on such matters and supposedly was permanently shelved. I’ve long suspected that they were secretly continuing with their research into such a possibility, I’d say that my hunch was most likely correct? Here’s a link to our government’s very own Defense dept. and a story on this comforting news

         Once again let me remind you that “we” never have the money for trivial matters like our health care, our public education system, or our general welfare which used to be known as our “Social Safety Net.” And in this pandemic, we see how successful Trump’s destruction of every program established to help us in hard times, has been.

         Very few & far from enough tests to determine just how far this virus has gone, massive shortages of even the most basic protective equipment even for the doctors & nurses on the front lines, a tiny fraction of the ventilators that can extend people’s lives as the doctors frantically search for ways to help us, etc. What do you bet that every single person in that infamous 1% have the best & as many of these life-saving things as they could ever need? Personally, I think the thing that would help America the most would be for Trump to contract the virus because then he just might possibly curtail his greed long enough to give us what we so desperately need? I know, pie-in-the-sky thinking?

         Hand-in-glove with this frightening state of affairs is the fact that many, if not most, of our younger generation have been raised on these dystopian movies & violent video games & heavy metal music to some extent. Why do I bring this up? Because I believe many of those young people have reconciled themselves to what they believe is a fact i.e. they have no future, all is bleak & futile so they may as well party-hearty while they can? Note those Spring Break kids who defied the “social distancing” guidelines, etc. and now some of them have contracted the virus & I believe some have even died?

         Consider the popularity of the series; “The Walking Dead,” and the fondness for vampires. They even have vampire love stories like soap operas. I kid you not! I believe that a lot of these depressing phenomena is a result of families struggling so hard to survive forces fathers & mothers to work absurd hours and they can’t be at home to supervise & guide their children’s viewing habits, etc. Again, we have to thank the greedy elite who are destroying the social fabric of America all in the name of the Almighty Buck!

         Personally speaking, and yeah, I know this isn’t politically correct to say but, I can’t stand being around many of these young people because of their crass & vulgar disrespect to anyone not of their generation, their violence towards others, their disregard of litter laws, etc. etc. etc. Also note their glee in bullying & shaming their more timid classmates on the “social media.” Yeah, real social, eh? I feel that this could serve as a sort of barometer of our barbarity as a society?

         Okay, follow the Yellow Brick Road. How appropriate! Get it? Yellow bricks representing Gold & our obsession with getting it is so powerful that we follow this empty road to desolation & destruction both physically & spiritually? A key factor or component in this society run amok is the de facto reality that we are not a nation founded on law & the Constitution means nothing to the mega rich.</h1>

         Laws are only enforced when the elite want to keep us in our places i.e. out of their sight so as to not disturb their delicate sensibilities or aesthetic senses. This is why the homeless in almost every city across this great land, are pushed to the outer city limits and industrial areas, etc.

         Think I’m exaggerating? Okay, then how in the Hell is it that we have a cheap con-man in the White House who has broken the law consistently throughout his entire business career yet he’s never been sent to jail, let alone prison? And why is it that for many of the largest corporations, they break the laws against dumping toxic waste into the waterways, the air, the ground, etc. on a daily basis or as a standard business practice because they know that if they do get fined for breaking these laws, the fine will be far less than the profits they made by ignoring the laws? And what’s worse, if they do have to appear before a judge & even if they’re found guilty, it doesn’t go on their record & they don’t even have to acknowledge that they committed a crime.

         Are you beginning to see the pattern here? These inhuman creatures who disregard the rest of us like we were piss-ants, care only about their profits & they will do everything & anything to ensure those profits never stop coming in & continually expand. Their insatiable greed is literally killing the planet & poisoning humanity in the process. But hey, we’ve been indoctrinated our entire lives to believe that he who dies with the most toys, wins. And it doesn’t matter how many yachts they own, or how big they are, or how many private jets they own, or mansions around the world, etc.

         How do “people” like Trump & his corporate cockroach cronies continue to get away with their endless crimes against humanity? Well in regards to Donald of the Duck Dynasty, it’s largely because of his skillful manipulation of the media which he has been perfecting from the beginning of his life of crime.

         Donnie learned a few simple strategies from his evil mentor, Roy Cohn, who was Joseph McCarthy’s adviser in his witch-hunt campaign of terror in the 1950s. Cohn stressed the importance of always being in the public’s eye i.e. it doesn’t matter whether the public loves you or hates you, only that they’re always talking about you or focused on you. And whenever you are criticized or charged with a crime, Deny, Divert, & Detract!

1.   Deny everything you’re accused of or criticized for. 2. Divert the attention of your critics from their charges against you by blaming others, etc. to take the focus off you. And 3. Detract or attack the character of anyone who criticizes you or attacks you in any shape or form. More importantly, every time someone dares to criticize you or even says something even slightly negative about you, attack & attack viciously & mercilessly. This is why Trump has been in court with law suits either as plaintiff or as defendant throughout his “career.”

And the easiest way to get media attention is to say or do such outrageous, crude, ignorant, hateful, twisted things that you’re sure to get the media’s attention & the more attention you get, the more you control the media and aren’t controlled by it.

Without a doubt, the single most important factor in Trump’s rise to power was his skillful manipulation of his fake image on The Apprentice. He even required that every time they mentioned his name of the show, they had to add, “the billionaire.” He most likely isn’t actually a billionaire but he’s been claiming that he is for so long, hardly anyone ever questions it now. Of course, this is probably why he’ll never release his tax records because they’d reveal that he’s just a paper tiger i.e. a fake billionaire.

     As much as I hate to admit it, this human scum has balls of steel in terms of his hubris & arrogance because his whole life is based on fake news yet he uses those two words to dismiss every reporter who dares to ask him a question he either doesn’t like or can’t answer. And in this upside down, insane world of celebrities who are listened to & believed in far more than the scientists who have spent their lives pursuing knowledge. We celebrate stupidity in America & we mock and dismiss many, if not most, of the experts in most fields of study.

     For example, the oil & gas industry has been waging a steady propaganda war for decades to cause people to doubt the world’s climatologists’ dire warnings. It’s gone to such an extreme that many people who may have not even graduated high school or read a single book in their lives, feels qualified or entitled to dismiss & mock the overwhelming majority of the world’s scientists, something like 95% or more of them, with the belief that their opinion is just as valid as these “experts.”

     Therefore, whatever Daddy Donald says is equally valid to anything his detractors say about him. There’s no reasoning with this kind of mentality & this allows the oil & gas industry to carry on destroying our planet & enriching themselves at all our expenses. And when people like myself attempt to open these people’s minds even a little, I am dismissed & accused as just another elitist snob. I think a lot of Trump’s supporters were embarrassed in their public schools & were dismissed as ignorant losers so they have a lot of pent-up hostility in them. And I can’t blame them for those sorts of feelings, that was wrong of any teachers who practiced shaming or allowed it to happen without it being stopped. This doesn’t excuse the ignorance & the assault on reason that we’re undergoing today though!

     What would be humorous were it not so dangerous is Trump’s typical performance right out of the Wizard of Oz i.e. I am the great & powerful & all-knowing Trump, the billionaire in his bellowing voice that he thinks makes him more convincing. But as in the book, when the little dog pulled back the curtain, it revealed, a small, frightened old man using tricks & devices to persuade the citizens that he was the great & powerful Wizard of Oz.

     This is why Trump has threatened to sue any of the schools he attended if they reveal his grades. He needs desperately to hide his incompetence & his whole fake charade or façade that he’s hid behind his entire business career. If his image was seriously damaged, he’d lose everything because he uses that fake image to sell his name to the corporations who want to use that false image of success to sell their products or services.

     If people really wanted to empower themselves & not continue to be at the mercy of the Trumps of this world & not simply whine about it, the first & most important thing they need to do is develop their Critical & Analytical thinking skills. And here’s a good place to start; Problem Solving & Comprehension by Arthur Whimbey. I just looked it up on Amazon & oh my God! They want $52 for a paperback copy of it. I guess it has become very popular & maybe the public is catching-on to how valuable it is? I paid something like $10 for it 40 years ago. If you hunt around, you can probably find it for a lower price or perhaps your local library has a copy of it? Anyway, it was recommended to me by a Jesuit scholar at the university I was attending & if you’re not aware of it, the Jesuits are some of the best educated scholars in the world.

     If we are to stand a chance in our battle for survival against the death & destruction caused by the insatiable greed of the behemoth corporations, we need to ignore this so-called “post-literate” society of ours; we need to get rid of our “smart phones,” because they are de facto making you stupider; & we need to stop texting & start talking far more to one another in person or on the phone if that’s your only option? By talking to one another, we help to inspire each other & encourage people to fight back against the ominous forces arrayed against us.

     Greed allows the corporate cockroaches to justify their manufacture of genetically modified food which we aren’t even certain of nor do we have substantial data & test results for & the possible physical, intellectual, & emotional harm it might cause humans. Furthermore, if it’s so supposedly safe as they claim, then why are they preventing us from requiring that every food that has been genetically modified be clearly labeled? Do you trust these greedy slime-balls with your children’s lives & futures? I sure as hell don’t!

     A major health as well as aesthetic consequence of human greed is the fact that our oceans have become massive toilet bowls in the way they are treated. I guess those brilliant billionaires aren’t concerned about the fact that the more they keep up their absolute negligence & willful polluting of our oceans & lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. pretty soon, they’ll be sailing in giant cesspools?

     Here’s another anecdote from my experience; Several years ago, I was helping a guy remodel a beach house in Ventura, just north of L.A. maybe 20 miles or so. One day he suggested that we take a break and go for a swim in the ocean. And when we got down to the beach, there was a sign warning of “high fecal content in the water.” He went for a swim anyway but I declined. Later on, I said to my co-worker, so people pay a million dollars or more for these beach houses that overlook a giant turd-bowl, kind of fitting when you think about it?

     Here’s another little gem for you; I’m sure you’ve seen the signs along our highways & freeways warning us that if we get caught littering, it is a $1,000 fine, right? Well a couple of years ago, a neighbor of mine told me that his son is in the U.S. Navy & his son told him that every time one of our massive naval ships puts out to sea, they go out maybe a few miles & then they dump all their garbage into the ocean.

     Think about it? Some of those ships have a couple thousand men & women on them so there must be a huge amount of trash when they dump it in the ocean? Have you heard of those giant, floating islands of trash in the oceans? Again & again we witness the utter contempt the greedy rich have for not only our lives but the lives of all the creatures in the oceans. By-the-way, I took a few courses in Oceanography back in 1974 when I was thinking about becoming an oceanographer because I enjoyed watching the shows created by Jacques Cousteau. I learned that something like 80% of the oxygen we need to breathe, comes from the seaweed or kelp in our oceans. So, we’re literally strangling ourselves to death with our blind obedience to the God Greed, the ruler of Capitalism!</h1>

     Or consider the plight of the poor people of Flint, Michigan, who just happen to be predominantly Black people. Nope, no racial discrimination there, right? The whole world knows that the citizens of Flint are forced to live with a toxic, heavily lead-laden water supply for several years now but “our” government won’t do a goddamn thing about it! It gets better folks, the Nestle corporation is allowed to pump 1.1 million gallons of water per day for $200 a year from Lake Michigan!

     I shit you not! And another bit of depressing news is that our glorified president Obama (don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t a racist rant & I voted for Obama the first time, I hated all the ugly racist remarks made about him but I do judge him harshly on a lot of things he did while in office) who was such a Champion of Change—remember his mantra when he was running for the presidency—stooped to participating in a sham public gathering P.R. event set up to reassure the citizens of Flint that their water was safe. Yep, he took a sip from a glass of water that was supposedly from the Flint river to prove that their water was okay. How’s that for standing up for America’s poor & working class and his own people, the Black citizens of Flint? Believe it or not, within a matter of a few weeks after he took office in his first term, I woke-up & realized that I too had been suckered by his advertising/public relations propaganda bonanza when he appointed Summers, Geithner, & Bernanke, three of the most responsible financial elite who helped bring us the World-wide Economic Crash of 2008 from which we still haven’t fully recovered. That’s when my eyes were opened regarding that liar in chief!

Obama’s “brain trust” the guys who helped cause the Crash of 2008

     Like the never-ending lust for wealth & power by these craven cretins, the list of their dastardly deeds is also never-ending but I am getting close to a point at which I am going to stop detailing their criminal records because it all gets to be just too much & too depressing.

     I am only human & as such, I, believe it or not, reach a point in my telling of the ugly realities going on all around us where I need to stop writing for a while & take a mental health day. Pursuing this ever more unraveling investigation of how greed is like a deadly pandemic that threatens all of humanity is another major factor which dwarfs all the other streams of greedy individuals & institutions destroying life as we know it, is what’s laughingly referred to as the U.S. Military Budget which is larger than all the other nations military budgets combined.

     I’m not going to go into much detail here because I just did in a recent essay. But suffice it to say that President Eisenhower knew of what he spoke when he gave his warning about the military/industrial complex. Because he presided over it when he was our president & was obviously afraid to speak up while in office so he waited until he was on his way out the door. He also left off the third leg of that complex i.e. Congress.</h1>

Moreover, here’s a tidbit perhaps, but I feel it’s a very significant fact that is very revealing of our military & political elite’s hidden agenda i.e. to create a permanent military force that our founders had warned against because it would become too tempting to keep getting involved in wars in other countries that posed no threat to America’s borders & peoples. If you recall, our Dept. of Defense used to be called the War Dept. which was at least more honest. There’s one author I strongly recommend for people to check out & that’s Gore Vidal.

Many of our more honest historians have said that Vidal was perhaps our greatest historian in terms of honesty, scholarship, & fearless & ceaseless criticism when & where it was warranted. Near the end of his life, Gore Vidal wrote several short books which were wonderfully simple in their presentation of the facts & his analysis of many of American history’s shortcomings as well as some positive notes.

     Here is a brief blurb about this insightful little book titled; Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace which highlights & provides a list of every war, police action, operation, etc. the branches of our military forces engaged in since the end of WWII;

The United States has been engaged in what the great historian Charles A. Beard called “perpetual war for perpetual peace.” The Federation of American Scientists has cataloged nearly 200 military incursions since 1945 in which the United States has been the aggressor. In a series of penetrating and alarming essays, whose centerpiece is a commentary on the events of September 11, 2001

Do you understand now why I said that when it was called the War Dept., it was at least more honest? I bet the overwhelming majority of Americans have no idea of just how busy our military/industrial leaders have been over the past half century? And because of the never-ending war propaganda campaign that we’ve been exposed to our entire lives, very few even question the motivations or the premises of why we need to go to war again & again & again. The military “budget” is the cash-cow that never stops giving & is the top priority in every administration whether Democrat or Republican. To dare to stand up & challenge the truisms & justifications for the war or police action of the month would be to commit political suicide or corporate suicide if you’re on that side of the receiving end of the largesse.

     If we were even the faintest example of a true democracy & believed in those principles the politicians love to trot out whenever it suits their need to rouse the public’s support, we wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world for our hypocrisy in how we treat our citizens i.e. keep them in a constant state of fear that they were going to lose their homes, their pensions, their health care, etc. Instead, we are told ad nauseam & ad absurdum the commies are coming, the terrorists are coming, the Mexicans are coming, etc. etc. etc.

     The true terrorists are the corporate cockroaches who have enslaved us & impoverished us to the point that we have the largest prison population in the world. Greater than even the evil Russian Empire or the Chinese Empire.

     Once again, it’s imperative that we remember at all times just how significant a role the public education system plays in this grand scheme of the Masters of the Universe. And two of the clearest examples of just how deeply & extensively the greedy rich have succeeded in dismantling our public education system are the election of Dumbo Donald & Betsy DeVos, the faux “Christian,” who married into the pyramid scheme known as Amway & is sister to one of our most infamous mercenary corporation’s CEO, Eric Prince.

     To reiterate, the “Christian” cult of fascists & White Supremacists has been steadily building its base for the past three or four decades at least & now they have a guy in the White House posing as vice-president. And what used to be contained within the crazies camps i.e. Anti-Science, Anti-Intellectual, Chauvinist, Xenophobic, Racist, now have a national platform from which to spew their bile & venom in the form of one of the greediest & most ignorant pigs to walk upright in America.

     Not only has Trump destroyed decades of progress in Science, Diplomacy, Health & Safety, etc. he has stirred an extremely dangerous Neo-Nazi underground which seeks America’s complete destruction & the collapse of civilization as we know it!

     Of course, we do need to do some serious house-cleaning of several institutions in our society but to follow the game plan of these perverted & vicious people invites the very real possibility of unleashing a nuclear confrontation which is already capable of blowing the world to smithereens at least 25 times over. Talk about “overkill?” And yes, pun intended!

     You may be tempted to dismiss this next part of what I have to say as just another Alex Jones dark fantasy conspiracy but I believe it’s pretty straight forward? I think it’s obvious that the main reason the powers that be hate Edward Snowden with such vehemence is because he revealed their dirty house of cards?

     In brief, we know why the “social media” or platforms have mined our private data & used it to make themselves filthy rich and this was just too tempting a dish for the government & military elite to pass up. Snowden is a very cautious person when he speaks about these matters because he too knows just how easily the powerful can destroy people’s reputations, frame dissidents, torture, & lock them up for the rest of their lives. And he doesn’t want to be dismissed as just another Alex Jones Cult of Ignorance fan club.

     In the excellent documentary which detailed how he (Snowden) came to his decision to reveal what he’d learned about the NSA & some of our other “intelligence” agencies, he only gave a glimpse of the key truth behind all the illegal spying on Americans i.e. it’s about control. And he didn’t harp on the point or belabor it or anything. I wish he had but I understand why he didn’t.

     You see, as societies & nations decline, the social disruptions increase in intensity & frequency. So, the more sophisticated and extensive a government’s spying on its citizens, the greater control they have over their public & the easier it is for them to nip any serious rebellions in the bud.

     A somewhat relevant & familiar practice to some extent in many, if not most revolutions is the fact that one of the first steps a new dictator takes after taking over the government is to shut down the universities & the media because they reveal the illegal & immoral behavior of the dictator. I feel that was what Snowden did for America i.e. he spilled the beans!

     I am writing this essay in the last week of April 2020. I tell you this because we are experiencing the first wave of the deadly coronavirus pandemic or what they’ve now abbreviated to COVID-19. And tragically for America & the rest of the world, Trump, one of the slimiest & greediest reptilians to ever crawl out of a swamp, is president.

     Each day that passes, this cretin spouts some new absurdity but some of his absurdities have deadly consequences. And when he suggested that people inject bleach or other disinfectants, I was absolutely floored. Electing this creature from the dark ages to become president shows just how harmful greed can be. The GOP has backed this Neanderthal all the way through his first three years because he is doing their dirty work & they’ve undid decades of progress in just about every dept. of our federal government all in the name of profit & greed!

     And just when we thought things couldn’t get much worse i.e. having this moronic pig in the oval office, we are hit with this world-wide pandemic. Trump’s avarice knows no bounds or limits & he put his concern about looking bad in the polls because he’s hoping for another four years to continue fucking us, ahead of the American public’s health & safety.

     This petty tyrant’s denial of the virus even existing though he’d been warned of its dangerous & deadly consequences two months before he ever lifted a finger, has caused the death of tens of thousands of Americans already & who knows how many more yet to come?

     I don’t think he’s ever accepted responsibility for anything in his entire life? And he’s in full denial mode now. And he’s clearly incapable of leadership. The only thing he’s good at is passing the buck & taking credit for what others do. But what has shocked & saddened me even more than Trump’s dangerousness is just how blatant the GOP & the 1% have shown us their greed is.

     The most brazen example of their insatiable greed & absolute disregard for the American public was revealed when they passed the first of their “stimulus bills.” Yeah it stimulated their cold hearts & beady eyes as they gave themselves trillions of dollars & told the public, sorry, there’s nothing left!

     And the motherfuckers think we’re so goddamned stupid that they could toss us a one-time check for $1,200 claiming that would tide us over for the months, if not years we may be suffering & dying from this pandemic. Moreover, they placed all kinds of rules on this largesse & also told their bankers that if any of the peasants owe the banks late fees, overdraft fees, etc., the banks could deduct it from the $1,200.

     We don’t have nearly enough of the test kits to help determine who has the virus, not anywhere close to enough protective gear for the doctors & nurses and others on the front lines helping people, and forget about masks for the peasants who only pay the taxes that the obscenely wealthy don’t have to pay & from which they get a large portion of their wealth.

     Furthermore, if it’s even possible, I am even more angry at all the American citizens who sit passively by & let this private looting of the Federal Treasury & exponential increase of the national debt go on and on and on ad absurdum. Just how stupid & apathetic can people be? Especially all the imbeciles who still believe every lying word out of Trump’s pie-hole. If they’re that brain-dead, perhaps injecting the disinfectants may be a step up for them?

     If this absolute insanity & greed is allowed to go on, we’re going to soon be a nation of homeless scarecrows wandering a vast dustbowl & haunting the streets like the broken souls in those countless cities & towns of what they call the “rust-belt,” or what Chris Hedges refers to as “sacrifice zones.”</h1>

     Have you ever noticed that throughout history, it’s always those on the bottom who must sacrifice? In the eyes of the 1%, nothing else matters except their wealth & the growing of it. This pandemic caused a drastic drop in the stock market & the obscenely wealthy immediately went into panic mode. So, the true reason for the “stimulus bill” was to save the holy stock market.

     It’d be amusing were it not so enraging. The stock market doesn’t mean shit to the average American because he or she doesn’t own any stocks. The robber barons try to tell us that the health of the stock market is important to the health of the economy which in turn determines the job market. Yeah! A pack of lies!

     Here’s an example for you; when corporations shut down their manufacturing plants here in America & go overseas where they can pay workers 22 cents per hour, their stock values go up & we lose those jobs which used to allow the workers in those factories to live a respectable life i.e. pay their mortgages, own a reliable car, have health care for their families, & send their kids to colleges which would enable their children to move a step up on that ladder. The overwhelming majority of corporations don’t give a shit about whether you are thrown out of your home—our current Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, got rich by illegally kicking people out of their homes in the 2008 Crash that his kind caused—lose health insurance for your family, have your pension stolen by some hedge fund manager, and are reduced to living out of your car. And if you believe a single word out of their mouths, you’re a goddamned fool!

     These so-called Wizards of Wall St. tell us that they trade in futures & commodities. Yeah, this is true but those “futures” should more rightly be called, workers’ futures or whether they will barely manage to pay their bills or be kicked to the curb. And as for those “commodities,” that’s basically what we are to them just like cattle, pigs, chickens, etc. We’re not humans in their eyes, or more specifically, we’re about as worthy of attention as a piss-ant crawling along on their sidewalks.

     The end-all & be-all of these “Masters of the Universe,” is profit! And anyone or anything that gets in the way of their obsessive or incessant pursuit of that profit will be crushed like one of those piss-ants.

     Continuing on in this depressing but honest appraisal of things, it’s important to realize that the corporate media is a powerful tool wielded by the mighty rich to control the masses & hence, allow the rich to keep on raping, pillaging, & plundering all the people & natural resources of this planet. This is why it’s so amusing every time I hear some high-school dropout proclaim the enemy is the liberal media.

     I lived in Orange County, CA for several years from when I was about 19 years old to 26 years old. My mom & her drinking buddies often gathered at her house and invariably, we’d get on the subject of politics (Reagan was president) and by-the-way, it was said back then that Orange County was one of the most “conservative” i.e. Republican counties in the U.S.

     Well, it was the same story each time I participated in their meeting of the minds i.e. All you need is common sense! And they all laughed & enjoyed dismissing me as hopelessly liberal & not realistic as I tried to tell them how corrupt Reagan was for example. I brought this up because if you value “common sense,” does it make sense for that handful of corporate conglomerates who own the media in the U.S. to allow a liberal bias?

     “Common sense,” tells this liberal idiot that to allow a liberal bias in their media empires would be absolutely insane because true liberals would & do assault the corrupt structures of corporations. So, if they ran the newsrooms, etc. the rich would in effect be allowing liberal termites to eat away at the foundations of their empires. Duh!

     Therefore, Orwell was right on the mark when he said;

““Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

I’ll leave it to you to figure this out. And once again, it’d be funny were it not so deadly serious in regards to Trump’s perpetual war on the press. You see, he’s actually partly right but what he leaves out is the fact that yes, he knows all about fake media because he’s been using it all his business career. What I mean by this is that yes, the mainstream media doesn’t always tell us the full story because of the inherent filters the news must go through before being published or aired on T.V.

     The classic & definitive study of this was written by Noam Chomsky & Edward Hermann. In short, yeah, the media is censored in some respects & to some extent but nonetheless, a lot of accurate facts & information manages to come out after going through those filters.

     What that charlatan & con man Trump has done & continues to do is dismiss every reporter who asks him a difficult question i.e. one that he doesn’t have one of his pat lies for, as “fake news.” Yet every news story that says anything positive about him is factual even if both the pro & con stories are from the same news outlet. This requires a very selective memory & Donald the Duplicitous Demagogue of the Duck Dynasty Dunces has trained his zombies well. Oh yeah, one other interesting contradiction is the fact that Donnie sure didn’t complain when he received several billions of dollars’ worth of free publicity while he was running for president. Far more than Bernie Sanders did. Donald the Dick-head has been honing his skills of how to manipulate the mass media since he was a yuppie in New York in his twenties making sure that his face & his name was in every major celebrity function or party for the photo shots used in the papers & television.

     Believe it or not, I am beginning to wind-down in my lengthy perspective on Greed. Those who wield the most power in any society are not only the richest but the most intelligent. And when a rich person doesn’t personally possess the intellectual capabilities, they hire the people who are the sharpest in the room as they say.

     Trump, for example, would’ve been sent to prison long ago were it not for the fact that he at least knows who the smartest lawyers are & he either retains them or has them on speed-dial because Trump’s business & personal life has been one long trail of lawsuits.

     Remember what I said a few pages back? My mom & her friends proclaimed ad nauseam; All you need is Common Sense! Well, as some wit observed, they call it common sense because it’s common i.e. most people have it. Well, “common sense” won’t save your ass in the complicated legal & financial matters of a master con artist like Trump who has screwed thousands of people in his illustrious career.

     Moreover, “common sense” won’t protect or save you from the countless scam artists, grifters, & thieves who spend their lives devising ways to steal other people’s fortunes. Nope, you need people around you—ideally you should devote a lot of your time & energy to developing your own intellectual skills—who have far more than just common sense.

     Following this further, the sad phenomenon of anti-intellectualism has a long & inglorious history in America. And the totally unscrupulous rip-off artists are adept at convincing their groupies that intellectuals are their enemies.

     Yep! This is why Trump deliberately chose to play the role of a simple, down-to-earth “businessman” who doesn’t put on any airs or act superior like those East Coast Elite. Many, if not most of Trump supporters have been screwed over by banks, corporate CEOs, insurance giants, etc. etc. etc. and by pretending to be on the side of those victims, Trump has gained their trust. One of this perverse president’s most popular sales slogans while running for office was; “I’m going to drain the swamp.”

     In a sense, he did. Except he replaced the former bottom-feeders with craven & insatiable crocodiles. And they’ve been systematically looting every program they can get their bloody talons on. Moreover, all those country bumpkins who fell for Trump’s Aw Shucks Routine, have either already hit rock-bottom or they soon will thanks to their god Trump, that is if they don’t die from the coronavirus first?

     Yes people, what you don’t know can hurt you & sometimes kill you! And sorry, but stupidity, honesty, & hard work won’t save you from the likes of the Trumps of this world. We all must inform & empower ourselves and unite against the powers that be because they have sure as Hell united against us a long time ago.

     Okay, one more example of how inhumane the greedy are & then I’ll wrap it all up. We’ve been indoctrinated throughout our public education system here in America & it’s probably the same for citizens of other countries to some extent? But this indoctrination seriously blinds us to the realities of what the greedy, power elite have done to us & the poor of other nations for decades. Before I delve into this matter more deeply, I want to share a powerful insight into public education by Doris Lessing.

     One of my favorite professors when I was in college was an absolutely brilliant man named Mr. Garrot. I used to go to his office hours not for help with homework or anything but simply because I enjoyed talking to him about serious matters. I bring this up because he turned me onto Doris Lessing & he said; “She’s the greatest author alive!”

“Ideally, what should be said to every child, repeatedly, throughout his or her school life is something like this: ‘You are in the process of being indoctrinated. We have not yet evolved a system of education that is not a system of indoctrination. We are sorry, but it is the best we can do. What you are being taught here is an amalgam of current prejudice and the choices of this particular culture. The slightest look at history will show how impermanent these must be. You are being taught by people who have been able to accommodate themselves to a regime of thought laid down by their predecessors. It is a self-perpetuating system. Those of you who are more robust and individual than others will be encouraged to leave and find ways of educating yourself — educating your own judgements. Those that stay must remember, always, and all the time, that they are being moulded and patterned to fit into the narrow and particular needs of this particular society.”
― Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook

Perhaps the most powerful proof of how greed rules the world & specifically here in America, is our long & ignoble history of supporting murderous dictators in our press, our training of their secret police & etc., the assistance of our military in logistics to help their overthrowing of democratically-elected presidents, our financial funding of such heinous groups as the Contras in Central America, etc. And every one of these illegal & immoral involvements, some as barbaric as any Nazi atrocities in WWII, was done under the proclamation of our supporting democracy & freedom in these countries. This is the dark, ugly, & embarrassing history of America’s support of bloody butchers that we don’t hear about in our public education system or our mainstream media.

     Don’t just accept my word for it. Do a little research for yourself if you’re not just another shallow hypocrite who pretends to be a true American patriot?

In conclusion, here is the quintessential demonstration of how greed rules our lives & our very existence in America. I believe the case of Edward Snowden is the best exemplar of what I’m trying to communicate here.

     Those who feel that Snowden was a traitor for releasing all those classified files may be tempted to dismiss what I’m about to say as just another paranoid conspiracy theory, hopefully you’ll try to remain open-minded long enough to reflect on my argument?

     Snowden, like the majority of whistleblowers, tried to go through the normal or proper channels to report his misgivings & what he felt to be clear examples of felonies being committed on a regular basis & on a vast scale. But unfortunately, he ran into that wall of bureaucracy that seeks to silence all dissent. Every bureaucracy, especially those in such vast programs as the NSA, seeks to maintain their power & budget above all other concerns.

     And the primary mission for the NSA is what’s known as Total Information Awareness, now referred to as Terrorism Information Awareness:


Total Information Awareness (TIA) is the name of a massive U.S. data mining project focused on scanning travel, financial and other data from public and private sources with the goal of detecting and preventing transnational threats to national security. TIA has also been called Terrorism Information Awareness. The program was part of the Homeland Security Act and, after its creation in January 2003, was managed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In September 2003, U.S. Congressional negotiators agreed to terminate the program and ceased funding. in 2006, however, news agencies reported that software developed for it had been shifted to other agencies, specifically the National Security Agency (NSA).


Snowden’s unforgivable  sin was his turning the spotlight of the American public’s attention on this sacred cow program of the NSA which guaranteed a never-ending flow of funding. And what really blows my mind is the fact that so many Americans are outraged over Snowden’s leaking of the details of this illegal program but don’t seem to be troubled at the fact that the NSA was violating our Constitution which every member of our military forces, politicians, & employees of our intelligence agencies takes an oath to protect against foreign & domestic enemies.


Snowden obviously took his oath to uphold the Constitution seriously unlike all those who participated in this & other illegal programs which committed hundreds of thousands of felonies in a standard operating practice laissez-faire manner. You see, every single act of illegal spying on American citizens without a warrant, is a felony.


The day the Patriot Act was rammed through Congress & passed will go down in history as the day we went from a democracy to a totalitarian state. Hardly a single congressman even bothered to read the Patriot Act before signing it. And coincidentally, the powers that be in D.C. had it written & ready to go way before the events of 9/11.


And again, no, this isn’t merely conspiratorial conjecture, look it up. Cheney, the president of vice & his cabal of crooks had been praying for just such a national tragedy so they could implement their game plan known as P.N.A.C. (Project for the New American Century). In fact, I believe it was Cheney who commented a few years before 9/11; “What we need is a Pearl Harbor,” i.e. a massive assault against America that would give them the justification to wage war against terrorism ad infinitum & they’d get all the funding they’d ever wanted & be able to launch every nefarious operation they’d dreamed of. I forget who it was that pointed out that with the passage of the Patriot Act, they effectively gutted the Bill of Rights. You know, that other insignificant document we’re so proud of.


John Whitehead explains: The Patriot Act drove a stake through the heart of the Bill of Rights, violating at least six of the ten original amendments–the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendments–and possibly the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments, as well. The Patriot Act also redefined terrorism so broadly that many non-terrorist political activities such as protest marches, demonstrations and civil disobedience were considered potential terrorist acts, thereby rendering anyone desiring to engage in protected First Amendment expressive activities as suspects of the surveillance state.”


You see, my imaginary reader, the NSA & our government assure us that they’re just collecting metadata on us i.e. not the detailed content of our communications. If you believe this, you’re in for a rude awakening. They didn’t build that massive data collecting facility in Utah for the hell of it. Its capacity is so astronomical that they don’t even have numbers to adequately represent its capacities for storage.


The American Masters of the Universe are steadily creating a totalitarian society & the Silicon Valley tech elite are selling our personal data to the corporate cockroaches for billions of dollars i.e. Zuckerberg. And the government is intimidating the “social media” giants into allowing them to “piggy-back” on their platforms because that collected data on individuals can be used against us anytime we get a little too big for our britches i.e. our protests begin to hamper their illegal activities, etc.

Snowden was cautious about what he said in the film; Citizen Four regarding this. I believe he knew that if he elaborated on the subject, he could very well be dismissed as just another conspiracy theorist. He made one comment on the subject and simply said; “It’s about Control.”

Moreover, speaking of control, I had to insert here a bit about Surveillance Capitalism, a book written by Shoshana Zuboff. She is a Harvard professor & she spent several years writing this detailed account of what it is & how it’s basically gone unchallenged for the 20 years it’s been undermining democracy & much more.

“Surveillance Capitalism is the manifestation of George Orwell’s prophesied Memory Hole combined with the constant surveillance, storage and analysis of our thoughts and actions, with such minute precision, and artificial intelligence algorithmic analysis, that our future thoughts and actions can be predicted, and manipulated, for the concentration of power and wealth of the very few. These 32 citations barely scratch the surface of Surveillance Capitalism and yet provide a terrifying display of the powerful forces arrayed against democracy. Surveillance Capitalism desensitizes us to their destruction of individual autonomy, rights, freedom of thought and action, privacy, sovereignty, thoughtful analysis and memory while demanding and ensuring corporations, and the 1%, have absolute rights, privacy and impunity.”

Moreover, if you check out the documentary; The Great Hack, you’ll learn that data has replaced oil as the world’s most valuable commodity. We can thank Zuckerberg to a very large extent for helping Trump steal the presidency because of Zuckerberg’s supposed oversight regarding the data he gave Cambridge Analytica access to.

Birds of prey i.e. Vulture Capitalists, hang together or separately, doesn’t matter?


Furthermore, if you’ve been paying attention for the past 50 years roughly, every time “our” government gets caught doing something illegal or immoral or both, they proclaim; “It’s a matter of National Security.” If you buy this tired, old dog of “National Security” that they trot out ad nauseam, you’re either very gullible or naïve or maybe simply willfully ignorant?


It’s the giant umbrella under which they (the National Security State) hide under to justify every war, police action, operation, etc. throughout the history of the NSA, CIA, etc. And we’ve been very busy indeed over the past half century. If you’d care to get an overview of our Perpetual State of War, check out;


Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace


Gore Vidal


“The United States has been engaged in what the great historian Charles A. Beard called perpetual war for perpetual peace. The Federation of American Scientists has cataloged nearly 200 military incursions since 1945 in which the United States has been the aggressor.”

Personally speaking, I believe Snowden when he says that he’d gladly return to the U.S. if he was guaranteed a public trial & could present his reasons for releasing all the classified files that he did. He knows just as Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, etc. that when the government tells the judges that it’s a matter of National Security so the trial needs to be in private & the defendant can’t use any of the classified material he’s charged with revealing, in his defense, it’s a slam-dunk for the federal prosecutors to convict him & sentence him to life in prison.


In a nutshell, the government assures the Court & the public that we can trust them because they care about us & want to protect us. Yeah, right! Like they protected us from the Pentagon Papers & how many Americans died in the Vietnam War or how about the completely falsified reasons for the Iraq War, etc. etc. etc. Of course, we can trust them!


You see, “National Security” is actually doublespeak for the powers that be & their security. They are salivating at the thought of getting their hands-on Snowden because he really spoiled their fun by revealing their dirty secrets & swamp of lies. Now they’ve had to slink back into the shadows once again but you can be sure, they’ll soon be right back at their dirty tricks.


The government keeps the data flowing by threatening the tech giants & the social media monopolies by reminding them that their subsidies, tax breaks, even their licenses to do business can all be taken away in a heartbeat if they don’t play ball.

The main argument against home schooling is that kids need to develop their social skills.


This is a look inside as to how the destructive duo; the government & the corporate cockroach cabal keep the overwhelming majority of our tax dollars flowing into their pockets.


And once more my dear friend, I don’t throw accusations like these around casually. I have spent approximately 50,000 hours over the past 40 years or more reading, writing, researching, watching documentaries, listening to social, political, economic, etc. programs on the alternative media, collecting or archiving thousands of articles, etc. And no, this doesn’t mean that I have the corner on the Truth but it does mean that I’ve done far more of my homework regarding these issues than the majority of working-class Americans & therefore deserve respect & a fair listening to.


I learned a few decades ago that you need to tread very lightly when it comes to conspiracy theories because most people will simply tune you out when you start to speak about them. I am personally very offended if someone tries to dismiss me as just another Alex Jones nut-job. I feel nauseous if I even listen to him for ten minutes. Note that our Dumb-shit in the oval office is fond of Alex Jones & gets a lot of his material from him which he then passes along in his press briefings & his fear & hate rallies.


My intellectual & moral hero, Noam Chomsky, pointed out years ago, even before all the crazies with their 9/11 conspiracy theories, that indulging in this pastime is just what the power elite want us to do because it distracts us from doing the real work of serious research & in depth reading, which will reveal the facts behind the tsunami of lies (my phrase)! Oh yeah, again in case you think me out in Left field,{Yeah, I know I’ve already mentioned this, sorry.} check out “Surveillance Capitalism,” by Shoshana Zuboff & I guarantee you she will blow your mind with the depth & breadth of her knowledge & her insights. And although she points out a lot of the negative aspects, several of which I’ve touched on in this essay. She does offer us some hope but it boils down to what each of us is willing to do to fight back? I’ll include links to a couple of her videos which I feel are good introductions to her overview of this precarious position we find ourselves in.

Afterword: If you are concerned about this relatively new phenomenon, here’s an excellent interview with Ms. Zuboff:


—Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, OR 4/28/20


I just came across this video the other day that is a perfect cap to this essay because if you reflect on what the various commentators say, you’ll begin to see just how vast this pandemic of greed is & how it has permeated every aspect of our lives & it is every bit as insidious as the coronavirus my friends. As H.G. Wells said over a hundred & twenty years ago; It’s becoming more & more of a race between education & catastrophe. And I don’t mean to bum you out but when you add in to the mix, the fact that we have already passed the 350 parts per million I believe Mr. McKibben warned us about, what future we may have left, looks very dismal. So, do we just throw in the towel & say Fuck it!

As for me, I will not go gently into that dark night.

We all need to remember & remind ourselves & others that No! Greed isn’t inevitable! And we should take serious stock of our lives, are we just going to sit by apathetic & watch our children & loved ones die as our environment implodes & can no longer sustain human, animal, or plant life? Yeah, I know it’s like Sisyphus pushing that boulder up to the top of the hill only to watch it fall back down again, but we have no other choice my friends. We either keep on fighting the good fight or just roll over to the likes of swamp-scum like Trump & his kind!

Just in case I haven’t been clear enough, it’s the insatiable greed of the “social networks” & their CEOs that is weakening people’s mental abilities & helping drive us to oblivion because we too focus on ourselves & isolate ourselves from our fellow human beings. United we Stand, & Divided we Fall!

This is the biggest lie i.e. this isn’t social media, it’s anti-social media.

“Greed is an uncontrolled longing for increase in the acquisition or use: of material gain; or social value, such as status, or power. Greed has been identified an as undesirable behavior throughout known human history.”

Here’s the piece de resistance for any of you who may still be a doubting thomas?

     Yeah, I know, what an overwhelmingly dark picture of our world. Nonetheless, I have been honest in presenting my case. So, you can bury your head in the sand like Trump’s Walking Dead fan club or you can invest some of your time & energy in reflecting on these matters? Better yet, in discussing these ideas with your friends because no matter how ugly it all is, just as no matter how dangerously stupid Trump is, he’s a reality we have to deal with & the sooner we get to it, the better for us and all of humanity!








In Defense of Edward Snowden



“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  –Benjamin Franklin




A friend of mine and I in a recent telephone conversation touched on the subject of Edward Snowden but it wasn’t the time or place to get into a long, political debate. So, I thought I would express my views on the subject in the form of an essay.


My friend said he understood why Snowden did what he did but that he disapproved of his doing it. I feel that the reasoning of why he did what he did, contains the justification of his actions.

There are several different perspectives on why it was wrong of him to release so much classified National Security information, some people argue from an ethical or moral stance, some from a pragmatic view, some from a patriotic perspective, and some from a military or national security viewpoint. There may be more perspectives but these are the ones that first came to me.


Now from everything that I’ve seen or read about or by Snowden, he comes across as a very humble guy & he definitely doesn’t brag about his skills unlike the braggart & national embarrassment in the White House at present. For instance, Snowden never tells us how much he was being paid by the government but it was clearly a significant amount. My guess is that it would’ve been probably somewhere around a couple hundred thousand dollars a year? Moreover, he was stationed in Hawaii which many consider paradise. Why would someone give all this up knowing that the full weight of the U.S. government would come down on him mercilessly?


My opinion is that he is a person with tremendous integrity & a strong moral compass. And personally speaking, I stood-up against the U.S. Army so-to-speak when I kept going AWOL because I didn’t want them to be able to send me to Vietnam and that was one of the most frightening times of my life.

They wanted to make me an officer but I didn’t even want to be a squad leader.


Returning to the topic at hand, I believe him when he said that he was becoming more & more alarmed at what the NSA was up to. And he was well aware that they were violating the U.S. Constitution. Now some people like that moron behind the desk in the oval office, see the Constitution as little more than a quaint & amusing list of suggestions & feel that they are above the law. Obviously, Snowden’s superiors at the NSA felt this way too because they violated the laws daily & to such an extent that it was hard for Snowden to accept the degree of corruption in the intelligence community.

Worked for NSA for 30 yrs. retired 10/31/01 disgusted at what was going on!


Moreover, Snowden because of his amazing level of expertise in computer systems, security, programming, etc. knew on a much deeper level than me or the average American citizen. He also knew what happened to other whistleblowers like Bill Binney & Thomas Drake who had followed the official chain of command & protocol for reporting misconduct, illegal spying on American citizens, etc. etc. etc.


Obama, the supposed champion of the people, had prosecuted more whistleblowers than all the other presidents combined since the Espionage Act was passed over a hundred years ago. It’s become very clear that anyone who dares to reveal the secrets of the temple so-to-speak, will be locked up most likely for the rest of their life. And you can forget about any semblance of a fair trial because you’re not allowed to present your argument from anything which may reveal state secrets i.e. anything they consider a matter of national security, is off limits in your defense. Step back for a second & reflect on that i.e. they are violating federal laws & Constitutional law on a massive scale & in effect, they get to claim the protection of the very laws they’re violating.

Obama’s idea of “Change” was kissing Wall St.’s ass

The prosecutors of these whistleblowers are de facto judges, jurors, & executioners if the accused can’t fully defend themselves in open court. Don’t worry, just trust us because we know what is right & wrong and we will protect you. Yeah right, how many times & ways have they, the powers that be, violated that trust?


Nope, I don’t blame Snowden one bit for not being willing to turn himself in to the legal authorities in this nation because he’d basically face a kangaroo court with a rubber-stamp of guilty guaranteed. If you think I’m going too far afield in these assertions, just consider the U.S. Patriot Act which was rammed through shortly after 9/11. It basically gutted our Bill of Rights. But hey, who cares? Americans in general don’t care about what the intelligence agencies are up to & believe them when they’re told that this surveillance of American citizens is necessary in order to protect us from terrorists. Yeah right!

One sentence from Snowden in the documentary; Citizen Four sent my mind into overdrive, he said it’s about control. I believe this is the central fact or the key truth in this whole convoluted & complex issue. And for the record, No, I’m not a fan of Alex Jones. I think he is a dangerous imbecile like his fan, Trump.


Mull this over if you will i.e. we are told now that all this information about us, what they call metadata, is not important & that we needn’t worry about their collecting it. Snowden has informed us that all this metadata can be easily connected to form a detailed profile of us & which can be used against us in the future if any legal authority wants to build a case against us.


And the typical brilliant response is; Hey, I got nothing to worry about because I’m doing anything wrong so let them collect all the metadata they want to. This is one of the most ignorant responses a person can spout. So, you wouldn’t mind if these “intelligence agencies” which are collecting a lot of their data with the help of good old Mark Zuckerberg, Google, Apple, etc. etc. etc. and they’re sharing our data with corporations so they can more effectively target perspective customers with their personally designed ads.

Use it or Lose it doesn’t just refer to your physical muscles


Furthermore, it’s even more sinister than this & if you’re curious about what I’m referring to, watch the documentary; The Great Hack which isn’t just a stupid conspiracy piece & is the product of a carefully researched & edited investigation of Cambridge Analytica.

This company is part of a larger corporation that was headquartered in England & in a nutshell, with the help of Zuckerberg who has no ethical standards when it comes to making money, sold Cambridge Analytica over 50 million of Facebook users’ personal data. By the way, having access to those 50 million Americans’ personal data, also gave them access to every friend those people had in their lists of friends.


I just realized that I’ve strayed off topic to some extent, so back to why you should be concerned about the metadata being collected about us. Here’s a list I came up with some time ago for another essay of possible things or scenarios that you might be embarrassed about the government & the corporate world having at their fingertips. This took about ten minutes to come up with, I’m sure someone could generate a list hundreds of pages long of private matters:


  • Cheating on your wife or husband
  • A homosexual experience
  • You masturbating
  • Making love to your spouse
  • Shitting your pants
  • A sexual disease you contracted
  • A diagnosis of cancer
  • Fights with your kids or your spouse
  • Getting fired
  • Losing your home
  • Being obese
  • Being homeless
  • Your kids’ private lives
  • Your spouse naked
  • Porn you watch
  • Paying a hooker for sex
  • Funerals you attend
  • Your breaking down emotionally
  • Your spouse telling you they want a divorce
  • Your dying in the hospital
  • Being drunk & starting a fight and seriously hurting someone
  • You drunk driving
  • Whipping your child
  • Beating your wife
  • Threatening someone
  • Cheating on your taxes
  • Having sex with someone you’re embarrassed to have been with
  • Your daughter’s period
  • Your home burning down
  • Stealing something
  • Cheating on a test


And remember, it’s not just a matter of being embarrassed by this kind of data but anytime the government or the private corporate sector want to build a case against you so they could dismiss, ignore, or destroy you should they wish to. Do you still have nothing to hide?


Continuing with the monumental harm done to us by Facebook in selling our data to Cambridge Analytica, a very strong case could be built to charge Zuckerberg was largely responsible for Trump’s victory in 2016. You see, a lot of the data that proved to be so valuable to Cambridge Analytica came from those seemingly innocent tests on Facebook that asked; What kind of person are you? A pragmatist? A dreamer, An artist, etc. And with all this data, they were able to create detailed files on these 50 million Facebook users

& all their friends & then zero in on those they considered persuadable i.e. easier to manipulate intellectually or emotionally like Trump fans. And under the tutelage & loving guidance of Steve Bannon the far-right’s Dr. Mengele who dreams of the American government in a big pile of rubble, and the White Supremacists taking over, they bombarded all those persuadable with thousands of anti-Hillary & pro-Trump propaganda ads & videos.


So, when the Democratic party raised so much hell & focused on the Russian interference in our election, I have to agree with my intellectual hero, Noam Chomsky. He pointed out the inconvenient truth that the U.S. has been interfering with other countries’ elections for decades. I’m sure the vast majority of Americans aren’t even aware of the hundreds of times our C.I.A. have funded coup d’états, trained people in guerilla warfare tactics & skills, assassinated democratically elected leaders, etc. around the globe. If you’d care to skim a brief list of these crimes against humanity, check out this link;


I share these ugly facts with you not because I take some perverse pleasure in criticizing America but because I sincerely believe that the American public needs to know what’s been done in our names & usually without our awareness if we are to ever put a stop to it. I have given-up hope that any real change will come about through the DNC. They are so corrupt & willfully blind to their own ignorance, lack of integrity, & desire to hold on to what power they have at any expense. And that includes losing the presidency & another four years of Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan.


The Democratic party used to represent the working class & help defend us against the Republicans who are simply more brazen in their greed & lust for power. And both parties are soft on illegal surveillance & corporate crime. I agree with Gore Vidal when he said; “There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat.”


In short, we, the 99%, are at the mercy of some very powerful forces & we need every bit of help we can get. In the documentary; Citizen Four when Snowden was pressed on the issue of what he was most afraid of, he said; (my paraphrasing) That the public simply wouldn’t care & even after he’d released all this information, files, etc. on how & why the NSA was spying on us, they’d simply go back to the way they were & not care or do anything about it.


In the past, I felt that the government was guilty of benign neglect of the public’s interests or welfare but now, with this boastful, vile, naked thief in the White House, I’d say “our” government is guilty of criminal neglect!


Whistleblowers are every bit as important to a functioning democracy as the Free Press & Free Speech. And petty tyrants like Trump try to muzzle the press & whistleblowers because they want to go on draining the federal treasury in perpetuity. We need more Edward Snowdens & he should be honored as a true patriot of the highest order!


     The big picture? This is the rationale or the “logic’ behind this massive spying on the American public, They couldn’t find or weren’t aware of the likelihood of the events of 9/11 even though Richard Clark, who was National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism for the United States between 1998 and 2003, had repeatedly reported the likelihood to his superiors.

And they, the men in the highest positions of our “intelligence agencies” & the overall structure of these 17 or better agencies who like children with fragile egos, wouldn”t communicate or cooperate with one another prior to 9/11, but now, we’re supposed to rest easy with many of the same players in charge? You see, they all jealously guard their turf because they fear losing even a fraction of their power & authority and most importantly, their funding.

Before the tragic events of 9/11, the truly valuable intel, the accurate intel was like a needle in a haystack even with the world’s most sophisticated information gathering programs & now, they are vacuuming up astronomical quantities of our metadata & we’re supposed to believe they’ll catch the next 9/11 before it happens?

They’ve basically increased the size of that haystack exponentially & I’m sure their “critical & analytical abilities” haven’t kept up even remotely to their new workload. No, what we need are far more individuals like John O’Neill who wined & dined his Middle East contacts in the finest restaurants in New York & Washington D.C. and made them feel respected & valued. We need people who speak the languages in this boiling cauldron of the Middle East that we bear a large part of the responsibility for creating.

Instead, our “power elite” prefer to send in our troops like blundering giants causing far more unnecessary deaths & hence sowing the seeds of greater & greater hatred towards America & spawning a never-ending crop of terrorists willing to sacrifice their lives in defence against the Great Satan!

Snowden & other courageous souls like him showed us that we don’t need to conduct this massive & indiscriminate collection of our data because they can do the necessary collection of data in a far less invasive manner & for far less money than is currently being wasted on these efforts. But, it’s the same old sad story of individuals with petty egos & agencies who fear losing out on the largesse,  who continue to rule the day & meanwhile, we are less safe than we’d care to admit or face!

John O’Neill, was a counter-terrorism expert in the F.B.I. & eventually became the special agent in charge of counter-terrorism in the F.B.I. but because of personal clashes with some of his superiors in the F.B.I. his warnings of the likelihood of another attack on the World Trade Center were ignored & he was pushed out of the F.B.I. and the day after he left the F.B.I., he became the head of security at The World Trade Center and was killed on 9/11 as he was helping people evacuate the North Tower.

So for people to accuse Snowden of being a traitor is a gross travesty of justice & mind-boggling ignorance about what is actually happening behind the closed doors of the various intelligence agencies & the NSA in particular. The real traitors are all those who enable this corrupt system & all the morally bankrupt people who turn a blind eye to what’s being done in the name of National Security.

One last, perhaps insignificant point to some, Snowden clearly had the wherewithal to do considerably more damage to the NSA & the whole corrupted system of surveillance but he didn’t. He didn’t name any specific individuals who could be targeted for assassination or who could even lose their jobs. His actions were clearly not those of a person who was seeking fame or fortune. He simply wanted to ease his guilt at having participated & helped in this illegal & immoral program. And he simply gave his potentially serious treasure trove of classified material to two journalists he had immense respect for; Laura Poitras & Glenn Greenwald along with a newspaper he trusted, The Guardian.

He simply left it to them to decide on which stories to reveal to the public. He was again, clearly not seeking notoriety or fame. It was his heartfelt conviction that the truth needed to be told. And his critics have not been able to point to a single case of anyone mentioned in the files he gave to these trusted journalists, being harmed, let alone killed. I am reminded of a quote from the venerated John Milton;

“Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?”

[if you’d like to watch Part 2 of the Frontline story; “The United States of Secrets” which is even more pertinent to this whole issue i.e. of whether Snowden is a traitor or a national hero & the frightening state of affairs. today in Silicon Valley, you can watch it here It’s available for purchase on You Tube but you can’t find it there for viewing. Okay, two final points.

  1. the fact that they built the data storage facility in Utah that can store astronomical amounts of data proves that they i.e. the government, are storing every single thing about us (recall that they kept promising that they weren’t storing it?)
  2. Newsflash: terrorists aren’t retarded & know all this as well and they’ve simply gone back to the old fashioned way of plotting attacks i.e. they go off-grid & only meet & pass information along in person. So why do we need to spend trillions on this Orwellian spying apparatus that is being used to control us, sell us shit, & keep us afraid of one another & indifferent to the complete gutting of what used to be a Republic with a Democratic government???



Drain the Swamp?



“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

—Edmund Burke, the philosophical founder of modern Conservatism

Yes, this is absurd but then again, isn’t everything about this megalomaniac absurd?


Trump has redefined “corruption” in our political elite much like Caligula redefined orgies in the ancient Roman Senate, and only someone who has been lost in a swamp for the past four years would fail to know that this “Drain the Swamp” mantra was one of the key promises that the Liar in Chief made on his presidential campaign. This was Trump’s vow to chase the corrupt politicians out of Washington D.C. But, had he followed through on this promise, where would he & his cabinet along with everyone he has appointed during his administration live?


“Base” is one of those words that political pundits love to use ad nauseam & refers to a politician’s main supporters. And in Trump’s case, “base” is the appropriate word to describe a lot of the people who love Donald no matter how base his actions or words are because they (for the most part in my opinion) are lacking in the higher qualities of mind or spirit.


Moreover, I bet if you were to take a poll of Trump’s cult members, the majority of them are also fans of the series; The Walking Dead. Personally speaking, I watched about 15 minutes or so of one episode in the first season, I believe? And it turned my stomach. Guess I’m just one of those elitists Trump fans love to hate?


In the same way, I can’t handle watching one of Trump’s never-ending fear & hate rallies for more than 15 minutes or so. Why? Because Trump revels in all things base or crude & enjoys whipping his base into a frenzy of hate & violence. You see, fear & hate are the two most powerful emotions & this is why authoritarians depend on them to “keep the rabble” in line (Chomsky) And this reveals what is truly dangerous about this demagogue in the Oval Office. By-the-way, fear & hate are the secret power behind the “social media” and why it has spread like a plague (Chomsky) over the Earth.


By appealing to the lowest common denominator in his cult, Trump has unleashed an ugly force not unlike that of lynch mobs like the Ku Klux Klan. More specifically, Trump’s public boasting of being free to grab women by their genitals, walk into women’s dressing rooms, or sexually assault them is laughed at by both the men & the women who make up his base. And any woman who would cheer this kind of language or behavior clearly has a very low opinion of herself or women in general.


Now, you may have heard the phrase; “rude, crude, & lewd,” and this is another appropriate description of Trump’s kind of “people.” And Trump can’t understand why New York City’s social elite have always laughed at him & rejected him from their social circles?


Let’s return to that primordial swamp that Trump & his army of zombies crawled out of & which he promised to drain. And if it weren’t so deadly serious, it’d be hilarious that he has the audacity to label others as corrupt when he’s the king of corruption & all that we hate in politicians as well as people in general.


Trump apologists obviously know next to nothing of their leader’s background or the world of crime & corruption that spawned Donald doesn’t trouble their “Christian,” sensibilities? Similar to that list of over 16,000 or more lies that Trump has told just in the first three years of his reign of error & terror, the girly-man probably has an equally long list of criminal activities he’s been involved in or committed?

I am going to expose a small portion of this wanna-be mafia boss’ track record in this essay starting with the fact that he has exemplified a stupefying degree of lying. Moreover, he’ll spout a lie & in the same sentence contradict himself & swear that he never said what he just uttered? And his behavior in both his personal & professional life has been one long stream of corrupt practices.


Donald’s father was a slumlord who discriminated against people of color & bribed city officials re: building permits, tax breaks, tax schemes, and a close relationship with New York’s mafia elite. These mob bosses were known for their union-busting. Fred Trump was awarded federal govt. contracts to provide housing for the poor which he repeatedly didn’t honor.  Fred Trump used his political connections (bribes) to “win” these sweetheart contracts available through the Federal Housing Authority established by FDR to help those suffering under the Great Depression, etc. etc. etc. and sonny boy Donald followed in daddy’s footsteps & his grandiosity (greed) knew no bounds. 

*Note how often Trump condemns those who feed off the government like parasites but of course this criticism to him or his daddy.


Trump is infamous for not paying contractors on his construction projects & God knows how many individual workers over the years? But one example stands out in the little background research I’ve done on Trump and that is the group of poor Polish construction workers who worked on Trump Tower. These poor guys were exposed to asbestos & other unsafe working conditions.


“As noted in an Aug. 25, 2016, story in TIME, Trump hired a group of undocumented Polish laborers who put in “12-hour shifts with inadequate safety equipment at subpar wages that their contractor paid sporadically, if at all.”


By-the-way, when Trump did pay these Polish workers, it was for a whooping $4 per hour & they were so poor that they slept at the construction site. In brief, Trump has used undocumented workers to build his real estate “empire,” but now he rails against them in his hate & fear rallies because as every tyrant knows, you gotta have a scapegoat to focus your base’s anger on. So, the undocumented continue to work for the slumlord Trump but now as scapegoats. And being the cowardly bully that he has always been, he loves picking on the weak & the vulnerable. Moreover, the poor immigrants who both Trump & Obama have persecuted & prosecuted, can’t even fight back in their own defense because they have basically no voice in the corporate media but Trump has the largest bully pulpit in America & gets to bash these poor souls every day with little  in the way of push back.



Furthermore, Trump has also hired undocumented workers at his beloved Mar-a-Lago & some of his golf resorts.


Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan by auto reflex dismisses every journalist & their news outlet as “fake news.” Doesn’t it ever occur to any of his willfully blind loyalists that when these same news outlets say something complementary about him he brags ad nauseam of it. He has even had the audacity to tell his brain-dead groupies, Don’t believe anything you read or see, only believe what I say.

Oh, if  only the public would read the short list of the early warning signs of fascism, they might wake-up before it’s too late? But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Powerful and continuing nationalism
  • Disdain for human rights
  • Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
  • Supremacy of the military
  • Rampant sexism
  • Controlled mass media
  • Obsession with national security
  • Religion and government intertwined
  • Corporate power protected
  • Labor [sic] power suppressed
  • Disdain for intellectuals & the arts
  • Obsession with crime & punishment
  • Rampant cronyism & corruption
  • Fraudulent elections
some argue that Trump doesn’t have a fascist agenda but he’s doing a pretty good job of following fascism’s playbook


Continuing with the amazingly corrupt career & behavior of this cretin in the White House are Trump’s consistent threats to sue anybody who criticizes him. This has been his modus operandi his entire business career & reveals his Achilles Heel i.e. his brand which is simply his name.

You see, modus operandi or M.O. as police detectives like to say, means “mode of operating or working.” And “the Donald” is nothing without his image or brand name recognition. He has skillfully promoted his brand i.e. himself, for the last 40 years if not more? I bet the majority of his indoctrinated following actually believe that he owns everything with his name on it? They haven’t caught on yet that he leases his “name,” to many companies, individuals, etc. allowing them to use his name because it usually brings them more business.

And this is why Trump never stops promoting himself, no matter what happens in the world or what anyone says, Trump will find a way to brag about himself in his response. I bet this lunatic even brags to himself in his dreams? So, Trump attacks anyone who dares to question him let alone commit the unpardonable sin of criticizing something he said or did, like a junkyard dog. He’s so insecure that he’s in a constant state of paranoia lest any sliver of criticism goes unchallenged. Like that pervert who was the Emperor Caligula, Trump lives in perpetual fear that someone may poison him. But in Trump’s case, the poison is slanderous remarks made about him.

Another critically important aspect of Trump’s personality & behavior was what his idol & role model perhaps even more important than his father? His mentor, Roy Cohn taught him i.e. the three D’s (Deny, Divert, & Detract). Cohn was a mob lawyer & introduced Donny the man-child to several of his more prominent clients like the heads of several of New York’s top crime families who just happen to control the construction business in New York, most notably, the cement business.


Roy Cohn taught Donny two absolutes; 1) anytime someone attacks you no matter how slight it may be, hit back viciously, & 2) it doesn’t matter if media attention about you is negative, because media attention keeps your name in the public eye. And because journalism in America has pretty much become infotainment & ratings are everything, Trump got billions of dollars in free advertising when he was running for the office of president. Why? Because Trump knows that the more outrageous, profane, & crazy his words or actions are, the more media attention he will receive.

Additionally, perhaps the single greatest factor in his “winning” the presidency is the fact that he starred in his own “Reality show” the Apprentice for several years. And once again, I bet the majority of his acolytes were regular viewers of this absurd sit-com? If you’d care to gain some valuable insight into how this series boosted Trump’s image so profoundly, watch this short You Tube video by the creators of the show. And yep, you guessed it, this series made me nauseous also within 15 minutes of watching it.


Anyone who tarnishes the girly-man with the small hands image one iota is public enemy #1 and must be shredded instantly! To maintain & protect his fragile ego and precious, gold spray paint image, Donnie has probably retained a platoon of lawyers over the years though I couldn’t find an exact number of them?


Believe it or not, I still maintain a bit of optimism that Trump’s die-hard believers might be slowly waking to the fact that they’ve been duped? Chinks in this tin-pot dictator’s armor of arrogance are beginning to rise to the surface & I predict that as our death toll numbers continue to grow, the willfully brain-dead will be forced to remove those scales from their eyes?


I have been urging people to develop their critical & analytical thinking skills for decades now but I’ve been about as effective in this as a screen-door in a submarine. Sadly, I bet that the majority of Americans don’t even know what critical thinking is & probably think it means to simply criticize someone? And I contend that this is another significant factor in the public’s gullibility?


Furthermore, I’m confident that the majority of Trump supporters are regular viewers of FOX “News,” and/or listen to Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck and other spewers of hate ad nauseam 24/7. I must admit that I didn’t catch on to FOX “News” for probably the first year or so of its existence. Perhaps I never became a regular viewer of it? But after I realized its agenda & function in our society, I was even more disillusioned that the mainstream media & to some extent, even our alternative media failed to denounce FOX “News.”


Ignoring the playground bully doesn’t make him go away & ignoring FOX “News,” and not denouncing it as fake news hasn’t made it go away either. I firmly believe that every time the alternative press refers to FOX as “News,” they are adding to its credibility.


Moreover, I have been living in small towns along the Oregon coast for the past several years & FOX “News,” and Limbaugh are about all there is in terms of “informing the public.” And I am only too painfully aware of the fact that anyone who would take the time to read any of my essays would realize that I haven’t really taught them anything, or very little, that they already don’t know?


I think that at bottom, I write for those ordinary working-class people whom I’ve always lived among. I have been obsessed with informing & empowering myself for well over 40 years & even though I am mostly spitting in the wind, I am compelled to go on not unlike Don Quixote, tilting at windmills.


Continuing on, FOX “News” with its sham of being “fair &. Balanced,” has caused very significant brain-damage in its viewers & this has been going on for 20 years now. And we can thank Ronnie Reagan to a large extent for this tragic turn of events because of his elimination of the “Fairness Doctrine.”


This “doctrine” quite simply required that broadcast news present both sides (which in itself is absurd because like life, there are many sides to most of the important issues we face) which was simplified to merely the “conservative” side of an issue & the “liberal” side of the same issue. Cable “news” was exempt from the fairness doctrine & Reagan vetoed the bill from a Democratic Congress that sought to have it reintroduced. And FOX “News” was born on cable news of course.


My central point here is that with the advent of cable news & the elimination of the fairness doctrine requirement for broadcast news, the range of debate about the critical issues we have faced ever since then has narrowed considerably. Mind you, I am only speaking about the surface of this truly vital function of what euphemistically called the “free press.” My intellectual hero, Noam Chomsky along with a colleague of his, Edward Herman, wrote the definitive classic on the subject in Manufacturing Consent which was published in 1988. In it, they detail & elaborate on the five filters through which the “news” must pass before it is aired or published. And they explain how narrowed the range of acceptable discussion of vital issues has become over the years. So, to some extent, I probably shouldn’t judge FOX “News” viewers so harshly but I do & I’ll continue to do so!


Thinking about this issue reminded me of how much I used to love watching the CBS news program, 60 Minutes. I watched it religiously for about 25 years but became more & more disillusioned as I watched its standards slowly devolve which I believe had to do with its executive producer, Don Hewitt, leaving & his passing away in 2009?


One of my favorite segments of the 60 Minutes weekly show was Point-Counterpoint which was included through most of 1970s. It had Shana Alexander who represented the liberal side of issues & James Kilpatrick who represented the conservative side of issues. And I believe this was the beginning of my political education? 60 Minutes had the reputation of being the most watched news program for most of its existence & I owe a lot to it. And I can think of no better or starker a comparison to portray the enfeeblement of the American mind when it comes to being informed about current events than from the height of journalistic integrity that was 60 Minutes & the gradual decline which is exemplified in FOX “New.”


Moving along on this trail of broken hearts & spirits to our current Commander of Thieves, Trump, the hypocrisy between what we were taught in public school about America’s defense of freedom & democracy around the globe, and the de facto reality that the U.S. now has the distinct honor of being the most feared & hated nation on earth should cause all sentient beings to pause & reflect on how we got here?  Therefore, perhaps in a sort of perverse logic, it’s appropriate that we have such a venal & vile creature sitting behind the desk in the once, well at least much more respectable guys who sat there?


And because Trump has been sliming Mexican immigrants in particular pretty much in an unabated malevolence for three years, I want to express what I’ve felt about the subject of “illegal immigrants,” since I was in my 20s. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say but for argument’s sake, say we were to agree that “illegal immigrants” shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the U.S., why is it that the corporations, the construction industry, the hospitality industry, etc. etc. etc. that hire these loving, good-natured, & extremely hard-working people & exploit them, are rarely ever locked up?



I’ll tell you why, it’s again because of the corporate greed & hypocrisy. If the politicians & the countless corporate cockroaches were hit with devastating fines & lengthy prison sentences in our toughest prisons like Pelican Bay, every time they employed these poor souls, you can bet your bottom dollar it would end illegal immigration in a heartbeat! And one last point on this subject i.e. if it weren’t for the immigrants who toil away in the hot sun in our fields in the Central Valley of California & elsewhere, food prices would skyrocket. Moreover, for all those phony liberals out there who portray Obama as such a wonderful president, he wasn’t dubbed, “The Deporter in Chief” for nothing! A guesstimate is that somewhere around three million people were deported under the wonderful & wise leadership of Obama. By-the-way, I voted for him on his first bid for the presidency but not his second one because I saw from the beginning of his first term that his appointing Summers, Geithner, & Bernanke to name just a few, meant that he was a Wall St. lackey & therefore a phony champion of the working poor & the middle-class in America.


On the subject of abortion which Trump has flip-flopped on through the years, several times, he clearly “took the position of being against it,” to placate the faux “Christians” who praise him & played such a significant role in his infestation of the White House. Moreover, the vast majority of the Evil Evangelicals & the Fascist “Christians” who pretend that life is so precious to them & that’s why they’re fighting to protect the unborn, are some of the most vocal critics of our welfare system.

The $100 million dollar televangelist con man & the Con Man & Chief Thief.


This translates into the unnecessary suffering & hardship for millions of young women who can’t provide a roof over the heads of their newborn babies or to feed them, etc. etc. etc. And this war on welfare got a major boost under that other darling of the lying liberals, Bill Clinton. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the republicans are even more vicious in their lack of empathy for all the downtrodden in our society.


As for the subject of “gun control,” this is just another red herring i.e. it’s an absurd argument! Allowing for the fact that perhaps it’s true that many people enjoy target practice & truly feel more secure if they own a gun, I argue that okay, allow simple handguns that can only fire six shots & hunting rifles. But to claim that the liberals want to take all your guns away is preposterous. Nobody needs an automatic rifle or handgun. These serve only one purpose & that is to kill as many people as possible in as short a period of time as is possible. I submit that those who demand that these weapons of mass destruction must remain legal, are de facto cowards & owning these kinds of weapons makes them feel strong. They are insecure little boys who like Trump, revel in bullying others & want the freedom to parade around in public with these murderous weapons to intimidate others. Moreover, I bet that most of these people are incapable of winning in debates without resorting to either physical threats or insinuated threats with their automatic weapons?


I believe that the majority of these anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, & pro-gun people are a large, if not the largest, segment of Trump’s “base?” And time after time we see that Trump’s hypocrisy in his speech & his behavior doesn’t trouble them one bit. Why? Because they don’t believe in their own lies & rhetoric either.

A third of the American public don’t believe the Holocaust ever happened


Trump has elevated willful ignorance to a level of national pride & proof of their patriotism. And this is why these simpletons actually believe there are alternative facts. Today, we are facing a nightmare pandemic that could’ve been greatly weakened in its proliferation in the United States were it not for the unfathomable ignorance & lack of empathy of Trump, Mitch McConnel, & all those craven cowards in the GOP who didn’t have the backbone to stand up to the inhumane policies & speech of Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan!


Some pundits point out that Donny boy masterfully exploited the very real & honest anger at the elite of D.C. and insinuate that we shouldn’t therefore judge the Trump sector of our populace, too harshly. I say fuck that! Ignorance is no excuse & certainly doesn’t justify their glee in watching Trump & Company’s destruction of our government or their acts of violence against everyone different from them.

The first graduating class of Trump University


How much longer will Trump’s army of the Walking Dead defend him? Will they continue to defend him when the politicians take away their Social Security checks, their unemployment, they die in the streets as many of the poor around the globe are doing & they are forced to live in those streets with corpses all around them? Perhaps not even a real-life world that grows ever closer to the horrific series they love to watch will deter them from singing Trump’s praises? Too absurd you say? Remember Einstein’s words;

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein


         Undeniably, we are witnessing perhaps the most egregious displays of how inhumane the 1% truly are, in our lifetimes? They proclaim every time we ask for universal healthcare, “Oh, we simply can’t afford that! Yet every time the obscenely wealthy’s unfettered greed (deregulation) causes a panic among them, we are told that it’s a national emergency & we must bail them out once again.


But when we have the audacity to ask for help, they condescendingly tell us: “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps;” “You weren’t fiscally responsible;” “You didn’t save or plan ahead;” “Welfare makes people weak & dependent or lazy;” “You must take responsibility for your actions;” etc. etc. etc.


Moreover, whenever we deign to protest, we are mocked & ridiculed for being naïve, idealistic, or childish to believe we can change this putrid political system. This is just the way it is!



And because we’ve allowed them to get away with their greed & irresponsibility for the past four decades or better, they aren’t even bothering to hide their contempt for us & our lives. Yet that smug serpent, Trump is still getting away with his charade of being the champion of his base. Those who can’t see that the only thing Trump has accomplished besides his sabotage of every single bit of legislation or program that has Obama’s name attached to it, is his massive tax giveaway to the Masters of the Universe.


I can’t help but wonder if those who voted for Trump because they wanted to see him cause havoc in our government, are still happy about their decisions?


Yet even in the overwhelmingly abundant examples of Trump’s lies, selfishness, & destructiveness, his die-hard fans are still perplexed as to why the evil Democrats, liberals, intelligence agencies, journalists, etc. continue to plot against him & want to see him fall?

Jim Jones’ believers who drank his Kool Aid of Death because of their blind faith in him. Will the die-hard Trump supporters follow suit?


If you remember the horror that was Jonestown that Jim Jones was responsible for, you may recall the fact that he supposedly had his followers so hypnotized that the overwhelming majority of them willingly drank that deadly Kool Aid he’d poured for them? I honestly fear that most of Trump’s staunchest defenders have drunk the poisonous Kool Aid that Trump has given them?


Just how much more obvious does his corruption have to be? Trump was involved in over 3,500 lawsuits before he was installed in the White House. Yep! 1,900 lawsuits in which he was the plaintiff, 1,450 in which he was the defendant, & 150 which involved bankruptcies or third parties, or other matters.


Yeah, poor Donald, the picked on rich boy who daddy bailed-out of his failed business ventures again & again & again, is the victim of a vast Left-wing conspiracy. The Democrats & the Liberals hate him because he’s the protector of the poor, the working class, & the middle class & he made his vast fortune through his willpower, intelligence, & skills as a businessman.


I’ve had brief conversations with people like Trump’s acolytes over the years & when I realize that I’m simply beating my head against a wall not unlike that Wall that the petulant man-child is so proud of and my patience has grown short over the years so I no longer will waste my precious time on such imbeciles. In other words, I now realize & accept that I don’t have to “win” every argument. No, that is for the petty minds & petty spirits like Donald Duck. We have only so much mental, physical, & emotional energy and we shouldn’t waste it on the likes of this protoplasm that oozed out of the primordial swamp before humankind took form.


I know that Trump would whine that I’m not nice for these terrible things I’ve said about him but guess what? I don’t give a shit! And in fact, I’d love it if he were to catch the coronavirus because maybe if his life was on the line like the hundreds of millions around the world, he might find some remote, tiny speck of empathy in his black heart? You can be damn sure that he’d get the best medical care in the world but as to whether he’d change his policies blocking progress by our medical experts is another matter altogether?


But I do know one thing for sure i.e. if he were to get the virus & fighting for his life, there’d be Dancing in the Streets as Martha Reeves & the Vandellas put it.


Trump’s Cabinet of Corruption & moral cowardice may very well cause the unnecessary deaths of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Americans? And though I have no voice outside of a half dozen friends will hear, I will not be silent in my anger & hatred of everything Trump & that includes his inhumane & non-human cult worshippers. And quite frankly it simply baffles me as to how anybody, even his most loyal can fail to see through his façade of caring about Joe six-pack or America?


Trump is basically little more than a glorified used car salesman or ambulance chasing lawyer & is held in about the same regard as these two fields of scamming & rip-off artists by the two-thirds or more of America that see him for what he is.


This liar in chief who has over 16,000 lies to his credit in just over three years, and has brought a tsunami of corruption to an already corrupt government & political process but he has raised the bar of corruption to a level never witnessed or even imagined before? In fact, the corruption is so patently obvious that we should change our national bird from the bald-eagle to the vulture or more accurately a Vulture Capitalist.

The greatest fraud perpetrated against the American people, the Vietnam war!


In conclusion, one of the most obvious signs of corruption in a business or corporation or an industry is the evidence of rampant fraud. And how appropriate considering Trump has been a fraud all his life. In fact, we should call him the Emperor of Fraud. After all, he does enjoy strutting around like he’s an emperor with that Mussolini smug arrogance or Cheshire Cat smile on his hideous face. And here is a window into the fraudulent practices of the financial services industry that brought the world to its knees. The price of doing business?


It occurred to me that in some ways, Trump is a current version of the fairy tale; The Emperor Wears No Clothes, but he’s the Emperor of Fraud & has gotten away with his life of crime & deception for the better part of his life. Oh, he gets slapped on the wrist every now & then in the form of being forced to pay a settlement in a lawsuit against him like his fraudulent; Trump University but he denies having lost any of the lawsuits in which he was convicted, changes the subject, & attacks his detractors to take the spotlight off of himself.


Moreover, like that emperor in the fairy tale, Trump is blank to his own nakedness i.e. his corruption. And like the corruption & moral decay of the ancient Roman senate, Trump is destroying the American Empire not that it would be such a bad thing if it were done in a more rational & piecemeal manner?

the inner Trump in physical form


No, this swineherd has flung open the vault of the federal treasury & encouraged all his fellow pigs to help themselves to our taxes that we, the peasants are forced to pay under threat of imprisonment, but that the 1% don’t have to pay.


This private gorging at the public trough reminds me of an old television series of many years ago. Contestants were given an empty shopping cart & so many minutes—perhaps 15 minutes or so? –to run through the empty grocery store & stuff their carts as full as possible from the shelves of the store & whoever had the highest total of food items typical prices was declared the winner.


Trump can never stop, not even for a few moments, his self-promotion which is a blizzard of lies, exaggerations, & phony hype about himself. He needs to keep not only the public fooled & distracted from his agenda of greed & destruction, his ability to maintain a semblance of being in control of himself is critically dependent on this wafer-thin illusion & delusion he lives under. He is constantly living on the edge & being at risk of going bat-shit insane!

Greta’s facial expression says it all i.e.righteous moral outrage


A prime example of this fragile monster’s childish temperament was when he felt the need to mock the teenage champion of the world’s environment, Greta Thunberg because, like the child in the fairy tale, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, who had the courage to declare; the emperor is naked, Greta had the temerity to call out the hypocrites who give lip-service to the necessity of slowing down the world’s climate & environmental destruction.

Greta’s facial expression as well as her short scolding of the adults posing as our leaders, was priceless, and Greta like so many young people around the world aren’t impressed or fooled by Trump’s veneer of success. No, that is for the willingly ignorant & for Donald himself.


He hides his moral bankruptcy & the hole in his chest where humans have a heart behind his screen of ostentatious wealth that is about as subtle as Attila the Hun’s diplomacy in war. And when I see those pictures of the would be dictator sitting in his gold, spray-painted living rooms, I have to chuckle & I am reminded of some of the low-riders where I grew up in the ghettos of L.A. & their cars that were everything to them, their status symbol that said they were special with their tuck & roll upholstery that was often installed in Tijuana, Mexico complete with the little white dingle balls (I believe they were called?) that hung from their ceilings.

Maybe Donald will invite some of his supporters from the coal mines of Virginia over for a barbecue?


Trump’s function as the ringmaster in this farce we call a Democracy & that is to keep the rabble in line (Chomsky) with his traveling circus & carnival of fear & hate. And his occupation of the White House represents his only value to the power elite, that of keeping us divided so we will remain conquered & subservient slaves to the status quo.


This Divide & Conquer strategy is as old as recorded history itself. Yet, even with the astronomical power & wealth of the “Master Class” & their arsenals of weapons of mass destruction, their ownership of the financial “services” sectors of our economies, their domination of the world’s corporate media, public education systems, etc. etc. etc., the brave & loving men & women on the front lines in the fight against this deadly virus, show us again & again that the true power of this world is the power of love, compassion, & empathy. Here is a portrait of some of those compassionate brave souls fighting for us on the front lines who keep their spirits up as well as ours during these nightmarish times;


And the overwhelming majority of mankind have not allowed themselves to slowly morph into creatures from the black lagoon like Trump & his zombies. No, we know to the marrow of our bones that Love Conquers Hate and it is only by our mutual love & care for one another that we will survive not only this deadly virus but also the destruction of our climate & the ever-present threat of nuclear annihilation!


Humanity’s true heroes & greatest protectors have been the humble teachers like Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Martin Luther King, Noam Chomsky, & Howard Zinn to name just a few who have led by example, not the shallow rhetoric of tyrants like Trump the Terrible!

—Rob DeLoss, (alive & kicking in beautiful Gold Beach on this sunny day, April 12th 2020)


Namaste & Persevere my Brothers & Sisters!











Let Truth & Falsehood Grapple in the Free Marketplace of Ideas




Though all the winds of doctrine were let loose to play upon the earth, so Truth be in the field, we do injuriously, by licensing and prohibiting, to misdoubt her strength. Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse, in a free and open encounter? (John Milton, Areopagitica)



In a perfect world, this would be the norm but obviously we are far from such a world. And at this time of the deadly pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, the ignorance as evidenced by Trump’s behavior may well cause the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans?


I don’t know what could be a more obvious example of how deadly ignorance can be? Because of this megalomaniac’s narcissism & sociopathic personality, the American public, well, those who didn’t fall for Trump’s rhetoric of fear & hate, are living in a state of terror!


And I am very concerned that I may not have much longer to live because I’m an old fart (67 years old) & have several of the highest risk factors, so this essay is probably going to be very raw & perhaps one of my most honest essays?


One of the things that most surprised me when Donny boy became president was the fact that there is clearly no requirement to be able to pass a basic intelligence test for the most powerful office in the world? Moreover, what does that say about our collective intelligence?

Trump reads at level of a 4th grade student & conned people into believing in his scam university?


My central thesis in this essay is that I believe if we had true freedom of speech & specifically in the most common meeting places for average Americans i.e. bars, taverns, & pubs, we might have been able to persuade our neighbors to open their minds & not fall for Trump’s con job?


Obviously, it’s too late now but perhaps those who survive this pandemic will wake-up to the necessity of informing themselves so that it can’t happen again? I have loved learning from the time I was in first grade & I believe that it is the responsibility of those of us who are true educators, to share what we’ve learned with our fellow citizens.


To begin with, I stumbled across a list of 50 Characteristics of an Educated Person, which I’ll share with you at the end of this essay, & I challenge you to find a single one of these characteristics in “our” president. I, like many others, have to admit that this buffoon is very clever at manipulating the media & that’s how he managed to con his way into office. Those who believe in his honesty i.e. “he tells it like it is,” “he cares about the little guy & the working class,” “he’s draining the swamp,” etc. are beyond the pale of an ordinary or average intelligence & therefore easily manipulated by pushing their emotional hot button topics. And it doesn’t take more than two or three minutes of “conversation” with these individuals to determine if they are Trump’s cult members i.e. as soon as you make one critical remark about Trump, they shut-down & like that wall he’s building, they erect a wall in their “minds.”


Yeah, I know, I’m sounding like one of those elitists. You’re goddamn straight I am! You can trace my elitism back to when I was in the sixth grade & was reading at an 11th grade, sixth month level. Moreover, I was a closet elitist because I hid my elitism in my single-parent, working class background. Pretty clever huh?


One of the things that confuses me about Trump who keeps reassuring us that he’s a very stable genius, and uses big words, & is more knowledgeable in just about any profession you can think of i.e. scientists, doctors, generals, etc. So why has he threatened to sue any of the schools he’s ever attended if they reveal his grades? Could it be that like his tax returns, he’s afraid if his grades were revealed, the public would realize that his entire life has been one big scam?


Mental midgets like Trump believe that he who shouts the loudest in an argument is the winner of the argument. And he has the biggest megaphone in America i.e. the bully pulpit of the White House. As a result, the public is constantly bombarded with Trump’s lies & propaganda, and we have, as I said, very few places to refute his ignorance, racism, & fear-mongering. Moreover, Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan has FOX “News,” to spread his lies 24/7 and we all know how “fair & balanced” they are, right?


And one of the key aspects of Trump’s reign of error & terror is his perpetual rallies throughout his term in office. Have you ever seen another president wage a non-stop propaganda campaign like his? It’s crystal clear that although Trump struts the world stage with his chest puffed-out and his chin protruding as far as possible not because he is supremely self-confident, but rather supremely insecure & this is why he needs constant praising from his sycophants.


Returning to the “free marketplace of ideas” in the title of this essay, it’s obviously a reference or an analogy to the mythical “free market,” that has been proclaimed for so many decades that it is now accepted as a truism or similar to a law of nature. But this concept is one of the most pernicious ideas in the lexicon of this perverted crony or casino capitalist system that is now literally killing us. And a little research will show that this “system” is a total farce created to keep the gullible & ignorant playing in a rigged-game that they can never win. Here is the truth behind this sham from Noam Chomsky, my intellectual & moral hero;

Noam Chomsky, considered by many to be the most important intellectual alive!


The free market is ‘socialism’ for the rich: the public pays the costs and the rich get the benefit – markets for the poor and plenty of state protection for the rich.

Noam Chomsky


Because of the successful destruction of unions in America, we are no longer of much value to the powers that be i.e. we used to serve the purpose of consuming the manufactured products that were made in America but we’ve been beaten-down to such an extent that our only value now is our incarceration.


I am sharing this knowledge with you, my imaginary reader, not because I’m an egotist like Donald Duck but because I believe the central responsibility of educators is to share what we’ve learned & hopefully inspire students to take up their own self education. I forget if it was Plato or Aristotle that said this in a slightly different manner but it is the gospel truth!


Perhaps this would be a good point at which to share some of my bona fides, & unlike Trump who thinks that just by uttering whatever words he wants to, makes them a fact or the truth, I can back up my claims of intellectual abilities.


In brief, I attended community colleges in the L.A. & Orange County areas off & on for about a decade. I dropped-out of many courses half-way & sometimes even three-quarters of the way through a semester. Nothing really grabbed me until I stumbled upon philosophy. I told myself, now this is a subject I can really sink my teeth into.


And about this time, I had the great fortune of meeting my future wife who was a Special Education teacher & finishing up her Master’s degree in Special Education. Her B.A. was in Art. Her belief in me & her encouragement inspired me & I stopped dropping out of classes after that & within a couple more years, I earned my B.A. in English literature (the philosophy dept. where I was attending a four-year university, sucked & I figured, well at least I can enjoy the reading as a literature major.


Moreover, I have amassed a personal library of approximately 10,000 books over the course of my life. And no, I haven’t read them all but I have dissected so-to-speak, several hundred of them i.e. made copious notes in the blank pages so I can turn to the exact page if I want to show or prove to someone that I’m not making up what I’m trying to tell them about.


I’ve also been writing essays & working on two major writing projects for over 30 years. I would conservatively guesstimate that I have spent at least 50,000 hours over the past 40 years reading, writing, researching, watching documentaries, listening to political programs, etc. By-the-way, when some people try to dismiss that decade of switching majors several times & dropping-out time & time again, I ask them; So, you think that because I didn’t get the official credit for the course that I didn’t learn anything in all those classes?


And since we’re on the subject of education, here’s a quote by Aristotle who one professor told me, was one of the twin pillars of Western Civilization, Plato being the other; “The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.”


Yep! Another one of those god-damn elitist snobs! Now, some of you who may still have some of that holy seed of curiosity left in you as Einstein put it, may be wondering how in the hell did we get to such a desperate state like the one we’re living in now? Let me break it down for you because I have also worked in the education profession for approximately 20 years.

First of all, our public education system isn’t set up for excellence but rather to crank-out cookie-cutter, conformist citizens much like that video clip of students in Pink Floyd’s song; “We Don’t Need No Education.” And if you’ll take the time to reflect on the 50 characteristics of an educated person at the end of this essay, I think you’ll see what I mean?


Because we have to face the ugly reality of the way our educational system is, we must rely on ourselves & that means self-education. Of course, we must first learn what is worthy of learning. And if you accept the current capitalist system that is once again fuckin’ us that I don’t see how anyone can fail to see it. But then again, I almost forgot about the Trump cult where ignorance is celebrated?


And this is what I’ve learned in my lifetime, the two most important skills a person can acquire that will help empower them against the constant forces that manipulate us & defraud us daily are Critical & Analytical thinking skills. The book I am about to mention was recommended to me by a Jesuit scholar. And they are some of the best educated scholars in the world!


Problem Solving & Comprehension by Whimbey & Lochhead. I see that the price of the book has definitely gone up over the years? I bought a paperback copy back around 1983 for maybe $9.00? Well, it saddens me to have to report that in all these years, I haven’t been able to persuade a single friend to go through the exercises/problems in this book that help to develop your critical & analytical thinking skills. Like I’ve long said, welcome to Illiterate America, another great book by one of our best educators, Jonathan Kozol.


Being proud of being stupid didn’t start with Trump, no, it’s long been a part of our history. And another book which I “dissected” is The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto is a guaranteed mind-blowing experience if you dare to read it? This is another one of my books that I dissected & read twice because I used it extensively in writing my magnum opus which is only three-fifths completed.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist & I pray that you don’t lump me in with the likes of Trump’s buddy, Alex Jones, quite simply, the 1% don’t want a nation of well-educated citizens because we are then more troublesome.


Moving right along, the next destructive force that has brought us to the brink is the media or more accurately, the corporate media aka mainstream media. And there’s no better place to jump in than the Reagan presidency from which Donald the Dipshit, stole his campaign motto; Make America Great Again.


You see, before Reagan, the mainstream media which was ABC, CBS, & NBC in those days, were required to give us both sides of an issue when they weren’t just reporting the straight news/facts. By-the-way, there are far more than two perspectives on the serious issues humanity faces.


Yep! Reagan was the father of “fake news,” is it any wonder Trump has emulated him? Ronnie’s elimination of the “Fairness Doctrine,” paved the way for FOX “News,” Trump’s daily briefing sessions. I say this because it’s pretty common knowledge just as Trump’s non-attendance at who knows how many of the daily presidential briefings. And those that he does deign to honor with his presence must boil the complex issues down to a single page with pictures.


This is the leader of the “free world.” Doesn’t it make you all fuzzy & warm knowing you can rest assured that the child behind the desk in the oval office wants to keep it simple? Yeah, he’s simple alright, he’s a fuckin’ simpleton but one with the capability of starting a nuclear war if somebody hurts his feelings.


Returning to our slide down the slope of journalistic integrity, the mainstream media was gutted by the corporate elite who saw ratings as the key to ever greater wealth. So, like a deadly virus, “infotainment” became the accepted norm & who other than Trump was a master at entertaining with his circus act of smoke & mirrors i.e. a barrage of lies & fake news i.e. before he became a “celebrity,” he’d call in to radio programs & pretend to be somebody else & sing his own praises.


Moving right along in our exploration of how America became so uninformed & wide-open to manipulation by the greedy & corrupt like Trump, we have the destructive rise of “reality television.”


I have heard very few, if any critics point out that the basic premise of “reality T.V.” is built on the premise that a fake medium i.e. television, can & does provide us with an accurate & honest view of ‘reality.’ And who else but Trump who built his celebrity on fake stories & his grandiose lies about his success, could “succeed” on such a massive scale in a fake portrait of reality?


Tragically, this too helps to shed light on this dangerous phenomenon of an absolute moron & moral degenerate in charge of a nation. Trump is not merely mediocre, no, he’s monumentally incompetent intellectually as well as totally morally bankrupt!


There’s a mountain of evidence proving he doesn’t have a single ounce of compassion or empathy for anyone but himself. And again, this is why I argue that if his Walking Dead zombies had even basic critical & analytical thinking skills, they could see through his grand sham.

In a battle of wits, Trump supporters are unarmed.

Remember my friend, television & movies succeed the more skillful they are at causing us to “willfully suspend disbelief.” Do you understand what I’m saying? Speaking of which, I believe that a major turning point in the dumbing-down of America came when FOX “News” was allowed to call itself an authentic news station.


And I hold “mainstream media” responsible in that they didn’t raise hell about this propaganda channel posing as “fair & balanced” reporters of the news. This clearly was an attempt to portray themselves as loyal exemplars of journalism before Reagan eliminated the “Fairness Doctrine.”


But speaking of “fairness,” American journalism had been failing us for decades before Reagan. And Edward R. Murrow as well as his mentors like I.F. Stone & George Seldes revealed this in their noble & brilliant careers of fantastic dedication & tireless work in uncovering the facts behind the lies of government & corporations.


Another nail in our collective coffin is the birth of the so-called “social media.” Moreover, it’d be rather amusing if it weren’t for the fact that it’s so dangerously serious. If you give a shit about true reality vs. the artificial world of the plastic people like Trump, you’d eventually have to acknowledge that this supposed “social media” is de facto anti-social.


Why you may ask? Facebook & Twitter being the two major exemplars of this fake reality, in fact encourage people to be anti-social and hurl ugly epithets back & forth. Tristan Harris, a former employee of Google;


“he worked as a design ethicist at Google, where he studied ethics of human persuasion.”


This young man’s courage & intellectual honest touched my heart. And I’m sure if you’ll take the time to read the bio about him on Wikipedia or watch any of the You Tube videos by or about him, you’ll agree.


In a nutshell, Mr. Harris shared with us the key to the kingdom that has become Google i.e. razzle & dazzle people with bells & whistles so like a slot machine in Vegas, they become addicted & will keep checking back for how many likes, etc. they have received in the past few minutes i.e. they become addicted to the constant feedback. Hey, does that sound like anybody you know? Hint: Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan who spends the majority of his “work day” watching FOX “News” for his agenda of what American domestic as well as foreign policy should be.


Yes, we have a teenage girl as president. And she can never be more than a few feet from her “smart phone,” because she must constantly monitor her “social approval ratings.”


Are you still confused or wondering why we’re in such a state of fear? Or why we are so woefully unprepared for this pandemic? No, it isn’t just Donald the Dumb-fuck, it’s this capitalist system that only cares about profit. We’ve been through this before but the “Masters of the Universe,” chose to ignore common sense & have a stockpile of the necessary equipment because they could make greater profits by keeping it ‘close to the vest’ i.e. only manufacturing on demand or as the need arose for products so as to not have stockpiles in their warehouses that weren’t being used or sold. They could save money by eliminating every possible unnecessary product until it was needed. And lo and behold, now that we’re in a national and world-wide crisis, they can’t manufacture what we, the peons need fast enough so many of us will die because of their greed & shortsightedness.


And I gotta chuckle or I will double-over in a fit of rage that these corporate cockroaches have the balls to ask for bail-outs in this time of crisis? Yep! Trump’s very own children are asking for their share of the government handouts while Jared Kushner tells renters they must pay their rent but he needs help from the banks regarding his loans.

One that really caught my attention was Goldman Sachs, dubbed “the Goldman Sachs” treasury department is also asking for help? Matt Taibbi wrote a book about Goldman Sachs called “Vampire Squid” and I don’t know where this particular quote by him came form but I feel it’s as succinct a summary of why, once again, we, the 99% are being fucked while Wall St. is once again, being bailed-out against our wills & we have to foot the bill even as we are kicked out of our homes.


‘Nobody goes to jail.’ This is the mantra of the financial-crisis era, one that saw virtually every major bank and financial company on Wall Street embroiled in obscene criminal scandals that impoverished millions and collectively destroyed hundreds of billions, in fact, trillions of dollars of the world’s wealth – and nobody went to jail.


This is in reference to the 2008 Crash that came seriously close to collapsing the entire world’s economic system. But hey, no big deal, right? Place your trust in a fake billionaire who is using the White House as an ad agency to promote his business interests.


You see, my imaginary reader, if we were truly free to speak & I mean anywhere & everywhere, most importantly in ye olde public houses i.e. bars, taverns, & pubs like our founding fathers did when they were plotting their revolution, we might just be able to stem the tide of stupidity that has engulfed us?


Those of us who survive this pandemic owe it to the memory of all those who didn’t survive. I just hope that the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans may at last galvanize the apathetic to rising up and slapping those greedy pigs down & imprisoning them so those who attempt to follow in their footsteps at least know that they’re not going to get a cell in any of those federal country club “prisons.”


We seem to be fond of declaring wars against drugs, crime, welfare cheats, etc., how about we declare a War on Stupidity? And what say you about requiring our presidents to be above a fourth-grade level intellectually?


It is only through exercising our minds that we self-empower ourselves & stop being victims. We must retake our places as human beings who deserve to be treated respectfully & as people worthy of all that is laid out in “The Declaration of Human Rights” or Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Second Bill of Rights.


I leave you with this reminder; “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” and that has been the game plan of the powerful & wealthy throughout history i.e. to divide and conquer us. It’s only our stupidity or ignorance that is holding us back.


My hope is that like the peasants of France who finally had enough of watching their children die of hunger & the queen consort of Louis the 16th, Marie Antoinette’s callous remark; “Let them eat cake,” was the final straw that caused the people to rise up and take back what was rightfully theirs & their right to be treated with dignity as human beings!


And here’s a little reminder for all you in that special category of the “1%,” you might take a lesson from history i.e. the French peasants finally reached their breaking point & chopped the heads off of half the elite of France.


Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein

50 Characteristics of an Educated Person

  1. An educated person has the ability to think clearly and independently.
  2. An educated person has good judgment.
  3. An educated person knows how to learn.
  4. An educated person knows how to acquire desired skills by identifying and utilizing available resources, deconstructing the process required for learning a particular skill, and experimenting with potential approaches.
  5. An educated person has the ability to take initiative and work alone.
  6. An educated person has the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas in writing, clearly and concisely.
  7. An educated person has the ability to speak clearly.
  8. An educated person has the ability to reason analytically and critically.
  9. An educated person has the ability to think inductively and deductively.
  10. An educated person questions assumptions.
  11. An educated person doesn’t blindly accept what they are told; they go see for themselves. They can discern truth from error, regardless of the source.
  12. An educated person knows how to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information (between the important and the trivial).
  13. An educated person knows how to make productive use of knowledge; they know where to get the knowledge that they need, and they have the ability to organize that knowledge into a plan of action that is directed to a definite end.
  14. An educated person understands human nature and has the ability to establish, maintain, and improve lasting relationships.
  15. An educated person knows how to establish rapport with others; they know how get others to trust and respect them.
  16. An educated person knows how to cooperate and collaborate effectively with others.
  17. An educated person knows how to resolve conflicts with others.
  18. An educated person knows how to persuade others.
  19. An educated person has the ability to conceptualize and solve problems.
  20. An educated person knows how to make decisions.
  21. An educated person has the ability to see connections among disciplines, ideas and cultures.
  22. An educated person is able to cross disciplinary boundaries and explore problems and their solutions from multiple perspectives.
  23. An educated person is someone who has been educated holistically: creatively, culturally, spiritually, morally, physically, technologically, and intellectually.
  24. An educated person has a broad liberal-arts education. They have a good overview of the following subjects: the natural sciences; the social sciences; history; geography; literature; philosophy; and theology.
  25. An educated person has depth of knowledge—that is, specialized knowledge–in a particular field.
  26. An educated person has achieved victory over themselves; they know how to withstand discomfort in the short term in order to achieve important goals in the long term.
  27. An educated person has the capacity to endure and persevere.
  28. An educated person is self-aware; they know how to perceive and manage their own internal states and emotions.
  29. An educated person knows where and how to focus their attention.
  30. An educated person has ethical values and has integrity.
  31. An educated person has the ability and the discipline to do what is right.
  32. An educated personis well-readand has cultural sophistication.
  33. An educated person has equal esteem for everyone, without regard to gender, race, religion, country of origin, and so on.





  1. An educated person understands their obligation to leave the world a little better than they found it.
  2. An educated person is capable of doing new things; they have the ability to generate ideas and turn them into reality. An educated person is innovative.
  3. An educated person is one whose natural curiosity has been awakened with the purpose of satisfying that curiosity.
  4. An educated person has the ability to identify needed behaviors and traits and turn them into habits.
  5. An educated person has the ability to identify harmful behaviors and traits—including thinking habits that are not serving them well—and the ability to modify them.
  6. An educated person has the ability to keep their life in proper balance.
  7. An educated person has the flexibility to admit when they’re wrong.
  8. An educated person has quantitative literacy; they know how to use arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics to solve problems.
  9. An educated person can speak at least one language other than their own.
  10. An educated person has financial literacy; they have the knowledge necessary to make sound financial decisions.
  11. An educated person is adaptable and knows how to deal with change.
  12. An educated person knows how to handle ambiguity.
  13. An educated person has the ability to explore alternative viewpoints.
  14. An educated person has aesthetic appreciation; they can sing and dance well, play at least one musical instrument, and can appreciate architecture, great art, and other expressions of creative genius.
  15. An educated person has developed the personal philosophy that will allow them to be happy and successful.
  16. An educated person has the ability and the discipline to constantly improve.
  17. An educated person has the ability to pursue lifelong learning.


As often happens when I think I’ve finished an essay, I remember some important points that I meant to make but got sidetracked from in the essay.

I think a lot, if not most people don’t realize that watching T.V. is a passive experience i.e. you’re just receiving the information, images, etc. & you are definitely not thinking critically or analytically when you’re watching T.V.

And the proliferation of T.V. shows (sit-coms, soap operas, sports programs, etc.) has slowly turned our minds into Swiss cheese. Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, the nefarious powers that only seek profit not enlightenment, have enhanced the deterioration of our mental capacities.

We are living in a post-literate society because reading requires mental effort & people primarily just want to be entertained. For example, I allowed myself to get sucked into the world of Facebook several years ago & I was excited and thought I’d be able to exchange important ideas with people. I used to write paragraphs, if not abbreviated essays in response to the important posts I read & once in a while someone would say; “I learned so much from your posts & comments.” And it became rarer over time to even get a single sentence in response. With the introduction of emojis, I became angrier because a sentence was now almost nonexistent. Yet people think they’re communicating?

Trying to get people to write is like pulling teeth & I finally gave up altogether & deleted my Facebook account about a year ago. And to illustrate even further America’s enfeeblement, it seems people today prefer texting over talking to someone on the phone. Yeah, pretty depressing! So, we don’t read, we don’t write, & we’re getting to the point where we won’t even talk.

I believe these factors that I have mentioned in this essay all point to how we’ve arrived at this tragic & deadly point in our history. The simple fact that a third to a half of the American public actually support Trump no matter how venal, crude, & brazenly only concerned about enriching himself he is. And that says more about us than it does about him.

Bottom-line, Trump has always followed his mentor, Roy Cohn’s simple battle plan for everything i.e. Deny, Divert, & Detract. Every time someone accuses you of something, Deny it. Divert their attention by changing the subject & not allowing them to pursue their accusation, & Detract i.e. start attacking their character, make shit up, do whatever you can to keep tearing them down.

This is abundantly clear in how he’s avoided taking any responsibility for his ineptitude, mishandling, & lying every step of the way in this dark time of the coronavirus spread which may kill a hundred thousand or more Americans & which was largely preventable if we had an intelligent person of moral character in the White House.

The Koch brothers & several of the wealthiest oil & gas corporations employed these same tactics in funding the massive propaganda campaign of Climate Change Denial. All they had to do was muddy the waters, question the credentials of the 98% or better of the world’s scientists who have warned of the impending disaster that will make the coronavirus pale in comparison!



















Making America Great Again




Yeah, if you consider the 1918 flu pandemic that killed anywhere from 20 to 50 million worldwide, and the approximately 675,000 Americans who died, a great America?  Moreover, Daddy Trump said today; “If only 100,000 Americans die from the coronavirus, that means he’s done a good job.”


Yep, the 99%’s lives don’t matter at all, the only lives that matter are the 1%’s. You know, the ones who gave us the worldwide Crash of 2008. The ones, we, the taxpayers bail-out against our will, time & time again. It’s the same old sad song i.e. Socialism for the Rich & pull yourself up by the bootstraps for the rest of us. If you fail & go bankrupt & are fired through no fault of your own & are illegally foreclosed on, too bad, too sad!


The status quo must remain solvent & in control. The poor babies & hypocrites need another mansion, another yacht, another private Lear jet, etc. etc. etc. And they never change their mantra of mendacity i.e. we need the massive tax breaks (even though we pay little if any taxes) so we can put workers back to work. But they leave out the fact that they’re talking about workers in the “developing” world where they have no unions, no health & safety on the job, no voice whatsoever.


The “neo-liberal” theology that basically took root in the reign of Bill Clinton, the faux democrat who sold out the working class & the middle class. Yep! Another lying democrat who pretended to be our champion but sucked-up to the corporate cockroaches hoping they’d let him in the inner-circle of the corrupt elite in corporate America.


His price of admission to that sacred grove was passing the elimination of Glass-Steagall & the passing of NAFTA. Along with a few lesser issues like locking up every Latino and black citizen possible, slashing “welfare,” for the undeserving poor who would just waste it on food & other frivolous things like rent, utilities, etc.


But even these gifts that Billy Boy laid at his masters’ feet were not enough. No, he was also necessary as a perpetual whipping-boy for the crime-lords at the top of the food chain & that has continued down to this day with his wife, Hillary the Hun!


And in between the two democratic sell-outs Clinton & Obama, we had good old Alfred E. Newman. Yep, Georgie, the Coward from Crawford who was so spineless & stupid that Cheney, the man from Halliburton had to be employed to prop him up. And with Dick’s loving guidance, Georgie boy manipulated the gullible Americans whose minds have been eaten away by FOX “News,” into invading & occupying Iraq which has been a wet-dream for the military/industrial/congressional complex.

Pravda is Russia’s main paper but they know it’s propaganda, Americans don’t have a clue about FOX “News”


Yep! By unleashing a tsunami of propaganda & lies on the American public, the powers that be had a new perpetual enemy to justify their perpetual state of war i.e. the terrorists are coming! Be afraid, be very afraid! It doesn’t matter that our military is more powerful than all the other nations on earth’s combined militaries.

The $100 million televangelist & The Commander & Chief Thief!


And to help in this Crusade for Christianity, FOX “News” was invaluable in its 24/7 fear & hate campaign. Yep! And good ol’ country boy, Georgie “Dubya,” did his bit to help the cause of the greedy & the craven by turning a blind-eye to Wall St.’s ambitious theft scam which sent the world into a tail-spin.


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! After Alfred E. Newman exited stage left, they thought they’d really confuse us with I must admit, a very clever ad campaign, in fact, Obama’s presidential campaign won an award for the best advertising campaign of the year he was elected.

Wall St.’s Liars Row, just like the tobacco CEOs years later; “We had no idea?”


And in the spirit of “full disclosure,” I have to confess that I too fell for Obama’s ad campaign. But, believe me or not, I knew within a few weeks after the Black Crusader on the White Horse rode into Washington D.C. that I was just another sucker. His appointments of Geithner, Bernanke, Summers, et al showed me instantly the error of my ways & what a fool I had been in voting for him. Not one single Wall St. CEO was prosecuted by Obama administration!

Obama almost literally would get weak in the knees whenever Jamie Dimon entered a room he was in at the same time. Yeah! Perhaps the worst of the worst in the financial sector of our economy with his Cheshire Cat, smug mug because he knew he was getting away with grand larceny on a national scale.


And now we have the piece de la resistance, the Marie Antoinette cross-dresser, Donald the Charlatan, the Duck Dynasty worship & grovel at his feet to in abject submission. I cling to the dream of Trump’s Walking Dead army waking from their somnambulant anorexia & uniting with the healthy amongst us to overthrow this tyranny that threatens not only America but the entire planet.

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”


This duplicitous dumb-shit asks questions like; Why can’t we use our nuclear weapons? And if this doesn’t scare you, you might want to check your pulse because you may be one of the Body Snatchers? I for one, simply can’t wrap my head around the apparent reality that half of the American public can’t see how truly destructive & dangerous this colossal moron is?


Will the Donald of the Duck Dynasty’s Klan members still sing his praises as they & their loved ones slowly die from this modern-day plague that we could’ve drastically reduced the effects of? The misanthrope who is incapable of human sympathy, empathy, or compassion unnecessarily put countless millions of Americans at risk for catching this deadly virus because he didn’t want his numbers to go down in the polls as to how he was “dealing” with the pandemic.

And each & every day when I say to myself, this fuckin’ piece of human excrement can’t possibly say or do anything stupider, he proves me wrong? He is purposely subverting, undermining, & sabotaging the efforts of our top scientists & epidemiologists to contain & hopefully reduce the fatalities this virus causes.

The True Hoax is that Trump gives a shit about anybody but himself

If this isn’t a case of our top executive posing a clear & present danger to America’s national security, then you tell me what the fuck is? Are we going to follow this inhumane creature off the cliff like passive & obedient lemmings, or are we going to find our backbones & stand & fight for our lives?

The choice is yours my friend. The corporate cockroach class see us as only a means to an end. They know full well that climate change & destruction is real but they figure that the billions & trillions they can stuff into their pockets takes precedence over minor considerations like say, humanity’s continuation.

“The Very Stable Genius” throwing a tantrum


Their motto is; He who dies with the most toys is the winner! And the thought of their grandchildren playing in the rubble of a Hiroshima or freezing in sub-zero Arctic wastelands doesn’t trouble their empty hearts & souls.

If you care to know who the true Masters of the Universe are, watch this documentary:

I’ll tell you this my imaginary friend i.e. I get so few readers, guess they’re busy with their “Smart phones,” and “Socializing?” If we don’t somehow find our lost compassion for not only our loved ones but for our fellow man, we are truly overlooking that horrific abyss that Dante did a pretty good job of describing.


From the marrow of my bones & the depth of my soul!

You’ve been warned!


—Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, Oregon, March 30, 2020

What you don’t Know can Kill you!



“Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe. Let us learn the truth and spread it as far and wide as our circumstances allow. For the truth is the greatest weapon we have.”

—H.G. Wells


Trump’s final Make America Great Again rally


The Trump supporters I have met over the last three years have been fairly consistent in their mantra of why they like him i.e. he speaks his mind; he’s shaking things up, he’s not a politician.


I try to politely point out just a few of his glaring lies & inconsistencies between what he’s said & what he does. But the second they hear a criticism of their leader, they go into shutdown mode & I may as well be talking to his beloved wall.


It’s so glaringly obvious that his followers have completely shut down their minds to any criticism of Trump & it worries me that such a huge percentage of the American public can be so willfully blind & ignorant. Why? Because this is a tell-tale sign of being in a cult not a democracy.

The speaker in the next video wrote a book titled; “Holocaust Denial” which I bought. In it she says that roughly a third of the American public don’t believe the Holocaust happened. I can’t help but wonder how many of Trump’s believers are in this segment of our country? And my guess that a large proportion of these people are also climate deniers?

We are now facing a pandemic that has been spreading for over two months & Trump is fighting the experts’ advice on how to best contain it. The imbecile even had the gall to call it a hoax. Yep, a grand hoax like that other grand hoax, Global Warming. And I am flabbergasted at Trump fans who must clearly believe his daily pronouncements of his expertise in everything, including how to deal with this virus.

I have a question for those of you in the dark i.e. if he’s truly such a brilliant expert in such a wide variety of professions, why did he threaten to sue any of the schools he’s attended if they dared to release his grades? And how does he inform himself? His own staff have told us repeatedly that he won’t attend the daily briefings that every president has since the process was established. They also inform us that he wants every issue that’s put before him to be summarized in a single page with pictures. And he watches hours of T.V. daily, FOX & Friends in particular.

Another aspect of Trump’s behavior & personality that troubles me is his obsession with Twitter. His ego & self-image must be very low because a healthy & balanced individual, especially an adult who is in his 70s wouldn’t spend such an inordinate amount of time Tweeting. No, this kind of behavior is common amongst teenage girls who feel slighted by some gossip. Yet this behavior doesn’t seem to bother Trump cult members one bit?

Trump’s open-mindedness throughout his academic career


As for his “speaking his mind,” big deal! Even a raving lunatic speaks his mind! And as for “shaking things up,” yeah, he’s done a top rate job in that department. In fact, he’s got most of the world shaking in their boots out of fear what this ludicrous lunatic is going to do next? He is very fond of some of the world’s most despicable dictators & he continues to insult & offend national leaders who were our allies in the past. Are these Trump devotee’s idea of defending democracy & being a patriotic American?

Trump idolizes dictators cuz he imagines himself one but his followers don’t care that they massacre thousands of their own citizens, at least they’re “strong” men


People go ape-shit over someone desecrating our flag but Trump insulted Senator John McCain saying; “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t…” And this coming from a spoiled rich-brat whose daddy paid a doctor to write a report claiming Donny boy had bone-spurs?


And here’s an inconvenient truth for you Trump lovers;


Trump spent the first few months of 2016 claiming he sent nearly $6 million to veterans’ groups nationwide, but Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold couldn’t find any evidence of any donations.


I’m confident that with a little bit of digging, you could find many more contradictions with what your master has claimed & the facts regarding each of those claims.


To return to the central thesis of this essay, deadly ignorance, anti-intellectualism has a long & infamous history. But in Trump world, anti-intellectualism has risen to glorious heights never reached before. Trump acolytes love mocking intellectuals & being stupid is popular. And I sometimes feel like I’m in some lost episode of the Twilight Zone?

The classic book on the subject of anti-intellectualism was written by Richard Hofstadter in 1963; Anti-intellectualism in American Life. I read this book twice because it served as the skeleton for the book I wrote on the subject. And unlike Trump, I can back-up this claim with the physical book & the copious notes I made in the blank pages.


In Trump Land, he only has to claim something & it’s a de facto truth. This of course is far easier to get away with when your admirers have lost any semblance of critical or analytical thinking skills, if they ever had them at all? And in a nation where the average attention span is less than that of a goldfish, well, you get my meaning I’m sure.


Mind you, I’m not saying that Trump is the cause of our national stupidity but he has sure capitalized on it. And “social media” has played a significant role in this depressing nightmare as well. You see, people actually believe they’re communicating & socializing when they send emojis back & forth and can only manage a sentence fragment every great now & then.

young people “socializing”

Yeah, I can hear the criticisms of my essay already i.e. too much of a downer; too depressing, etc. because we’ve become a country whose national credo is Hear no evil, See no evil, & Speak no evil! Bury your head in the sand & meditate. Don’t Worry, Be Happy! The New Age gurus counsel us to be calm, do yoga, watch what you eat & all will be well. In my opinion, this isn’t too far removed from telling a guy sitting in a house on fire, don’t worry, the fire is only a mirage.

“Christian” fundamentalists’ wet dream


The culmination of apathy & ignorance and the nonsensical nirvana of the beautiful people has brought us this moron in the White House, not only a serious threat to America’s survival but that of world as well.

my first book which delves into the dangers posed by the “Christian” fundamentalists or evangelicals


Furthermore, Trump’s appointment of Betsy De Vos as Secretary of Education reveals what I believe to be one of the key agenda items on the 1%’s To Do List i.e. ensure that the public remains as ignorant as possible. Why, you may ask? It’s really quite simple & authoritarians have been following this guiding principle for decades if not centuries i.e. keep the citizens as uninformed as possible & they’re a lot easier to manipulate & you can control them & rob them blind.

Do you think I’m just repeating some asinine Alex Jones conspiracy theory? Then why is it that every time an authoritarian or a dictator wages a coup against their government, one of the first things they do is shut down the universities and the media?

The School for Suckers shut-down for fraud & Trump had to pay $25 million in court judgment


I happen to be a somewhat unique American from the working class who fell in love with learning from the first grade on. Excuse me if I come across as just another braggart like the humble Donald but it’s relevant at this point.


I was told that I was reading at the 11th grade, sixth month level when I was in the sixth grade. I didn’t think anything of it until I was in my early 20s & began to see how the public education system had fucked so many of us from the working class & the middle class to a slightly lesser degree.


Moreover, in my adult working life, I worked in the educational profession for approximately 20 years. I’ve served as a teaching assistant, a substitute teacher, an adult education teacher, etc. I tell you this because I want you to know where I’m coming from when I say that education & learning has been my life, my passion, & my saving grace (not meaning to sound religious).

“Approximately 32 million adults in America are considered to be illiterate; about 14% of the entire adult population cannot read.”

A third of the American public don’t believe the Holocaust ever happened


So, as I witness America’s slow decline into a sort of cultural & mental barbarism, it strikes close to my heart. And it’s the only explanation that I can come up with as to why such a megalomaniac with no empathy, a true mental midget, became our president?

Trump’s book; The Art of the Deal should be changed to The Art of Denial; Obama Did It!


When Trump was appointed president, not unlike George W. Bush to some extent, and the spineless D.N.C. were dumbfounded and have remained in denial as to their responsibility in the matter to this very day, my spirit grew dark. The tactical racist that Trump is, knew he’d stumbled upon the keys to the kingdom by scapegoating the most vulnerable amongst us. Yep! Give all those who have been consistently fucked by the 1% someone to blame & they won’t come after the obscenely wealthy who are the true architects of our destruction.

And as Gomer Pyle, that funny, ignorant country boy from the popular sitcom in the 1960s liked to say; “Sur-prise, Sur-prise, Sur-prise,” the two trillion dollar “bail-out” to save the economy is just another con-job with a con-artist, Trump, as circus master. Yeah, we’re reassured once again that there will be oversight to prevent abuses but like the 2008 bail-out, no oversight, no one held accountable & the rich just got richer while the rest of us suffered & have continued to suffer since.

But, you argue, Donald is our champion! He promised us he’d “drain the swamp” in Washington D.C. Yeah right! The only thing he’s drained is the federal treasury. And his only “accomplishment” is giving yet another mind-boggling “tax-break” i.e. giveaway to the filthy rich.


You might care to note that a large factor in the “recession of 2008” was due to the fact of the deregulation of the banks & the financial sector of our economy that is now the largest part of our economy even though they don’t produce anything, they just manipulate numbers & keep sucking up the national wealth as we work two or three jobs trying to keep our heads above water.

Yet, Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan has been a busy boy deregulating everything he can get his tiny hands on. And who’s in charge of this phenomenal boondoggle i.e. the $2 trillion bail-out (which I’m positive will come to fruition)? Yep, Steve Mnuchin, the ‘Foreclosure King’ of California who along with his partners in crime, in the chaos & fear of the world-wide economic collapse of 2008, bought California’s Indy Mac bank & then foreclosed on over 36,000 homeowners including active duty military personnel. How’s that for an example of Trump’s patriotism?


“…rushed delinquent homeowners out of their homes by violating notice and waiting period statutes, illegally backdated key documents, and effectively gamed foreclosure auctions.”  (this is from an article by Nomi Prins, a brilliant & courageous young woman who was high up on the chain of power at Goldman Sachs whose former & future employees make up the overwhelming majority of staff of the U.S. Federal Treasury, coincidentally)


Yep, the head of our Treasury Department & with his infamous record of crime, is now going to be in charge of this $2 trillion-dollar gift from King Midas to the usual suspects. Doesn’t that just warm your heart? Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen-house? Just how stupid can we be?


And when Trump was asked, I believe it was yesterday? Who’s going to be in charge of oversight on this $2 trillion bail-out, “I am.” Oh, sometimes I just have to laugh or I’d cry at how gullible Trump’s disciples are.

In a nutshell my friends, Trump “won” because the Democratic Party abandoned & betrayed the working class decades ago.

If only Trump’s addicts could for a few minutes do a search of his illustrious business history, they’d soon see that his “business empire” has been built on a foundation of lies, graft, corruption, & the backing of city councilmen, the New York mafia, & then the Russian mafia, etc.

I know, wishful thinking on my part? One can only dream. But Jesus Fuckin’ Christ! What is it going to take for Trump’s Walking Dead to regain consciousness? How many of them & us have to die suffering miserably because the arrogant & ignorant child refused to accept aid from the World Health Organization and ….


The Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs.


Trump’s consistent ignoring of the medical expert’s advice, his dismissal of science in general & his alternate facts which was proclaimed by his chief spinner of truth & fiction, Kellyanne Conway, is bad enough but his flagrant & consistent pronouncements which totally contradict the advice & warnings of our nation’s top medical advisers poses a very real Clear & Present Danger to America!

“Alternate Realities” for the mentally & morally disengaged


This world class moron’s boast a few years ago of being able to shoot someone standing in the middle of fifth avenue in New York City and it not mattering to his lemmings (my adjective), was perhaps a Freudian Slip on the part of the dumb-fuck supposedly in charge with his fat-ass sitting behind that once honored desk?

twin sons of different mothers (the other guy is Mussolini, Italy’s fascist leader & darling of America’s top business leaders

If you happen to recall the infamous story of the Roman Empire’s Emperor Nero, who sat and played the fiddle as Rome burned, could Trump be our Nero? Will he be sitting on his golden throne i.e. his gold-plated toilet sending out Tweets with one hand while holding a Big Mac with the other?

A Hard Day’s Night


Trump is the “leader of the Free World” who asked;

Trump on a “joy ride”


Donald Trump ‘asked why US couldn’t use nuclear weapons if he becomes president’ 

         And perhaps most importantly, this charlatan in “charge,” is pushing us full-steam ahead towards that ledge overlooking the abyss?

“He is locking in permanent, irreversible damage to our environment through his irresponsible environmental policies, including his efforts to block progress on climate change,” said Dr. Michael E. Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University and the director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center. “Once we go beyond key tipping points — the melting of the major ice sheets — there is no going back.”

         Yep! this is the kind of essay that an atypical citizen i.e. one fond of reading & thinking, writes. And I hope my essay disturbs you!

Trump’s farewell

         Dismissing this cretin in the White House as an anomaly is a luxury we can’t afford. We are in a high-stakes poker game with the future of humanity in the balance. You may recall Trump’s several failures as a casino owner, are you willing to gamble your children’s and your grandchildren’s futures on this loser?

                           —Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, OR March 25, 2020</h1>


         Think about it, Trump is so colossally stupid & selfish that he’s unnecessarily putting all Americans at risk of getting the coronavirus because he wants to be reelected. Furthermore, every single Republican in the Senate who cowardly wouldn’t vote for Trump’s impeachment has the blood of all those Americans who die from this pandemic, on their hands. Is this what Trump means by “Making America Great Again?” Well, as I said, What you don’t know can kill you!





Reality T.V. and Reason



“Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.”

—Thomas Paine



For those of you who may not be familiar with who Thomas Paine was, he played a very significant role in the launching of The American Revolution.

America’s exemplar of Reason & clear-eyed thinking


Just when we need our Reasoning faculties more desperately than ever due to the Coronavirus pandemic & our collective response to it, we have a cretin (a stupid, vulgar, or insensitive person) sitting behind the desk in the oval office with about as much “reason” as a Pet Rock.

Trump has clearly proven how decisive & brilliant he is dealing with the coronavirus!


Not just America but all of humanity needs to come together to defeat this virus but tragically, our reasoning capabilities have been replaced by irrational hatred and racism in far too many of us.

we begin by informing ourselves & spreading the facts to our fellow citizens


And Robber Barons like Trump have manipulated peoples’ herd mentality into an inhuman mob. Because a fake businessman played a successful real estate tycoon on a “reality” T.V. show that duped its viewers into believing anything he says.

Trump has succeeded beyond our worst nightmares! He tells his cult followers to not believe their own eyes or ears but only him & a third of the American public have fallen for it because “reason” fell out of fashion a long time ago.

See no Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak no Evil & deny your former “Common Sense”


The three years that Trump has been in office has proven to be a reign of error & terror. Terror for the suffering immigrants locked up like animals in the arena of farce & spectacle.

behind the image of the “successful” business man


And now the whole world is beginning to get an idea of what those poor immigrants feel like. But who’s in charge of leading our nation in this crisis, a petty & childish man-boy who has put all of America at a much greater risk of getting the virus because of his vanity & colossal ignorance!


Moreover, the Silicon Valley idiot-savants who promised us a New Age of solidarity, instead sold us out. The “social media” has morphed us into a nation of isolated & alienated individuals who have persuaded themselves into believing that they are well-rounded wonderful social beings with thousands of “friends.”


People who’ve fallen for the techno/social babble and think they’re communicating by adding “happy faces” to their often-incoherent sentence fragments like Donald Duck, their president.

Trump has repeatedly asked; “Why Can’t We Use Our Nuclear Weapons?”


Anti-intellectualism has become chic among the climate deniers. And as our world’s climate is dying around us, these indoctrinated onlookers look to Dr. Donald Strangelove who like Slim Pickens, is riding a nuclear missile down to Armageddon!

Trump tells the herd, Don’t Worry, Be Happy because it’s all a hoax & I’m making America great again one dead body at a time. Approximately 20 years ago, I watched my first & last episode of a “reality” T.V. show. It was the series, “Survivor,” I believe? I said to my wife, to “survive” on this show, you have to ignore any principles we were taught as we grew up i.e. honesty, sympathy, fairness, etc. And this “reality” show tells people that the world is cut-throat & everyone is a threat and a competitor. So, backstabbing, lying, cheating, etc. are not only okay but what you must do to “survive” or win.


Little did I know that 20 years later, the plethora of these crappy “reality” T.V. shows would vomit up a Trump. I only knew that I didn’t accept their premises so I wouldn’t watch them. It’s little wonder Donny became a fake celebrity on a fake T.V. show because he has all the negative traits of backstabbing, con man, thief, etc. And he knows all about “fake news,” because he’s a master of it.


From the beginning of his career, he built his “success” on fake news stories he’d get his friends to post in the media. He’d even call in to radio shows & pretend to be someone else & sing his own praises. Things haven’t changed much.


This pandemic is reminding us of a true reality, the reality that we must all cooperate & care about our fellow men because our survival depends on it!


Perhaps this would be a good point at which to remind you of the definition of “reason?” (a statement offered in explanation or justification; a rational ground or motive; the thing that makes some fact intelligible; a sufficient ground of explanation or of logical defense; the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways; proper exercise of the mind; sanity; the sum of the intellectual powers)


If you haven’t downed all of Trump’s Kool Aid, you might care to reflect on Trump’s record over the past three years with these definitions of reason in mind?

for those who don’t remember Jim Jones & his cult who were forced to drink a deadly Kool-Aid!


FOX “News” (America’s equivalent to Russia’s Pravda & which I dubbed the fear & hate channel, several years ago) played a very significant role in providing the fertilizer for the soil which has led to the growth of willful ignorance in America. And Trump blossomed in this garden of evil, hate, & violence against the weak & vulnerable convenient scapegoats he rose to power in.


FOX viewers are indoctrinated into Trump’s, Mitch McConnel’s, Rush Limbaugh’s, etc. dystopian & paranoid and imaginary worldview where truth & facts are whatever they say they are. So, probably a good chunk of Trump’s Walking Dead as well as many “Christian” evangelicals are still clinging to their faith in Trump & denial of scientific fact. This wouldn’t be so terrifying were it not for the fact that they are now becoming a real threat to our collective well-being because they will be carriers & help to hasten the spread of this deadly virus.


Trump’s harvest of fear & hate will eventually produce the reality of his mind-boggling incompetence & ignorance which is slowly coming to fruition. We’re only at the beginning of this world-wide nightmare & because of Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan’s standard modus operandi, Deny, Divert, & Detract, perhaps millions of Americans who wouldn’t have died if he had an ounce of reason or compassion, will probably die. And when that time comes, not even the stupidest amongst us will be able to deny or ignore the horrific reality this fake scumbag helped to cause.

one of my recurring day-dreams


We’ve run out of time & every minute we delay may prove fatal. We, you, I, us, need to unite & to first of all shut the phony, lying moron in the White House up! We need to rediscover those principles the “reality” T.V. shows made us forget i.e. love, truth, compassion, empathy, trust, equality, fairness, etc.

United we Stand, Divided we Fall!

as all the great peacemakers (Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, etc. said) Love of your neighbor is our strength, our truth, our salvation!


Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, Oregon March 21, 2020



Mafia Nation




Isn’t it time to just come out & admit that we’ve thrown in the towel and given up on democracy? We’re certainly not fooling the rest of the world, they are scratching their heads in confusion as to how we could’ve elected such a corrupt moron as Trump to represent us. And two thirds of the American public know full well what a racist & sexist megalomaniac Donny is but I guess that third of the electorate that are in the Trump cult must cling to the charade that America is still a republic. I refer to these people as the Duck Dynasty Klan because they have clearly drunk Trump’s Kool-Aid & are living in Trumptown waiting for the signal to self-destruct.

Jim Jones cult weren’t that different from Trump’s


Here’s a brief overview for those of you in post-literate America, of Donny the misanthropic misanthrope’s background.


Donald Trump brands himself as a builder and manager of luxury developments, including Trump Tower, where he resides. He is surrounded by marble and gold, as well as the finest furniture. However, what most people fail to see that the roots of his fortune were built on the lower and middle classes, largely with the assistance of the government. 

the humble populist his supporters find so reassuring


If your memory hasn’t calcified, you’ll note that Donny with the girly hands & bone-spurs, came to power proclaiming his defense of the real Americans i.e. the working class & the ever-dwindling middle class. But if you’ll do even a little reading & research, you’ll soon learn that Donny & his daddy built their “real estate empires” on the backs of those same people Donny now claims to be defending. The Trumps took advantage of government loans to build many of their low-income projects (recall how much Donny hates the government?) & basically, became slumlords who often refused to make necessary repairs for their tenants. Moreover, the Trump crime family often turned-down rental applications from people of color.

People on Welfare Bad! People who get govt. contracts to screw the welfare people, Good!

Furthermore, in Atlantic City, Donny got a special building permit which allowed him to erect one of his casinos right next to a freeway offramp because of his promise to build low-income housing which he never delivered on like the tens of thousands of promises & lies he has made in his road to success. And if you give a damn about facts & truth, you know, those concepts so foreign to Donny boy, one of the best historians of Trump’s rise to celebrity & wealth is the late, Wayne Barrett in his book; “Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth.”


You see, Trump like so many corrupt politicians & businessmen count on people’s intellectual laziness & pitiful memories. Here’s another insightful little snippet from the link I provided above:


The Trump Organization was built by his father, Fred Trump, and later headed by Donald Trump from 1971. The senior Trump built small homes in the boroughs of New York City after WWII, largely with the help of low interest government loans. He also built and managed apartment complexes that were far from luxurious, also with help from the government. He built the Beach Haven Apartment complex in Brooklyn, New York over swampland, and the foundations were continually settling. These and other developments would eventually bring in great wealth from the United States government, utilizing the federal Section 8 housing program, which was designed to assist low income people.


Yep! That terrible government of ours which Trump refers to as The Swamp but if it weren’t for that same government, the Trump tyranny might very well never have come into existence? So, it seems the Trumps have been promising to “drain the swamp” for decades but they failed to mention the swamps under their building projects & how it affected their trapped tenants. I don’t know about you, but I’ve known more than my fair share of slumlords in my life, owners who refused to make repairs & always seem to find an excuse to not give me my security deposit back when I moved out? Yet Trump’s Walking Dead believe he’ll protect them from the government which helped make him obscenely wealthy by manipulating building codes & permits and gave him fraudulent tax breaks at the same time?


Again, with just a little bit of effort & research, you’ll discover that the super-rich, the G.O.P., & many, if not most of the sell-out Democratic party, have been manipulating the government via their armies of lobbyists who help or literally write the legislation that protects their wealth & gives them perpetual loopholes to avoid paying taxes, ignore regulations, & make the public pay for all their “mistakes” i.e. environmental destruction, pollution of our rivers, create the infrastructure for them to do their business, etc. etc. etc. And their refrain is always the same i.e. we can’t afford universal health care, a quality public education system, welfare, food stamps, etc. No, whatever money is available must go to the military/industrial complex which the 1% coincidentally happen to own.



Returning to that lovable liar in chief of ours, who learned the three most important tactics of his business & political life from the infamous, mob lawyer, Roy Cohn. And they are; Deny, Divert, & Detract. If you’ll make an effort to remove your rose-colored glasses while watching any video of Trump, you’ll see countless examples of him sticking to these three tactics 100% of the time.


Another bit of historical background is the fact that Roy Cohn, one of the most disgusting & despised lawyers of his time, served as Senator McCarthy’s hatchet-man during the McCarthy hearings that destroyed countless American writers, journalists, etc.’s lives & with little to no evidence to support their character assassinations. McCarthy relied on the lies, the gossip, the propaganda, etc. supplied to him by Cohn who built his fortune on defending the mafia crime bosses of New York, New Jersey, & Philadelphia to name a few. And Cohn, a self-hating homosexual who kept it in the closet until his battle with AIDS could no longer remain hidden, introduced Donny to his mob boss friends/clients.


Of course, the fact that many, if not most of these new friends of Donny’s happened to be in the construction business & concrete in particular, had nothing to do with Trump’s growing real estate empire. Nope! Donny didn’t receive any special rates on the cement he used in his building projects that he bought from the mafia bosses. Moreover, Trump didn’t benefit from his new friends’ control over labor unions in the construction business either. And once again, it was just a stroke of good luck that when all the other casinos’ employees went on strike in Atlantic City, Trump’s employees didn’t go on strike as well.


We’re supposed to believe that it was Donny’s business savvy that made him so rich, just ignore those countless mafia movies we grew up on, especially The Godfather which was so popular. Nothing to do with reality, right? But the “reality” of T.V.’s avalanche of “reality T.V. shows over the past 20 years is “real,” right? Obviously, the fact—remember Kellyanne’s ‘alternate facts?’ —that Donny, the self-proclaimed billionaire who demanded that every time his name was mentioned on the show, must be followed by the words; “the billionaire,” also had nothing to do with his “success” & clearly wasn’t a major factor in his becoming president.


Here’s another troubling fact for the blowhard in charge, King Trump the Dumb, appointed the most corrupt cabinet in U.S. history but hey, remember, he has always felt most comfortable in the company of crooks. And here’s another inconvenient truth for you Trump zombies who prefer to remain willfully ignorant (from the same article I quoted earlier)


When the former Soviet Union immigrants arrived in New York in the late 80’s and early 90’s, they needed a place to live. The Trumps were more than accommodating. First, they bought condemned buildings in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York and brought them barely up to code to rent to them. However, they also had multiple apartment buildings that they could convert to Section 8 for low income people, and the immigrants fell into that category. Most came from the Ukraine, and many were released from Soviet prisons.

They could only take the equivalent of $200 American dollars out of the Soviet Union, and these people had no jobs waiting for them. Also, most did not speak English, and the possibility of work seemed remote. However, they were eligible for Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Education, Job Training, and Section 8 housing.


Gee? Guess Russian immigrants are okay in Donald’s world-view? Just not Mexican or Muslim immigrants. I can’t help but wonder if this was when Donny boy started his love relationship with Vladimir Putin & the other Russian mobsters who took over Russia’s government? Of course, now that Trump is supposedly so wealthy, he’s declared war on all those programs that assisted Trump’s Ukrainian friends because now he’s concerned with assisting his best buddies in the 1% of America’s wealthiest who are suffering under the weight of their billions of dollars. How I would love to be there to watch each of Trump’s blind followers when they lose their food stamps, public assistance, section eight housing, Medicaid, etc. I wonder if they’ll still be chanting; Make America Great Again?


So obviously, Trump has expanded his network of friends from the Italian mobsters who terrified the working class in New York, etc. to the Russian mobsters (oligarchs) who terrorize the entire Russian public. Are you beginning to understand why Trump the Mendacious loves & respects the world’s most vicious, bloody dictators like; Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Duterte, Xi Jinping, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi (Egypt), Erdogan (Turkey), Mohammad bin Salman (Saudi Arabia), Netanyahu (Israel), Bolsenaro (Brazil), & President Modi (India). And because these days, one can’t even assume that most people even have common sense, let me spell it out for you i.e. the people you admire says a lot about you—your values, your ethics, your principles. Gone are the days when our leaders & especially our presidents used to proclaim our respect for & our support for democracy, freedom, equality, and the law. Now we have a brazen lover of authoritarians & murderous dictators & a despiser of many of our former allies. So, what did all our friends & family members die for in the non-stop wars we’ve been involved in all my life (since 1952)?

Why do we have this vile, crude creature from the Black Lagoon sitting behind the desk in the oval office? One of the two forces we fought against in WWII was fascism which originated in Italy & the Nazis whom Trump & a sizeable number of his staunchest supporters love & respect i.e. the Neo-Nazis who attacked & beat the anti-Trump protestors in Charlotte, South Carolina and killed one young woman & Trump said; “They’re many good people on both sides.” Be careful what you wish for you Walking Dead & morally-bankrupt because Trump & his kind have brought fascism to a large extent to America already.


Continuing on with Trump’s reign of error & terror against America’s citizens, Donny has been laundering money for the Russian mafia for decades & mostly through his condos & other real estate holdings. Again, if you can bother to take the time or aren’t afraid of having your little world collapse, read on. After Trump declared bankruptcy on three of his casinos, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, & Trump Entertainment Resorts, American banks would no longer loan him the money to buy even a hot dog. And don’t forget his long list of business failures like Trump University which was proven a scam from the beginning & the countless Trump products that failed.


But for the Russian mafia, Trump was the ideal business partner because they could launder the billions they stole from the Russian people by buying condos in Trump’s gaudy & tasteless hotels, etc. & in return, they loaned him all the money he needed to keep from going completely belly-up in his businesses. American banks didn’t prosecute Trump for the hundreds of millions he still owed them because they figured they might eventually recoup some of their losses from this business tycoon that all the country rubes believed in.


Here’s some food for thought? Why is it that not only the republicans but also the corporate democrats keep attacking Bernie Sanders as being a socialist like it’s some sort of horrible crime yet Donald sings the praises of communist leaders from China & Russia and etc. & does business with them but I don’t hear any criticism of Donald for being in bed with communists & his supporters don’t seem to mind one bit? And here’s another historical tidbit that very few seem to remember or having ever known, if it hadn’t been for the Russian communists in WWII, we might have lost the war. The Russians lost something like 20 million of their citizens but overnight, after the war, they were all of a sudden Public Enemy Number One? Could it be the machinations of that slimy 1% who have all of us under their boot-heels?


Note that all authoritarians need a scapegoat to focus the citizens anger & hatred while they rob us all. Trump has clearly distracted his zombies on the vulnerable Mexican immigrants who are fleeing the drug cartels & even more obviously corrupt than our own government, their government leaders. Also significant is the fact that the Mexican crime lords have been murdering journalists in record numbers & Trump would obviously like to be able to do the same thing here.


Like all successful dictators, you must discredit the press because they investigate corruption & report the facts. Trump hates the media, especially the New York Times because they had an investigative team that spent over a year & a half investigating Trump’s claim to be a self-made billionaire who only received a small loan of one million dollars from daddy. They discovered & reported that in fact, Daddy Warbucks bailed his failure of a son out repeatedly & used his political contacts to get special deals for Donald in his real estate endeavors like tax breaks, special zoning permits, etc. And in fact, Donald the Dip-shit actually got more than $400 million dollars from daddy. My bet is that it’s probably far more than that but the investigative team could only substantiate the $400 million.

Here’s another conjecture for you, my imaginary reader, that is definitely not my original idea but I do add my personal touch to it. It just dawned on me today as I’m writing this essay that even though Al Capone committed numerous crimes including murder many times, the government couldn’t convict him on anything until they nailed him for tax evasion. Think about it, why do you think Donald Duck has been fighting tooth & nail for decades to keep his tax reports hidden? The most obvious reason that many have suggested is that if his tax records were revealed, they’d most likely show him to be the biggest phony & liar that he’s always been because he’s not really a billionaire.


I read somewhere that Trump used to call in to radio shows when he was still struggling to gain fame and he’d pretend to be someone else & would sing his own praises & grossly exaggerate and lie about his business successes & the amount of wealth he had. In fact, he lied about how much he was worth to Forbes magazine so he’d be placed on some list of the super wealthy. This is the guy who keeps proclaiming “fake news?” Wake-up people!


Trump has been a bully all his life & this too is why he loves dictators because after all, they’re bullies on a grand scale with their imprisonment, torture, & killing of their dissenters. You see, Trump has been on a non-stop self-promotion tour all his life because his most valuable commodity is the brand he’s built up over the decades i.e. his name which he leases out to corporations because of its name recognition. But sadly, most of his cult believe he actually owns everything that bears his name & therefore believe he’s nothing but one huge success story & that they too can become successful if they just listen to his wisdom & accept his principles as their own, that is to say, having no principles.


And this is why we have the first Twitter president who behaves more like a malicious, teen-age bully attacking every single person who dares to point out his lies & contradictions. So much for the “social media,” and its illusory bringing people together. No, Trump is like that Wizard in the Wizard of Oz who hid behind a curtain & used a loud, bellowing & spooky voice to intimidate his subjects and only the seriously challenged mentally & morally could fall for such a scam & sham as P.T. Barnum Trump.


Need I point out the obvious like the fact that the mafia uses verbal threats, then physical intimidation, & finally if all else fails, murder to keep people fearful & turning over their hard-earned money? Particularly revealing is when Trump in his Nazi rallies calls on his henchmen to beat the hell out of a protestor & get them outta here. I am truly fearful that this may only be the beginning of these brown-shirt tactics?

Also like his mafia role models, Trump hands out favors to those who are loyal to him & publicly kiss his ass or do his dirty work but when they get busted every now & then, all of a sudden Donny declares; “I don’t know that guy.” That’s girly man’s idea of loyalty, a person who will take the fall for him even when he publicly claims he doesn’t know you or had nothing to do with whatever crime you committed at his request.


Talk about a nation of suckers, roughly a third of America’s citizens are slavishly loyal to this fake megalomaniac & we have now reached a point where it can literally mean their lives! Yep! When the coronavirus first came to our attention, Trump declared it a hoax created by the Democrats to hurt him in the 2020 presidential election. And this declaration as well as advising people to go to work even if they’re feeling sick proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he doesn’t give a damn about anyone except himself & his reelection because as long as he’s president, he can’t be prosecuted for his long list of crimes.


It really boggles the mind that his supporters will back him on every dirty deed he commits no matter how egregious & now, no matter how deadly believing in him can be. If this isn’t the hallmark of an authoritarian wanna be dictator, they’d better change the definition? Like mafia bosses whose words were absolute & anyone who didn’t follow their orders to the T, are silenced one way or another.


Returning to the pandemic now terrifying the world, Trump’s cult also conveniently ignores the fact that Trump in his obsession to eliminate every single act, no matter how valuable it may have been to the general welfare of all Americans;


“In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure.”


“Building on the Ebola experience, the Obama administration set up a permanent epidemic monitoring and command group inside the White House National Security Council (NSC) and another in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—both of which followed the scientific and public health leads of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the diplomatic advice of the State Department.”


The last quote is from the same link above & for the record, “Foreign Policy” is a conservative & highly respected journal among America’s academic & military elite, hardly a liberal publication.


“But other White House efforts included reducing $15 billion in national health spending and cutting the global disease-fighting operational budgets of the CDC, NSC, DHS, and HHS. And the government’s $30 million Complex Crises Fund was eliminated.”


Doesn’t this make you feel safe & secure? Yeah, about as safe & secure as living in an inner-city ghetto controlled by drug lords or cartels. Trump’s hatred of everything Obama is clearly pathological & my perhaps simplistic take on it —but then again, we are dealing with a guy who reads & speaks on a fifth grade level—is that Obama humiliated Trump at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2011, showing him for what he is i.e. a fake who built his political base by starting the “Birther Movement” that just wouldn’t stop in its obsession of proving that Obama wasn’t born in America.


Of course, this stirred the blood of America’s racists & bigots who refused to accept the fact that a black guy had been elected president & Trump’s base to this day is primarily made up of such patriots. Here’s the video clip if you’d like to enjoy a few laughs?


But returning to the deadly seriousness of our situation re: the coronavirus, here are a few more details of how mind-bogglingly irresponsible this moron in the oval office has behaved;


“In May 2018, Trump ordered the NSC’s entire global health security unit shut down, calling for reassignment of Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer and dissolution of his team inside the agency. The month before, then-White House National Security Advisor John Bolton pressured Ziemer’s DHS counterpart, Tom Bossert, to resign along with his team. Neither the NSC nor DHS epidemic teams have been replaced. The global health section of the CDC was so drastically cut in 2018 that much of its staff was laid off and the number of countries it was working in was reduced from 49 to merely 10.” (again, from the same article as above)


I could continue citing more depressing info from the article but I’m sure you take my point already. Perhaps some of you may recall how another great Republican president, George W. Bush, responded after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans? Well this time it’s not only the Black residents of New Orleans who are going to be thrown under the bus, but all of us.

But don’t say the G.O.P. doesn’t have a sense of humor, no, because they clearly do i.e. George Bush Sr. declared that under his leadership, America was becoming a “kinder & gentler nation.” I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself as to the veracity of that claim. And not to be outdone by daddy, George W. Bush, declared that under his stalwart leadership, the Republican party were now known as “Compassionate Conservatives.” Yeah, I’m sure the Iraqis would agree with that self-assessment as well.


Okay, back to our present “compassionate conservative” who proves his patriotism by hugging a U.S. flag in a somewhat perverse manner, Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan aka Mafia Don.


Because I have a habit of trying to educate people by way of my writing, my essays are often lengthy & in this post-literate society of ours, very few are likely or perhaps even capable of such sustained attention. So, I’m going to just list the rest of the points I’d like to make in my assessment of how we, the U.S., who have been kicking ass & taking the resources of a large part of the Developing Nations for decades now while under the banner of; ‘”Bringing Freedom & Democracy to the World,” have de facto become a nation ruled by Mafioso but legal mobsters because they got the stamp of approval by their captains in Congress.


  • Forget the obsession by the DNC that Russia put Trump in the White House (this is a distraction by the DNC to avoid their own incompetence as a major factor in why Hillary lost But the Russian government is made up of & headed by a mobster & Russian troll farms did spread millions of false rumors, etc. about Hillary & pro-Trump ads and Facebook sold Americans’ data to Cambridge Analytica which it used to zero in on the “persuadables” which they bombarded with their fake news & this did indeed play a major role in Trump’s theft of the presidency.</li>
  • Rule #1 in the Mafia, keep your mouth shut & we’ll take care of you & this is Trump through & through though he rarely keeps his word to his flunkies who fall on their swords for their amoral boss
  • And like mafia bosses who have judges, police commissioners, D.A.s, etc. in their pockets, Mafia Don has the Attorney General in his pocket & the Justice Dept. so it’s “All Skate Day” for Trump’s cronies
  • The girly-man also hands out favors like mob bosses to those who have been loyal to him
  • The Emoluments Clause of our Constitution, the bedrock of our legal & political system, (the Constitution) is crystal clear i.e. a sitting president can’t receive money, expensive gifts, etc. or in other words profit off the presidency. Trump says fuck that! And even more brazenly, he tells foreign leaders, etc. to stay at his properties so he collects tributes (bribes) in full display but no one has the balls to nail him on his blatant disregard of our laws.
  • Donald Duck has been a consistent business failure throughout his career but daddy bailed him out time & time again, then the Italian mafia bailed him out in his Atlantic City casinos, then the Russian mafia when U.S. banks wouldn’t loan him any more money because he was already in debt over $4 billion but Donny Boy’s skillful manipulation of the media throughout his life has enabled him to dodge, bury, & switch the attention of the media, to scapegoat selected targets & divert the attention from his failures, incompetence, & corrupt business practices</li>
  • Like mafia loan sharks, Donald tells his Walking Dead cult members to beat people up i.e. “get him out of here & if you get sued, I’ll pay for your legal fees” Mafioso start with breaking people’s knees, then burning their businesses or their homes, & finally in “eliminating” their public enemies not unlike in Las Vegas where they end up buried in the desert
  • Donny follows similar tactics Mussolini, the fascist leader of Italy in WWII whom many of our top business leaders loved, & coincidentally, the American mafia got started in Italy, Sicily in particular
  • One of the most nauseating facts about this swine in the White House is that he was able to dupe so many poor & working-class people into believing he was/is their champion. This is akin to the mafia bosses who took over America’s labor unions, claiming they’re the defenders of the American workers, who fought for a decent wage, overtime, workplace safety, etc. for decades i.e. the Teamsters being the most infamous case. American mobsters ran a decades long program of intimidation, beatings, & killing of union leaders. And now, Trump has fooled the gullible, though understandably fed-up with the spine-less Democrats who sold them out in the 1970s, into believing he, a guy who has screwed poor, working class tenants & employees, & contractors throughout his artificial rise to billionaire status. So, if you believe a mafia boss is your friend & champion, you clearly need to remove the scales from your eyes.
  • Like mafia bosses, Trump is eliminating every program that offers help to the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, and the dying, so you will have no one to turn to for help but him, the Emperor with No Clothes who decides your fate like the Kings & “nobility” in the feudal ages depending on his mood at the moment. No laws, no rights, no nothing unless you bow, scrape, & grovel at his feet and praise him as he does himself
  • “Fake News?” Yeah, the duplicitous duck knows all about this subject because he has mastered it over the course of his fake life. Trump clearly believes in Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda) major insight i.e. the bigger the lie & the more often you tell it, eventually will become a “truth,” or a “fact” in Kelly Anne’s “alternate facts” universe. “Inconvenient truths” are dismissed as “fake science” or “fake facts” and only the almighty Oz (Donald) knows what is fact & what is fake i.e. anything that is critical of him is fake, and anything that says he’s a genius & etc. ad nauseam, is a fact!
  • Here’s a little-known fact for you—here in the real world where the laws of gravity for example, are a real fact—Donald the Insecure demanded that every time his name was mentioned on “The Apprentice,” they must say “billionaire.” The creators, producers, & writers of the series have openly admitted that the show was fake from beginning to end but evidently, many, if not most Trump believers took it as proof of Trump’s superiority & business expertise. And for-the-record, I’m going to interject here & brag about myself—Trump does it 24/7 but I’ll probably be accused of making this all up just to tarnish the image of Little Lord Fauntleroy, the Fuhrer from Queens. I watched one episode of “Survivor” over 20 years ago which I believe was the first “reality” t.v. show & was immediately turned-off. I thought & I said to any who would listen, first of all, there’s something wrong here when we watch T.V., an artificial medium designed to dupe us into buying products we don’t need, to get a picture of reality.? This is an oxymoron or blatant contradiction in terms. And secondly, from the beginning of this tragic phenomenon, these shows all have one thing in common & that thing is what Trump has built his fortune on i.e. lie, cheat, steal, do whatever you have to do to come out on top. And this is our national leader? The kind of role model we want our children to emulate? So, Hell yeah, I’m proud as Hell that I saw through this bullshit from the get-go!
  • And America’s election system has become almost as indistinguishable as that of the so-called “Banana Republics” we love to look down our noses at. In other words, our political system is just as corrupt as any mafia’s hierarchy where he who has the most money & the most politicians & judges in their pockets, “wins.” I have long recognized the fact that the Democratic Party is basically spineless but I deluded myself into believing that at least they cared a little about the poor & the working class but I no longer believe this. Bernie Sanders is not perfect by any means, but he clearly has a very long track record of fighting for the common man. Yet, I have to face the fact that the DNC with the help of the so-called “liberal” MSNBC cable network is blatantly sabotaging Bernie’s bid for the presidency. Why? Quite simply because he represents a very real threat to their corruption as usual policies & practices just a little less overt than the G.O.P. Again, not that different from the mafia-controlled unions who pretend to defend the American worker. By-the-way, I have not forgotten that the supposedly “liberal news network, MSNBC, fired Phil Donahue for his unforgivable crime of having on one “anti Irag invasion guest for every two, pro Iraq invasion guests.” So much for MSNBC’s reputation as a bulwark against the Right wing’s assault on Democracy. (there are many other examples but I need to get to the point of this essay)



In conclusion, I was going to end this essay without including one of the most obvious facts which I’d forgotten i.e. it was the Italian/American mafia that built Las Vegas & Atlantic City so they could launder the hundreds of millions they’d gained from their criminal empires. And Trump clearly never would’ve made it to where he is without being in bed with the American mafia in the beginning of his ‘career.’ So now our president is a former casino owner i.e. laundered millions for both Italian mobsters & Russian mobsters? Boy has the bar dropped in terms of the caliber of man we’ll allow to be president of the most powerful nation on Earth. At this rate, we won’t be on top much longer!


Then the Russian mafia saved his stupid ass i.e. how dumb a businessman do you have to be to fail as an owner of a casino? For example, it never dawned on Donald the Dip-Shit that opening other casinos in the same town would be competing against yourself for business. And only mafia figures who had so much to gain by backing Donald the Moron,  no matter how stupid he was because he was very valuable as a circus master to distract the public & the government from looking too close in to their shady deals, would loan this loser money.


And like the millions of suckers every year who lose their money, sometimes their entire life-savings in gambling, all those who voted for Trump & bet on his making a real change for the better in their lives, will maybe someday realize what a fool’s errand they were on? The house always wins & the house is the mafia dons, the corporate cockroaches, & the political “leaders” like Mitch McConnell who have sabotaged every single piece of legislation that could help us, the poor, working (well, sometimes?) class to live with just a modicum of dignity or self-respect?


You see, my imaginary reader, the common factors between mafia organizations, drug cartels, dictatorships, etc. is that in order to maintain power, you must rule with an iron fist. And to do so, you must master the techniques of effective threats, intimidation, & fear. Say what you want about Donald’s inability to speak in coherent sentences or a semblance of logic or rational thought, but he is a master manipulator & fear monger.


And a “successful” mafia boss must never be troubled by things like a conscience, empathy, sympathy, morality, or principles. Donald is clearly at the top of that class along with his favorite despots around the world like Putin, Duterte, Erdogan, Xi, Bosonaro, & his love interest, Rocket Man of North Korea, to name just a few, in terms of not being hampered by those irritating humanistic qualities.


Unfortunately for humanity, all those who are not members of the 1%, the mob bosses are gambling with our lives & if the coronavirus doesn’t kill us, global warming, or a possible nuclear exchange which Trump with his 5th grade intelligence level & impulsiveness & preference for running the American government via Twitter just might be tempted to launch in one of his frequent temper-tantrums at imagined or real, public sleights or criticisms?

Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, OR March 8, 2020





A Critical Point




I remember something I learned almost 40 years ago in a basic introduction to computers class i.e. G.I.G.O. (Garbage In, Garbage Out) & it struck me recently how relevant that is to American society today.


I have been struggling for over 30 years to connect the dots and/or simplify some of the complex issues facing us. I am a working-class guy & I have experienced or seen much of the suffering visited upon my fellow blue-collar citizens over the course of my life.


The only difference between me & most of the people I have known or met in my life is that I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge & strive to make sense of the chaos that engulfs us. Many, if not most of my family & friends over the years have dismissed my obsession & laugh at my efforts. But I continue in this lifetime goal because of my belief that each of us can make a difference.


Returning to G.I.G.O., it dawned on me that because we find ourselves now living in a “post-literate” society where many, if not most people, won’t or can’t write, & more and more people prefer texting to speaking to one another, we are facing an even greater mountain of obstacles than I had thought?

so much for the “social skills” school is supposed to teach kids


I hate to sound so doom & gloom but burying our heads in the sand won’t make the problems go away & certainly won’t save us from a possible nuclear exchange or total climate destruction.


I live in a constant state of frustration because I can’t seem to find the right words to awaken & inspire others to realizing that reading good books—challenging books like in the set of the Great Books of the Western World that was published by Encyclopedia Britannica—helps us develop our critical/analytical thinking skills.


And writing helps us to organize our thoughts & speaking to one another affirms our humanity i.e. gives us comfort & the energy to continue in the struggle to save ourselves from the destructive & greedy ones.


Tragically though, many of the so-called “best & brightest” have an almost religious devotion & belief that technology & Silicon Valley in particular, will save us. Well as I said, G.I.G.O. and if we (the working class & the technocrats) continue to cling to this delusion, we are shit out of luck!

the “social network” that is dividing us & dumbing us down


My religion (and I love saying this because I know it drives the “Christian” evangelicals/fundamentalists crazy) is humanism i.e. we got ourselves into this mess & it’s up to us, not some mythical god, to get ourselves out of it.

The “School of Athens” (Greek philosophy, the foundation of all knowledge)


I don’t know how true it is but when I hear it claimed that our average attention span is less than that of a goldfish, the more depressed I become. How can we reach people when the violence & titillation of murder, sex, destruction, greed, the end of the world, etc. preoccupies them? Oh yeah, speaking of our gold fish attention span, it gives a new meaning to that phrase; “living in a fish bowl” eh?


Moreover, when I see the absolute loyalty to Trump no matter what he does or says, it’s hard to not slip into utter despair. That craven cretin & totally despicable person even had the audacity to proclaim that he could stand on fifth avenue in New York & shoot somebody and it wouldn’t affect his supporters’ love for him. I wonder if they’d even turn a blind-eye to his inhumanity if he were to rape their 12-year-old daughter? I don’t ask this lightly but because it seems that we’ve sunk so low in terms of what is acceptable behavior & speech in this country.

his buddy Jeffrey Epstein trafficked in underage girls, Did Trump participate?

I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. (Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan)


Yet still there is hope & fighters like Bernie Sanders inspire hope in many of us. And despite the betrayal of the so-called liberal MSNBC & their attempts to sabotage Bernie’s campaign like the DNC did in 2016, it is possible that Bernie could pull it out. So, in that spirit, I too continue to struggle to reach people & show them some concrete tools they can use to empower themselves.

this is the Liberal channel?


A few of the “tools” that I tell people about are the Great Books which I already mentioned & which has a study guide for people interested in forming a small group to discuss/debate the Great Ideas that are central to Western Civilization as well as Eastern Civilization.

And one book in particular that a Jesuit scholar turned me onto many years ago is titled; “Problem Solving & Comprehension” by Arthur Whimbey & Jack Lochhead.” It is full of challenging problems with guides for people to work together in finding solutions so you need at least one other person to work through them together.


Continuing on, when trying to explain why people should read the more challenging books of our civilization, I use this analogy; suppose you are going to enter a foot race with the fastest kid in your school, well, you know that you are going to have to put out far more effort than you would if you knew your opponent was only a mediocre runner. In other words, the tougher the challenge, the more effort you’ll have to expend & as a result, you may not win but you’ll definitely come out stronger.


Developing our critical/analytical thinking skills is self-empowering & helps make us less vulnerable to liars & con artists like Trump.

If you’re not one of the Walking Dead, think it over?


We are at a critical point in human history & we can take the “Critical Path” that Buckminster Fuller showed us or we can continue to “Amuse Ourselves to Death” that Neil Postman warned us about & continue chuckling at the monomaniacal moron in the White House but the last laugh will be his & will be on us if we don’t get serious about saving ourselves & our planet!

Bucky Fuller known as the planet’s friendly genius & the modern day Leonardo da Vinci!


—Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, OR Feb. 12, 2020



I have this nagging feeling that perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I could be re: G.I.G.O. & its relevance to this critical point in history? In a nutshell, if as I argue, the information that we are fed via the “news” & the web is more & more unreliable and at the same time, we are getting dumber & dumber because of our lack of critical & analytical thinking skills and  several other factors such as a habitual liar in the Oval Office, it’s becoming more important than ever that we become highly skeptical & suspicious of what we read, see, or hear on the web as well as in the news. Anybody can post on the web & if you are ruled by your emotions i.e. hot button topics like God, Guns, & Gays which the 1% know how to play like a finely tuned musical instrument to manipulate the public into voting against their own best interests, you are playing a sucker’s game. And this game isn’t a game at all, we’re talking about our lives & the sustainability of our planet that our lives depend on!



A Recipe for Disaster





“reality T.V.”

FOX “News”





Willful ignorance

Half-cup of shameless republicans

Half-cup of spineless democrats

A good dose of post-literate society

“smart phones”


Cup of Trump yeast


Mix thoroughly with a dash of conspiracy theory, Glenn Beck, & some Rush Limbaugh & ¼ cup of Alex Jones

Add a public education system constantly under attack


Blend all the ingredients in a terrorist mixing bowl & bake at Fahrenheit 9/11 for 40 years


Yield: A Nation Divided as badly as the American Civil War, if not worse?

Onward Christian Soldiers!

The American Taliban under Trump




I first heard the term; “The American Taliban,” on the series; “The Newsroom,” which was created & written by Aaron Sorkin. But as is often the case, intelligent television doesn’t go over well with American viewers so it was a short-lived series.

However, we were fortunate in that Sorkin laid out the key features of the American Taliban in one of the series’ episodes & I am using them as an outline for this essay. Determine for yourself how accurate a portrait they give us of America as of January 21, 2020, the day the farce of the Impeachment against the miscreant in the White House began.


“Ideological purity: Fundamentalism is an term used to describe religious movements that reject modernism (particularly scientific thought and secularism), that claim to find all truth, including science, history, and psychology, in their sectarian scriptures, and that often try to impose some degree of religious law on all citizens of any government they are able to control. The type species is the Christian Fundamentalism of the 1920s, which is a reaction against Darwin’s theory of evolution; by extension the term is applied to Haredi Judaism and Wahhabism in Islam. In more abstract terms, it can refer to any movement to recapture an ideological “purity” within a religion, that supposedly has been lost by mainstream adherents of the religion at large;”

    • This “ideological purity” is an absolute that all fundamentalist leaders must strictly stick to whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or whatever. They must claim to know the Will of God & therefore, any who dares to question their claims is a heretic & must be driven out or killed in order to preserve the purity of their version of the truth. One would think that the founding values & principles of a religion would also have to adhere to this “ideological purity,” but clearly this isn’t the case when it comes to American “Christian” evangelicals. Why? Because Trump is the poster boy of how to violate every one of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount guiding principles for self-professed Christians but they love him anyway.
    • Compromise as weakness: and again, I’m confused because if compromise is weakness, why have the 60% to 70% who proclaim absolute support for Trump, compromised their “principles” & “values” by supporting such an evil person? Of course, the GOP who have gotten nearly everything on their wish list, won’t compromise an inch with the Democrats because they, the GOP have the upper hand because they control the Senate. And Mitch McConnell stated it very clearly from the beginning of Obama’s presidency that the GOP was going to block every single act or law that Obama tried to pass. This shows clearly that McConnell & the GOP don’t give a damn about the American people, only about maintaining & expanding their power. And again, the “Christians” believe that any compromise with non-Christians, especially Secular Humanists is a de facto bargain with the devil.

      Obama bent over backwards trying to compromise with GOP & as a result, we got Trumped!
    • A fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism: Yep! Like back in the days of the Old Testament, people really did live for 800 to 900 years, Noah actually took two of every animal species on Earth into the Ark, etc. etc. etc. And if you dare to question such things, you are guilty of heresy and may be stoned like the Islamic fundamentalists enjoy doing in Afghanistan but it’s usually women who are the ones getting stoned for some reason?
    • Denying science: this one goes almost without saying as the one I just covered makes clear i.e. Science easily proves the absurdity of such claims as people roaming the earth with dinosaurs, etc. so organized religion has been at war with science throughout most of history. Just reflect on the fate of  Galileo for example. In fact, the modern variation of Christian fundamentalism basically sprang from the days when Darwin’s Theory of Evolution started being taught in our public schools. And tragically, in Trump’s reign of ignorance, Climate destruction denial which denies the scientific proof of the overwhelming majority of climate scientists on the planet & the Christian fundamentalists are tickled pink about it because they can’t wait for the destruction of our planet & believe Jesus is going to thank them for their ignorance & their help in bringing an end to the world. Remember, Jesus loves you!
    • Unmoved by Facts: Yep & as Trump’s resident witch, Kellyanne Conway tells all their faithful,” there are alternative facts. “Of course, there are in their alternate realities. I wish someone would dare Kellyanne and Trump to demonstrate their alternative facts by jumping off a high roof to prove that gravity isn’t a fact either. Naturally, the Trump team spout alternate facts daily but we, non-believers have always referred to alternate facts as lies. In fact, I think Trump is going for the world record in alternate facts with his list of lies which is somewhere around 16,241 but hey, who’s counting?
    • Undeterred by new information: a polite euphemism for stubborn as a mule, willfully ignorant, and you may as well give up hope of them ever opening their minds. They have their “faith” and that’s all they need. These are just the kinds of people who make good, little Nazis, cult followers, etc.

      a third of the U.S. public has drunk Trump’s Jonestown Kool-Aid
    • A hostile fear of progress: like their fear and rejection of science & facts, progress is seen as a threat to their calcified beliefs that they desperately cling to or else their entire belief structure could collapse. This scares the hell out of these pea-brains & they’ll kill you rather than admit their errors. Of course, they conveniently ignore things like the automobiles which they drive were invented due to progress. And it never ceases to amaze me how they constantly love to portray themselves as the victims of our society. When they are the bullies & the ones who persecute people, who don’t accept their hypocritical principles & values & seek to enslave us all.
    • A demonization of education: this is a subject that is dear to my heart because I have loved education all my life, been an avid reader since second grade, & have worked as an educator for the majority of my work career. In fact, my first book is about the Christian fundamentalists war on secular humanism which they see as a clear & present danger to their reign of error & terror. It’s not a coincidence that Trump appointed Betsy DeVos as our Secretary of Education, a person who never attended public schools, who is rich, & who is pushing Charter Schools down our throats.
      “It Can’t Happen Here,” right?

      Also bear in mind that one of the first things that all dictators, whether religious (theocrats) or oligarchs do is either shut down all the public schools or take them over. Why? Because as people slowly become more & more informed, they begin to question established “authorities” like the Church & the State. {if you’d care to spend 10 mins. watching this video, you’ll gain a great overview of how the GOP has duped so many Americans into focusing their anger on the govt. rather than the corporate cockroaches who deserve the lion’s share of the blame for why we’re in this terrible state of being}</li>

    • A need to control women’s bodies: this is one of those aspects of fundamentalists’ beliefs that I can only speculate on because it is hard for me to fathom their fear of women? Perhaps it’s as simple as their insecurity as men & their wish to always remain in control over their families? And by being the authoritarians in their communities as well as in their families, they never have to worry about pleasing their wives sexually?

      Trump’s “Christian” values i.e. “Grab them by the pussy.”
    • Severe xenophobia: strangers & foreigners who are by definition strangers, like knowledge, new information, etc. are a threat to their belief systems which are clearly very fragile or they wouldn’t be so insecure about it. Why? Because contradictory ideas may slowly infect their communities, their families and they will lose their precious control. Of course, this also helps to justify or rationalize their racism & their desperate attempts to maintain the purity of their ideology. And once again, they just conveniently ignore all inconvenient truths & facts i.e. that America is a nation made up of immigrants from all over the world. If these frightened & dangerous children had their way, they’d live in a nation not unlike what Hitler wanted for Germany where everyone was blue-eyed & blonde.
    • Tribal mentality: well, as I just pointed out, fundamentalists ideally would like to live in a world where there are as few physical differences between their faithful as possible but given the realities of this world, a close second is a common mentality or way of thinking about the world. And this is why they paint a picture of you’re either with us or against us as our illustrious, chicken-hawk president, George W. Bush, the Coward from Crawford declared when he launched his “War on Terror.” This simplistic & obviously ignorant Manichean view of the world makes it easier for their faithful to carry out their crimes against humanity in the name of Jesus, God, Allah, or whoever.
    • Intolerance of dissent: this attribute of the fundamentalist mindset is one of the scariest in my book & again reveals how dangerously ignorant these people are. Jesus was clearly a dissenter in his time in that he spoke out against the Roman authorities & committed civil acts of disobedience. And in America’s history, our founding fathers were all dissenters from British rule. The United States would’ve never even come into existence without dissent but fundamentalists don’t want us to remember these facts or to ever even learn about them. Again, showing how weak their faith is!
    • Pathological hatred of U.S. government: and here we have another one of those very convenient crossing of paths by the “Christian” fundamentalists & the Republican party. You see, my imaginary reader, the Republicans swore that they’d overturn every single part of FDR’s “New Deal” which established much of what we now refer to as the “Social Safety Net,” for all of us not born with a silver spoon in our mouths. And they’ve been spreading their anti-government propaganda ever since i.e. you too can become rich if you don’t rely on the government for unnecessary handouts which only make you lazy & prevent you from becoming self-sufficient & wealthy. We’re supposed to ignore the fact that most of the rich & the giant corporations who have monopolies over us, have been subsidized by that same evil government. Yep! The same government that keeps handing out tax breaks to the rich, subsidies for their Research & Development, tariff protections, the infrastructure that allows them to do business, the military to protect their corrupt businesses overseas, etc. etc. etc. And no, this isn’t a free pass in terms of excusing our government’s long track record of crimes against humanity. But, the government is the only force capable of standing up to the corporations when their greed is just too far overboard. Moreover, it does occasionally stand up for us & does provide some assistance to we, the people, every now & then. The corporations behind this decades long propaganda war against the government want to abolish everything the government does to help us but preserve every handout & protection it provides them with our tax dollars. So, when I hear these morons i.e. Alex Jones, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc. railing against the government, I wish that I had a public forum from which I could call out their hypocrisy. Hell, if it weren’t for our government allowing the corporations to steal our public airwaves, these conspiracy theorists & traitors like Jones, Limbaugh, & Beck wouldn’t have the platforms they do to spew such bile and fear & hate.


Unquestionably, the Trump campaign team knew they’d have to throw these dangerously crazy evangelicals a big bone to gain their support for Trump, hence Pence as his running mate.

Trump is clearly one of those with the attention span of a goldfish


Some argued no big deal, the vice president does nothing of any significance but the fact that were Trump to have a heart attack or something, we could end up with this American Taliban as leader of the free world. Yeah, pretty scary shit, right?


A lot of us who live on either coast tend to forget or perhaps never knew just how powerful these “Christian” fundamentalists are & how many millions of regular Americans listen to them on the radio daily as well as to the Rush Limbaugh show. And we ignore these people at our own peril!


How soundly can we sleep knowing we have someone who prays for the end of the world, a heartbeat away from the presidency? Remind you of anyone? Osama bin Laden perhaps but with the mightiest arsenal of nuclear weapons on the planet at his fingertips?


Scare tactics you say? Fuckin’ A! But bear in mind that the corporate cockroach masters who own the media & Washington D.C., are using scare tactics day-in & day-out and have been for well over 40 years to scare us into spending over half our budget on weapons of mass destruction while letting our health, education, & welfare go to ruin.

I am trying to warn you but we have become so used to the steady barrage of fear mongering by the powers that be that honest warnings like mine fall on deaf ears I fear? If the public knew of how many close calls we’ve had regarding nuclear exchanges between the U.S. & Russia, they’d be shaking in their boots.


Conclusion, we have a 73-year-old who is obviously cognitively impaired to many, if not most of our mental health professionals. And he is also clearly morally bankrupt to all but the willfully blind & ignorant who proclaim they’ll support him no matter what. Gee? I wonder if they’d still support him if he raped their 12-year-old daughter? After all, he was buddies with Jeffrey Epstein though of course he now denies it.

I wonder what Trump’s buddy, Jeffrey Epstein might have told us about Trump?

But he did hire Epstein’s lawyer, Dershowitz, to help with his fight against his impeachment. And Dershowitz succeeded in getting Epstein a mind-boggling deal after being convicted of sexually trafficking teenage girls.


Yeah, once again we see on full public display those good, wholesome American values the American Taliban love to brag about along with their GOP (Greedy Old Pigs) pals.


So, we have this spoiled, rich brat as president who more resembles a teenage girl spending the majority of her day on Twitter spreading gossip & rumors and viciously attacking other girls’ character with lies. And our “commander in chief” who can’t even be bothered to read his daily briefings because he’s most likely not even able to comprehend their complexity, is sitting in the White House playing with matches in a gasoline-soaked room. And if he continues playing with the powder kegs in the Middle East, he may just make the American Taliban’s dream of the Apocalypse a reality?

“Christian” evangelicals’ Wet Dream


As for me, I’m an atheist who believes in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and that’s how I live my life.


Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, OR on January 22, 2020


Dangerous Stupidity!




Of course, nowadays on the Left side of the political spectrum, it’s not PC to call people stupid. No, we’re supposed to be sensitive of others’ feelings, etc., no matter how hate & violence-spewing they are.  Well I say, fuck that shit!

the laws against hate speech don’t apply to Trump or the rich


We’re being killed and you tell me to be polite? Is it any wonder that we’re constantly beat by the far Right? Michael Moore said that he was talking with Steve Bannon some time back & that he asked Bannon about this & Bannon said; “the liberals or democrats are having a pillow fight while we go for the head shot i.e. shooting to kill.”

Greta Thunberg’s “How Dare You?” to world leaders says it all!


And let’s face it, he was at least honest in this regard. Speaking of Steve Bannon, let me lay out for you how this vile, Machiavellian strategist for Trump who played a major role in getting Trump into the White House, capitalized on the public’s general stupidity to do so.

Bannon is on a Crusade stirring-up racial hatred around Europe


You see, Bannon was vice-president of a company called Cambridge Analytica & the Trump campaign hired Cambridge Analytica to help in Trump’s run for the presidency. Well, Cambridge Analytica bought access to Facebook’s data base & because of Zuckerberg’s greed & not bothering to place any limits on Analytica’s use of their data on over 80 million Americans, Analytica was able to target those American voters it refers to as “persuadable.”

Brittany Kaiser, supposed whistleblower but I don’t buy it (Cambridge Analytica)


If you are or were a Facebook user like myself, you’ve probably come across those apparently innocent little quizzes that are posted now & then asking if you’d care to see how you measure up against others in your type of personality or some other respect. Well, from the results of these “quizzes,” and the treasure trove of other data we willingly posted & divulged on Facebook, Analytica was able to brag to the corporations it tried to sell its services to that it had over 5,000 data points on every American citizen.


And unbelievable as it may sound, something like 70% of Americans get their news from Facebook & I don’t know what percentage of regular FOX “News” viewers we have but FOX is de facto America’s version of Pravda (look Pravda up for yourself; hint, it’s Russia’s major, perhaps only newspaper).


Access to the personal data of over 80 million Americans’ personal data & all their friends’ personal data as well, gave the Trump campaign a powerful weapon with which they were able to pinpoint the stupid, the weak-minded, the gullible in every voting precinct in the U.S. & they created over a million political “ads” designed sometimes for just a handful of voters whom they knew they could manipulate into voting for Trump with their absurd, obscene, & outright lies in obvious political propaganda ads attacking Hillary Clinton.


So, with Facebook’s selling of all our personal data to Cambridge Analytica & the unscrupulous machinations of the likes of Steve Bannon, the stupid, the conspiracy cult believers, the Duck Dynasty crowd, the racists & haters of everyone not a White Supremacist, & especially the faux “Christian” voters, this combination of dark forces put Trump in the White House.


And since Trump the simpleton & malignant narcissist who refused to even follow the rule of putting his companies in a trust so he couldn’t be accused of profiting from being president, has been systematically destroying our government.


As a matter of fact, in today’s headlines, the Trump administration is now trying to take away Social Security funds from those with disabilities. Yep! All you stupid morons who believe this lying piece of shit, this crook, this traitor to America, this sexual predator is cutting food stamps & every part of the social safety net that many of you probably rely on & you sing his praises? Yeah, that is indeed some “special kind of stupid!”


To elaborate on the dangerous aspects in the big picture regarding this tin-pot would-be dictator (an autocratic ruler with little political credibility & delusions of grandeur), malignant narcissist, con man, huckster, & sexual predator the morons put in office, reflect on this; Trump knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy but loves to strut the world stage like he’s some sort of gangster.


You see, Trump has been partnering with the Italian mafia for most of his life i.e. they got the contracts for cement in his buildings, ensured that his employees in his Atlantic City casinos wouldn’t strike with the other hotel employees who were striking, etc. And now he has “progressed” to relying on the Russian mafia for loans because American banks will no longer give him loans because he defaulted on hundreds of millions in previous loans—yeah, this is the “successful businessman” you’ve all been suckered into believing.


He thinks he can bully & bluster his way through his presidency but his latest truly stupid move against Iran is playing with a very deadly fire. Iran is by far the most powerful nation in the Middle East & if we were to seriously engage in a war with them, it’d be all over for all of humanity!


If Trump truly had a brain, he wouldn’t have threatened every school he’s ever attended if they dared to release his grades. Moreover, his trade wars are actually hurting the American economy but he’ll lie & deny until the day he dies & his cult will turn a blind eye no matter what.


For example, roughly a third of the American public don’t believe the Holocaust actually happened, what do you bet they’re the same third of our fellow citizens who think Trump is the next best thing to the Second Coming?


It’s taken America over two hundred years to evolve & yes, we have a lot of ugly history or crimes against humanity to answer for but how in the Hell can Trump zombies actually think that the total destruction of our government’s structure & institutions is a good thing just proves my point i.e. they’re fuckin’ morons!


Trump is so brazenly corrupt that it boggles the mind? Step right up suckers. Stay at my hotels, play gold at my resorts, buy my products, etc. And thanks to the totally spineless G.O.P., he is given free rein to defy every norm of human decency, decorum, & law.


Some of you may recall that when John Kerry was running for the presidency, they made a big deal out of his so-called, “flip-flopping” on issues? This idiot flip-flops within the same sentence time & time again. He says stuff, it’s recorded, and ten minutes later he denies ever having said it. He’s called on it & claims it’s all a conspiracy against him by the Deep State. Yeah, they’re so powerful that they can immediately alter video tapes of his speaking within a matter of ten minutes. People who believe this bag of shit shouldn’t be allowed to operate a car let alone own a gun.


And one of the scariest things about this orangutan in the oval office is the fact that approximately 70% of so-called evangelicals love him because they believe he’ll bring us Armageddon. The destruction of the Earth is their dream.

“Christian” evangelicals’ Wet dream i.e. WWIII


In conclusion, here’s a little thought experiment for you; if you’re familiar with the long-running, hit T.V. series, “The West Wing,” it was a very educational program in that it showed a lot of the inner workings in the White House i.e. the wheeling & dealing in the passing of bills, how compromises are reached, what happens in times of serious international crises, etc. Now this was classified as a fictional television series but a large part of its popularity was due to the fact that it was so closely modeled on the reality of our government & how it does & doesn’t function in so many ways.


Now consider the thousands of insights we’ve gotten over the three years that Trump has been the president & how himself & his administration can’t seem to function in even the simplest of tasks. It’s clear to all who aren’t willfully ignorant, Trump doesn’t have a clue, won’t even read his daily briefings let along attempt to inform himself on the critical issues facing us both domestically & internationally. He prefers to spend his days watching FOX “News,” tweeting, & playing golf or holding his Nuremberg-like fear & hate rallies & promoting his hotels & resorts.


Now ask yourself, would I rather have this dangerous buffoon running our country & ensuring our safety & prosperity or would I rather have a real actor like Martin Sheen, in the oval office? A man of compassion & intelligence!


Moreover, this total moron behind the desk in the White House decides to play chicken with Iran (which is clearly the most powerful nation in the Middle East) for absolutely no reason at all other than to “look tough.” It seems pretty clear to all with a functioning brain that Trump is desperately trying to distract us from impeaching his ass because he knows that once he’s out of office, a prison cell will be his next home. Gee, I wonder if they’ll let the girly-man Tweet from prison?

Barbarians at the Gate




My title is a reference to several sackings i.e. raping, pillaging, & plundering of Rome by various “barbarians” in ancient history. Yet today in another one of those perverse or ironic twists of history, we have a barbarian setting on the throne in 21st century America?


Yeah, except our “barbarian” would be king, is a girly-man who likes to strut around like he’s a bad-ass mafia boss but he’s actually a cissy-boy. And I’d be willing to bet that he’s never been in a real fight in his life unless you consider his beating-up smaller kids on the playground “fighting?”


You see, Donny has always known that he’s a coward & if it weren’t for daddy protecting him every time he got in trouble as he grew up, he’d be a lot more humane. His insecurity is so obvious to all but his die-hard zombie cult. As Sam Elliot says; “You must be some special kind of stupid?” if you fail to acknowledge this fact about the girly-man.


This essay was begging me to release it and it’s a collection of several observations of mine. First of all, in regards to the term, “barbarian,” here’s the definition of the term; “uncivilized, culturally inferior, brutal, cruel, insensitive, etc.” And again, to all but the willfully blind or willfully ignorant, Trump is indeed a barbarian.

The “Great Business Negotiator” in action


And poor baby Trump has been crying outside the gates of the posh, upper East side of Manhattan & its intellectual and cultural elite ever since he came of age and began his lifetime of begging to be let in. This is why he is so venomous in his perpetual attacks on The New York Times i.e. “The Paper of Record,” (the newspaper that sets the standard for all other newspapers in America) & the other cultural institutions that reject his pleas for inclusion. You see, New York City had Trump’s number decades ago i.e. a vulgar, low-class, no taste impostor & their rejection has been like an acid eating away at his vanity all this time.

An investigative team from The Times proved Trump’s a liar re: his fortune


Obviously, this is the politics of resentment & hate which Trump knows only too well. And Trump has masterfully tapped into that poison well that roughly a third of America is immersed in. Always blame the “other” and deny any self-responsibility.


Trump’s fragile, little boy ego could never accept the fact that he’s not liked is because he’s just a crude, ignorant, egomaniac & bully so he has cleverly substituted his jealousy & hatred towards the intellectual elite, or perhaps transferred would be the better word, on to the poor immigrants struggling to feed their families & flee the drug lords, corruption, etc. of their home countries because this dove-tails so perfectly with the racists & bigots so easily manipulated by demagogues & their rhetoric.


And this blows my mind & truly saddens me to my core because those Trump supporters have so much more in common with the immigrants they persecute & blame than with a slime-ball, fake billionaire, fake actor, fake success like Trump of the Duck Dynasty Klan. Of course, the 1% have allowed this all to happen not because of some grand conspiracy but simply because they don’t give a fuck & are probably laughing their asses off as we self-destruct & they continue to rape, pillage, & plunder “our” federal treasury.


Returning to the word, “barbarian,” I believe many of you would or do consider bikers to be a sort of modern variation of the barbarians who sacked Rome? Well, I’d just like to interject here that 20 years ago, I lived a few blocks from a “biker bar” in Portland, Oregon & because I wanted to avoid getting a D.U.I., and this bar was walking distance, I started hanging out there. In fact, I became somewhat of a “regular,” for the approximate six months I lived in the area. They would back their Harleys up to the curb out front & I’d ride my old-fashioned, cruiser type bicycle there & lock it to a nearby tree.


One day, a gal who was sitting at one of the outside tables with her boyfriend, I presume, said; “Hey, go ahead & park your bike next to the others!” I gave her a quizzical look & they both said; “Yeah,” so I did and we all laughed. In brief, I never had one ounce of trouble, was never threatened, never even insulted by any of the biker crowd who were regulars there. The manager befriended me as well as the owner & one night, a regular & his girlfriend invited me back to their place to continue partying & offered me their couch for the night.


You may be wondering why I brought this all up? I mention these experiences because I felt & still do that they were far more cultured, sensitive, & civilized than that poser in the White house who, unlike any other president in U.S. history as far as I know, continually has his pep rallies of fear, hate, & ignorance.


And speaking of ignorance, if you know much about modern history, have you ever wondered why the Nazis burned books in their reign of terror which culminated in the murder of over six million Jews, and another couple of million gypsies, homosexuals, intellectuals, etc.?

Books are the stored-up wisdom of all those who came before us. From Aristotle, the author of the first encyclopedia to Freud & beyond. As some have noted, we stand on the shoulders of those intellectual giants who came before us. And hopefully not to sound like an admirer of warmongers, but I used to have an old, blacklight poster that was a giant, peace sign made up of interlocking swastikas (which originally was a symbol of peace) & this quote by Napoleon Bonaparte; “There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. And in the end, the mind always conquers.”

You see, books, which represent knowledge & hence, freedom or independence because of their liberating power, are a threat to the powers that be who wish to keep us ignorant & vulnerable. So, it’s obvious, keep the people ignorant (to simply not know something) and you keep them under your control. And this is why both the State & the Church want to keep you ignorant. But good news comrades! You can empower yourself by going to your public library & devouring every great author you can. If you’d like some suggestions as to who to read, simply start with the “Great Books of the Western World” published in 1952 by Encyclopedia Britannica. This could take you many years to wade through but it would definitely render you a well-read person capable of facing the world on your own!

Poster girl for anti-intellectual “Christians,” married into Amway fortune, & sister to Eric Prince, America’s most infamous mercenary


You see my imaginary reader; the root of racism is fear of others whom you don’t know much if anything about. And fear is the root of hatred. So, if you keep people ignorant, it’s much easier to whip-up peoples’ fear & hatred and turn that to your political advantage.


Naturally, destroying the books of all those who have differing points of view from yours especially when it comes to politics, religion, culture, civilization, etc. is an important first step in destroying those “dangerous” others. And here in America, there has been a pervasive strain of anti-intellectualism throughout our history. Richard Hofstadter wrote the classic book on the subject & I have dissected his book not once, but twice because I used my notes from it in my major work; “Truth Against the World.” And no, this doesn’t make me an authority but I have definitely earned a fair hearing in that I have conservatively spent over 50,000 hours researching, reading, writing, watching documentaries, etc. over a 30-year period.


And unlike Trump, I can back my claims. That fuckin’ national embarrassment actually believes that simply because he says something, it makes it so. If he’s such a “genius” as he proclaims to be, why has he threatened every school he’s ever attended if they dare to release his grades?


Unfortunately for the rest of us Americans who haven’t drunk Trump’s Jim Jonestown’s Kool-Aid, and the rest of the world who are vulnerable due to the U.S.’s obscene level of militarism, the whole world lives in fear of a boy-child with the mental age of a third-grade student & the playground bully.


Yes, this is what willful ignorance, apathy, & utter indifference has brought us. Seems far too many of my fellow citizens hoped that they could escape their responsibilities as citizens & we’d be magically protected forever from the dark forces like Trump & his insatiably greedy masters of the universe. But no, life is not a Sci fi fantasy where the good overcome simply because they’re good.


Goodness, fairness, equality, freedom, etc. has always been a struggle & sometimes it has won out & sometimes it has lost. But one thing is for certain, if we shirk our duties to defend these values & principles, we will certainly go down with the ship. The ship of the damned, the ship steered by the likes of Trump!

“Christians” praying for the end of the world? Is this what Jesus taught them?




I showed my own ignorance when some time back, I asked my friend & mentor, Noam Chomsky, something like; So, when or what was the first instance of the joining of the Church & the State and their domination over the people? As usual, Noam was sensitive in his response & simply pointed out that it was when the Roman empire declared Christianity the official religion of the empire.


Think about it my friends, the so-called “Christian” fundamentalists and/or evangelicals have been waging a perpetual war against secular humanism for decades. Why? Quite simply because they reject superstition & supernaturalism and encourage us to use our reason & to think for ourselves.

Trump loves spreading Alex Jones’ conspiracies like the Sandy Hook massacre that killed 20 six & seven year old students & six adult staff was fake.


Most organized religions like many governments, including our own, also expect blind obedience. And they both fear the individual who dares to think for him or herself & dares to question their dogma.


In a nutshell, Trump, like the hypocritical “Christians” who support him no matter how vile his actions or words, only want your blind obedience & your dollars. I may sound like a preacher myself but if so, my hope is that you’ll think of me as a preacher of love & peace and that you will stand-up on your moral & intellectual hind-legs and; “Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Do not go gentle into that Dark Night!” (Dylan Thomas)

—Rob DeLoss Gold Beach, Oregon, Dec. 27, 2019




What the 1% Think of Us




In a word, Trump. What do I mean by this? Here is a person who is perhaps the most vile, corrupt, detestable person who has ever occupied the White House & most of us know that no one gets even close to that position without having been approved of by that tiny fraction of the 1%. And this says to me that they just plain don’t give a fuck about what we think or feel.

so all female Trump fans don’t mind if men grab their pussies???


Trump is like that tiny fraction of the elite, morally bankrupt corporate cockroaches flipping us & the rest of the world, the middle finger i.e. we could give a shit less about what you think, feel, or care about.

our “engaged” president thinking about a Big Mac


Many of us have heard of the proverbial “talk” given to new presidents when they take office. The new president may have promised the world to his constituents regarding all the changes he was going to implement but after “the talk,” those promises seem to just fade away?


So, it’s very clear except to the willfully blind that those who give the new presidents this lesson in the reality of how the U.S. government is really run are those top-secret men behind the veil of secrecy, and they are the de facto masters of the universe.

The banking cabal, not all the Masters but a significant part


And my guess is that were it not for Trump being the president, most of the high-class restaurants & clubs across America wouldn’t even allow Trump in their establishments due to his vulgarity & total lack of decent etiquette or proper behavior & speech. This may be another reason why he just hangs out at his own hotels & resorts though who knows if he actually owns them or merely gets to plaster his name all over them for the grand façade of his “success” brand.

Trump’s “brain-trust”


You see, my imaginary reader, Trump isn’t simply some malevolent force out of the blue, no, he’s just the end result—sort of like the end result of our bodies’ processing of the food we take in—of a publicly declared agenda by the rich after FDR enacted his “New Deal.”


In short, they declared that they weren’t going to stop fighting until they had rolled-back every single aspect of the New Deal that helped us, the coerced taxpayers & cost them so much as a penny. Moreover, you may recall Mitch McConnel, the Machiavellian miscreant who announced from Day 1 of Obama’s election that he & the G.O.P. were going to block Obama at every single bit of legislation he tried to pass. What a noble patriot!


By-the-way, don’t misunderstand me, the Democratic party is pretty damn close to being equally guilty in their betrayal of us, the 99% but for the sake of brevity in this essay, I’ll keep my criticisms mostly targeted on the G.O.P. (Greedy Old Pigs).


So, here’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how that elite scum think of us or rather, don’t think of us.


  • The privatization of all public water—note Nestles water in Michigan which gets the water from the Great Lakes at pennies on the dollar while Flint’s once clean source of water is shut-off & they are forced to use the toxic water of the Flint River

    Why won’t Trump drain the swamp in Flint???
  • The elimination of all unions, public & private. Note one of Reagan’s first acts as president was to fire the Air Traffic Controllers out on strike for life. And this sent a message to corporate America i.e. it’s open season on unions

    he busted-up every union he could but didn’t break up the Screen Actor’s Guild which he used to head?
  • Sorry American public, but there’s simply not enough money for quality health care, education, or welfare for the 99% but there’s a never-ending flow of billions & trillions to the “Defense Industries,” because the terrorists are coming (and we get a nice slice of the pie!) i.e. Halliburton, Bechtel, G.E., etc.

    Do you remember how Cheney/Bush backtracked after their lies were revealed?
  • No taxes for the rich or the megalithic monopolies that are strangling not only America’s workers but workers around the world. And ever since Reagan, they’ve promised that this would cause a trickle-down benefit for all of us. Yeah, and how are you doing financially from this trickle? But we, the intimidated taxpayers are sent to jail if we “cheat” on our taxes.

    Trump’s version of “Draining the Swamp” i.e. the U.S. Treasury & the 99%’s pockets
  • No, or very rarely do they prosecute the rich & when they do, the rich, especially the giant corporations, don’t even have to plead guilty & there’s no conviction on their record. So, they go right back to committing fraud, poisoning our environment, etc., pay a relatively small fine as compared to the profits they made from their criminal activities. You or I, pay a huge fine relative to our financial status, have a record, & often go to jail or prison. And we get three strikes & we’re out i.e. your third offence could be as little as stealing a candy bar & you spend the rest of your life in prison.</li>
  • More & more protestors are being labeled terrorists so they have no rights such as habeas corpus, right to a lawyer, etc. & their lives are destroyed (see The Patriot Act) & note Obama’s prosecution of more Whistleblowers than all other presidents combined—the brave souls like Edward Snowden who warned us that our government with the help of the tech giants is spying on every single communication device & platform

    Continuous Fear/Hate rallies, above the law, silence the media, countless criminal acts-Wake up People!
  • The Hell with clean air, clean water, safe food—Monsanto can experiment with GMO food & we can’t even know which foods are GMO (would hurt their profit margin) the corporate cockroaches are polluting the entire planet & pushing into ever greater ecological disaster which threatens humanity’s very survival, Oh well? They’re getting richer by the minute.

    And you claim that you love your kids???
  • Deregulation ad nauseam i.e. deregulate every industry but when their greed brings about their downfall, we, the taxpayers must once again bail them out (The World-wide Crash of 2008 which stole the pensions, homes, life savings, & jobs of tens of millions of people around the world, but when we, Joe & Jane average with maybe a mom & pop mini-market, go under? Too bad, too sad, it’s the free market for us but socialism for the rich i.e. we are all left to that mythological “free market,” where it’s sink or swim or the law of the jungle but the elite are always bailed out by us, the taxpayers because we’re forced to. And they proclaim that they must be saved or America will go under.

    Trump is busy deregulating every industry he can becuz 2008 was so much fun


In conclusion, the 1% have nothing but complete & utter contempt for the 99%. Just look at Trump’s chin, poked out in arrogance like he’s Louis the XIV th or Mussolini. He’s been spoiled & protected all his life because of his dad’s wealth built largely on his being a slum lord & manipulating the loopholes of tax laws, bribing of city council members, & friendships with mafia figures.

The Great “Deal Maker”


And this is why Donny throws a fit whenever anyone criticizes him. He’s used to always getting his way & this is also why he loves authoritarian figures around the globe. They remind him of the mafia bosses & the fear they have instilled in their citizens who dare not speak out for fear of being killed.

Trump idolizes dictators cuz he imagines himself one but his followers don’t care that they massacre thousands of their own citizens, at least they’re “strong” men


Trump demands total loyalty to him like the kings during the age of feudalism but he has absolutely no loyalty to anyone except his buddy, Putin who has killed god knows how many of his own citizens. Putin even hunts down his opponents who have fled to other countries like those in England that he had poisoned.


Trump admires Duterte who declared himself above the law & told his police to shoot dead anyone they suspect of using or selling drugs. Tens of thousands of Philippinos have been gunned down in the Philippines, no court hearing just summary execution. This appeals to Trump again because he loves the feeling or thought that he has absolute power & his word is law.


We also have Erdogan in Turkey who has declared himself “sultan,” and runs his country like it as well. And don’t forget Trump’s friend whom he declared falling in love with i.e. Rocket Man of North Korea has been letting his people starve for decades so that he can live like Kubla Khan in opulence. And last but not least, President Xi of China who declared himself president for life & has also killed god knows how many Chinese citizens & has the world’s largest open prison comprised of that religious sect who harm no one but dare to dissent.


Moreover, what really confuses & depresses me is the fact that so many American citizens can sit by & watch Trump flout our laws—remember, we love to brag about being a nation built on law & order—most glaringly his ignoring of the emolument’s clause in our most sacred document, the U.S. Constitution, and brazenly he tries to steer the G7 Summit for next year to be held at one of his resorts.


Trump supporters are either the world’s biggest fools or hypocrites & willfully blind to the fact that he is clearly not one of them & has nothing but contempt for them. He’s coming for your food stamps people, Make America Great Again! I’ll see you in line at the food bank.

Ah yeah, Trump telling it like it is


—Rob DeLoss, Dec. 4, 2019 in Gold Beach, Oregon


P.S.  I almost forgot to add that the arrogance of the rich has touched my life as well. I worked many shitty factory jobs in my 20s & I hated it with a passion on one particular occasion, the owner of the factory was leading a group of businessmen on a tour of the factory. I was standing & working at the machine I was assigned to & they stood not ten feet away from me & studied the machine & never once acknowledged my presence, not even a nod of recognition. I felt like a domestic animal in their barn. That anger has helped to fuel my lifelong pursuit of knowledge in order to empower myself and not have to be in a position like that one ever again.







Bartlet for President!



“The government you elect is the government you deserve”


—Thomas Jefferson


For those of you who don’t recognize the title of this essay, you clearly weren’t fans of what I consider perhaps the best television series in my lifetime i.e. The West Wing.


So, what say you about Thomas Jefferson’s words above? Do you feel that we deserve Trump? Could it be the laws of karma paying us back for neglecting our fellow men & women for so long? America’s imperial crimes against humanity have been going on for quite some time yet most Americans deny that we’re an empire. But all one has to do is read several articles by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, or Michael Parenti to begin to wake-up from our national stupor.

The greatest intellectual alive & my pen-pal since 2006, Noam Chomsky


Of course, reading is no longer fashionable in the U.S. & people prefer to get their “news” and information from watching videos. And something like 60% or more of Americans get their news from Facebook of all places. In case you haven’t heard it yet, Facebook doesn’t fact-check the news posts & the company Cambridge Analytica basically targeted tens of thousands of Americans it knew would be susceptible to the propaganda posts supporting Trump & defaming Hillary Clinton. In a nutshell, we can thank Mark Zuckerberg’s insatiable greed for giving us Trump.

Well, I mention these things in the context of this essay because it dawned on me a while back of how wide a difference there is between the president as played by Martin Sheen on The West Wing & our real-life president. Hell, there’s a Grand Canyon of difference between the two.


Practically every single day, Trump says or does something even worse than the previous day. This moron has no sense of decency, proper behavior, manners, or tact whatsoever. In fact, I find it very hard to believe he’s anywhere near as rich as he claims to be given such behavior? Who would do business with such a cretin?


Unlike Trump, Sheen is a truly humble man & he has been asked by fans several times since The West Wing ended, if he’d run for president in real life but he consistently tells his fans; “you’re confusing celebrity with credibility.” Unfortunately for America & the rest of the world, Trump has deluded himself into believing just the opposite of what Sheen knows to be the truth. And roughly a third of the American public have clearly made that serious mistake as well. I refer to him as Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan, in other words, the worst that America has to offer.


By way of contrast, reflect on these descriptors of the American president played by Sheen with all that you’ve witnessed so far of Trump’s behavior & intelligence;


  • Manifest integrity (clearly apparent to the sight or understanding; obvious; steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code)
  • Quick witticisms (a clever or witty remark)
  • Fierce intellect (a person of extraordinary intelligence)

& Compassionate stoicism (a feeling of deep sympathy & sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering; stoicism (The philosophy asserts that virtue (such as wisdom) is happiness and judgment should be based on behavior, rather than words.)


I hope that you weren’t eating or drinking anything while you read these descriptions of Jeb Bartlet & contrasting them with Trump, because you might’ve choked on your food or spit out your drink?


Okay, here’s my brief take on these four attributes in relation to Trump, the creature from the black lagoon:


Oh yeah, he’s clearly a very moral & ethical person; “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women]—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”


As for “quick witticisms,” Yeah, right! If you pay attention when he speaks, he almost always stumbles to find the words to express what he wants to say & I’ve never heard a single, witty remark come from this orangutan whose wit is on par with middle-school boys in a locker room bragging about their imaginary sexual exploits.


Of course, according to the humble Trump, he’s the smartest person who ever walked the face of the earth. Don’t you see it every time he speaks? If not, you must be just another loser like myself. And this is why he speaks at a fourth-grade level & has threatened to sue every single school he’s ever attended if they dare to release his grades. He’s just so humble.


As for compassion, it just oozes from Trump’s every pore. Remember his imitation of the handicapped journalist at one of his rallies? You might also care to note that the Trump organization was busted for theft of funds collected in one of his “charities.” Yep! He “shifted” money from the kids’ cancer charity he was running, into his own pocket.


And note, this is an article from Forbes magazine, not exactly a liberal rag.


Furthermore, consider this sampling of the issues the T.V. president, Jeb Bartlet, wrestled with & try to imagine how Trump would deal with them. Trump doesn’t have a clue about anything let alone would he have a fraction of the intelligence, strategic ability, or the moral or intellectual fortitude required to deal with these issues. Just reflect on how he has capitulated to Russia on every single issue that has come up related to Russia. He’s clearly Putin’s lap-dog & has sided with the Russians against our own intelligence agencies every single time.


Exploration of Real-World Issues on The West Wing



Other issues explored in The West Wing include:



And what bothers me even more than Trump being such an obvious moron is that roughly a third of our citizens believe him even though he is clearly a habitual, compulsive, pathological, & narcissistic liar. For his supporters to be so perversely & willfully blind and ignorant to this fraud tells us far more about who they are than who Trump is.


We stand on the brink of abyss & we are staring into the face of Armageddon & the good “Christian evangelicals or fundamentalists” are praying that we do blow up the planet. Moreover, the “Christians” who haven’t gone totally bat-shit crazy, sit silently on the sidelines as the whack-jobs keep growing more powerful by the day.


For the better part of his adult life, Martin Sheen has not only been talking the talk but also walking the walk & has been arrested over 66 times as of 2009. Here is a partial list of some of the real-life issues that Mr. Sheen has been fighting for or against & again, try to imagine Trump doing likewise or even knowing a fuckin’ thing about them let alone giving a shit about them because he only cares about his wealth & has turned the White House into a cat house where everything is for sale including the prestige it used to symbolize.


  • Against the war in Iraq
  • Opposition to the School of the Americas (where we train the Death Squads of Dictators around the world)
  • Against apartheid
  • Against racism
  • Against homelessness
  • Against Nuclear weapons testing i.e. Reagan’s S.D.I. (Star Wars program) or “Strategic Defense Initiative
  • In support of the Farm Worker’s boycotts i.e. Cesar Chavez
  • For gun control
  • For “Earth First!” (environmental group)
  • For Justice for Bhopal


Who would you rather have as our real-life president, the phony “celebrity” created from a t.v. script about a self-made billionaire who never loses in any of his business deals—even though he has failed at many of his business ventures & doesn’t own most of the buildings with his name on them but the suckers believe he does—and who tweets his racist, hateful, divisive remarks daily?


This third-rate actor, Reagan was a step ahead of him because he was at least a second-rate actor.Trump is like the thief who was invited to dinner & ended-up stealing all the silverware & fine China,  but he is robbing the Federal Treasury & this is called “Draining the Swamp?”


Trump has opened the doors to every agency established to look out for the welfare of our Republic & our citizens & welcomed in every corporate pig to gorge themselves to their hearts’ content. You may think the World-wide economic collapse of 2008 was scary (and we’re still suffering from its effects) wait till Trump has finished with his raping, pillaging, & plundering of all that is America.


We have the reality of an unreal malignant narcissist & sociopath in charge of our government & our well-being, give me the t.v. actor, Martin Sheen any time of the day or night. He is light-years ahead of Trump ethically, morally, intellectually. Sheen is a man who has fought all his life for true democracy & is a principled and moral man of the highest caliber.


It’s real simple my fellow citizens if you can just step outside the bubble of propaganda we’ve been fed all our lives. We, the taxpayers, must face the fact that no matter how much of our blood, sweat, & tears we shed as we work our lives away for the corporate cockroaches, it will never be enough to satisfy them.  And no matter how loyal we are to those corporations that rule our lives like the private tyrannies they de facto are, they have absolutely no loyalty in return & will throw us on the garbage dump the minute they find it more profitable to move to some third world nation where they can pay workers a couple of bucks per day with no environmental or labor regulations whatsoever.


And “our” tax dollars go to feeding the military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us of but its appetite is insatiable.And we are told ad infinitum that we must give the 1% er corporations more tax breaks because it’ll stimulate the economy. Yeah, it’ll stimulate your ass as they butt-fuck you & close their plants down here to go overseas & do some more stimulating of those poor suckers. (this is known as the “Trickle-down theory” or where they piss on us & tell us it’s raining—invented by Reagan, the darling of the conservative cockroach class.) And they tax us even more & tell us they aren’t, it’s just our imagination i.e. Trump’s massive tax giveaway to the rich.

And even with our military might, equal to the rest of the world’s nations’ military budgets combined, we are the most fearful people on the planet i.e. the terrorists are coming, the terrorists are coming. (Note: they had to replace the old boogey-man, “the communists are coming, the communists are coming” with something to keep the trillions flowing into their greasy paws)


And no matter how much we are forced to “give” in the form of our tax dollars, it is never enough or it’s just barely enough for the status quo i.e. to maintain our military superiority, but there’s never enough left over for trivial things like decent & affordable housing for all of us who pay our taxes or healthy food that we can afford or for us to be able to rest easy knowing that our families will receive the best medical care available no matter what illness, disease, or accident befalls them.


You see, my imaginary reader, the greed of the 1% guarantees this status quo as an absolute fact because they write the laws that we must obey but not them. And the police as well as the military are their enforcers. Step out of line or protest and you will be jailed or killed. This is what’s laughingly known as freedom & democracy.


In conclusion, my intellectual as well as moral hero is Noam Chomsky. And by-the-way, if you’re interested in a truly revolutionary education i.e. a liberating education, a reading of Chomsky’s work would be like earning your Ph. D. in political science, history, philosophy, etc. etc. etc.


Chomsky is turning 91 years of age on December 7, 2019 and he has spent the last several years warning the world of the two most critical issues facing humanity i.e. climate destruction & the ever-growing threat of a nuclear exchange. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that Chomsky has been referred to as the “most important intellectual alive & the only person in the top ten most quoted people throughout Western history,” and this list includes The Bible, Plato, & Aristotle. Not too shabby in any intelligent person’s book!


It would also do us well to remember that ignorance in a court of law isn’t a valid or legal defense nor is it in reality. So, my fellow citizens, it is up to each of us to decide, to choose as to whether we’ll go along willingly with our continued enslavement (yeah, even though you suffer from the delusion of freedom because you have lots of nice, shiny playthings) and our very real destruction or do you choose to stand-up on your hind-legs like a true man or woman & scream; No! I will not go gentle into that dark night. (Dylan Thomas)


Let me leave you with this quote by H.G. Wells whom some call the father of science-fiction. I’d argue that Jules Verne is a real close second, if not the first?


“It’s becoming more and more of a race between education and catastrophe.”


I have watched this series because of its superior intellectual content, several times over. Especially when I am hungry for something to watch that I can really sink my teeth into. Yeah, I know, I sound like one of those “horrible East Coast elitists” who look down their noses at you. Well, so be it because you are acting like the morons they think you are!

Why? Because you watch such utter crap like “The Walking Dead,” and the countless “reality t.v. shows” that offend any intelligent persons’ intelligence. Yes, these “social critics” are insulting but they are mere distractions. Your anger should be targeted against the true enemies of the people, the corporate cockroaches.

And no, I’m not defending these effete social critics but I am advising you to not run & hide & hate them but rather to arm yourselves intellectually & do battle with them, standing on your hind-legs. Let me remind you, I grew-up in Paramount (1964-1983 approx.) though you never really leave home. Yep! A poor, industrially-zoned town across the wide, L.A. river-bed from the infamous Compton, you know, the home of that insignificant gang called The Crips?  Clearly I’m just another one of those fuckin’ elitists!

Reality Deniers

“You’re saying it’s a falsehood and Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that.” —Kellyanne Conway, January 22, 2017 (re: Spicer’s claim that Trump’s inauguration was the largest ever)

Well Mrs. Conway, as Gertrude Stein would inform you; A fact is a fact is a fact. And if you’d like to show America how sure you are of your alternative world, why don’t you go to the top of a skyscraper & step off the ledge to prove that the Laws of Gravity are just an alternative fact or opinion as well?

This coming from the woman whose official title is Counselor to the President but more accurately, she’s his apologist & personal minister of propaganda i.e. Joseph Goebbels reincarnated.

David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Star
David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Star

We have arrived at this fantastically depressing day in U.S. history for a myriad of reasons but two of the most prominent factors are the rise of the “Reality television shows” phenomenon that began 20 years ago along with the rise of our own version of Russia’s “Pravda” i.e. FOX “News.”

Everyone knows that politicians are liars but at least they used to be considerably more restrained in the quantity & quality of their deceptions. But our narcissistic & totally unconcerned about reality bully-boy in the White House doesn’t care about facts & has been allowed to get away with habitual lying his entire life because daddy always protected him.

With Trump, lying has risen to another level, beyond the rational universe & this is why his base consists of born-again Bible thumpers who pray for the end of the world & those who just love his vicious & heartless attacks on everyone not like them i.e. liberals, gays, Mexicans, Muslims, the handicapped, intellectuals, democrats, journalists, women, etc. etc. etc. And of course, the greedy corporate cockroaches who are making out like bandits thanks to Trump’s tax give a ways to the super rich while slashing every program that offers a bit of help to the poor, the working class, the middle class, etc. And the 35% to 39% or so who are Trump’s die-hard fans are so stupid, they don’t care that he’s taking away their food stamps & etc. They’ll still be singing his praises as they climb out of their cardboard “homes” on Skid Row & they’ll continue to curse Obama’s very existence. trump5

But before I wander too far afield, I want to highlight the elephant in the room that is so glaringly obvious because it’s been so consistent that most of us now see it as “normal,” i.e. Trump’s habitual lying. He just recently passed the 14,000 lies mark & it doesn’t mean shit to his base. Now that’s some kind of willful ignorance! I wonder if these Trump fans tell their kids it’s okay to lie? Or do they simply ignore their kids’ lying as they do Trump’s and say; Oh, isn’t he cute?

Trump has said things & ten minutes later when he’s been called on a lie, he’ll lie about the lie and claim that it’s the fake news. Yep! I guess the “fake news” and the “Deep State” (C.I.A., F.B.I. N.S.A., etc.) are so fast & powerful that within ten minutes of Donald saying something, they can alter what he said & accuse him of lying? The poor baby is just so picked on.

Think about it, they’d have to hack into every news station in the country, rewrite every reporters’ notes from Donny’s press conference, hack into every phone, video camera, etc. all just because they hate him for no valid reason? It can’t possibly be that there is no plot to get him but that two-thirds of the country actually detest him because of his vile & vulgar behavior, his racism, his hate speech, & his crimes (thousands of them over the years & that’s why he’s maintain a platoon of lawyers all his business life), can it?

This is clearly denial of reality on a scale we’ve never witnessed before and what does it say about us as citizens of the supposedly most free & democratic nation on Earth? Okay, it’s clearly time to go back to school—pun intended—because as a country, we’re pretty damn dumb! And a common thread that will wind through this essay is the subject of “control.”

In the documentary, “Citizen Four” which is about Edward Snowden’s decision to no longer be a pawn in the NSA’s illegal spying on all Americans, he understated the issue of our freedom as very much relevant to the NSA’s unconstitutional activities. I think he was going overboard to not come off as a conspiracy nut & that’s why he simply said at one point in the film; “It’s about control.”

And control is what our public education system is all about whether you are aware of it or not and whether you accept this accusation or not. It’s real simple in its broad strokes i.e. the government basically follows the wishes of the 1% & the 1% want workers who are obedient & just smart enough to run the machinery (both physical machines & the operation of its companies i.e. accountants, salesmen, administrators, office workers, etc.) to keep their profits coming in but not too clever because they might lead the workers to organizing, protesting, boycotting, & worst of all, sit down strikes where the workers take over the plants, factories, etc.

Again, it’s important to not get off on those fun, grand conspiracies like Trump loves to because they actually serve the interests of the 1% by distracting & confusing the workers & the voters. Gore Vidal put it very succinctly, “They don’t need to conspire, they all think alike.” And unlike Trump who simply makes claims that he can’t back up, I can prove my expertise when it comes to the field of education. I graduated high school, spent 14 years going to college (dropping in & out several times before earning my B.A. in English literature), have collected a personal library of approx. 10,000 books (have probably read at least 700 of them), and have been writing for over 30 years. And last but not least, was reading at the 11th grade, sixth month level when I was in the sixth grade. What level do you think Trump reads at with that impressive & articulate rhetorical style of his? Moreover, why did Trump threaten to sue any school he’s ever attended if they released his grades to anyone if he’s so “brilliant” and a “stable genius?” Are we to believe that he’s humble when it comes to his grades and that’s why he doesn’t want them released? Yeah right, the guy who brags about himself everyday & every way he can. No matter what the subject or topic that is being discussed, Trump always finds a way to turn it into an opportunity to brag about his legendary accomplishments—almost always fantasies which are the product of his little pea-brain—yet his “base” just laps it up? Guess Goebbels was right? The bigger the lie and the more often you tell it, the more the people will accept it as truth & it becomes fact. (for those of you who don’t remember, Goebbels was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda)

Regarding our public education system, in a nutshell, it too has been invaded & to a very large extent, has been coopted by the 1% as well as those good ol’ “Christian evangelicals” who have turned a blind-eye to all Trump’s sins because he gives them lip-service “support” in their war against the evil secularists who are destroying Christian values. I wrote a book on this subject should you care to check the veracity of my claims?

Let’s return to the subject of the Bible-thumpers who are the overwhelming majority of Trump supporters. These people have been denying reality all their lives & trying to reach them on an intellectual or intelligent basis is about as pointless as a screen-door in a submarine. They’re infamous for their closed-minds. But what’s really scary about them is the fact that they actually pray for the end of the world & this too is why they love Trump i.e. he may just make it happen?

I was re-watching a documentary about Gore Vidal recently and he reminded me of this dangerous delusion of the evangelicals or “Christian” fundamentalists. We’re so worried about Muslim jihadists? We should be more worried about our “Christian” jihadists who have one of their own, Mike Pence, as vice president of the United States. If Trump were to be marched out of the White House in handcuffs, Pence becomes president & yet his own wife won’t trust him alone with another woman if she’s not there? So much for their faith between themselves as man & wife but we’re supposed to trust him with the nuclear launch codes? Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Gore Vidal pointed out; “39% of the American public believe in the death of the Earth by Nuclear Fire and in Rapture. Among the 39% is Ronald Reagan.”

the unholy alliance of two thieves!

I know, silly me to worry about such mundane things as the Christian loonies praying for the end of humanity. But these perversions of what passes for human beings are very active politically from their local schoolboards up to the presidency. You see, I used to be like most everyone I knew and didn’t give a damn about politics until Reagan became president.

I didn’t pay attention to the news or read about politics but I guess through osmosis or something & growing up in California while Reagan was governor, I knew we were in serious danger when he was elected president. And now we have Trump who makes Reagan look like a boy scout.

Here’s a flashback for you regarding this subject; my beloved wife, Jeri (who passed away over six years ago now) and me were on our honeymoon in Europe & we were visiting Paris. We were in some crowded public square when a reporter approached us & he had a camera man with him. He asked if we were Americans & I said yes. (guess he could tell from the goose-down coats we were wearing?) Anyway, the reporter said that he was like the Dan Rather of Czechoslovakia & he wanted to know our opinion of Reagan’s talk of fighting a limited nuclear war in Europe. I simply said that I think he’s a moron & he scares the Hell out of me. And when the camera man turned off his camera, the journalist said to me something like; “Thank God not all Americans are stupid, I just interviewed another American couple who thought fighting a limited nuclear war in Europe was a good idea.”

Commander and Dunce in Chief?

Think about it my imaginary reader i.e. how can so-called Christians believe in Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” which I believe all that a true Christian need practice & at the same time pray for the death & destruction of the overwhelming majority of life, plant & animal, the wiping-out of the world’s forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, etc.? Talk about cognitive dissonance, Jesus Christ!

Our Fabricator in Chief, Donald Trump’s level of ignorance is wickedly scary because he asks questions like;

Trump said he might use nuclear weapons and questioned why we would make them if we wouldn’t use them

Trump said he was open to nuking Europe because it’s a “big place”

Trump said that “you want to be unpredictable” with nuclear weapons

Trump said he wasn’t that worried about more countries getting nukes since “it’s not like, gee whiz, nobody has them”

Trump had no idea what the “nuclear triad” was

Trump said he’d be OK with a nuclear arms race in Asia

Donald Trump ‘suggested dropping nuclear bombs to divert hurricanes’

Yep! just the kind of guy to make you feel all warm, safe, & cozy in your bed at night, right? I’m old enough to remember when the Iranians took those American hostages & people had bumper stickers on their cars saying; “Nuke Iran!” and it scared me then as it does now that people could be so fucking stupid! They can’t seem to get it through their ignorant heads that the radiation released when a nuclear bomb goes off doesn’t just stay within the borders of the country it exploded in. I guess Chernobyl taught all these sorts of morons nothing?

The radiation that was released as a result of the Chernobyl disaster i.e. accident, traveled around the globe poisoning food, plants, animals, & people. Milk supplies were contaminated. I think that herds of caribou in Finland were contaminated? How does this sit with you reality deniers? Would it concern you if your children or your grandchildren were exposed to potentially life-threatening or cancer-causing levels of radioactivity? I used to work in the field of industrial x-ray back in my late teens & my early 20s with a step-dad of mine at the time and the more I learned about it, the more scared I became and I eventually quit working with this stuff that lasts for thousands of years & can’t be safely stored or destroyed.

Perhaps you’re a member of the trendy, New Age Deniers? I danced around the edges of that cult too. There was an explosion of New Age gurus & Pop Psychologists that began in the 1970s & every bookstore that I walked into, I made a bee-line for the New Age & Pop Psychology section.

I was disillusioned with the common wisdom of my elders i.e. get a job & stick with it no matter whether you like it or not. I was seeking a purpose or a calling and I hoped to find a community where I felt I belonged. I hitchhiked up & down the West coast dozens of times, checked out a few communes, hitched across the U.S., and made several trips to Europe, sometimes with only a one-way ticket and a couple hundred bucks in my pocket.

Again, and again, the ugly, harsh realities of life smacked me in the face. After reading dozens & dozens of these New Age books & Pop Psychology books, perhaps hundreds of them, I began to realize that they were offering simplistic, easy answers to many of the most challenging philosophical questions that the greatest philosophers of Western & Eastern Philosophy and Religion had been wrestling with their entire lives. I saw what an insult their pablum panaceas were to men & women of serious & honest intellectual inquiry. And what made me sadder yet was that the overwhelming majority of these self-described spiritual seekers & pop psychologist gurus were just in it for the money.

It wasn’t until around the time that I met my sweet lady, my Rock of Gibraltar, my wife Jeri that I stumbled upon philosophy and this awoke my life-long passion for knowledge in the hope of finding wisdom & peace. Philosophy didn’t offer answers in popular, best sellers in the New Age industry on subjects like Rolfing, Est, primal screaming, etc. And I came across the “work” of Gurdjieff which was extremely alluring & made Scientology look like the Mickey Mouse Club. In fact, I attended a meeting of Gurdjieff followers in Portland, Oregon and they came very close to seducing me with their appeals to my ego but thankfully, at that time in my life, my heart, mind, & spirit were very strong and I trusted my gut instinct to get away from them.

And no, it wasn’t melodramatic, I simply realized what was happening i.e. the meeting was held in a mansion in an exclusive part of town. There were expensive paintings, sculpture, vases, rugs, tapestries, etc. and we sat at a long dining-like table. I learned that I was amongst doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. and I was just an unemployed hippie sleeping on a cousin’s couch. But when they said that we had to give 10% of our monthly income or $100 per month that I knew the game was rigged. After a little research, I learned that they were all over the world from Newport Beach in Orange County to Tokyo, London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, etc. and they were always located in the most expensive parts of these world capitals.

I read books on their guru who had died in 1949 and he was quite frank about his “shearing of the sheep” as he put it. He drank, ate the best food, womanized, etc. Trump would’ve loved him. He held orgies with the rich & privileged like Trump’s buddy, Jeffrey Epstein. And the rich gave him fortunes for his guidance in the pursuit of enlightenment.

birds of a feather (birds of prey) flock together

Anyway, I said to myself, Nah! I can smell a con artist when I see one and Trump is a con man of unbelievable hubris but he only gets away with his level of ignorance & grifting with those who are the least educated & therefore easier to deceive & manipulate.

And speaking of deception & manipulation, another reason why I finally quit Facebook for good was all the drivel that the New Agers keep posting. I was snide & sarcastic to many of them and would often comment, Thanks for the New Age Hallmark card. What angers me about this “movement,” is that like so much other crap in our lives, New Age has become a sort of religion for the young & middle aged who are so confident that they have the answers that their “philosophy” can basically be put as “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”

Yeah, right! Our planet is dying & we have a sociopath who is running a garage sale out of the White House. Trump’s egregious disregard for any semblance of respectability for the institution of the presidency is beyond the pale. But these New Agers smugly sit back in their yoga pants eating their tofu & drinking their veggie smoothies. They act so above it all and don’t lift a finger to try to stop the thieves like Trump or Wall St. One big cop-out & they have the audacity to look down their noses at people like myself who believe we all have a responsibility to fight the system!

This brings me to one of the most critical issues that far too many of us are in denial about i.e. climate destruction & the death of our planet. The oil industry, EXXON in particular did their own study and have known for over 30 years of the massive destruction they are causing our environment i.e. pollution that kills not only the creatures dependent on the oceans but also people.

Once again, it’s abundantly clear that the almighty dollar wins out yet again. Let’s see the mother fuckers as they’re dying from lack of air, food, & water and ask them, aren’t you glad you made all that money? The oil corporations & especially the Koch brothers, have spent & continue to spend something like over a hundred million dollars every year in spreading fake news, fake scientific reports, & fake advertising denying that the polar ice caps are melting & etc.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are wondering, perhaps praying for this?

The overwhelming majority of climate scientists around the globe are in agreement about the seriousness of this but the powers that be pay off a few whores in academia and its; What climate change? Do you remember that when they built the Titanic, all the experts & engineers swore that it was unsinkable? What do you think was going through their minds as all those people were dying in the frigid waters of the Atlantic? Is that what it’s going to take for the climate deniers to face reality?

The reality is that we’ve elected to the highest position in America and the world because of our power, a failed businessman who just keeps on lying no matter how many times & ways he’s called out. Trump is the master denier of reality because if he ever faced reality or real consequences for even a fraction of the crimes he’s committed, he’d be locked-up for the rest of his days.

it’s pretty bad when even the fake news network is calling you out for fake news

Think about it. Trump stars in a fake reality T.V. series that the producers freely admit it was i.e. it was all staged & Trump insisted that every time his name was mentioned, they had to refer to him as a billionaire. Why would someone insist on such a thing if they were truly a billionaire? It’s obviously to all but the willfully ignorant that Trump really isn’t a billionaire, he just keeps claiming he is because he wants us to believe he is. This is why he won’t release his tax records.

Getting back to “reality t.v.,” I remember 20 years ago when the phenomenon started & I said to anyone who would listen, wait a minute, we’re supposed to believe that this artificial or fake t.v. show is real? I always suggested that we just live our lives because they’re real i.e. if you lose your job, you may then lose your home, etc. How’s that for reality?

P.T. Barnum was so right when he declared that there’s a sucker born every minute! Trump’s grand i.e. the biggest & best in the world, etc. casinos failed & that’s not an easy thing to do because casinos are cash generating businesses i.e. people rarely stop gambling no matter how much they win & they then end up losing it all back and then some to the casino. But Mr. Business even fucked that up to say nothing about all his other failures & most notably his fake university which he had to settle out of court.

I look forward to the time when Trump’s Duck Dynasty Klan fans are hit across the face with a two by four of reality and realize what absolute morons they were to ever believe a single word out of his mouth. But America is world famous for its escape from reality i.e. Hollywood, the “Christian Right” and its belief in Armageddon & those evil people are doing everything they can to ensure the end of the world. And they love Trump because he’s doing his best to make their reality our reality. The extremists on the “Christian Right” are every bit as delusional & dangerous as the extremists in the Muslim faith who want to kill all who aren’t Muslim. And our politicians & military leaders have done an excellent job of really pissing off over a billion Muslims around the world with minor little things like Obama’s illegal & immoral Drone Warfare program.

I understand why the majority of Trump voters are so angry at the government though they have near total amnesia when it comes to the hundreds of good things our government does. But every time you meet a Trump voter, one of the first things out of their mouths is; “He tells it like it is.”

Well no, he doesn’t tell it like it is, not even close. I think what this statement is really saying is that they feel that he speaks like they do? So, they’re really insulting themselves & admitting that they’re ignorant racists, homophobes, misogynists, and totally lacking in compassion. That’s something to be proud of?

After three years of the Trump presidency, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s totally pointless to argue with a Trump supporter. They truly do live in an alternative universe. You may as well try to convince a “Christian” fundamentalist that there is no God.

So, what are we to do given the reality of where we’re at? I wish I could offer you some simple, concrete steps to follow but then I’d be just another reality denier. The fact is, we’re some of the stupidest people on this planet but we’re not supposed to say that. Everywhere I turn, I hear “liberal” apologists saying to not call people stupid because that won’t help. Yeah? Let’s play nice while the other side is trying to kill us or at least chase us out of our own country for daring to call a spade a spade?

I feel that part of the reason why or how we got here is because we’ve been too worried about being “politically correct.” We’ve been denying & ignoring our pathetic public education system for decades & now we believe that turning our schools into charter schools where they can teach religion & pray in school is going to make things better? Yeah right! Just what we need, some more delusional, reality denying Bible thumpers.

I am becoming more & more cynical the older I get & the more I learn about this sick, twisted phenomenon of the cult of Trump. The reality that millions of so-called “Christians,” love him when he is the absolute antithesis of their so-called values & principles, shows how hollow, hypocritical, & worthless their beliefs are.

I also wish that our so-called news organizations were giving us the facts but they too have sold their souls for the corporate dollars & their shot at celebrity. Edward R. Murrow must be rolling over in his grave at how pathetically low we’ve fallen in terms of journalistic integrity.

remember the little boy who cried wolf (Trump) Well, I told you!

Moreover, there’s no country we can escape to that I know of? This wave of fascism led by Trump is spreading around the globe & people are being killed in ever greater numbers by their presidents, dictators, & despots whom are Donald’s idols, especially Putin. I wonder at times what percentage of our military personnel admire Trump & what percentage of them are reviled by him as much as I am?

And here’s another bit of reality for you, especially to all my Trump friends, China is a little behind us in terms of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology but they’re definitely ahead of us in terms of their implementation of AI to suppress & oppress their citizens i.e. they have more cameras watching their citizens than any other nation and they use facial recognition software. In fact, China is holding over a million Uighurs in what is basically a secret concentration camp. It has been referred to as one of the world’s largest, open-air prisons.

Tell me again what we fought the Vietnam war for? I thought it was to prevent the Chinese from taking Vietnam but now they’ve adopted a sort of blend of Communism & Capitalism and Trump just loves their leader as he does that mass murderer in charge of North Korea.

If you give a shit, you can check out the recent documentary on AI on PBS’s Frontline series & it’s sure to pick up your spirits. Remember, we mustn’t be sad as we circle the drain. Don’t worry, be happy!

So, we have China as our trading partner & note that the overwhelming majority of Walmart’s products come from China & Walmart is supposedly the world’s biggest retailer. And we have Russia with Putin the ex-KGB officer (think C.I.A.) who poisons his political enemies or has his Russian mafia take care of them and we have Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan in charge here. What could go wrong?

All three of these powers have already unleashed Orwell’s Big Brother on their citizens & note that America has the largest per capita number of prisoners in the world. Edward Snowden rang the warning bell not unlike Paul Revere who warned us that the British were coming & for that true patriotic act, he is now hunted by America & forced to live in exile in sunny old Russia.

By-the-way, out of 194 nations on this planet, the U.S. ranks 124th in terms of literacy (ability of its citizens to read & write) but we’re number one when it comes to military might. In fact, our military budget (yeah, right. Since when have they ever had to stick to a budget) is very close to being equal to all the other nations’ military budgets combined.

So why is it that we’re amongst the most scared people on the planet? It couldn’t be that the politicians at the behest of their corporate masters, have drummed their war propaganda into our minds from cradle to grave since the end of WWII so they could keep the trillions of our tax dollars flowing into their bank accounts, could it?

Nah! I’m just denying the reality of our world, right? Ask around & see how many Americans are even aware of the fact that were it not for the Russians fighting the Germans on the Eastern Front, we would’ve lost WWII. And the Russians lost over 20 million people in WWII. But as soon as the war ended, the Russians became our enemy overnight. Remember the McCarthy trials of Communists? And here’s another fact for you reality deniers; Trump’s mentor, the guy who taught him the importance of being ruthless in attacking everyone who criticizes you & to always deny, deflect, & distract, was none other than Roy Cohn. Yeah, a real swell guy who mostly represented mafia kingpins & introduced Donald to many of his clients who became helpful to Donald as he created his empire with daddy’s money. And Cohn was McCarthy’s right-hand man in the un-Constitutional trials that destroyed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of actors, writers, directors, producers, etc. in the good old days of the 1950s. And NO! This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s a FACT!

In the final analysis my reality deniers, it doesn’t matter whether it’s communist China who enslaves us or Capitalist America who enslaves us because we are hopelessly brain-dead and you might as well enjoy your myriad of choices of conspiracy theories that Trump generously shares with his cult members to distract you from the reality of what an inhuman creature from the Black Lagoon he truly is!

the breakfast of champions? Yeah, right Bart

And what an amazing series of coincidences that Trump defends Putin at every turn or his actions benefit the Russians against our so-called values & principle? We’re not supposed to connect the dots that trace back decades of Russian mafia figures have been giving Trump loans when American banks no longer will or that the Russians are among Trump’s biggest customers when it comes to selling his apartments in Trump Tower. No, it would just be too unreal to imagine that we could have a traitor in the Oval Office, right?

So, You Don’t Care about NSA Mass Surveillance?




“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”[17]

“When you say, ‘I have nothing to hide,’ you’re saying, ‘I don’t care about this right.’

—Edward Snowden


Mr. Snowden goes on to say; “The way rights work is, the government has to justify its intrusion into your rights, and nobody needs to justify why they ‘need’ a right.” Some of you may remember that other little document our government is founded on i.e. The Bill of Rights? Or how about that other golden oldie, The Declaration of Independence?


How is it that one minute, Americans can be boasting to the world, We’re the greatest nation on earth, we have freedom & democracy and our soldiers have given their lives in defense of freedom & democracy, & the next minute they shrug their shoulders and say, I have nothing to hide so I don’t care if the government spies on me?

Fascism’s Friendly Big Brother


Another ignorant response I get from probably 90% or more of the people I speak to when I tell that that I write about politics is; “Oh, I’m not interested in politics.” These responses sadden me every time I hear them because they show how lazy people have become mentally. But most importantly, what they reveal if we look below their glib surface is that they’re de facto saying that they don’t care that their family or friends who died in the never-ending wars that America is embroiled in because remember; you don’t care about your right to privacy, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, or politics.


For the past decade or better, I try to tactfully point out when people say they’re not interested in politics; So, what you’re saying is that you don’t care if the company you worked for & given your blood, sweat, & tears to for years, maybe decades, just shuts its doors & moves overseas where they can pay workers $1 an hour or a couple of bucks per day. And you don’t care if the government allows your company to invest in hedge funds with your pension plan & the hedge fund company loses your pension betting on Wall St.


Or you don’t mind if your company cuts back or completely eliminates your health insurance & if you or your loved ones get sick, oh well, too bad! The G.O.P. spends millions on their public advertising propaganda against “socialized medicine,” to keep the public fooled and vote against their own best interests. The Republicans are consistent in their agenda & you can bet your last dollar that behind every bit of legislation they’re for or against, it’s because they want the freedom to rape, pillage, & plunder us to their hearts’ content. (What am I saying? They don’t have hearts & Trump is prima facie evidence of this)


I could go on citing example after example but I feel that I’ve made my point. Returning to the subject of our freedoms, one of the things that really pisses me off is the fact that in perhaps the majority of bars, taverns, pubs, etc. across this home of the brave & land of the free, we are forbidden to speak about politics.


As I pointed out above, politics affects every one of our lives whether we realize it or not & to be told time & time again that I’d better shut up or I’ll be kicked out really gets my blood boiling. Where else can we meet with our fellow citizens & discuss the topics of the day like the nut-job in El Paso a few weeks back who killed over 20 Hispanics because he believed this was what Trump was telling us we should do.


We’re supposed to just sit silent & not discuss or debate such heinous crimes against humanity? And I’ve noticed that this social taboo against speaking about politics in bars is hypocritical in that you can talk about the local politics in your town i.e. the city not fixing potholes, a new local tax, etc. but dare to bring up the serious, national issues like El Paso & the bartenders who often just barely graduated high school, swoop on you like they’re the guardians at the gate.


Yet every once in a while, I’ve been in a tavern where the bartender was more enlightened & several of us customers got into a lively discussion/debate about national & international issues and I saw the light come on in peoples’ eyes. And afterwards, I’ve had people come up to me & thank me with comments like; “Wow! That was the best conversation I’ve had in ten years!” I believe people are hungry for real conversation/debate because we have been slowly getting dumbed-down with asinine television programming & advertisements for our entire lives.


Unlike our infamous “leader,” I’m not bragging & claiming that those energizing conversations happened because I’m so brilliant. No, I merely played the role of moderator & would add interesting points or questions here & there and encourage those who were mostly just listening, to join in with their perspective. And yes, I realize that I can’t expect every conversation in a bar to be as stimulating as those rare ones that I have experienced but to command us to be silent is closer to living in a totalitarian state like Russia or China & I thought we were supposed to be better than that?


Furthermore, I don’t buy the standard excuse for why we’re not allowed to speak about politics in bars; “People get too upset & start fights.” Why not just cut-off or 86 those who become belligerent just as you would for any one of hundreds of other reasons people become aggressive in bars? I have had guys come really close to trying to physically intimidate me & have realized that I was arguing with a brick wall so I’d say, let’s just agree to disagree, and I’d either change the subject or if they were still trying to intimidate me, I’d get up and move or simply leave the bar.


Perhaps we’ve also lost our sense of outrage at the erosion of our freedoms & rights due to the fact that most of us work for private corporations which are de facto “private tyrannies?” This concept never even occurred to me until I learned about it from my intellectual hero, Noam Chomsky. Here’s a quote from Noam that should give every true patriot cause for serious concern;


January 21, 2010 will go down as a dark day in the history of American democracy, and its decline. The editors of the New York Times did not exaggerate when they wrote that the Supreme Court decision that day “strikes at the heart of democracy” by having “paved the way for corporations to use their vast treasuries to overwhelm elections and intimidate elected officials into doing their bidding” — more explicitly, for permitting corporate managers to do so, since current laws permit them to spend shareholder money without consent.


To conclude my remarks on the subject of our rights being severely curtailed, I want to unequivocally state that no, I’m not a grand conspiracy theorist & I detest Alex Jones, who Trump loves to cite in his fear & hate rallies. But, it is a fact that the Patriot Act which was rammed through Congress two months after 9/11 & didn’t even give Congress time to read it, in effect, shredded our Bill of Rights.


Moreover, 9/11 was just the sort of event that Dick Cheney & the others who formed the right-wing, think tank P.N.A.C. (Project for the New American Century) established in 1997, had been looking for so they could initiate their War on Terror campaign which would guarantee that the billions & trillions of dollars being siphoned off from the U.S. Treasury would continue ad infinitum. Yes, this was the perfect justification for the theft & waste by the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about because it is the gift that never stops giving i.e. terrorism will never stop especially because the more we bomb other nations & kill innocent civilians, the more terrorists we keep on creating.Sorry but I’m going to disillusion you Sunshine Patriots yet again, here are the facts about America’s so-called desire to bring peace, freedom, & democracy to the world—a list of our wars or police actions since the founding of the United States (read it if you dare i.e. if the facts don’t scare you as they do with Trump followers & many “Christian” evangelicals; )


And once again, No, this isn’t a grand conspiracy because quite frankly, they’re not that clever. It boils down to the fact that all these players i.e. the government, “Defense” contractors, the 1%, etc. are unified in one thing, their greed.


Some of you may still not care that the NSA is illegally spying on every American citizen & is storing all our data, “content” and metadata, in their new, storage center in Utah. And as Snowden showed us, this metadata provided to the government by Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. can be used against us whenever the government may wish to do so. Our metadata is a record of our location, the sites we log on to, the duration of our phone calls, our e-mail exchanges, etc. etc. etc. and if we should ever be a target of our government, it’d be very easy for them to fabricate a crime we supposedly committed by simply linking our metadata & concocting a fictitious narrative about us. Perhaps you think this is very unlikely? How many times have we heard of people framed by the police and/or the district attorney simply because they wanted to look good in the public’s eye for having solved a crime.


As for you who still don’t give a shit about your privacy, consider these possible scenarios the NSA could record about your behavior:


  • Cheating on your wife or husband
  • A homosexual experience
  • You masturbating
  • Making love to your spouse
  • Shitting your pants
  • A sexual disease you contracted
  • A diagnosis of cancer
  • Fights with your kids or your spouse
  • Getting fired
  • Losing your home
  • Being obese
  • Being homeless
  • Your kids’ private lives
  • Your spouse naked
  • Porn you watch
  • Paying a hooker for sex
  • Funerals you attend
  • Your breaking down emotionally
  • Your spouse telling you they want a divorce
  • Your dying in the hospital
  • Being drunk & starting a fight and seriously hurting someone
  • You drunk driving
  • Whipping your child
  • Beating your wife
  • Threatening someone
  • Cheating on your taxes
  • Having sex with someone you’re embarrassed to have been with
  • Your daughter’s period
  • Your home burning down
  • Stealing something
  • Cheating on a test


Naturally, this list could go on & on and you could come up with your own list of things you’d rather not be known or common knowledge. So, tell me again that you have nothing to hide & you don’t mind the fact that the NSA has invaded every nook & cranny of our daily lives & is recording it.


“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

― Benjamin Franklin






I almost forgot one of the key points on this subject, as Edward Snowden mentioned in the excellent film; “Citizen Four,” it’s all about “Control.” I believe he was being very cautious because he didn’t want to be dismissed as yet another “conspiracy nut,” and that’s why he only touched on the “control” issue so briefly. Moreover, in a nutshell, this connects with what Chomsky titled one of his books; “Keeping the Rabble in Line.”


Principle 8- Keep the Rabble in Line

Elites’ concentrated efforts against democratizing tendencies, as Chomsky has noted several times, are nothing new along the course of American history. One of the most successful counterforces to these efforts has been organized labor, because “they provide a barrier that defends workers’ rights, but also popular rights generally” (107). Naturally, the business class extended their offensive to dismantle organized labor, one of their strongest opponents to what Chomsky calls “corporate tyranny” (107). Until the New Deal, the labor movement was relatively stagnant. Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked union leaders to use the voice of the masses to effectively force the administration into labor reform initiatives. He argued that his hands were tied politically until the “popular pressure [was] sufficient” enough to overrule disagreements about New Deal policies among society’s elites (109). According to Chomsky, leaders of.

And as a parting gift for you true seekers of knowledge & understanding;






How We Could Reduce the level of Ignorance in America



A good starting place would be for us to frog-march Trump, the Commander & Chief Dunce, out of the White House in an orange jump-suit to match his tan & in handcuffs right into Pelican Bay & throw away the key.

the poster boy for “willful ignorance”


I know, wishful thinking but hey, we don’t have much else to live on nowadays given the insatiable greed of the 1% & their lackeys in both political parties. Here are a few suggestions that came to me & in no particular order but bear in mind that the best & most important place to start is in your own home & your own life because we sure as Hell can’t rely on the putrid politicians sucking on the teats of the corporate cockroaches who make up the 1%.


I have spent my life seriously pursuing knowledge & by extension, wisdom & truth. I was a teacher in various guises from serving as a tutor to being a teacher. I have collected a personal library of approximately 10,000 books & have made copious notes in several hundred of my books. I have spent approximately 50,000 hours conservatively over the past 40 years reading, writing, watching documentaries, listening to radio programs, etc. about politics. And I have written probably 300 essays or better, some 20 to 30 pages. I also have two major writing projects or works in progress, one that is non-fiction is over 2,000 pages & the fiction project which is a combination of fantasy, autobiography, & politics is over 2,400 pages at present. This doesn’t mean that I believe that I’m a world authority but it does mean that I’ve done my homework & am light-years ahead of our liar in chief, the moron sitting behind the empty desk in the oval office.

how the rich buy “respectability”


  • Prosecute Betsy DeVos for the fraud of pretending to be human & educated
  • Eliminate all standardized testing
  • Stop the use of Scantron tests (multiple choice & true/false questions)
  • Instead of stopping the teaching of reading in the fourth grade, keep teaching every student how to read until they are able to read at their grade level (exceptions of course for those who are truly intellectually-challenged like Trump)</li>
  • All people should have books (mentally stimulating books) in their homes, especially those with young children
  • Reading on a regular basis sends a powerful message to your kids that reading is a worthwhile activity because it shows not just tells them that it’s good for them to do
  • Read to your kids in bed for as long as they’ll allow you to without complaining that they’ve outgrown the practice
  • Have students start writing stories, book reports, poems, essays, etc. as soon as possible in their public education or private education
  • If the educational bureaucracy won’t get off teachers’ backs, assign a personal secretary for every teacher whose job is to take care of the bullshit paperwork
  • Outlaw the stealing of public education funding & giving it to charter schools
  • Charter schools reflect the power of the “Christian” evangelicals or fundamentalists over spine-less politicians</li>
  • Our founding fathers insisted on the separation of Church & State precisely because they feared what is happening now, Charter schools’agenda of turning our nation into a delusional nation where rational thought is dismissed—Trump’s “alternative facts”
  • Take 5% of the annual waste, fraud, & abuse in the Pentagon’s budget & give it to public education
  • Pay teachers on a scale comparable to high tech professionals
  • Enforce the FCC’s original mandate to provide the public with high-quality educational & cultural programming & expand it to three hours of prime-time every day of the week & make all the networks, including the cable networks, pay 20 % of their net profits to our public education system
  • Limit all class sizes to 20 students as the absolute maximum allowable under law</li>
  • Start teaching critical & analytical thinking skills to students as soon as they are developmentally able to comprehend them
  • Every American citizen as well as resident, can attend any university they want to absolutely free (from their local community college to Harvard University)
  • Expand the study of the humanities as well as the arts from kindergarten to university & bestow national recognition on their study with awards, honors, etc.
  • Call out every politician who knowingly lies on national television with unbiased great scholars who publicly humiliate them
  • Promote & establish community learning centers in every community where residents can get academic help, and can enjoy lively discussions/debates on any subject/topic of their choice with academic referees to moderate & guide the discussions
  • Call out advertisers who purposely dumb us down with their insulting advertisements & publicly ridicule them
  • Create/build high-quality public libraries in every community no matter how poor; house them in beautifully designed architectural works of art with all the latest technology, top-notch librarians, & collections worthy of the Library of Congress
  • Give Writers & Educators & Artists from every form of art, the national attention, recognition, & respect as we do of our Sports stars</li>
  • Subsidize students from poor circumstances in a way that isn’t personally embarrassing to the students
  • Take away the tax-free status of churches & make them pay a substantial tax to their local, public schools
  • Outlaw all on-line “universities” unless they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their graduates have clearly benefitted greatly from their studies
  • Build, maintain, & ensure the future of a public education system that is the envy of the world in terms of its physical structures, the quality of instruction, & a sincere love for each and every student
  • Start teaching students about informal fallacies of logic as soon as they are able to comprehend them so they hopefully won’t be as easily duped as so many of their parents are by Trump, the Great Deceiver!
  • Develop programs to expand students’ attention spans so they can pursue self-education whether in or out of formal school settings</li>


Utopian? Yeah, I expect such reactions but I have always been a sort of Don Quixote chasing after windmills & I remember those immortal words of Martin Luther King; “I have a Dream!” Without our dreams to push us forward, what’s the point of our lives? To simply be able to put on our tombstones; They paid their bills & kept a clean house? It’s the dreamers who have always inspired us & who have led us to times when we weren’t just the peasants for the lords like Little Lord Fauntleroy Trump to spit on.


Addendum: I originally was going to end this essay here but as I was editing this, I thought; I have to share with you the man the New York Times once said was “arguably the most important intellectual alive,’ Noam Chomsky.

America’s Zombie Cult




First and foremost, I can relate to Trump’s followers’ anger & frustration at our establishment because I have been battling the establishment ever since I went AWOL from the U.S. Army back in 1972. And for a young man of 19 years, that was one of the scariest periods of my life.

The darkest days of my life until I lost my wife


As I matured, I began to see what a pack of lies my generation had been told. I saw how our public education system was built on a mountain of lies & false promises. And as I worked at one Mickey Mouse job after another, I began to realize that this was perhaps one of the cruelest myths of all. Hard work & dedication to your job rarely paid off. No, it was usually those who were related to the owner of the company or those who were the biggest brown-nosers who “succeeded.”

A real patriot, Ron Kovic, who spoke the truth after realizing the lie of Vietnam war.


In brief, if you had integrity & couldn’t bring yourself to suck-up to the bosses, you were usually marginalized or gotten rid of. I busted my ass pursuing higher education for 14 years. I rode a bicycle five miles to a community college, four nights a week after working an eight-hour day in a golf club factory for a couple of semesters at one point. I studied business administration, oceanography, & liberal arts and often dropped-out half way or even three-quarters of the way through a semester because I was bored & not inspired by what I was learning.


I pursued my dreams of adventure & hitchhiked up & down the West Coast dozens of times, across America, & around Europe several times often on a one-way ticket with a couple hundred bucks in my pocket.


I had been raised mostly by a single parent, my mom. She often worked two or three jobs at a time to feed us & keep a roof over our heads. I basically raised my brother & sisters & fought everyone’s battles. I got 40 cents a day for lunch when I was in high school. And I held down two paper routes to earn my spending money & pumped gas as a senior in high school.


I stood up against some of my mom’s boyfriends who were cruel to us or raised a hand to my mom. I clearly didn’t have a happy childhood but through it all, I kept my dreams alive & read like a person possessed.


And after my experience in the army, I thank God that I trusted my gut instinct & didn’t let them send me to Vietnam. I wasn’t politically aware but I had seen enough of the army’s lies to know that they couldn’t be trusted. I got out of the army with an undesirable discharge & began to read a lot of books on history, philosophy, & politics due largely to some very smart people I’d met on my travels. And slowly the veil of ignorance was removed & I began to connect the dots.

I read this book 30 years ago & it’s truly scary how ignorant we are as a nation


This is the major difference between me & Trump’s cult of zombies. They, often through no fault of their own, haven’t read the great authors like Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, or Michael Parenti & because of this, they haven’t developed their critical/analytical thinking skills and are much more susceptible to the propaganda & bullshit of people like Trump.


And this is not only sad but dangerous because Trump’s followers are so easily aroused to anger & hatred because he is a master at manipulating their emotions to direct their anger at fellow victims rather than our true enemy i.e. the 1% who are the masters of the political establishment.

isn’t it interesting how the “Christian” agenda & the corporate cockroach agenda go hand-in-glove?


I call these “masters,” the corporate cockroaches because they hide in the dark & they have succeeded fantastically over the past 40 years or better in blaming the government for their dirty deeds. And no, I’m not saying that the politicians are innocent. Not by a longshot but if we are to survive this onslaught, we must focus our energies on the corporate sector.

smile & laugh because they are too, all the way to the bank as they steal your pension, your home, etc.


I must say that it really baffles me how the poor, the struggling working class can actually believe an established habitual liar who claims to be a self-made billionaire, is their champion. Trump failed at nearly every business venture he got into but daddy kept bailing him out & gave him hundreds of millions of dollars & a million dollars annually so he could never fail totally. And he has a long track record of screwing contractors & employees out of the money he owes them. This is your hero?

this is why Trump hates the Times more than any other newspaper


Daddy Trump made his fortune by being a slum-lord & discriminating against Black American citizens. And this is the key to Trump’s success in becoming our president, he played the race card brilliantly in his own, evil way.


Nothing takes peoples’ minds off their troubles easier & better than by focusing their anger on scapegoats. This is standard operating procedure for all demagogues, dictators, fascists, & authoritarians. And Trump clearly loves dictators i.e. Putin, Duterte, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. Moreover, Trump fancies himself an authoritarian because he’s always gotten his way as a spoiled-child whom daddy always bankrolled & protected from the law with a platoon of lawyers. And Donny got to play the part of a successful billionaire on television—which was almost entirely a work of fiction. Check it out for yourself by seeing what the producers of The Apprentice have revealed.

Do you actually need testimonies as to Trump’s colossal ignorance on just about everything? Open your eyes!


And speaking of revealing, here are my revelations for those of you who give a fuck about who Trump really is behind all those Hollywood staged rallies. Moreover, I can back my shit up unlike Trump who just makes outrageous claims daily but can never back them up with facts. Why do you think he threatened every school he ever attended with lawsuits if they dared to release his grades? This mental & moral midget hides behind his wall of lies always protected by lawyers & publicists or P.R. people like Kellyanne Conway with her “alternate facts.”

would your teachers in public school accept these “arguments” for your laziness & stupidity???


Facebook and the other “social media platforms” like Twitter & our ‘Smart phones,” are reducing us to our basest, reptilian minds & we simply react on a flight or fight level.


The more successful these platforms are at pushing peoples’ emotional buttons like fear & hate, the more addicted people become to these platforms. Hence, the more time they spend on Facebook, Twitter, etc., the wealthier the owners like Zuckerberg become from the advertising revenues they collect. And what’s really spooky is the fact that over 50% of Americans get their news from Facebook. By-the-way, Zuckerberg refuses to accept responsibility for the truthfulness of the political ads on Facebook & Breitbart—the Neo-Nazi & White Nationalist epicenter—is the largest political advertising customer on Facebook. And Breitbart via its former editor, Steve Bannon, hired Cambridge Analytica which bought the personal data of over 80,000 Facebook users & by extension got all their friends as well, and this is how they targeted the Facebook users they knew would be receptive to the fake news stories about Hillary & put Trump in the White House.

The beginning of wisdom is knowing that you don’t know. (Socrates)


Can you understand now how perversely hypocritical it is every time Trump lashes out at “fake news” when he has benefitted more than anyone else from fake news? Let alone the fact that he received at least 23 times the media coverage running up to the election than Bernie Sanders by the “mainstream media.”


Continuing, so like the movies that most of us who weren’t born with the silver spoon in our mouths like Donnie was watch, they’re becoming ever more violent, bloody, gory, etc. in a constant effort by Hollywood to outdo itself in a deescalating road to the darkest pits of Hell even more horrifying than anything Dante could imagine.

I’m not a religious person but if I were, this is the anti-Christ i.e. no compassion whatsoever


Call me a sissy, I don’t give a shit. But I could only stomach about ten minutes of one episode of The Walking Dead series, once. It was nauseating in its gory & gruesome details of hacking a zombie to death. I thought, this is definitely not my idea of entertainment. So, you can imagine my sad surprise at the popularity of this series.


Another factor in how we have come to this sad state of affairs is the fact that our attention spans are growing ever shorter. Yep! The average American’s attention span has now shrunk to less than that of a goldfish. I shit you not. Does this not embarrass you? And again, we can thank Hollywood to a large extent for this tragic phenomenon.


Our brains have been conditioned to needing ever faster visual stimulation & an escalating volume of images mostly action or emotionally themed. We are like rats in a maze, hamsters in a cage.


Need more convincing? Scan your T.V. guide & look at the most popular movies of the last several years. T.V. shows & movies about vampires & zombies are amongst the most popular. Movies about the dystopian future and the coming apocalypse are amongst the biggest blockbusters along with superhero movies. Our psyches need to believe some superhero like a Donald Trump are going to rescue us from the dreaded liberals & democrats who have destroyed our once idyllic America (Make America Great Again) & ignore the fact that there never was a time when America was great for everyone.


Furthermore, consider what passes for news nowadays. The “mainstream” media (corporate owned) & cable news has indeed become infotainment. News reporters & pundits have become interchangeable & pass back & forth through the revolving door that has blurred fact & fiction.

the journalist who dared to take on the witch-hunter McCarthy who terrified Hollywood & the national media


Journalists in Edward R. Murrow’s day were supposed to be objective reporters of the facts. Of course, Murrow’s personal opinion pieces were hugely popular but they were clearly identified as editorials & in the main, the news divisions were objective & factual. Today they have abandoned almost entirely this journalistic ethic. And for the record, I was shocked & saddened from nearly the beginning of FOX “News’” introduction to our airwaves. FOX is clearly the closest thing to Russia’s Pravda that we’ve ever known. (look it up if you can spare the time)

McCarthy & Roy Cohn, Trump’s mentor i.e. Distract, Deceive, Deny & above all else, keep your name in the public’s mind whether positive or negative


We now have a president who relies on The National Enquirer to protect him from some of his most damning actions & words. A president who openly believes in & promotes conspiracy theories from his buddy, Alex Jones who called the Sandy Hook massacre of over 20 elementary school students a grand hoax. A president who refuses to read his daily briefings & can barely form a coherent sentence and that’s becoming ever rarer.


In short, we’re drowning in a sea of crap. It’s all junk food for the senses with very little to absolutely nothing in the way of nutritional value for our minds or our souls. And this is why it’s far easier for us to remember the books we’ve read. Books require your mind to engage on a deep level i.e. remembering the plot, the characters, your thoughts as you ponder the actions & words of the characters, etc. But when we watch television or movies, our minds are passive & are just receiving the images & emotions and very little if any reflection takes place. This is why we, myself included, so often forget the movies we’ve watched. I’ll sometimes be halfway through a movie before I realize that I had seen it before. Movies & T.V. are like candy & taste good until they’re over but then we’re still hungry for something nutritional or substantial. This unhealthy diet of action & violence is a drug and most of us are addicted to it, especially those who fell for Trump’s snake-oil medicine show. And this addiction may very well spell the end of American democracy?


You see, my imaginary reader, the United States is one of the most violent societies on Earth, if not “the” most violent. And yeah, I know this is going to piss some of you off because we’ve all been indoctrinated from childhood on that America is the champion of the world. The protector & promoter of freedom & democracy. I obviously can’t distill down for you what it’s taken me over 30 years of research to learn about our ignoble past & present. And if you’re not willing to even entertain the possibility that this might be the truth, why should I waste my time & energy trying to reach you?

This is a key reason why Trump appeals to those who don’t or can’t read & those who prefer to remain ignorant. Trump again is like that candy that tastes so good for a minute but as soon as it’s  gone, you need another fix. Another fix of fiction, hatred, & blaming a convenient scapegoat who Trump is an expert on. You can’t help but remember Trump’s myriad areas of expertise because he graciously & generously reminds of them every time he opens his foul mouth.


To return to reality and no, not Kellyanne Conway’s “alternate reality/facts,” America is now the most feared nation on Earth—and yeah, I know earth is not supposed to be capitalized but I feel it should be because we are a planet— even more feared than terrorists.

Why, you may ask? Because of our actions like Obama’s illegal & immoral Drone warfare program and his weekly meetings in which they chose the target of the day. Yep, they were judge, jury, & executioner and even killed a couple of Americans they suspected of terrorist activity but couldn’t be bothered to taking them to trial.


We are feared because our C.I.A. and several of our other intelligence agencies have been overthrowing other nations’ democratically elected leaders for decades. It’s so absurd for us to get so self-righteous about the supposed Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election by hacking our system when we have assassinated world leaders who we felt threatened “our” corporate interests. And no, this doesn’t mean that I accept Trump’s conspiracy theory of the “Deep State,” and its secret mission to overthrow him.

And this is just one example amongst dozens & dozens of others.


Though there might be a small element of truth to the idea that our intelligence agencies would love to see Trump gone because of the very real threat that he poses to our government, I’m not going to get sidetracked by that grand conspiracy because that is just what the zombie puppet masters like Steve Bannon want us to do so we won’t notice the very real threats & destruction that Trump is getting away with.  Trump is to my mind, a clear & present danger to all of America and to the world by extension.


We have over 900 military bases around the globe & who knows how many secret bases where we’ve tortured or farmed-out torture to willing accomplices, those we’ve extraordinarily rendered i.e. kidnapped. I believe Russia has about nine or eleven bases and they’re on Russia’s borders? And no, in no way am I a defender of Putin, that’s your zombie leader Trump’s hero. Putin is a bloody dictator plain & simple and it strikes me as absolutely mind-boggling that the pundits warn us that if the democratic presidential contenders are labeled as being Socialist, the democratic party will once again lose & Trump may very well get another term.


The G.O.P. has waged a steady propaganda campaign ever since F.D.R. passed the New Deal. And they’ve been extremely successful in painting any programs or politicians who defend the rights of workers or the public are socialists or worse yet, communists. And here we have a president who openly & consistently defends the dictator of Russia but hey,  don’t let the democrats dare defend or call for socialist things like universal health care, free university, etc because that is the road to communism. Remember, that trivial thing called the Cold War & our arch enemies, Russia & China who are now Trump’s pen pals? . This is truly Alice in Wonderland. Why won’t the democratic party stand up on its hind legs and call out the contradictions & hypocrisy of this bullshit propaganda?


That was a rhetorical question because I know why they won’t. It’s because they are part of the same corrupt & rotten to the core system that infects our establishment i.e. everything is for the 1%.


Again, we have been so brainwashed over the decades as to the imperative need for a powerful military that no one dares—well almost no one, Bernie & Elizabeth speak to it to some extent—to challenge the bedrock premise of our entire military/industrial/congressional complex i.e. the barbarians are at the gates & we must be ever vigilant (was “the commies are coming” now, it’s “the terrorists are coming.”)

As a result of this relentless propaganda campaign that has existed all my life & I’m now 67 years old, we supposedly never have enough money to pay for a quality public education system, universal health care, and all those other unnecessary programs that only benefit the poor, the working class, & the middle class. Nope! We need more of those $900 hammers & billion-dollar weapons systems that don’t even work and some of which the Pentagon doesn’t even want.


And what has your champion, Trump done for you? Nothing, that’s what. He spews out lies nonstop because he knows that you won’t check out the facts & that you blindly believe every lie he tells you because you’re his zombie cult, unthinking & unfeeling unless he winds you up with his Hitler-like rallies.


In conclusion, if the 1% were to stop feeding us their propaganda of fear & hate which keeps us divided against one another, we might unite & take back our country. Of course, this would hurt them where it matters most i.e. in their financial portfolios.


None of this is new in world history, the elite from every nation throughout history have used the time-tested & reliable tactic of Divide & Conquer. Yep! Keep us blaming one another for what they’re doing to us all and the rich can & do get away with murder again & again. And we die in the gutters homeless, alone, & humiliated, blamed for not having made good choices in our lives.


Meanwhile, to some extent their propaganda has become a self-fulfilling prophecy because our never-ending wars in which we rape, pillage, & plunder the rest of the world keeps the hatred of America alive in the hearts of terrorists & helps recruits new terrorists. This is why 9/11 was a godsend to the powers that be, they now had the pretext for their hidden agenda of becoming masters of the universe.


Whenever you hear them use the phrase; “It’s a matter of National Security,” hold on to your wallet because that’s code for bend over suckers, we’re taking more of your hard-earned money & tough shit if you don’t like it.


Trump is little more than a circus ring-leader not unlike in the days of the mighty Roman Empire where they threw Christians to the lions for public spectacle to keep the Roman citizens distracted from the corrupt practices of their Senate,  who were the obscenely wealthy like Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan.

A very dangerous clown who definitely shouldn’t be taken lightly!


My guess is that a large portion of those who defend Trump no matter how vile his words or actions, are, are probably huge fans of The Walking Dead but while they are vicariously getting a thrill out of watching the zombies being butchered, they don’t realize that they are the zombies in real-life who are being slaughtered by the Trumps of this world!

P.S. By-the-way, Trump hasn’t honored a single one of his campaign promises but his tax break did give this gift to his crime-partners;

Trump’s Tax Cuts Are the Biggest Wealth Grab in Modern History

P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” and boy was he right

How’s that for “draining the swamp?” (Hint; Reagan’s tired old lie is still alive & well i.e. his trickle-down theory that by giving the rich tax breaks, they’ll hire more workers & give their workers raises, etc. In reality, they piss on us & tell us it’s raining golden benefits on us. But hey, wait a minute, doesn’t Trump like golden showers from Russian hookers???


I almost forgot. I sent Noam Chomsky—many consider him the most important intellectual alive—an e-mail a few days ago (October 23, 2019) about my belief that Facebook is mainly responsible for the election of Trump. Noam replied; “It’s a plague.”



Facebook’s Friendly Fascism



“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”  —Sinclair Lewis

Did you say wrapped in a flag or humping a flag?


“Fascism is when corporations take over the government.” —Bill Maher

Pat Robertson, the good “Christian” worth $100 million-crooks of a feather hang together





Because of American’s aversion to history and as a result, our general ignorance of history, I’m going to start by giving you a brief history of American business’ fondness for fascism. Note; Pence carries the Cross for Trump & that’s all they had to do to win-over the “Christian” evangelicals’ vote.


“Mussolini’s regime received particularly warm praise from America’s business leaders. In his 1972 work, Prof. Diggins writes (pp. 146-47): “With few exceptions, the dominant voices of business responded to Fascism with a hearty enthusiasm. Favorable editorials, could be read in publications such as Barron’s, Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin, Commerce and Finance, Nation’s Business (the official organ of the US Chamber of Commerce), and the reputable Wall Street Journal. Aside from the press, the list of outspoken business admirers reads like a Wall Street ‘Who’s Who’.”



Moreover, here is just a partial list of American corporations who not only did business in Nazi Germany but actually had the gall to sue our own government for damages done to their factories in Germany during the war & won reparations. Yeah! I shit you not:


  • Coca-Cola
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
  • Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Dow Chemical
  • Brown Brothers Harriman (Bush family)
  • Woolworth (Woolworth’s 5 & 10 cent stores)
  • Alcoa Aluminum
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors
  • B.M. (International Business Machines)


And lastly but certainly not least, here’s a bit of history for you that really shocked me when I first learned of it:


The Business Plot was an alleged political conspiracy in 1933 in the United States. Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butlerclaimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans’ organization with Butler as its leader and use it in a coup d’état to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1934, Butler testified before the United States House of Representatives Special Committee on Un-American Activities (the “McCormackDickstein Committee”) on these claims.[1] No one was prosecuted.


This is from a Wikipedia entry & yeah, I know, you might choose to lump me in with the likes of Alex Jones—whom I detest & know to be a fear and hate monger like his buddy Trump—but it’s common knowledge that Congress is & has been bought & paid for by Corporate America so is it any wonder that they’d brush this attempted coup under the rug? (Note Trump’s fondness for conspiracy theories except when they’re ones he’s involved in)

And no, this isn’t peculiar to only America but as the most powerful nation on Earth, we bear the majority of the responsibility for corporate corruption around the globe & it is my duty as an American citizen to hold my government accountable first & foremost before I criticize other nations.


Guess whose name came up again in this “alleged” plot? Yep! Prescott Bush, the senator & the father of George H.W. Bush. (the Business Plot to overthrow F.D.R., not the Red Car conspiracy) Here’s one last tidbit for you:


“He mentioned that the Remington arms manufacturers would supply the army, thanks to a working relationship with the DuPonts. “We need a Fascist government in this country,” he told the reporter, “to save the nation from the communists who want to tear it down and wreck all that we have built in America. The only men who have the patriotism to do it are the soldiers and Smedley Butler is the ideal leader. He could organize a million men overnight.”


I took the time to provide you with this lengthy warm-up to my essay so as to show you that the only loyalty that many, if not most of “our” largest corporations have is to the almighty dollar. They have & they continue to betray us day in, day out i.e. NAFTA.(remember it was Clinton who signed NAFTA into law) Trump is nothing more than a circus clown whose job is to distract us while the corporate cockroaches rob us. Reagan did pretty much the same thing but he clearly wasn’t anywhere as crude & vulgar as Trump.

Stephen King should make a horror movie of this guy


Trump’s “win” showed the world how truly stupid we are because only in America, could such a colossal moron be elected president. And my life’s mission is to chip away at our ignorance so in that vein, here we go.


This essay is basically my attempt to connect the dots of the fantastic documentary just released on Netflix; “The Great Hack.” I’ll try to use quotation marks consistently but if I forget from time to time, I don’t mean to plagiarize it’s merely an oversight on my part?

In brief, this film exposes how the British firm, Cambridge Analytica, bought Facebook user’s personal data to target people they knew were susceptible to fake news & propaganda ads so they’d vote for Trump.


Mussolini, Italy’s fascist dictator who inspired Hitler, said that fascism should more rightly be called Corporatism because it’s a marriage of the state & corporations. Zuckerberg has proven that he’s a fascist because he sold our data to any company that’d pay for it & he willingly provides our data to the government. And as a result of Zuckerberg’s greed, we have a president who is clearly only out to make as much money for himself & his family and doesn’t give a shit about us as citizens, about the environment, or anything else except what feeds his ego.

Thanks buddy!


Returning to the film, Brittany Kaiser is a central figure in this nightmare become reality. She was “a key employee at Cambridge Analytica but before that, she worked for the Obama campaign then the Trump campaign.”


The narrator of the film points out that “our behavior is being accurately predicted” (via all our personal data that we freely provide to Facebook). Enter David Carroll, associate professor at Parsons School of Design. He basically got the ball rolling for this film by suing in a British court, Cambridge Analytica to get his personal data back. He informs us that they (Cambridge Analytica) are “creating specific ads for us as individuals, through the data we have supplied on Facebook & other social media platforms.”


“It (Facebook) began as a dream where we could all become connected via the Internet. It became our matchmaker, personal entertainer, guardian of our memories, even our therapist, but these data trails of ourselves are being mined into a trillion dollar a year business.”


Yeah, “we are now the commodity.” And I assert that we are no longer the consumer except in a perverse way we are because we’re consuming ourselves, a sort of cannibalism, & we are being served up to the fascists who rule the world. Moreover, it’s our “content” i.e. our stories, pictures, etc., that is the product being sold—we lose our intellectual property rights as soon as we post something on Facebook.


“We were so in love with all those ‘free’ gifts (on Facebook) that no one bothered to read the terms & conditions.” I am reminded of the old adage, Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. “All our interactions, credit card swipes, web searches, locations, ‘Likes,’ etc. are being collected in ‘real time,’ and are attached to our Identity.”


Perhaps you think this is an exaggeration? If so, then why did they build a data storage center in Bluffdale, Utah supposedly for the NSA & our “Intelligence Community” which covers over a million square feet & collects data on the order of “exabytes” or larger?

Home sweet home for every American’s data. Thanks Big Brother!


The exabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information. In the International System of Units (SI), the prefix exa indicates multiplication by the sixth power of 1000 (1018). Therefore, one exabyte is one quintillion bytes (short scale). The unit symbol for the exabyte is EB.


You’re probably in the dark like me when it comes to having the foggiest idea of how big a quintillion is, so here’s an example;


The entire Earth contains about 326 quintillion gallons of water.


We’re supposed to believe “our” government when they tell us that all this data they’re collecting is for our national security. Yeah, right! Just how many times & in how many ways do they have to screw you before you wake-up and smell the coffee? That brave soul & true patriot, Edward Snowden, gave up his freedom, his ability to ever see his home country again to spend the rest of his life in exile with the ever-present possibility of being imprisoned & tortured by our “Intelligence community,” to reveal the truth about what the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. are really doing with all our data. And he only mentioned it briefly in the stupendous documentary by Laura Poitras; “Citizen Four.” In a word, Snowden said it’s about “Control.”

Let that word roll around in your mind for a few minutes. Facebook & most of the other “social media platforms,” our Intelligence agencies, & the corporate cockroaches all have one thing in common i.e. their desire to control not only our buying habits but our obedience to the political elite, whoever they may be at any given point in time.


And no, this isn’t the latest science fiction movie blockbuster, this is the cold, hard reality that is enveloping us like a menacing fog. Okay, now that I’ve probably depressed you considerably, let’s return to the documentary; “The Great Hack.” But first let me remind those of you who are old enough to remember, COINTELPRO, to bear that in mind while we reflect on the NSA’s abilities today & Facebook’s reach (two billion users). Still feel free here in the land of democracy?

The narrator goes on to inform us that our data willingly sold by Facebook to any buyer, “gives them direct access to our emotional pulse” as well. I immediately thought of our “Hearts and Minds” strategy employed by our “military intelligence” during the Vietnam debacle. Yep! Win the people’s whose country you’re invading, gratitude & cooperation by “Pacifying” them i.e. burning their villages down & imprisoning them in concentration camps.


Need I remind you of how well that strategy worked out in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.? Gee! I sure do regret not being a “good soldier” & participating in the humanitarian agenda in Vietnam. (this is sarcasm for those of you who may not catch on?)


Analogously, I view corporate America’s & the “Intelligence community’s” agenda for winning our hearts & minds is also doomed to fail because of its inherent evil.


The narrator continues; “Armed with this (emotional) knowledge of us, they (social media platforms) compete for our attention feeding us a steady stream of “Content” built for & seen by only me.” In other words, their algorithms are so finely-tuned that we don’t even realize that we’re being manipulated i.e. we feel that we are not alone in thinking/feeling the way we do & have magically stumbled upon like-minded individuals because just about every post that comes through our Facebook feed, confirms what I know & believe.


“And this is true for each and every one of us i.e. what we like, what we feel, what gets our attention, what our boundaries are, & what it takes to cross our boundaries.” Speaking of feelings, here’s an insider who revealed what your “Smart phone,” is doing to you;

Does this not horrify you? At least in the horror sci-fi genre of movies we watch, we can take comfort in knowing that these are merely Hollywood techniques meant to give us a thrill by scaring us. And perhaps naturally, we’re unwilling or unable to face the ugly reality of what is creeping up on us?


Speaking of nightmares, Trump is every sentient being’s living image of the worst of humanity, I believe? It’s truly unfathomable that a more despicable person could occupy the oval office? And as the narrator points out, “We saw the fallout of our filtered reality in the 2016 election. The real world became a deeply divided refuge site.”


Giving proof, in my opinion, that the introduction of “reality T.V.,” is partially responsible for our social & intellectual decay. Case in point, as I recall, “Survivor” was the first of the onslaught of these ignorant & obnoxious television series. I believe that I watched one complete episode before turning to my dear wife, Jeri, and commenting; Jesus! What is this teaching our kids? It’s teaching them that lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing i.e. anything is okay in the pursuit of victory. And here’s a bit of “reality” for those of you not afraid to be truly real;


Fast forward a decade and voila, we have the epitome of all that is worst in people as president. Who just coincidentally starred in “The Apprentice.” Yeah, it should’ve been called “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” or more accurately, “The Devil’s Apprentice.” I have often felt like a sort of modern-day Don Quixote because of some of my observations over the years i.e. how is it that we watch an artificial medium (mode of communication) to supposedly get a view of “reality?” This is like a double-negative in mathematics i.e. it cancels itself out. I think this may have all contributed to our enfeeblement?

Getting back to the narrator’s last comment, my question for you, my imaginary reader, is where are we able to find true refuge in this mad world we’ve created? And yeah, I know that many of you will offer suggestions like meditation, yoga, etc. but I’m asking about help for the average Joe who doesn’t have the time or the inclination to pursue these more esoteric paths.


The narrator asks, “How did the dream of a connected world tear us apart?” Well I would answer that this documentary is precisely about trying to answer that very question. Or, in brief, I’d say that human greed & stupidity is what’s tearing us apart. And don’t forget apathy, willful ignorance, & anti-intellectualism (a particular trait of Trump fans who’ve been angry for most of their lives for being put-down or ostracized for their ignorance but will never take responsibility for their lack of education or do anything about remedying the fact).


Moving along, the narrator asks; “Who is feeding us Fear and how?” Well duh? Trump is the most glaring example but yes, we need to look beyond the obvious reptilian from the Black Lagoon that Trump is. In a nutshell my friend, the corporate cockroaches i.e. those who see themselves as the Masters of the Universe—who just announced & not coincidentally, “U.S. Space Command will launch this month, ahead of Trump’s Space Force.” (USA Today, 8/20/19) —are as serious as a heart-attack.

Moreover, I submit for your consideration that Trump & his evangelical eunuch, Pence, aren’t the first space cadets. No, Reagan’s “Star Wars program,” was the tip-off for these dangerous loonies. After God knows how many billions of our tax dollars were flushed down the toilet under Reagan, the program was supposedly halted but I don’t believe it.


In 1997, the U.S. Air Force announced its goal of “Full Spectrum Dominance.” Hint: America’s true agenda isn’t freedom & democracy for the world but “our” total domination of all lands & all peoples i.e. we spend more on our military than all the other nations on Earth combined & we have over 900 military bases around the globe & God knows how many secret “black op” sites? And you wonder why we can’t afford free, high quality health care for our citizens?


Returning to the subject of who the fear mongers are, the next most glaring example is “Fox news.” I’ve been saying since roughly a year after Fox “news,” came into existence (roughly 20 years ago) that it is America’s version of Russia’s “Pravda” state newspaper. Sadly though, Goebbels (Hitler’s minister of propaganda) was correct when he said that the bigger the lie & the more often you repeat it, the more it becomes truth or fact—my paraphrasing. I have dubbed Fox “news,” the Fear & Hate channel & here’s another bit of history for ya; FDR declared; “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”


You see, my imaginary reader, through time immemorial, the powers that be have sought to scare their subjects, or their citizens into submission to their authority. In other words, the old tactic of Divide & Conquer which military leaders have used probably even before recorded history? And what better & easier way to divide & conquer us than with the help of the social media platform, Facebook which has over two billion “commodities” formerly known as human beings.


Following this further, I didn’t notice how appropriate the name of the Trump’s campaign project to steal the election was until just now. They dubbed it “Project Alamo.” This really shouldn’t come as any great surprise given the fact that Trump, launched the “Birther movement” against Obama & his campaign to become president, was built upon his xenophobia & never-ending racist rhetoric primarily focused on Mexicans & to a slightly lesser degree, Muslims.


A recent guest on Ian Master’s program, “Background Briefing,” which I’ve been following off & on for over 30 years, noted that “Trump is a strategic racist” i.e. his racism isn’t just willy-nilly, no, it’s purposely planned & delivered so as to keep the public confused & divided.


“He uses racism by triggering two major sources of anxiety for many white people: economic insecurity and demographic change.”  —Ian Haney Lopez


Think about it, “Project Alamo.” The perfect name for a campaign based on scapegoating Mexicans or Latinos in general. Perhaps the most vulnerable segment of our society? And the Alamo being the location of our mythical & courageous stand against the marauding Mexicans—we’re supposed to forget that it was us who invaded their country & stole:


The whole states of CaliforniaNevadaUtahArizonaNew Mexico and Texas, as well as parts of WyomingColorado, Oklahoma and Kansas,


from Mexico. And this is precisely why U.S. history as taught in our public education system is so packed with lies i.e. the powers that be realize that they must brainwash us into believing we’re always the good guy & the victims of invading hordes of criminals, rapists, drug dealers, etc. as Trump proclaims ad nauseam.


Furthermore, the narrator tells us that the Trump presidential campaign’s “digital arm i.e. Project Alamo at its peak was spending a million dollars a day on Facebook ads.” Naturally, Marky Mark Zuckerberg neglects to mention this whenever he tries to defend Facebook against its critics.


Moreover, the team from Cambridge Analytica worked in the same room with Trump’s campaign team but in their own corner of the room while working jointly on Project Alamo. And as the narrator pointed out; “Cambridge Analytica was the brain of the data center” in which both groups worked.


Enter “Paul Olivier Dehaye, a mathematician based in Switzerland who had been following Cambridge Analytica for over a year & became suspicious.” Dehaye & David Carroll, the narrator who brought the law suit against Cambridge Analytica, “realized that in order to send people personalized messages, you needed to be able to access their data.”


In their sales pitch to perspective customers, “Cambridge claimed to have 5,000 data points on every American voter.” Let me break down for you what these data points are referring to;


When people take surveys for statistical purposes or when the Census Bureau comes around and gets everybody’s information, information from one person is one data point for them. At the end of its research or survey, the company will have gathered many bits of information from many people. One bit of information equals one data point



In other words, from those seemingly innocent “personality tests” that Facebook suckered us into taking again & again, and other tools, Cambridge Analytica was able to accumulate over 5,000 bits of personal information on all of us who fell for the ruse. Things like what we read, our political leanings, our buying habits, hobbies, friends, drinking habits, etc. etc. etc. and this gave them the weapons they could turn around & use on us to manipulate us (some easier than others) into voting for Trump or not voting at all, etc.


As the narrator pointed out; “But this information was invisible & the question became, how to make the invisible visible?” Continuing on, “Dehaye’s hypothesis was that U.S. voter data was processed by Cambridge’s parent company in the U.K. & if this were true, the narrator, David Carroll, could sue using a British lawyer to force Cambridge Analytica to give him his data.”


Enter, Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica. “Nix focused on building an election business using people’s data to steer elections around the world—including Obama’s election to some extent.”


Let’s stop & reflect on this for a bit. Here was a company that bought our personal data from Facebook & then used our data to manipulate elections around the globe. Obviously, Zuckerberg has a lot more to answer for than the election of Trump but is he in prison? No, he got a light slap on the wrist financially speaking & continues doing business & claiming ignorance & innocence regarding these global crimes which have had serious consequences for people’s lives.[I’m adding this here after having aleady completed this essay; the fact that we are now a “post-literate” society & images and videos are the dominant mediums used to manipulate us, ponder the ramifications of this short video clip: Exhibit A: Donald Trump brought to us by “Reality T.V.” how about a nightmare brought to us by fake television?]


First of all, bear in mind that Facebook has two billion users around the world, obviously that’s quite a data base to draw from in terms of manipulating the hearts & minds of people. Cambridge meddled in & steered elections for their clients in Australia, India, Kenya, Malta, Mexico, U.K., and the U.S.

And Cambridge Analytica’s executives said in 2018 that the company had worked in more than 200 elections around the world, including in Trinidad and TobagoNigeria, the Czech RepublicArgentina,[57] and the Philippines (Rodrigo Duterte).[154]


I’m going to keep searching for a comprehensive list of all the elections that these British bastards rigged but this was all that I could find for the time being. I don’t know about you but this just staggers the mind, the fact that a single corporation could wreak such global havoc? Perhaps we’re headed for a global fascist state?


An important thing to keep in mind as we delve deeper into this colossal scandal is that all this data wasn’t gained by some nefarious hackers but was freely sold by Facebook to Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg, already one of the wealthiest men in America, a billionaire several times over, wasn’t satisfied & craved more power & more wealth. As the old adage goes, a capitalist is a guy who will sell you the rope with which to hang him. I for one, would love to see Capitalism fail and a truly Social form of economics take its place.


I want to emphasize here that we must never forget that it was good old Saint Obama who prosecuted more whistleblowers than all our other presidents combined. Yep! The full force of the U.S. government is brought down on whistleblowers who are the true patriots, like Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Edward Binney, John Kiriakou, J. Kirk Wiebe, Edward Loomis, & Chelsea Manning, but these companies like Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, or our NSA who ignored our Constitution, supposedly the bedrock of U.S. law & government, either receive a slap on the wrist or aren’t punished at all for their massive criminal acts.


Admittedly, I voted for Obama in his first bid to become president but a few weeks after he took office & he appointed Summers, Geithner, & Bernanke to just name a few, I knew that I had been duped & I thought I was pretty politically sophisticated with my 30 years of studying politics. Yeah, it became abundantly obvious that Obama was in the pockets of Wall St.


Do you remember Obama’s mantra “Change” that was literally on the lecterns he stood at in nearly every political speech he made during his first campaign for the presidency? And how he swore that his presidency would be the most transparent presidency ever? Well as the cynical point out, they are all liars. And I have to agree. Obama was & clearly still is in the pockets of the military/industrial/congressional complex and his crimes against humanity i.e. his drone war, his deportation of millions of immigrants, etc. will soon, if they haven’t already, disappear down the memory hole of the American public. Here’s a fragment on the “crimes” of a few of the whistleblowers he persecuted & prosecuted;


The story goes back to 2002, when three of the whistleblowers—Loomis, Wiebe and Binney—asked the Pentagon to investigate the NSA for wasting “millions and millions of dollars” on Trailblazer, which had been chosen as the agency’s flagship system for analyzing intercepted communications over a smaller and cheaper in-house program known as Thin Thread.



Continuing with the Cambridge Analytica crime spree, after helping Obama in his election campaign, “they were then contracted to work for the Republican party & Ted Cruz went from last place to first place before Trump got the nomination.”


The film then shows a presentation by Nix called “The Power of Big Data and Psychographics.” To reiterate, the crucial data that Cambridge Analytica relied on to create their data base for manipulating people politically came from mostly those personality tests—several of which I took myself. Here’s a bit of insight into how the data gathered from those tests was used;


Psychometrics, sometimes also called psychographics, focuses on measuring psychological traits, such as personality. In the 1980s, two teams of psychologists developed a model that sought to assess human beings based on five personality traits, known as the “Big Five.” These are: openness (how open you are to new experiences?), conscientiousness (how much of a perfectionist are you?), extroversion (how sociable are you?), agreeableness (how considerate and cooperative you are?) and neuroticism (are you easily upset?). Based on these dimensions—they are also known as OCEAN, an acronym for openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism—we can make a relatively accurate assessment of the kind of person in front of us. This includes their needs and fears, and how they are likely to behave. The “Big Five” has become the standard technique of psychometrics. But for a long time, the problem with this approach was data collection, because it involved filling out a complicated, highly personal questionnaire. Then came the Internet. And Facebook. And Kosinski.


I don’t know about you but this kind of makes me feel like a lab rat? And I hate to sound so pessimistic but with all that this film has revealed & the knowledge that gerrymandering, tampering with election machines, etc. etc. etc. I am tempted to just give up and run away to some deserted island. But that’s soon not even going to be an option with the rising seas thanks to global warming & Trump’s sabotaging of every govt. agency whose mission is to protect the environment.


However, I still have some fight in me & will continue to fight the good fight even though I feel like I’m often spitting in the wind especially in post-literate America.


The narrator then shares with the audience that Cambridge targeted those “who were persuadable.” (I’d simply say, those who were/are weak-minded and/or ignorant) Consequently, “personality drives behavior and behavior influences how you vote.” Logically, “they then started to target people with highly targeted video content” i.e. fake news & videos claiming Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor & they drank children’s blood, etc. —the sort of stuff right up Alex jones (Trump’s confidante) alley. Or as I refer to these ridiculously gullible people, The Duck Dynasty Klan (Trump’s base).


Of course, after their success in putting Trump in office, “Cambridge felt they were on their way to becoming a billion-dollar company.”


Enter Carole Cadwalladr, “investigative journalist for The Guardian, she’d been investigating Cambridge and its ties to the Brexit campaign.” And enter, Nigel Farage “with the Brexit campaign who is a friend of Steve Bannon’s.” And for those of you who may not follow politics very closely, Steve Bannon was like George W. Bush’s Darth Vader, Karl Rove. Except Bannon was kicked to the curb early in Trump’s triumphant reign of terror in the White House, well at least publicly—he may still be operating behind the curtain?


Bannon had to leave because of his comments to a reporter about Trump & my guess is that it may have also had something to do with the exposure of Breitbart News as an extremist “conservative” media outlet. Yeah, they’re about as “conservative” as the John Birch Society. Bannon is a fear & hate monger par excel lance. And since his departure from Team Trump, he’s been sowing the seeds of hate & racism in Europe. One last note regarding Breitbart of which Bannon was the executive chairman, uh, correction, this deserves a bit more than one last note. Robert Mercer is a hedge fund billionaire who has played a significant role also in the rise of the Trump Terror Tyranny (my phrase).


Robert Mercer is the money behind Donald Trump. But then, I will come to learn, Robert Mercer is the money behind an awful lot of things. He was Trump’s single biggest donor. Mercer started backing Ted Cruz, but when he fell out of the presidential race he threw his money – $13.5m of it – behind the Trump campaign….

The billionaire funding Breitbart that inspires mass murderers like the guy in El Paso who wanted to kill as many Mexicans as possible


One of its funds, Medallion, which manages only its employees’ money, is the most successful in the world – generating $55bn so far. And since 2010, Mercer has donated $45m to different political campaigns – all Republican – and another $50m to non-profits – all rightwing, ultra-conservative. This is a billionaire who is, as billionaires are wont, trying to reshape the world according to his personal beliefs….


so to gauge his beliefs you have to look at where he channels his money: a series of yachts, all called Sea Owl; a $2.9m model train set; climate change denial (he funds a climate change denial thinktank, the Heartland Institute); and what is maybe the ultimate rich man’s plaything – the disruption of the mainstream media. In this he is helped by his close associate Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign manager and now chief strategist. The money he gives to the Media Research Center, with its mission of correcting “liberal bias” is just one of his media plays. There are other bigger, and even more deliberate strategies, and shining brightly, the star at the centre of the Mercer media galaxy, is Breitbart.


It was $10m of Mercer’s money that enabled Bannon to fund Breitbart – a rightwing news site, set up with the express intention of being a Huffington Post for the right. It has launched the careers of Milo Yiannopoulos and his like, regularly hosts antisemitic and Islamophobic views, and is currently being boycotted by more than 1,000 brands after an activist campaign. It has been phenomenally successful: the 29th most popular site in America with 2bn page views a year. It’s bigger than its inspiration, the Huffington Post, bigger, even, than PornHub. It’s the biggest political site on Facebook. The biggest on Twitter….


But there was another reason why I recognized Robert Mercer’s name: because of his connection to Cambridge Analytica, a small data analytics company. He is reported to have a $10m stake in the company, which was spun out of a bigger British company called SCL Group. It specializes in “election management strategies” and “messaging and information operations”, refined over 25 years in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. In military circles this is known as “psyops” – psychological operations. (Mass propaganda that works by acting on people’s emotions.)


…. We’re not quite in the alternative reality where the actual news has become “FAKE news!!!” But we’re almost there. Out on Twitter, the new transnational battleground for the future, someone I follow tweets a quote by Marshall McLuhan, the great information theorist of the 60s. “World War III will be a guerrilla information war,” it says. “With no divisions between military and civilian participation.”

By that definition we’re already there.


Guess what? These six paragraphs that I copied and pasted here are from an article by none other than Carole Cadwalladr



Are you beginning to see the big picture i.e. it’s the super-wealthy, the 1%, who again & again we witness, are/have already de facto bought governments around the world & will never cease in their agenda of enslaving us all? An exaggeration? Consider the fate of unions in America. “Fifty years ago, nearly a third of U.S. workers belonged to a union. Today, it’s one in 10.”



I’m going to assume that you’ve at least heard of how Walmart crushes any employee who dares to mention the word “union?” The G.O.P. (Greedy Old Pigs) declared publicly as soon as FDR established the New Deal to help alleviate the destruction done to American workers & families because of the Great Depression that was brought on by the greed of the Wall St. wolves, that they’ll fight tooth & nail to destroy every single aspect of the New Deal. And they’ve been true to their word. Also note the G.O.P.’s declaration after Obama was elected that they’d do everything they could to block every single piece of legislation he introduced & they did and he kept saying; “Can’t we just get along?”


I’d like to remind you of a few nuggets of wisdom; It’s better die standing than to live on your knees. And, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. This reminds me of why I’m so opposed to Nancy Pelosi i.e. she keeps blocking the DNC from impeaching Trump with her rationale that they couldn’t succeed because the Senate is controlled by the G.O.P. Well my response is that this is total bullshit! You don’t only take on fights that you know you can win, it’s a matter of principles & values. All Americans should see all the evidence of Trump’s reign of error & terror and decide for themselves as to his guilt or innocence. I believe what would obviously become a long & detailed investigation would persuade many of Trump’s supporters to abandon him. So, it doesn’t matter really if the Dems were successful in impeaching him, what matters is that his phenomenal incompetence, greed, & destruction would be out there and more comprehensible. I am simply befuddled as to how they could impeach Clinton for a blow-job yet Trump has committed thousands of illegal & immoral (sexually molested dozens of women) acts but Nancy says No, we shouldn’t take on this fight? We’ve witnessed the DNC’s brilliance in terms of their political strategies, time & time again and that’s why we’re in this unholy place!


Please excuse the long-winded diatribe but this shit gets my blood boiling. Okay, back to the drawing board. Ms. Cadwalladr (Carole) goes on to say that “she tracked down all the ex-Cambridge employees & found Chris Wyley who said he’d talk to her & that he had helped set up Cambridge Analytica.”


Enter Chris Wyley, data engineer; “Cambridge is a full-service propaganda machine.” The narrator then informs us that Steve Bannon was the editor of Breitbart & said; “If you want to fundamentally change society, you first have to break it.” This should send chills down all our spines, well those of us who aren’t mere globs of protoplasm with no hearts, souls, or any resemblance of a human being.


Bannon’s statement isn’t just another asinine comment by a right-wing nut, No, this is precisely what Trump & what those who pushed for Brexit are all about i.e. the utter destruction of their societies. Need I remind you of Trump’s first actions as president? He appointed as the head of every one of our most critical agencies, not only the least qualified people he could find but also those whose sole mission was to sabotage the very dept. or agency they headed.


Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry, Mike Pompeo (Christian Fascist), Steve Mnuchin (who got rich illegally foreclosing on thousands of California homeowners), Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson. Supreme Court—Kavanaugh (sexual predator), Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders-Propaganda Minister along with Kelly Anne Conway, Attorney Generals, Sessions (spineless racist), & Barr (mafia lawyer for Trump). The list goes on & on & on. You’ll have to do your own homework from here if you give a damn? Oh yeah, we definitely mustn’t forget Vice President Pence, the Christian soldier like Eric Prince (Betsy DeVos’ brother & mercenary for despots around the world who love murdering in the name of God).


Before winning (stealing) the election, Trump campaigned on “Draining the Swamp.” His quaint euphemism for cleaning up Washington D.C. Yeah, right. This tantrum throwing tyrant has been doing just what Bannon told him he should do i.e. break the whole system so the Alex Jones racists & corporate cockroaches could have a free hand in creating a Fascist New World Order.


You might be thinking just about now that I’m off in Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Carnival but if you’ll take five minutes to look up what’s called PNAC (Project for the New American Century), and realize that the fascists among us have been plotting & steadily working towards their ideal state for decades—sometimes they go below the radar for a while when their agendas are a bit too public. Here’s a partial list of their alumni & believers;


Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Elliot Abrams, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, William Bennett (Secretary of Education under two presidents), Jeb Bush, Steve Forbes (Forbes Business magazine), John Bolton (currently strongest cheerleader for war with Iran), & Richard Perle to just name a few of the most recognizable names in this Hall of Shame. {Need I remind/inform you of the role these fascists played in starting the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq?}


Obviously, Trump didn’t really want to drain the swamp but rather, re-stock it with the slimiest creatures from the Black Lagoon in which he has resided his whole life. Besides, if he actually did drain that proverbial “swamp,” where would his Duck Dynasty “Deliverance” homeboys find their dates for the Deviant’s Ball? Yep! Trump’s cabinet picks are like placing his buddy, Jeffrey Epstein, in charge of security at a girls’ summer camp. Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

recall the video of Trump bragging he could grab women by their pussy? Here he is giving Jeffrey Epstein some tips


Admittedly, I veer off-course perhaps a bit here & there but that’s because I know how ill-informed most of my fellow citizens are & I hope to help them connect the dots. Not that I have the corner on the truth but I have spent over 30 years in serious pursuit of that elusive truth & therefore feel that I have earned the right to speak with some degree of authority. Hell, look who we have as president. It’s a pretty safe bet that he’s never read a single book of substance from cover to cover.


Returning to our film, Chris Wylie who filled us in on Steve Bannon, goes on to quote Bannon; “It’s only when you break it (our govt.) that you can then remold it into your vision of a great society.” I want to interject here that sure, our government & our business culture is corrupt as Hell but to dismantle our govt in the name of saving it is like burning your house down because a forest fire was close by & thinking you’d save it from a worse fire. This is utter absurdity & madness and only misanthropic & mercenary minds could think this the right path to a healthy society.


Wylie continues; “This was the weapon Bannon wanted to use to wage his Culture War.” Note how frequently the so-called “Conservatives” whine of the culture war being waged against them. “Wylie went to professors at Cambridge University (how appropriate) to ask for their ideas on how to pursue their mission & they showed him the ‘one click personality test.’


They got special permission to use apps on Facebook to harvest the info & also go into their entire friend network & pull out all their friends’ data as well. They didn’t just target you as a voter but also as a personality. Their app only needed to tap into a couple hundred thousand people to build a psychological profile of every voter in America. People had no idea their data was being taken in this way. This was a grossly unethical experiment, the psychology of an entire country without their awareness or consent.”


But hey, I’m just exaggerating things, right? And it’s unfair of me to label Facebook as fascist for this simple & innocent oversight on their part, right? Remember, fascism is the combination/marriage if you like, of big business & government with the common goal/agenda of controlling the public or the people. And if this form of control & spying on us doesn’t bother you, you’d be right at home in Putin’s Russia & are probably understanding of Trump’s consistent kissing of Putin’s ass. How patriotic of you? I bet your ancestors are rolling over in their graves in disgust with your betrayal of what America used to stand for.


Continuing on, “They were playing with the psychology of an entire nation within the context of a democratic process.” I take umbrage with the use of the word ‘playing’ and ‘within the context of a democratic process.’ First of all, this wasn’t mere playing unless you’re referring to a diabolical game played by would-be Masters of the Universe. And secondly, unless the author of the phrase “within the context of a democratic process” means that this was a legitimate act in a democratic system of government, I am lost, confused, & couldn’t disagree more!


How in the Hell does democracy come into play within a corporation? Corporations are private tyrannies & the moment an employee walks through their employer’s door, their rights go out the window i.e. your employer can listen in on your phone calls, search your locker, forbid you from talking about forming a union, etc. etc. etc. And note that bars/pubs are private corporations & that’s why they can stop us from talking about politics in their bars. Food for thought?


Yeah, many, if not most people have no idea of just how little power or rights we have in our workplaces. Of course, Walmart is perhaps the most blatantly anti-union corporation & many of us realize that. Gee, I wonder why Walmart is the most profitable corporation in America & the Walmart family are among the richest in the U.S.?


Here’s a claim made by Alexander Nix, remember him? He was the CEO of Cambridge Analytica; “We don’t have Facebook data & we don’t use Facebook data, but we do use Facebook as a platform to advertise on.” Can you believe such audacity? In Cambridge’s sales videos, etc. they bragged about having 5,000 data points on every American voter but I guess all that data just somehow magically appeared in Cambridge’s lap?


I wonder why the Trump campaign was paying Cambridge a million dollars a day? Could it be that their advertising was that costly but didn’t have any of our personal data? Wylie commented; “When people see the extent of the surveillance, I think they’re going to be shocked.”

Maybe? But like everything else in this mad world, the public gets upset for a minute or two & soon goes back to their smart phones & checking the latest number of “likes” they got.


Well I’m definitely not one of the Walking Dead like my fellow Americans & like a bulldog, I keep on keeping on in my fight against the corporate cockroaches & their fascist assault on us all.


David Carroll, who brought the lawsuit against Cambridge; “It’s crazy that I have to mount a risky, year-long court battle to get my Voter Profile.”


A bit of good news though; “Facebook stock falls by 6% or $120 billion because of Carroll’s lawsuit finally getting some attention. Facebook knew of this data collection by Cambridge over two years ago but didn’t go public about it until Carroll’s lawsuit caused Cambridge’s headquarters in London was raided.”


Isn’t it interesting to note how CEO’s memories often seem to lapse, just like many politicians, after they’ve been exposed for wrongdoing? I remember when Reagan was finally made to testify behind closed doors re: the Iran/Contra Scandal & out of something like 280 questions put to him, roughly 265 times his response was; I can’t remember, I don’t recall, etc. If you or I tried that in court, our asses would be behind bars in short order.


Yep! “Facebook claimed to not notice that 50 million people’s data had been breeched but every time it’s my sister’s dog’s birthday, I get a notification.” (some comedian’s witty observation)


However, what’s not funny is expressed by Carroll; “People don’t want to admit that propaganda works because to admit it means confronting our own susceptibilities, our horrific lack of privacy, & our hopeless dependencies on tech platforms that are ruining our democracies on various attack surfaces.”


Yes indeed! If you’re around my age (66) you grew up hearing about communist propaganda but there was never any mention of American or capitalist propaganda. In fact, in the early days of Advertising & the Public Relations industry, it was more honestly referred to as propaganda. And as Chomsky points out, these are powerful institutions in America. May I suggest that you look up Noam Chomsky on You Tube re: this subject, it’ll definitely be worth your time.


Moreover, I can definitely attest to the fact that people don’t want to acknowledge the power that advertising has over us. I’ve been trying to clue people in for decades but I’m usually dismissed as some good-natured nut case.


Wylie continues to discuss the U.K.’s enquiry into ‘fake news.’ “When you’re busted for doping in the Olympics, you lose your medal, but we allow cheating in our democratic process. What about next time? What about the time after that? You shouldn’t be allowed to win by cheating.” But of course, Trump did and the spineless DNC won’t even impeach him! In this new age, morality & ethics are a joke, its dog eat dog & we have the most immoral president in U.S. history flouting the U.S. legal system daily & grinning his ass off in arrogant defiance.


“We have met the enemy and he is us.” —Pogo


I included this famous quip from a comic strip to point out that we are now witnessing the steady dismantling of our democracy albeit it has been on shaky ground for quite some time preceding Trump. Our general apathy & our intellectual laziness coupled with the harmful aspects of this new technology i.e. Smart phones, social media platforms & apps., etc. has all but rendered us as helpless as a turtle on its back. And the rapacious Republican party has no conscience & clearly craves power so much it’d rather watch America descend into chaos & anarchy than stand up to Trump & call him out for the vile, most despicable individual imaginable. Here is a guy who laid out the toxicity of social media clearer than anything I’ve come across;

Without a doubt, apathy in combination with innocent ignorance & willful ignorance will be on America’s tombstone as future generations look back on this stage in history, perhaps the final stage at the rate we’re destroying our environment. And this in conjunction with a dope in the oval office who knows even less about world history than the average third grade student, presents a truly frightening scenario.


Though I could be way off base because the generations after mine have been raised in a game & movie world of zombies & vampires—some of which are portrayed as having some redeeming human qualities such as sensitivity. Moreover, it seems the majority of Hollywood’s top hits are doomsday & apocalyptic visions of our not too distant future so maybe a large portion of Americans aren’t as worried as I am about the way we’re headed?


For example, early in this film, Carroll, the protagonist is talking about what these “social media” platforms are doing to us & a young, female student in his class says that the ads don’t really bother her perhaps because she grew up in this world. She goes on to ask him; “So, at what point do things become sour (I assume she means bad?)

Ah! Here we arrive at perhaps a vital turning point? I argue that we have already passed the critical juncture because for young people like this student to admit they’re not troubled by the gross manipulation we’re already experiencing is a telltale sign that we’re half-way lost already.

And for-the-record, Snowden again gave us fair warning about how Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Pal Talk, AOL, Skype, You Tube, & Apple to only name the most prominent amongst these corporate betrayers, willingly assists the status quo in their on-going agenda of enslaving us.


Does this worry the younger generations? Apparently not. They gleefully & blindly carry on using these platforms & tools of enslavement. I know, I’m sounding a bit Alex Jones? Sorry, but for an old fart like me who grew up in a very different America in which we didn’t even have voice machines to record our missed calls, I am perhaps much more aware of these intrusions into our privacy & it sure as Hell does bother & anger me. By-the-way, perhaps this will cause your heart rate to at least go up a few points, these same corporate giants who are making billions exploiting us via our data, pay next to nothing in taxes. Do you give a shit about that?


Getting back to the documentary, Wylie speaking before a U.K. enquiry commission re: fake news; “Someone else you should be speaking to is Brittany Kaiser.” Now the plot really begins to thicken because Ms. Kaiser is the other central character in this drama, & she played a very significant part in this coup overthrowing democracies around the globe. And I must confess that I had my suspicions while watching this film for the first time.

Cute & pixie-like as a teenager to this; the price of selling your soul?


But watching it again a few days ago, I have become a lot more distrustful of whatever she says in her defense. For now, I’m just going to toss out there a few observations & my reactions in case I forget them later on. First of all, the film starts out at a “Burning Man” festival in Nevada & shows Brittany, dressed like a typical tribal person at this annual event, write with a marker on this wooden structure where participants inscribe something profound, I assume? She writes on it; “’Cambridge Analytica.”

Like I said, I glossed over this seemingly insignificant act in my first viewing of this film but now, I wonder if this could be a sort of Freudian Slip? In other words, could it be that her work for Cambridge Analytica is what she’s actually the proudest of?


You see, once the full extent of Cambridge Analytica’s crimes begins to be revealed, Kaiser starts pretending that she’s a whistleblower who helped bring them down. But she knew what they were doing for at least two years prior to the fall & took great pride in helping Trump “win” the U.S. election. She was as critical to their success as Chris Wylie was. His talent was in data engineering & her’s was in developing their business model & their PR face if-you-will.


Kaiser’s ego was glowing in the limelight of the attention she received in photo ops with Trump, the fact that she had her own set of keys to Steve Bannon’s townhouse in Washington D.C.,  etc. And we see her throughout the film staying at very expensive & posh hotels around the world, sipping a cocktail in one of those “Infinity” pools at some luxury resort in Thailand, etc.


Yet, once again, after Cambridge is on public trial so-to-speak, Kaiser tells us that her family lost their home after the 2008 economic crash & her father’s brain cancer and she had to make money to help her family out. Yeah, that’s suppose to excuse her Faustian deal with the devil i.e. the Republican party & Trump in particular.


Moreover, at another point in the film it is revealed that she admits to carrying two sets of business cards. They don’t specify as to what these two sets are but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to guess. I’m confident that one set is for playing the concerned environmentalist & worker for human rights when she was young and the other set is for her rich patrons in the corporate/political world.


Admittedly, what I’m about to say could be seen as chauvinistic or misogynist or something but what the fuck, here goes; earlier glimpses of Ms. Kaiser when she was young & working on human rights campaigns, etc., she looked physically cute, cheerful, & positive but after her entry into the nefarious world of the corporate cockroaches & their political lapdogs, I believe you can see her physical being manifest her moral decay? And for-the-record, in the film we witness a scene in which she is being questioned by some sort of judge or attorney, I presume? And she is asked something like, “Have you ever provided data to an intelligence agency?” Her eyes say it all i.e. she stops dead in her tracks verbally-speaking, her eyebrows raise up & her eyes nervously twitch back & forth for a while before she answers in the negative after a pregnant pause.


Okay, back to the script from the documentary; “She (Kaiser) was the go-getter, the initiator of the Cambridge contract with Trump (my phrasing). “She spoke at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) with Kelly Anne Conway in 2016.” Hopefully I don’t have to explain to you who Kelly Anne Conway is? Just in case I do? Kelly Anne is Trump’s number one apologist & she can rationalize whatever horrible thing he says or does i.e. she’s his greatest ass-kisser or brown-noser!

I wish she’d go back to her alternative planet


Continuing; “She (Kaiser) was at the lavish party on election night for Trump along with Rebecca Mercer” (Robert Mercer’s daughter, owner of Breitbart) and proudly posing for pics with Donald the Dastardly (my phrasing). To reiterate my opinion, Kaiser tried to save her ass by informing on Cambridge once their records, documents, etc. were seized by the British police.


Kaiser, “The reason why Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. are so powerful is because last year, ‘Data’ surpassed Oil as the world’s most valuable ‘commodity.’” Remember friends, we are that commodity, in other words, all the data we supply these so-called “social platforms” with is our ‘value’ in this Brave New World (Aldous Huxley).

Enter Paul Hilder, writer & self-described, Political Technologist. In my opinion, he was basically an apologist & spinmeister for Kaiser during & after her fall from the jet-set insiders’cabal of wealth & politics. And here’s a fun fact for you, “When Kaiser met with Trump’s campaign manager in 2015, she wondered why it looked familiar & then realized they were on the set of ‘The Apprentice.’ Trump’s campaign headquarters was a ‘Reality T.V. set.’”


I’m sure this bit of trivia doesn’t bother or strike those of you who grew-up watching ‘Reality T.V.,’ as out of the norm. Let me be clear, this is “reality” turned on its head & again reveals just how far down the rabbit hole we have fallen. “Reality T.V.” is for ignorant & intellectually lazy people who are accustomed to spectacle, superficiality, & not straining their brains. Yep! I said it loud & proud. And I don’t give a fuck if you dismiss me as just another example of those “East Coast elite who look down their noses on everyone who isn’t a member of their club.” Again, I grew up in a single parent, working class family & my mom worked two or three jobs at a time trying to make ends meet so go fuck yourselves if you think/believe me an elitist!


Furthermore, I’d better say it again for those of you who may not grasp the simple facts of life i.e. T.V. is an artificial medium (it’s not reality). Reality is going to work every day, paying your bills, raising your kids, worrying about losing your job, whether your pension will be there when you retire, your loved ones’ health, etc. etc. etc. This crap posing as reality is pure bullshit i.e. staged drama to suck in the gullible. Therefore, watching & believing an artificial medium (mode of communicating) and on top of that, believing the circus acts they claim are true/honest portrayals of life, is akin to believing everything a used car salesman or a politician says. Comprende? (Spanish for Comprehend?)


By-the-way, I bet many of you haven’t caught on yet that Trump’s continual dismissal of “fake news,” is or would be very amusing if it weren’t so devastating to us all because like his fake “reality” show that made him so familiar to millions of Americans who watched it, everything about Trump is fake i.e. his wealth, his celebrity, his business success, etc. etc. etc. This is why he’s on a constant pep rally to his base (lacking or indicating the lack of higher qualities of mind or spirit)

“base.” I don’t think there’s ever been a political leader since Hitler, that felt the need to keep on holding public rallies after having won the presidency?


To me this just reveals how great his sense of insecurity is & that he must keep on feeding his ego or he’ll deflate like the hot air balloon that he in fact is & he will fly away into obscurity & infamy. And speaking of “infamy”

Very bad reputation; notoriety.

The condition of being infamous; disgrace.

An evil or criminal act that is publicly known.


I’m not normally a betting man but I’m absolutely positive that Trump will go down in history as the most infamous, notorious, noxious president throughout the history of the United States & I bet that the majority of all those who voted for him & cheered him in his Nazi rallies will hang their heads in disgrace for the rest of their lives. How I wish I could be there & smirk as I said to each of them; Yeah, you were abysmally (Resembling an abyss in depth; unfathomable)

stupid to have fallen for such a grotesque (Characterized by ludicrous, repulsive, or incongruous distortion, as of appearance or manner. synonymugly.)

human being’s con job!


Some may ask why I’m so harsh in my comments here? Duh! Consider all those poor immigrant children who were separated from their parents & the psychological devastation on their lives. I could go on ad infinitum about the harm physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually caused by this denizen (An inhabitant; a resident.) of the deepest, darkest parts of the human psyche who only cares about enriching himself at the expense of all of humanity! So yeah, I have no qualms (
An uneasy feeling about the propriety or rightness of a course of action.) whatsoever about insulting those who helped empower this human monster.


In simple terms, in the mid to late 1980s, I was an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in L.A. both during the day at the secondary level & at night as an Adult Education teacher. Many of my students were from El Salvador, Nicaragua, & Mexico and they had seen things I hope to never witness!


One student in particular, Maria, who was from Nicaragua told me a story that chilled me to the bone. The Contras captured her sister who was nine months pregnant, and slit open her belly, pulled out her baby & slit its throat in front of her as she was dying. Reagan championed the Contras throughout his presidency & likened them to our Founding Fathers claiming they were defenders of freedom & democracy. I could go on & on but if you give a shit, you’ll do further research on your own.


Bottom-line, Reagan was the precursor to what morphed into the Trump phenomenon i.e. Reagan marked a turning point in American history, a clear betrayal of the working class & the middle class by scapegoating immigrants & all the victims of the rapacious rich. Another historical flashback for ya; One of Reagan’s first acts as president was to fire the air traffic controllers who were on strike due to unsafe skies, for life! And this sent a clear message to corporate America i.e. it’s open season on unions.

At times, yeah, I can somewhat relate to those who prefer to be blind & ignorant to this tsunami of terribly depressing information & knowledge but to turn a blind-eye to these crimes against humanity is the coward’s way out!


Why is it that we never tire of all the Hollywood blockbusters that glorify our soldiers in their physical acts of valor but rarely acknowledge let alone, glorify the intellectual & ethical heroes who stood up against our warmongers or the corporate cockroaches who like termites, have weakened our house to the point of collapse?


Returning to the film, Hilder points out “The reality is that a large-scale data-mining company identified the triggers that are going to ‘move’ people.” Translation: Cambridge Analytica simply refined the age-old “hot button topics” guaranteed to fire-up the rubes (An unsophisticated country person.)  formerly summarized as “God, Guns, & Gays.”


You know, the unholy trinity by people like our president of vice, Mike Pence, who doesn’t even trust himself to have lunch with a woman without his wife present. So much for that “Christian” faith in the power of belief in God & Jesus i.e. says more about the moral/ethical weakness of the Jesus-Jumpers than it ever does about the so-called sinners.


I apologize again, it’s so hard not to elaborate on these seemingly unrelated details but believe me, they aren’t unrelated, they’re all connecting dots in the general unraveling of our government, our society, & our culture. And like Bannon & Trump’s goal of destroying every last vestige of what we used to call America, the Mike Pence Walking Dead “Christians,” also pray for our complete disintegration in their fervent hope of turning us into an American version of the Taliban where women who dare to speak-up can be stoned to death.

I can only presume & hope that any who may be reading these words must care about our fellow human beings otherwise, they wouldn’t be reading such religious or political blasphemy?


Hilder then asks a very profound question; “What does this say about individual freedom, autonomy, and democracy? To my mind, this is the crux (The basic, central, or critical point or feature) of the film. In other words, have we ceased to be autonomous, free agents with free will as the “Christians” claim we are, or have we morphed into automatons easily manipulated into following our master’s agenda?


In ancient times i.e. the 1950s & 60s as I was growing up, the powers that be had at least a modicum of respect for our intellectual abilities hence the appeals to our rational faculties. Yet with the so-called “technological advances,” we have gradually become enslaved by our lower functioning, primal or reptilian brains. As a consequence, it’s become far easier to manipulate us today than it was when I was growing up. And the prima facie evidence is none other than Trump, the lowest common denominator on the human scale.


And Trump’s handmaiden of evil, Brittany Kaiser, attempts to rationalize her dastardly deeds with; “We’re educating people about other options and if they’re on the fence, they can be persuaded to go another way. This is their own choice.”


I almost gagged when I heard this! Yeah “we’re educating people about other options,” as if it were some innocuous (not harmful or injurious; harmless) agenda on the part of Cambridge Analytica in their neutral, good-natured campaign paid for by Robert Mercer under the direction of Steve Bannon to help their buddy, Donald Trump in his honest campaign for the presidency of the most powerful nation on Earth.


In my not so humble opinion, this campaign by Cambridge Analytica was waged against every American voter & citizen and was about as “harmless” as the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Indeed, this obscenity Kaiser submitted was akin also to Mao’s “Re-education Camps.”


Throughout history, intellectuals have been frequent targets of tyrannical regimes to suppress political dissent. But Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong himself boasted about taking it a step further.

After the Chinese Communist Party took power in 1949, Mao had instilled a climate of fear and terror.  In the late 1940s to early 1950s, he mobilized Chinese peasants to kill off the landlord class, resulting in a death toll that various estimates place from the hundreds of thousands, to up to several million. In some areas, public trials became the norm, and Mao’s politicized peasants became judge, jury, and executioner of the landlord class in China. Amid the repressive climate, intellectuals seemingly lacked a voice to say anything about the communist party.


You see, my imaginary friend, there has been a major & consistent thread amongst all authoritarian regimes or dictatorships throughout history & that is anti-intellectualism. What is that you may wonder? [don’t forget that this was/is Communist China whom we fought the Vietnam war against supposedly but soon thereafter became our trading partner & Communist Russia now under the control of the Russian mafia i.e. Putin, is Trump’s dearest friend along with North Korea’s perverted dictator]


Well, it’s been a significant part of our culture since the beginning of our nation although it’s a sort of oxymoron to combine “culture” and “anti-intellectualism” in the same sentence. In brief, look at Trump’s repeated attacks on the “East Coast elites.” This is code or dog-whistle politics for blaming intellectuals for just about everything that is wrong with America. {Did you notice the mention of Mao’s use of fear & terror? Sound familiar? Trump’s never-ending rally.}


Of course, Trump is counting on his base not knowing much about Trump’s own history & his massive inferiority complex because of his rejection by the New York elite. And Trump capitalized on the general sense of frustration & anger by so many of our citizens who’ve been fucked-over by the elite of Wall St. But what really blew my mind was that so many who had been screwed by the 1%, the corporate cockroach elite, could actually believe that Trump who is clearly a member of their class at least financially & in terms of not giving a fuck about employees or the environment or the law etc. etc. etc., was one of them & qualified to speak for them? Here’s a look into Trump’s family business that clearly shows his claim to fame of being a self-made billionaire has all been a grand scam. I suggest you watch it before any of the other videos because it may very well be pulled soon by either Trump lawyers or Showtime?

Do you recall that quote from the comic strip “Pogo,” that I printed above? Get it? We are our own worst enemies because we internalize the “social propaganda” fed to us by the corporate owned media. And it’s gotten so absurd that those who believe in Trump, actually think he’s going to help them. Yeah, one of the greediest bastards to ever walk upright & never ceases in his bragging about his mythological talents, intelligence, accomplishments, etc. is their Knight in Shining Armor.


I know that it’s highly unlikely but if you’d care to invest a few minutes in your well-being, you should research the history of how Trump has screwed the vast majority of people who’ve worked for him as both short-term contract workers or full-time employees. Then tell me again what a wonderful guy he is.


Speaking of “wonderful,” it’s time to return to Cambridge Analytica’s most admirable Ms. Kaiser; “Working for Human Rights wasn’t satisfying because I couldn’t see the results of my work but when I worked for the U.S. Republican party, I could.”

Translation: She made very little money working for noble causes such as human rights but when she moved to the dark side, she was amply rewarded & clearly enjoying the lifestyle as evident in the film.


Pursuing Ms. Kaiser’s personal degradation, she was approached by Alexander Nix, the CEO of Cambridge Analytica who unabashedly (
Not disconcerted or embarrassed; poised.) said, “Let me get you drunk and steal your secrets.” Apparently, that’s all it took to turn Ms. Kaiser from the former fighter for human rights to a lackey for the rich & famous. So much for her personal “integrity.” Funny that Mr. Nix was so up-front about his agenda because this is just what the “social media” has done to us i.e. it’s gotten us drunk on the intoxicating illusion of meeting new people & making thousands of friends around the globe while it steals our secrets & sells them to corporate cockroaches & gives them to the government surveillance agencies who have been overthrowing other governments for decades with propaganda, murder, etc.

“She turned ‘Conservative’ and started dressing posh & speaking more ‘refined.’ She became an NRA member & said, I think the main problem in U.S. politics is that people are so polarized (neglecting to mention her role in polarizing the American public) and therefore can’t work together & can’t get anything done (again neglecting the fact that the G.O.P. stated from the beginning of Obama’s presidency that they had one goal i.e. to block every single piece of legislation that he attempted to pass).


Evidently, Ms. Kaiser was so “wired-in” that right on camera in this documentary, she showed that she was able to pose a question to Zuckerberg that would be asked by one of the U.S. senators the next day in the hearing before Congress that Zuckerberg was forced to appear before.


Her question? “How much of Facebook’s revenue comes directly from Facebook’s monetization of people’s personal data?” Yes, a damn good question but clearly an attempt to distract from Cambridge Analytica’s responsibility in this high crime against democracy & free elections.


A “devil’s advocate” might’ve asked in return; And how much did your company profit from this illegal & immoral contract with the G.O.P. and Trump’s campaign & your companies use of the Facebook data you used to manipulate the U.S. election in Trump’s favor?


Moreover, Kaiser goes on to say; “We always spent the vast majority of our money for ads or political campaigns on Facebook because it gets the best results.”


Stop for a minute! In one breath she is criticizing/attacking Facebook for the money it took from the Trump campaign & in her next breath, she’s admitting that Cambridge Analytical used Facebook because “it gets the best results.” Does “speaking out of both sides of her mouth,” seem an appropriate accusation here?


Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way defending Facebook or Zuckerberg’s amoral business model & behavior. No, personally I’d love to see Marky Mark along with many others, handcuffed and led away to prison for at least 30 years & not to some plush, federal prison but to prisons like Pelican Bay. And I include Ms. Kaiser, Mr. Nix, etc. in that chain-gang of rotten criminals.


Moreover & above all else it’s imperative that when Ms. Kaiser mentioned above that they spent the majority of their money for ads on Facebook because it got the best results, it sounds like they were just paying for innocuous (1. Having no adverse effect; harmless. 2. Not likely to offend or provoke to strong emotion; insipid.)  political ads.


Talk about an understatement, this was a whopper! The “ads” that Cambridge Analytica ran on Facebook rarely had a scintilla of truth or factual accuracy in them. Over the course of my lifetime, political ads have gradually sunk to lower & lower standards. Political campaign managers used to advise their candidates to not stoop to “negative ads,” until they became an absolute necessity. Well clearly not so these days. And I believe that if an award was given out to which party aired the vilest political ads, the Republicans would win hands down. Why? Because they are clearly the least ethical of the two parties we’re unfortunately saddled with.


For example; they ran an ad claiming that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor & that they drank children’s blood. Yeah, I shit you not! This is the sort of trash that is worthy of “The National Enquirer,” and Alex Jones’ conspiracy “news” program; “Info Wars.” Two of Trump’s trusted news sources as contrasted with the “fake news” outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, etc. And Kaiser’s again seemingly innocent statement; “…because they get the best results,” is bullshit as well.


Cambridge went with Facebook because they knew damn well that Facebook had over two billion members world-wide & that if they just targeted a hundred thousand or so of strategic (gullible, less educated) Facebook members, their vile ads would spread like a deadly virus & corrupt or at least throw into chaos & doubt, Clinton’s campaign for the presidency & make Trump look like the voice of reason.


Yeah, pretty mindboggling that someone like Trump could be made to look like the voice of reason but this is the power of the so-called “social media,” in this day & age.


Kaiser is clearly no dummy & that’s why she was paid a phenomenal salary—by outward appearance of her lavish lifestyle. (she’s worth a million & a half dollars) So, she acknowledged; “Regarding those personality tests, the truth is that we didn’t target all Americans equally, we spent more money targeting those whose minds we thought we could change.”


No shit Sherlock! In other words, they targeted the least educated, which wasn’t hard to do when you had everybody’s personal histories & on your page where they ask you to list your favorite books, movies, t.v. shows, etc. and a person can’t remember the title of a single book & lists the latest Hollywood action blockbuster for a movie & “The Walking Dead,” for their favorite television show.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this person would be a “persuadable” voter they could steer towards the Trump campaign of racism & hatred for everybody not a Duck Dynasty fan. Remember that Kaiser first worked for the Obama campaign & headed the “social media” arms of his campaign for the presidency. And she worked for “human rights” organizations but got tired of not seeing the results of her work (translation; not making any or making very little money). It’s evident in the film that she enjoyed the jet-set lifestyle that working for the corporate cockroaches like the G.O.P. and the Trump campaign gave her a taste of.


Kaiser continues; “they’re (the persuadables) are everywhere in the U.S. —Duh? …but the ones that mattered were in the Swing states like; Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, & Florida. They broke the states down into precincts and if you targeted enough of the “persuadable,” the state turned from Blue to Red in key precincts.”


Are you beginning to understand the undeniable power & influence that Facebook had in bringing the most despicable human being imaginable to occupy the oval office? And note how Zuckerberg to this day still claims that Facebook is still following its original agenda of “connecting people.” Yeah, Facebook is about as good at connecting people as Trump is on his never-ending Fear & Hate Tour.


More specifically, do you see why I titled this essay, “Facebook’s Friendly Fascism?” I purposely used the word “friendly” as a pun & play on Facebook’s charade of helping people make “friends.” By-the-way, the reality behind Facebook is that it helps you to make enemies because its structure/design encourages the negativity in people to be expressed because the negativity or anger, hatred, etc. draws more people in than the positive emotions like love & peace. And the negativity spreads like wildfire, just the sort of atmosphere that Trump thrives in.


Consequently, Facebook was the perfect vehicle to spread all the racism & division of the Trump message; immigrants, people of color, liberals, democrats, etc. are the cause of your troubles, they take your jobs, they’re draining our economy because they’re taking advantage of our too generous & too liberal programs like food stamps, welfare, etc. By-the-way, Breitbart, I just learned, is the biggest political advertiser on Facebook.


Naturally, what the Trumps of this country will never admit to is that they, the 1%, who own everything, are the true cause of our poverty, poor educational system, pitiful health care, loss of our jobs, etc. etc. etc. And it absolutely blew my mind that the poorest amongst us could actually fall for Trump’s posing as their hero. I won’t go off on a tangent here but that charade was breathtaking & very depressing to say the least.


Returning to the reptilian Ms. Kaiser, she goes on to state; “Our creative team developed/designed personalized content to target these voters.” “Creative team?” This phrase almost made me gag because this is somewhat akin to saying that Hitler had a creative team that developed/designed solutions to the Jewish problem.


And again, my imaginary reader, I am equating Facebook with Fascism because it exemplifies just how destructive a force it is in not only the major role it played in bringing a wannabe dictator like Trump to the most powerful position in the world, it also exposes the fascist nature of megalithic corporate conglomerates.

In a nutshell, every natural resource in the world & every human being that is not part of the 1% has only one purpose for living i.e. to serve their masters & keep on increasing their masters’ wealth. These corporate cockroaches sincerely believe they deserve half a billion-dollar yachts & the rest of us should be grateful for a Big Mac if we know our place, keep our mouths shut, & work till we drop!


Furthermore, Kaiser provides more details in her obvious attempts to curry favor & hopefully escape prosecution for her crimes; “We bombarded them with blogs, articles, websites, ads, etc. until they saw the world the way we wanted them to.”


Bear in mind the fact that Cambridge Analytica’s parent company was in the business of developing psychological warfare operations/programs for governments for decades. I’m not sure if they’re still doing so? But in the context of this essay, Cambridge was waging a de facto psychological warfare advertising (propaganda) campaign against the American voting public. Yet this doesn’t seem to bother many Americans or perhaps they just haven’t connected the dots yet?


Moreover, my intellectual hero, Noam Chomsky, clued us in a long time ago regarding the Advertising industry as well as the Public Relations industry and informed us that in the early days of Advertising & Public Relations, they were more honest & referred to them as propaganda;


Mull this over for a bit because it’s a critically important point for us all to reflect on. I feel that sometimes I may come across as lecturing or preaching but at the risk of sounding like one of those hated, intellectual elite, I see daily the deterioration of our intellectual standards & critical/analytical thinking skills.


In magazines, newspapers, books, radio, television, & movies, editing/proofreading seems to be vanishing and few seem to care? And this intellectual apathy regarding standards of quality or accuracy is clearly reflected in terms of what is available for us to watch on television.


It seems the dumber, the more crude, vulgar, backstabbing, etc. you are in television series, the more popular your program becomes & therefore the more money your show brings in. And it’s a race to the bottom, just look at who’s occupying the oval office. Perhaps I should remind people here that I grew up in a poor, single parent home, and am definitely not from some elitist background. I have worked my ass off for my whole life in terms of trying to educate myself to the best of my abilities. So, if you try to dismiss me as just another elitist snob, you’re only showing your ignorance & prejudice against anyone who can read beyond a sixth-grade level.


Another way of looking at Cambridge’s “ad campaign,” for Trump’s presidential campaign is the casual manner & tone of Kaiser’s last statement; “…until they saw the world the way we wanted them to.” This is uttered in an almost blasé (unconcerned) tone & attitude. Of course, Mao Zedong’s “Cultural Revolution” in China from 1966 to 1976 killed anywhere from 500,000 to over 2,000,000 Chinese citizens in their “re-education” program, but it occurred to me, what if China’s leaders or any world leaders referred to that horror as casually with; “until they saw the world the way we wanted them to?”


America is supposed to stand for freedom, democracy, liberation but we seem to have become so complacent (unbothered) regarding the horrors being committed around the world by bloody tyrants & dictators that a propaganda campaign employed by the Republican party & executed by a company like Cambridge, receives little attention by the media & little concern by our citizens?

It appears to me that we—American citizens—have become numb not only mentally but also ethically/morally. Yet we still love to strut around proclaiming to the world how wonderful & powerful we are as a nation? And the only time we get passionate is when the politicians & their handmaidens, the media, manipulate us into a frenzy regarding an American or small number of Americans has been captured or killed.


And when the latest “crisis” is over, we slip right back into our somnambulant (sleepwalking) stupor (a condition of greatly dulled or completely suspended sense or sensibility). America’s hypocrisy regarding our professed principles & values and the reality of the millions of innocents killed around the globe by our bombing and our support of so many bloody dictators i.e. Trump’s heroes & idols, has made a mockery of our hollow rhetoric.


Above all, as some historian has pointed out, the way a nation treats the people of other nations, eventually comes home i.e. think of how our soldiers have treated Iraqi civilians, and the people of Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, etc. etc. etc. And think of the way American mercenaries like Blackwater, assaulted the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina or the militarization of our police forces around the country. Before I move on from this topic, think about this warning from Pastor Niemoller in Nazi Germany as the brown shirts (Trump’s idea of fine people; see his speech re: the violent protest in Charlottesville):


First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me


Finally, I ask you, where are all those “good Christians,” who believe in Christ? Again, just more flagrant hypocrites who choose when to observe & when to ignore Christ’s “Sermon on the Mount.” I stopped calling myself a Christian, decades ago and am probably a borderline atheist or agnostic but I know in my heart that I am far more of a Christian than the majority of those who do consider themselves Christians.


Admittedly, I may have veered slightly off topic a bit but not really. One of our gravest problems as citizens of the United States is our moral laxity (careless or negligent). And please don’t lump me together with those phony or faux “Christians,” when I point out these glaring contradictions.


Okay, let’s get back to Cambridge Analytica but first I just want to insert; I bet Cambridge University wishes that this company hadn’t used its name because Cambridge University is one of the oldest & most revered universities in the world.


Moreover, speaking of this ancient hollowed university, I am sadly reminded that in the overall analysis of higher education today, there is very little pretense anymore of pursuing a university education because it is the mark of a well-rounded or cultured person. No, it’s pretty blatant now that young people pursue a college degree with one aim in mind i.e. a high-paying career.

And I can anticipate your response, yeah, culture & all those lofty ideals are all fine & dandy but money is more important than all that stuff. Well perhaps I can show you the utility of pursuing the humanities & yeah, I know that public education today especially at the secondary level (middle & high school) has been forced to teach only the material that will be on the standardized tests.


But here’s how we can beat them at their own game! First of all, I can show you a simple mnemonic strategy/technique that will blow your mind because it makes memorizing data, facts, information so much easier & that will take a great weight off your mind when taking those pointless standardized tests.


Consequently, your mind & your spirit will be freed-up to pursue the truly valuable knowledge that will help you in the big picture of what our lives can be. It dawned on me somewhere in my twenties that what we should study is what the rich study. Simplistic? No, not if you reflect on it for a bit.


Let’s start at the top because if you’re going to be the best at whatever profession you wish to excel in, you must set your sights on what skills the best in your field possess. And in academia, the most prestigious scholarship you can win is a Rhodes Scholarship. I actually visited Oxford University on one of my trips to Europe because I had long been curious as to exactly what Rhodes Scholars studied & the simplicity of their course of study was refreshing.


First of all, you must’ve already earned a B.A. and must have excelled in not only your academic subject but also in athletics & as a leader. And the core of your studies as a Rhodes Scholar boils down to your meeting with a professor—they call them dons—once a week, I believe? They give you reading assignments in the classics & a writing project on what you read then you meet & the don quizzes you to gauge the depth of your understanding of the material you read & guides your efforts.


For over 40 years, I’ve been trying to get this simple but powerful point through to family & friends but I’m usually dismissed as being out there in left field or something. So, answer me this; If studying the classics in literature, history, philosophy, political science, etc. is such a waste of time, why do the elite, the 1%, study these subjects?


I’ll tell you why, it’s because pursuing academic excellence develops an excellence of mind i.e. superior critical & analytical thinking skills. I can personally attest to the truth of this. When I first started taking courses at a local community college, I had to take the English Placement Test. Well, I scored so low that they told me that I’d have to take remedial English which consisted of setting at a desk with a cassette player & headphones on as I listened to; “See Dick & Jane, see Spot,” etc. I put up with that bullshit for about a week and dropped-out.


I then started taking business courses not because I was interested in becoming a businessman but because I thought they might be useful at some point in my future. I dropped-out of many courses over the next several years, sometimes half-way or even three-quarters of the way through. I was bored to tears & I worked at a wide variety of what I called Mickey Mouse jobs i.e. pumping gas, flipping burgers, etc.


I was a young man in search of adventure so I started going to Europe, sometimes on a one-way ticket with a couple hundred bucks in my pocket. And I met some very intelligent people on my travels & picking their brains for good authors to read, I fell in love with some of the greatest writers i.e. Hemmingway, Dostoyevsky, Hesse, Steinbeck, etc.

It had been five years since I’d taken that first English Placement Test but I decided to give it another shot because I wanted to take some courses in writing & literature but was told again that I must take this damn test. And to my utter surprise, this time I scored in the top 10% on the test so now I could take any courses in the English dept. that I wanted to. And lo & behold, I ended-up earning a B.A. in English lit. How’s that for going from bone-head English (that remedial class with the cassette player) to graduating in English.


I realized some time later that the only logical explanation for this phenomenon had to be the fact that by reading great writers, your vocabulary, comprehension, & writing abilities can’t help but improve significantly.


I’ve tried many times over the years to explain or defend this course of study & here’s an analogy I’ve often used; let’s say that you’re going to be in a foot-race against the fastest runner in your school. Clearly, you’re going to have to give every last ounce of energy, effort, spirit or whatever you want to call it, if you truly want a shot at winning that race.


The same goes for intellectual excellence i.e. you must pit your brain against the best minds that have ever lived. Of course, it’s very unlikely that you’ll surpass them but by engaging with that level of thinking, you’re going to push your mind to the greatest level it is capable of attaining & this will set you head & shoulders above most of your competition in the modern marketplace of work.


Furthermore, here are some other arguments for striving to develop your intellect that I copied from watching a short, You Tube video I stumbled across a few weeks ago; “Why You Should Read Books; 15 Benefits:”


Acquire knowledge

Improve memory

Strengthen critical & analytical skills

Advance your career

Improve writing skills

Reduce stress & anxiety

Improve focus & concentration

Boost inspiration & motivation

Learn at your own pace

Stimulate imagination

Improve conversation skills

Become more empathetic

Sleep better

Source of companionship

Increase your lifespan


Okay, you’re probably wondering what this side-trip of mine has to do with the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal and Facebook? In a nutshell, if we had stronger critical & analytical thinking skills, we wouldn’t be so easily suckered by the bogus types of posts, ads, propaganda that inundates us on “social media” platforms like Facebook. By-the-way, here’s a valuable tip for those of you who are serious about developing that other 90% or more of your brain that is lying dormant, buy a copy of “Problem Solving & Comprehension” by Whimbey & Lochhead, $11 on Amazon.


By-the-way, a Jesuit scholar (some of the best scholars in the world) suggested this book to me when I went to the remedial learning lab in the library at Cal State University at Long Beach after doing horribly on a test in a history course. Find a friend or relative or two who’d like to stretch their minds as well & work the problems in this book together. I’m sure you’ll be amazed & very pleased at what you will accomplish.

Bottom-line, our public-school system has been neglected & undermined for decades so we must take our education into our own hands. And if you care about not only your own welfare but the well-being & the future of your loved ones, you now know some concrete steps that you can take to empower yourself.


“Social media,” is weakening us mentally & helping the powers that be to enslave us. The clock of history is gradually being turned back to the days of feudalism. Bullshit? Look at what they’re doing to the hard-won progress of the Women’s Movement. Those “Christian” fundamentalists are salivating at the growing prospect of overturning Roe vs. Wade so women will have to go back to back-alley butchers for abortions. Ignore what’s going on around us at your own peril.


Perhaps you don’t remember or maybe you’ve simply never learned about the Dark Ages & what feudal life was like? In short, the nobility i.e. lords, kings, priests, etc. got the best of the crops that their serfs & the peasants who worked the fields produced and peasants’ families usually went hungry & begged for scraps from the lords’ tables gorging themselves at their banquets. Look around at the wealth of Jeff Bezos & the Walmart family whose wealth equals half of the American public.


American workers’ wages have basically been stagnant for the past 40 years & most of us are forced to work two or three jobs desperately trying to keep our heads above water. So, if none of this bothers you, just keep on amusing yourself to death by watching the crap served up on T.V. and keep attending those Trump rallies where he makes you feel good by scapegoating those even worse off than you i.e. the Mexicans & other Latinos from Central America fleeing the drug lords, drought, & the in your face corruption of their governments—who followed our own government’s model.


My intention when I started this essay was to thoroughly go through the entire documentary & break it down step-by-step but I know that only perhaps one out of a thousand or maybe even ten thousand who might stumble across this essay, would take the time to read. We’ve become a people with the attention span of a gold fish & we’re obsessed with pictures i.e. selfies & video and I’m growing very weary of expending so much energy in trying to communicate with the intellectually lazy. And Trump is merely a symptom of this sad state of our society. I can’t and I choose not to waste my spirit & my intellect on those who don’t give a shit. So, more power to you but I feel no sympathy for those who have the ability to improve their lot in life but prefer to sit on the couch & watch “The Walking Dead.”




I was in a bar on my birthday back in 2018 and got into a lively discussion with a few guys around me, we got to the subject of Facebook. This guy tried to tell me that he loved it because it was free. I told him, oh yeah, then why does Zuckerberg make billions from it?

I didn’t feel it was worth trying to explain to this guy who was obviously one of the unthinking masses how Facebook sells our data to corporations who then target us with their ads. In a nutshell, we are being stalked by corporate America & the federal government. We are their prey and we are a helluva lot less free than we imagine. And what people can’t see, they basically don’t care about i.e. I used to work in industrial x-ray & welders would walk through the areas we were x-raying in—and which we had roped-off with warning signs—and when we’d confront them they’d say, I don’t care, I’ve already had my children. What we don’t see is Zuckerberg’s ego. Facebook just had to pay a $5 billion dollar fine but it was less than 1% of Facebook’s worth & the next day, their stock went up by $6 billion. And Marky-Mark feels so smug that he refused requests from both Canada & the U.K. to appear before their committees scrutinizing disinformation & online election influence campaigns.

I’d say that Zuckerberg, like the countless other corporate cockroaches, clearly feel that they are above the law because they are never held accountable for their countless criminal acts & this basically makes them fascists. And the most important thing to bear in mind is that these oligarchs like Zuckerberg, strut the world stage like they’re the untouchables just as Al Capone thought he was. Note that Trump’s best buddy, Putin and his circle of comrades are often referred to as oligarchs as well but that’s just a polite cover for what they really are, the Russian mafia! 


I’ll boil-down a key lesson I have learned from the 40 years or better that I have been studying politics in America. Whenever you hear someone make the claim that our government is the problem, the enemy, etc. Bear in mind that this is the result of the “con”-servatives propaganda campaign that they began as soon as FDR enacted the New Deal. And what they really want is for us to get rid of all regulations that prevent them from making even greater profits i.e. environmental regulations, IRS regulations, labor regulations, etc. etc. etc. But they definitely don’t want to get rid of all the government subsidies they get. The oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the high tech industries, etc. all depend on & receive billions of dollars in subsidies from us the taxpayers. Take the Internet for example. We subsidized its invention mostly through tax dollars given to the Pentagon but as soon as an invention proves successful, the government gives it to private corporations who receive all the profits but we don’t get a share of those profits or even a discount on the invention or product. Listen to what the beloved FDR had to say about our rights as Americans, as human beings & tell me again how corporate America is so wonderful & Trump is your hero.

The Early Warning Signs of Fascism


  • Powerful and continuing nationalism
  • Disdain for human rights
  • Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
  • Supremacy of the military
  • Rampant sexism
  • Controlled mass media
  • Obsession with national security
  • Religion and government intertwined
  • Corporate power protected
  • Labor [sic] power suppressed
  • Disdain for intellectuals & the arts
  • Obsession with crime & punishment
  • Rampant cronyism & corruption
  • Fraudulent elections








































The Fake News President



The ultimate irony is that this phony braggart who keeps accusing the press of being fake, wouldn’t have become president were it not for the tsunami of fake news posts on Facebook. And depressingly, almost half of all Americans get their news from Facebook. This conspiratorial assault on the hearts & minds of the American electorate was designed & implemented by Cambridge Analytica’s then vice-president, Steve Bannon.

And the great Fear & Hate Monger spreading it throughout Europe now


Bannon just happened to be the CEO of Trump’s presidential campaign & once Trump became the occupant of the oval office, he was the White House’s chief strategist for seven months until he criticized the boy-king in a book he’d written.

funny how he doesn’t tell it like it is when he loses?


Moreover, another key factor in how Trump stole the presidency was the fact that the “public enemy” i.e. the mainstream media, gave Donny over 23 times the media attention that Sanders got. Why? Because Trump would say things so outrageous that it made for better television ratings. And obviously the better the ratings, the more money the networks bring in. Obviously, the fake news circus maximus waged by team Trump has been & continues to be the key to his success.

“Freedom of the Press,
if it means anything at all,
means the freedom
to criticize and oppose”
― George Orwell


Of course, the most egregious example of fake news is FOX “news.” I have been putting the news in that reference in parenthesis for well over the past decade because I refuse to refer to them as a legitimate news organization. And the fact that the rest of the mainstream media in this country have gone along with this farce for the 20 years that FOX has been in business, reveals how little integrity they have as well.

You can be sure of one thing i.e. this isn’t the first time he’s been charged with fraud


Most notably during the George W. Bush reign of error & terror, the White House issued its daily talking points & FOX “news,” dutifully echoed it. Whenever I get into a brief, political discussion with someone, I can tell within a couple of minutes if they’re a FOX “news” devotee because they simply spew out the same tired propaganda they just watched on FOX.

Yeah I bet all the families of our soldiers who died in Iraq thought this was real funny


However, in the spirit of full disclosure, let’s review briefly that minor incident we call the Iraq War. Of course, FOX “news” beat the drums for invasion louder than any “news” network but The New York Times, supposedly the “paper of record” i.e. the paper that sets the standard for all the rest of the major newspapers in America, also beat the war-drums. Judith Miller was their star reporter covering the lead-up to the war & she basically just served as a stenographer to Ahmad Chalabi. A few weeks after Miller’s complete lack of journalistic ethics, she was forced to leave the New York Times staff.

the kind of reporter that Trump loves

This was a guy that would’ve been a perfect business partner for Trump. He’d amassed a fortune of over $100,000,000 through bank fraud in Jordan, being an Iraqi businessman in the oil industry, etc. But his primary value was as a source for the Bush administration’s claim of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So much for the Times’ reputation of research & fact-checking. Oh yeah, Chalabi hoped that his dishonesty & dirty deals with the Bush administration would be rewarded by his being made president of Iraq after the U.S. leveled the country.

he won’t release his taxes because they’ll prove he’s a tax cheat & not a billionaire!


What the above example reveals is that yes, to some extent, all media is fake but to conclude that Trump is therefore justified in his ad nauseam attacks on the media as the public enemy is reducto ad absurdum (argument to absurdity). And I often hear people claim that MSNBC is equal to FOX “news” in terms of their biases which is ridiculous as well.

If you give a shit about how the media really works, this man is the greatest intellectual alive!


Time to return to the Master of Fraud, Trump. Everything about this blowhard (an arrogantly & pompously boastful or opinionated person; braggart, windbag) is fake from his glued-down toupee to his “bone-spurs.” We witness daily how mind-bogglingly stupid & incompetent he is yet nearly half of America love his chest-beating & his racist hatred of all who aren’t from “his base.”

not that I have any love for Romney but here he’s speaking the truth


This “teller like it is,” is so insecure that he employs a platoon of lawyers 24/7, 365 days a year who protect him from lawsuits filed against him & who threaten lawsuits against anyone who dares to besmirch his “good name” and his entire business career has been one continuous stream of lawsuits as either defendant or plaintiff.

Trump’s mentor & mafia lawyer on the right, Joseph McCarthy’s hatchet-man, Roy Cohn

What his Jonestown cult members refuse to acknowledge is Trump’s paranoid fear of being exposed for the epitome (a perfect example of a class or type) of a fraud. There’s a good reason why lawyers, politicians, & used-car salesmen are on the lowest rung of America’s social ladder & Trump is the lowest of the low when you take the time to check out his past. Yet his Walking Dead cheerleaders will never betray him because he gives them their daily fix of dopamine every time he lashes out at immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, Democrats, liberals, etc. etc. etc.

Is this what it’s going to take before Trump fans wake-up? Another Jonestown?


Furthermore, what’s truly amazing is that those who support this charlatan are those whose mantra is “All you need is common sense.” I know these kinds of people. I used to argue with them all the time in my mom’s house in my 20s when we’d be partying & they’d blindly defend Ronald Reagan. So, where is the “common sense” of the typical Trump fan?

Is America really so dumb as to fall for this fake???


How can a person who owns a casino, go bankrupt & not just once but four times even when given special zoning permission that other casino owners in Atlantic City weren’t given? Seems rather obvious to me that he’s a colossal failure as a businessman. And if he’s such a genius as he loves to boast ad nauseam, why has he threatened lawsuits against any of the schools he’s attended from elementary school to college if they dare to reveal his grades? Duh! He’s always been the fuckin’ moron we see before our eyes & only the willfully blind fail to see it.

The state of higher education in America; hundreds of fraudulent, on-line “universities” & massive student debt


And speaking of blind, America as evidenced by the millions who believe in Trump are clearly also members of the deaf, dumb, & blind and clearly represent a threat to not only our fragile democracy but often a physical threat to those who dare to speak out.


Let’s take a stroll down memory lane for those of you who may not remember the beginning of the “reality T.V. phenomenon.” The first & the only “Reality T.V. show” I ever watched as far as I can remember, was “Survivor.” I watched perhaps two or three episodes of it with my dear, departed wife and I commented to her, think about it, what is this series telling us? It’s telling us to win at any cost i.e. lie, cheat, steal, backstab, etc., you know, the seven cardinal virtues that all Christians aspire to. (No, I’m being facetious here but I did point out the negative lessons the show was promoting)

This is the kind of leader Trump admires i.e. cruel & fascist


Don’t get me wrong, but what I’m about to say isn’t because I consider myself holier than thou but rather due to the fact that I’ve been an outsider or a loner all my life. My “friends” in L.A. as I was progressing through my 20s, often mocked or ridiculed me because they weren’t readers like I am and therefore a lot of what I tried to tell them sounded preposterous.

the IRS goes after far more ordinary Americans than the 1% tax cheaters who make billions


Well I believe it’s been close to 20 years now & we now have clear evidence of the harm that our infatuation with “reality t.v.” has wrought on our society & culture. I have tried for years to point out to people the Alice in Wonderland absurdity of watching a fake “medium” (technology used to communicate) to supposedly get a view of our reality. I’d say things like, Hey, I have an idea, how about instead of watching T.V. to get a view of “reality,” you go out and live real life, you know, what’s happening right outside your door?

Authoritarians appeal to people when they are desperate & worried about their economic future


Of course, my concerns were dismissed and mocked as usual but it gives me no pleasure to point that out now, my worries have clearly been proven correct. Donald J. Trump, the phony star of a phony t.v. series built on a formula perfect for such a vile & corrupt person as Donny, with the critical help of this series, The Apprentice, has become the president of the most powerful nation on earth & is clearly a serious threat to our national security & our economic well-being.

like some of the Roman Emperors, Trump is a megalomaniac & poses a threat to the planet!


I also heartily recommend that you check out the documentary series on Netflix called “Dirty Money,” and the episode titled; “Confidence Man,” which of course is about Trump. Again, those of you who believe you have “common sense,” might ponder why it is that Donnie demanded that every time that his name was mentioned on The Apprentice, they had to add; “the billionaire?” If he’s so confident of his wealth, why does he need to keep on saying he’s very, very rich or fantastically rich, etc. etc. etc. so often that it makes me feel like puking? Or reflect on this; We had something like 585 billionaires in America as of 2018 but we don’t hear them bragging to the world daily of their wealth, why do you think that is?

I don’t know about you but I have always detested braggarts and when I’m around one, I usually make a quick escape. I prefer to be around people who are humble and if they are talented in some areas, I usually discover their talents on my own. I feel that this is a good point at which to lay-out just how significant Steve Bannon & Cambridge Analytica’s role was in dumping this human trash-can, Trump on us. I am going to give you a thumbnail overview of the subject & if you’d care to look a bit deeper, I suggest you check out the fantastic documentary also available on Netflix called “The Great Hack.”

In a nutshell, Cambridge Analytica was a branch of a larger corporation that had been doing psychological operations work or contracts with governments, corporations, intelligence agencies, etc. for decades i.e. disrupting, manipulating, etc. elections with fake news stories or propaganda. And when Zuckerberg sold them the data of over 90 million of American Facebook users, supposedly unaware of the harm it could cause, Cambridge Analytica went to work.

the facts behind the fraud & no, not “alternative facts”


Bannon is like an evil wizard who immediately realized just what a powerful weapon this data could be & probably started salivating from the beginning. And one of their primary tools for gaining insights into American voters’ personalities, character, etc. was the use of the seemingly simple personality tests they posted on Facebook. And I too fell for these tests several times. Cambridge boasted in their sales campaigns that they had over 5,000 data points on every American user of Facebook.


And all this data they had collected illegally & immorally on us, made it easy for them to target those whom they called “persuadable.” These were the Facebook users that they targeted with their fake news stories i.e. propaganda portraying Hillary Clinton as the head of a child sex ring that drank children’s blood & assorted other National Enquirer type “news stories.” Remember the fact that nearly half of America’s citizens who are on Facebook, get their news from this so-called, “social media platform.”

Get the picture? Facebook, the most powerful social media platform in the world with over two billion users, along with FOX “news,” Alex Jones’ “Info Wars” website, the Conspiracy Channel in other words i.e. the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 children from six to seven years old along with six adult staff at this elementary school was called a hoax by Alex Jones.


“…. claims that the massacre was “a giant hoax” and “that the whole thing was fake” — staged by the federal government, which hired professional actors for the purposes of undermining Second Amendment rights.”


And America’s infamous “Anti-intellectualism” (see the classic by Richard Hofstadter) have combined in a perverse sort of perfect storm to bring us one of the most despicable creatures to ever walk upright, Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan.

“Trump has repeatedly cited or pushed claims that were traced back to” Moreover, Jones two areas of “expertise” are conspiracy theories and fake news. What an amazing coincidence? If, unlike Trump, you are capable of compassion or empathy, try to imagine what the parents of those children who were murdered must’ve felt like with this evil propagandist, Alex Jones, calling this horrific nightmare a grand conspiracy.


A few of the parents of the murdered children filed a law suit against Jones for his horrible behavior in pushing this conspiracy theory for I’m not sure how long but I do know that Jones finally lost in court. And now he claims that “a form of psychosis caused him to believe that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged.” Yeah, right! And this is the kind of guy that our fake news president cites & promotes conspiracy theories from? This shows just how gullible millions of Americans are & how quick they are to believe the most absurd claims of nut-jobs.


In conclusion, I am going to pull back the curtain on Trump’s greatest fraud which is his claim to fame i.e. that he’s a self-made billionaire. But before I do so, it’s appropriate to remind you, my imaginary reader, of a fantastic statement by the liar-in-chief;


“What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

This is almost a little too on-the-nose Orwellian. In 1984, George Orwell described the totalitarian government’s ultimate demand of its subjects:

The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

This admonition is clearly from the mind of a megalomaniac and any rational person capable of even a semblance of critical & analytical thinking would be frightened but not Trump’s Walking Dead army. In other words, Trump is telling his pro-Nazi & neo-fascist fan club to only believe whatever he says. Trump is clearly a textbook example of a demagogue & let me save you the effort to go to your dictionary, if you were so inclined?


demagogue /ˈdɛməɡɒɡ/ (from Greek δημαγωγός, a popular leader, a leader of a mob, from δῆμος, people, populace, the commons + ἀγωγός leading, leader)[1] or rabble-rouser[2][3] is a leader who gains popularity in a democracy by exploiting prejudice and ignorance to arouse the common people against elites, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation.[1][4] Demagogues overturn established norms of political conduct, or promise or threaten to do so.[5]


Of course, Trump’s Conspiracy of Ignorance campaign is two-pronged i.e. pretending to be going after the elites of which he is a member at least financially-speaking. By-the-way, Trump tried his best to gain acceptance into New York’s intellectual & cultural elite for many years in his 20s but they laughed at him & rejected him time & time again. So, I believe a lot of his animus towards this pseudo elite, accounts for a lot of his bitterness nowadays? And the second prong of Trump’s war against America is his base which adore him & feed his super-ego.


Okay, now for the piece de resistance (French for; an outstanding item or event: showpiece), upon which Trump has built the edifice of his empire, his wealth. By-the-way, my guess is that this expose (to make known: bring to light) done by a team of investigative reporters from The New York Times is probably the main reason he detests this newspaper above all the rest?


Back in 2005, David Cay Johnston, revealed three pages of one of Trump’s tax returns that he had gotten his hands on. He has closely observed Trump’s career for over 28 years & has challenged Trump on many occasions to sue him but Trump has never taken him up on his invitation. The three pages caught the attention of this small team of journalists at the Times & they began a 14-month investigation of Donnie Darko.

And here is what they discovered thanks in large part to getting their hands-on Donnie’s daddy’s Will. Moreover, because Donnie’s sister, who was a federal judge, had to file a full financial disclosure each year that she was a judge & dutifully listed the details of every trust, business organization, etc. from which she received money, they were able to zero in on Donnie’s true sources of his wealth. Each of Donnie’s siblings received the same amount in Fred Trump’s Will but from the age of three when Donald Duck was receiving $250,000 a year & throughout his life, Daddy Warbucks never stopped funneling millions of dollars every year to the spoiled & intellectually-challenged Donald Duck.


In brief, Donnie the Despicable has never been a true entrepreneur because Daddy had to co-sign for every loan he used to get in his early years until the banks had their fill of his defaults on his loans. In 2005, his tax return showed that he had earned $150,000,000 but the investigative team discovered that this was a one-shot thing & it was because he had inherited it from daddy. Again, you can do a brief check to see just how many times his “brilliant” business mind has failed. And in the early 1990s, he was over $3 billion in debt with three of his Atlantic City casinos bankrupt. But then came his saving grace i.e. The Apprentice.


Obviously, Trump’s entire life has been a gargantuan fraud and he has focused on expanding the Trump name & its façade of his being a self-made billionaire for decades. This is why he is so quick to sue anyone who dares to defame his “good name” i.e. his name plastered on buildings around the world make the unthinking believe he actually owns all those buildings when in fact, he’s simply the front-man, like the doorman standing outside a fancy hotel proclaiming; “Come on in to the greatest hotel in the world!”


It’s the sheer audacity of his hypocrisy (phrase used by Scott Horton) that has enabled him to survive along with his inheritance that has kept his head above water financially, not to mention his countless criminal acts.


And if you watch the video about how he got his fortune from daddy whom he has always claimed only gave him a “small loan of one million & which he had to pay interest on,” they also reveal how Donald & his siblings ripped daddy off for hundreds of millions so they wouldn’t have to pay 55% in taxes on their inheritance. Yep! Like I’ve showed in several instances, this racist, hate-monger, & national embarrassment has been nothing but a fake & a fraud all his life and yet he struts the world stage as if he were a present-day Mussolini and expects us to all grovel at his feet in awe of his magnificence. Well, here are my parting words for all of you who will persist in this grand delusion, but first I thought I might lighten things up briefly because I forewarn you, my last thoughts on this subject are very dark.



The Emperor Wears No Clothes
P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” and boy was he right


And here is Steve Bannon, the conspiracy theorist who is very sly and intelligent & this makes him a very dangerous person indeed because he is out to destroy every government that is pro-democracy and he wants to create a New World Order of Fascism!

And now back to the real “reality” of our lives in this dark time, this era of Trump and the darkness that has spread over the land.


You grin and cheer for this fake because like a lynch-mob, he can whip you up into a frenzy so easily. He helps you vent your anger that comes from your fears about how you’re going to pay your bills & your family’s future but this is the demagogue’s oldest trick in the book i.e. blame others, immigrants, Muslims, democrats, liberals, etc. etc. etc. when you should be ashamed of yourselves for not seeing that Trump isn’t your champion, he’s the enemy.


He represents the bankers who illegally foreclosed on your home and evicted you. He’s the hedge fund manager who wiped-out your pension fund. He’s one of the corporate crooks who pay lawyers & politicians to write laws that allow all the fraud & theft.


The government by and large works for the corporate cockroaches just like every one of us who works for thieves like Walmart, Amazon, etc. Trump, like his other swamp creature friends like Jeffrey Epstein for example, have gotten rich by fucking us all & using the government and the “law” to do so legally. But this doesn’t mean that we should therefore tear down the government completely because our government provides hundreds of positive functions & services as well.


You see, ever since FDR passed the New Deal, the Republicans have vowed & waged a non-stop propaganda campaign and war on every aspect of our government that does some good for we, the people. The G.O.P. has only one agenda and that is the unfettered pursuit of profit & power over the rest of us. So, take all their assaults on the government for what they truly represent i.e. an assault on us which is crystal clear as evidenced by the ever-expanding inequality financially speaking.


What Trump excels at is distracting us from what the 1% are doing behind the scenes i.e. Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnel being the key architects of the grand theft of our federal treasury as well as enablers of it. Trump’s actions & rhetoric has delivered a perhaps fatal blow to what we used to believe America stood for. And as Noam Chomsky has pointed out, the rest of the world now fears America more than any other nation or supposed terrorist threat.


Trump’s reign of ignorance & terror is shameless & unbridled and dishonors all those who have died in defense of America. I am truly saddened that so many of you just disregard his behavior & dismiss it as Donnie just being “real.”

Is Trump’s vision for America what she lost her love for?


Trump is causing physical, mental, & emotional harm to millions of Americans and you cheer him on? Well when the flaps of the giant circus tent that Trump is the ringmaster of go down, you won’t be grinning because you’ll be the present-day Tom Joad family (John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”).


I’m not a religious person but if there is a God and a heaven, when you stand before St. Peter & those pearly gates, he’s going to tell you to Go to Hell for your cruel indifference & inhumanity towards your fellow human beings. You show a total lack of compassion or empathy for all the poor souls, men, women, & children locked up in cages like animals at our border. And you have clearly forgotten entirely what your savior, Jesus, boiled it down to in his Sermon on the Mount.


These dehumanized and discarded people bleed red just like you & I when cut. And they put their pants on one leg at a time like your or me. They simply want to live and to enable their children to grow up healthy and not live in a constant state of fear. The drug cartels prey on them like vultures and if their teenage children refuse to join the drug gangs, they are threatened with the death of their entire family. They are fleeing the droughts caused mainly by the pollution of their Northern neighbor and other so-called “technologically-advanced nations.” And they are fleeing the absolute corruption of their government & their corporate sector.


America is a leader in corporate corruption but we’re more discrete about our abuses & we have a very effective propaganda system in place to disguise the ugly history of our corporate cockroaches:


“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”
― Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier 

These drug cartels have become obscenely wealthy because of our absolutely asinine & insane War on Drugs and like Trump, they have become so rich because their drugs help people to escape at least temporarily from the nightmares of their daily lives. And the U.S. is the world’s largest market for their drugs because so many Americans hate their lives & your idol is the biggest drug dealer of them all because he pushes the most seductive drug of all i.e. fear & hate!




—Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, Oregon October 12, 2019