The Return of the Flower Children: A Social & Political Fantasy


The essence of the Flower Child spirit! 


A raindrop fell on my face and woke me. As I slowly woke up, I remembered where I was. I was camping out in the last of the great Redwoods in Northern California. The ‘compassionate conservative’ president with his ‘healthy forests’ initiative, had allowed his buddies in the lumber industry to invade & cut these precious old wise ones to the point that a mere one percent of what been living when I was a boy in the 1950s. I was recently divorced and couldn’t find a job for the life of me. My rebellious ways had always made me one of those who seems to constantly swim upstream and because of my ‘unstable’ work history and being ‘overqualified,’ I couldn’t even get a minimum wage job flipping burgers or pumping gas. Of course with the introduction of background checks, credit checks, urine tests, & the countless other ways that Big Brother Georgie had invaded our privacy, I was on who knows how many government lists of subversives, undesirables, etc. Fortunately, a distant relative I had only met once when I was in my early twenties, had remembered me in her will & I inherited close to $50,000.


But the dollar was at an all-time low thanks to Bush & Co. and all their giveaways to their rich cronies, along with the bankrupting of the federal treasury. I decided to get out and live some more of my dreams before the coming apocalypse that Bush & the fundamentalist crazies were doing everything in their power to make a reality, actually came true. I bought a nice cruising bike before I left Portland and towed a small, lightweight trailer with some basic camping gear & other necessities. I had made my way down the Oregon coast in a little over two weeks and was just taking my time. This had been my first night in the Redwoods and I had arrived late at night & too tired to even eat or pitch my tent. As I soaked in the serenity of my surroundings, the majesty of these magnificent trees filled me with a calm I haven’t known for many years. It was early spring in the year 2008 & my spirit was sorely in need of recharging. I was estranged from my son because he thought I was just a bum & couldn’t understand why I couldn’t hold a job down or didn’t care about all the material things that he & everyone else valued. The last of my “friends,” i.e. drinking buddies, had deserted me and I had fallen into such a depression that I had let myself get fat, didn’t care about my appearance, & mostly stayed in and watched TV. I did occupy my mind by watching & listening to the alternative media and I wrote on a semi-regular basis but couldn’t get any of my “friends” or acquaintances to read what I wrote. My ex-wife and I had been separated for several years and I’d occasionally take off and do a bit of traveling & try to start a new life. But time and time again, I’d fail and would end up back on her couch and feeling like a loser. I was determined that this time, come hell or high water, I was not going to return and was going to succeed in starting a new life. A life where I could regain my self-respect & find a sense of purpose again.


As these thoughts were flooding through my mind once again, it dawned on me that I should celebrate being back in perhaps my favorite spot on earth i.e. the Redwoods. I had some good pot that I brought with me so I got out my pipe & put enough pot in for three or four good hits and lit up. Oh yeah, that was just what the doctor ordered. I laid back against my backpack and watched the mist rise among the gentle giants, and marveled at the giant ferns & thick moss everywhere. All of a sudden, I heard a faint sound. It sounded sort of like chanting of some sort. I decided to investigate as to what or who was making these hauntingly beautiful sounds. I walked perhaps 300 yards and just as I came out of a thicket of ferns, my eyes beheld one of the most gorgeous sights they have ever known.


Maybe twenty feet or so in front of me, sat a completely nude young woman with her legs crossed & her eyes closed as she chanted the Buddhist mantra of Nam-Myo-Ho-K-Ringe-Kho. She had a healthy, golden tan and appeared to be Hispanic or Native American with an exotic quality in her high cheekbones and eyes.

Karina, goddess of nature


She must have sensed or heard me because her eyes opened but there was no alarm or fear in her eyes, just a warm smile that melted my soul instantly. Her smile was wide and revealed a mouthful of pearly-white teeth. Her hair was thick and wavy & hung down covering her luscious breasts. I must’ve stood there like the village idiot with my mouth open and my eyes bulging for several moments because she chuckled and said “hi, are you alright?” I eventually managed to stutter “uh, yeah?” And as I stood there paralyzed by the beauty of this princess of the forest, she stood up and walked up to me. She was somewhere around 5’7” and 120 lbs. When she got to within a couple of feet of me, I could see her eyes were brown and I was transfixed. I thought I surely must be dreaming. But when she leaned in and gave me a light kiss on my lips and then said “welcome,” I knew she was real. My heart must have been beating a thousand miles an hour and I instantly had an erection that I feared was going to bust right through my jeans. She noticed the bulge in my pants and blushed slightly with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. I finally managed to say “hello, my name is Rob. Sorry for disturbing you but I heard your chanting and was curious.” She responded “oh, no worries, I was just doing my daily meditation. My name is Karina.” I said, “that’s a beautiful name.” Then in an instant, she gently took me by the hand and said “I want to show you something,” and led me through the forest for several hundred yards until we came upon a secluded little pond fed by a narrow river and surrounded with giant ferns and lush vegetation.


She let go of my hand and graciously strolled into the middle of the pond and about waist high in the water & her eyes said come join me. I immediately peeled-off my clothes and rushed into the pond with this delightful water nymph. As I neared Karina, she opened her arms to welcome me in & I wrapped my arms around her as in a bear hug. We kissed passionately and fell under the water briefly. I picked her up and carried her in my arms to a thick patch of grass beside the pond and we made love for hours losing all track of time and all inhibitions. We alternated between mad, violent thrusts and slow, tender moments of just laying in each others’ embrace. We slowly explored each other’s bodies with the innocent curiosity of a young child just discovering the world. Eventually we fell asleep in each other’s arms and I slept like a contented little cherub and had never known such bliss! When I awoke a few hours later, my head was in Karina’s lap and she was stroking my hair and humming a strange sort of lullaby. I asked her what she was humming and she replied “it’s an ancient song of the druids.” I then said “it’s strangely dark yet also beautiful,” and she gave me a knowing smile. “Tell me all about you. Who are you? Where do you come from?” Karina again smiled and responded with “there will be plenty of time for that later. I am a child of the flowers and the forest. I was sent here to do my part to help protect the wise, old ones whom the sick ones are killing. A revolution has begun and my part is to guide all those who come here, on to their path. I used to live in Berkeley until I met one of the masters who helped me find my path.” Before I could open my mouth, she leaned over and kissed me more deeply than I have ever been kissed in my life & we again made wild, crazy, beautiful love for hours. And again, I dozed off but when I awoke this time, she was gone.


At first I thought, she probably went to get her clothes and will return shortly. I got dressed and waited for what seemed like an eternity but she never returned. I began to question my sanity and wondered if it had all been a dream? I retraced our steps back to where I had first seen Karina chanting and she wasn’t there either so I continued on to where my bike and sleeping bag were. Laying on top of my sleeping bag was a piece of paper folded in half with a rock on top of it. I anxiously opened the note and it simply read, “Rob, you are a very special man & you have an important part to play in our revolution. Our paths will cross again. I hope you will persevere. You are a divine lover.” That was it, no clue as to where she had gone or how I could find her. My heart sank and so did my spirit. Finally I had met the love of my life after having been alone & lonely for so many years and she disappears like a fairy tale princess into the mist. It had been a long & exhausting day if you know what I mean, so I made myself a gigantic sandwich & devoured it. It was getting dark so I figured there was no point in moving on until the next morning. I didn’t feel like getting rained on again though so I pitched my pup tent before it was totally dark. I started a small fire and set up my CD player with the lightweight external speakers & put on a Joni Mitchell CD. I had one last bottle of wine and smoked a couple bowls of pot as I savored my wine. Joni’s lyrics & plaintive voice from her album “Blue,” struck the chords of my heart & were very appropriate considering I had just lost such a lovely dream. As I was wallowing in self-pity & slowly getting stoned, a thought came to me “wait a minute! She said she came from Berkeley. Maybe if I go there, I can find someone who knows her and can tell me how to find her?” And with that, I was back on Mount Olympus and confident that I would find my lady again but this time I wouldn’t let her go. I could hardly sleep with all the anticipation in my heart and was impatient for the sun to rise so I could be on my way.


That night I had one of the best dreams I’ve had in ages. I dreamt that I found Karina again and that we built a cabin in the Redwoods overlooking the Pacific Ocean and spent our days wandering around the forest naked, laughing, dancing, getting stoned, & in a state of constant bliss with no worries whatsoever. I awoke before dawn and quickly packed my tent and ate a bagel & an apple and was on my way as the sun was rising. I headed for Eureka and made good time. I was riding on the wings of love and felt like I was twenty years old again. I made my way through Fortuna, Garberville, & the various other little hamlets I had hitch-hiked through so many times over the years. If I was somewhat near a town I had fond memories of from earlier days & it was nearing dark, I’d go to one of the bars I remembered. The locals must’ve thought me a nut case or something because I usually sat alone, smiling to myself, & played a lot of old sixties music and would occassionally get up and dance to a song that I particularly liked. I made good time getting to the San Francisco area and got into Sausalito late on a Sunday nite. I spent the night at the ferry station and slept on a bench with my bike & gear, locked to the bench I was sleeping on. I caught the first ferry to Richmond the next morning and then rode my bike down San Pablo Ave. to Berkeley in search of a youth hostel to stay at. It took a little doing i.e. searching and asking around but I found a great hostel that had a place to store my bike and free Internet access. It was around noon and I was famished so I decided to treat myself to a good meal before beginning my search for the mysterious Karina. I stumbled across a Mexican restaurant that looked promising and went in. I sat down at a booth and a lovely, young Hispanic woman waited on me. I think she was trying to get a rise out of me because she kept leaning over towards me and because she was wearing a very low-cut blouse, her tits just about fell out each time she leaned over. Ah, lust for life! I had a delicious meal of huevos rancheros & left a generous tip for the sexy waitress and told her thanks for the view as I was leaving. She gave me a big smile & said “gracias.”


While I was waiting for my huevos rancheros, I had asked the cutie serving me if I could borrow their Yellow Pages and made up a list of every bar, cafe, & nightclub in Berkeley. I had a map of Berkeley that the hostel provided in their lobby and mapped out the most logical route to pursue my Indian princess. Each bar or cafe that I would go into, I’d order a beer, a cup of coffee, or juice and would just observe the staff for awhile & try to determine who’d be the best ones to ask about Karina. I’d start out by saying “excuse me but I was hoping that you might be able to help me find a friend of mine? She’s about 5’7″, 120 lbs, long, wavy brunette hair down past her knees, & she has an exotic kind of look. I’m not sure but she could be Hispanic or maybe Native American? Her name is Karina.” I must’ve hit a dozen bars & cafes but no one knew her. With each “sorry,” my spirits sank a bit further. It was getting late & I was tired so I headed back to the youth hostel and went straight to bed. I awoke early the next morning and was still feeling a little depressed and beginning to think that I was on a fool’s errand & that the chances of finding Karina like this were very slim. I went back to the Mexican restaurant thinking that the sight of that waitresses’ lovely breasts would pick my spirits up a bit but of course, she wasn’t working. Instead, an old guy with a limp waited on me but he was pleasant. I had a huge breakfast burrito this time and while eating it, I thought I’d take a ride down to the Berkeley marina where I had spent so much time when I was here a year ago.


The last time I was in Berkeley, I was living out of my van. It wasn’t too bad a life except for the loneliness. I had a 1983 Ford Econoline van with a box spring & mattress in it. I’d cook one hot meal a day on a hibachi & kept my perishable food in a large ice chest. I had a good assortment of books & music CDs which I played on a boom box. I also kept my big tent & camping gear with me in case I found a spot where I could set up camp for awhile. I was working temp jobs through Labor Ready that slave-driving rip-off joint that treats you like shit. Sometimes I felt like king of the road with the world at my feet & reveled in that sense of freedom because I could pick up and go wherever I wanted & whenever I wanted. But at other times, I felt so alone & isolated. I spent my evenings after getting off work, at the Berkeley marina drinking beer and watching the bay. My time in Berkeley came to an abrupt end though when I got a D.U.I. on Friday, October 13th 2006. I was tired of feeling so lonely and after downing several beers, went out nightclubbing. I spent six days in the lovely Santa Rita jail which was really more a prison and quite an experience. One day while I was in the cell outside the courtroom waiting to go before the judge, several young black gang-bangers got into a serious religious conversation & after about half an hour of being silent, I couldn’t resist so I raised my hand and the young guys cracked up. There were a couple of older black guys about my age but I was the only white guy and I sort of served as mediator because I would politely intervene at times & point out that so and so hadn’t had a chance to speak his mind. The gang bangers dealt drugs for a living and spoke of their guns & the violence of their lives. I think they tripped on me because I was sincere, polite, & respectful and they liked what I had to say. It was lucky for me that I met these young dudes because we were released around 2 in the morning and we were out in the boondocks & they took me under their wings and helped me to get to the BART station so I could get back to Berkeley. They warned me that downtown Oakland was no place for me even in broad daylight and especially not in the middle of the night. When we went our separate ways, a couple of them gave me a brief hug & called me O.G. I was flattered and thankful.


Okay, back to the present. I rode my bike the short couple of miles down to the marina and had left my trailer back at the hostel like I had the day before. I sat down at the picnic table where I had spent many an evening the year before. I smoked a few bowls to get my head right and plot my plan of attack for the day. Somewhere around the third bowl, it came to me like a bolt of lightning, Karina was obviously an intelligent woman and where do intelligent people like to hang-out? Bookstores! And I remembered the old guy who had given me a ride when I  was hitch-hiking from Berkeley south towards L.A. last March. He was driving a van that said Cody’s Books on the side of it & we had a great conversation about the Bushwhacker president and all his cuts to social welfare programs. I wanted to ask him if he worked at Cody’s Books or if he owned it but I thought it’d be impolite so I didn’t. I decided that I’d make Cody’s Books the first bookstore I’d check out in my search for my lovely lady. I found Cody’s by looking in a phone book in a gas station phone booth and when I walked through the front door, there was a checkout stand with a young guy behind the counter. I described the guy who had given me the ride several months earlier and the young guy said “oh, that’s Fred, him & his wife are the owners but they won’t be in today, but they’ll be here for sure first thing tomorrow morning.” I thanked him & decided to browse a bit. As I was wandering around, I noticed a wall covered with pictures of famous writers who had given talks here at Cody’s.

Anniversary of the bombing of Cody’s Book store


The wall was a virtual who’s who of the American Left. Here are a few of the author’s pictures who caught my attention: Michael Parenti; Alice Walker; Allen Ginsberg; President Bill Clinton; George Lakoff; Jane Fonda; Ken Kesey; Kurt Vonnegut; Norman Mailer; Studs Terkel; & Ralph Nader to name just a few of the dozens of celebrities hanging on this auspicious wall of fame. As I stood there gazing at the pictures, it dawned on me that this bookstore had to be a sort of intellectual Mecca and Karina had to have been a regular here if she’s part of an underground revolution. A feeling of impending success was growing in me & I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to be here. I was so confident that I was going to find Karina once I spoke to Fred the next day that I decided to take the rest of the day off & went into the Acme Bar, a place I had stumbled upon when I used to live in my van and hang out at the marina. When I was here last March, I had an interesting night in the Acme. I was on foot and when I walked in there were no other customers. I leaned my big backpack & two smaller packs against a wall in the corner and ordered a cheap beer. The bartender was a young gal with rings, piercings, & tatoos all over. She was a little heavy set and had bright red dyed hair & a great personality. She asked me where I was from & where I was headed. I told her that I’d just gotten off the Amtrak train from Portland and was hoping to find a cheap place to stay because I’d like to live in Berkeley for awhile & she said that she’d ask around & might know of a place where I could squat. She said there’s a website run by squatters and that it was a growing movement. People slowly filtered in and I continued drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beers. I wasn’t quite sure if it was a gay bar or not but got a strange kind of feeling. Nobody hassled me and if it was a gay bar, it was one of the most low-key gay bars I’ve ever been in. A couple of bar stools down from me was a guy about my age & his friend who I’m pretty sure was female but she had a goatee. After awhile, the guy asked me my name, and I said “Rob.” He said, “Hah! I got you beat. My name is Ed and is only two letters and it ends a lot of words.” I had observed him with other customers for a few hours & he seemed to revel in being somewhat of a smart-ass so I couldn’t resist when he made the last comment, “yeah, Ed like in fuck-ED!” He gave me a quizzical look & I instantly apologized but his friend laughed and said “that’s a good one.” Ed smiled at me and knew that I was just joking and didn’t seem to be offended. In fact, he insisted on buying me a drink. I met several characters that night and when I finally decided that I had better be on my way because I didn’t even know where I was going to crash for the night & the bartender didn’t have any luck in coming up with an idea of where I could stay. I walked several blocks and it was a pain in the ass being drunk and having to carry three packs. I finally spotted an elementary school and was just about to hop over a fence figuring I’d sleep on the playground and get up early before the kids started arriving. All of a sudden, a young, good-looking black gal walked up to me and asked me what I was doing and I figured there was no point lying so I told her. An older black guy joined us and when I said that I was looking for a place to crash for the night, he said, “you can stay at my place for $20.” I hesitated for a bit and figured that I’d take a gamble & since they already knew what I was up to, if they were going to rob me, they’d know where I was. We walked a few blocks and while we were walking, the gal asked me if I wanted to have sex with her for $60 I believe? I politely told her I would but I was almost completely broke and that’s why I countered the guy’s price with an offer of $10 for the night. The gal went off another way and when we arrived at the guy’s house, he told me I had to be very quiet. We went down to a basement & he turned on a light that revealed a simple cot next to a pile of dirty clothes and a washer and dryer. He told me that I had to leave early before anyone was up. I surmised that this was his parents’ house and he and the gal were tweekers grabbing a buck wherever & however they could to support their habits. The guy left and I was feeling very nervous because I thought he might try to creep in when I was sleeping to steal whatever he could. And I had over $900 on me that Jeri had just wired me so I could get my van out of impound from the D.U.I. I had just gotten. I took my wallet out and buried it under the pile of dirty clothes figuring that’d be the last place he’d look if he did try to rip me off. A few hours later I woke up having to pee desperately and couldn’t find the light switch but remembered the general location of the washer & dryer so I felt my way over to them & raised the lid of what must’ve been the washer and did my business in it. I dozed off and on and didn’t sleep well at all because of the worrying. I awoke just before dawn and slipped quietly out and felt better the farther

away I got from that basement. What a life I sometimes lead!

The Love of My Life & my guardian angel!


It was a rather uneventful evening at the Acme Bar but I was in top spirits and returned to the hostel early to get a good night’s sleep in anticipation of tomorrow’s meeting with Fred of Cody’s Books. I woke up early and went for a ride down around the marina. After my bike ride, it was still too early for Cody’s to be open so I went for some breakfast at the Mexican restaurant I went to on my first day here. And low & behold, the sexy senorita was working and gave me a big smile when I walked in. I ordered Huevos Rancheros and as I was eating, the waitress who had just asked me if there was anything else I needed & was walking away, dropped some silverware & when she bent over to pick it up, because she was wearing a short skirt, I was treated to a full view of her lovely ass & she wasn’t wearing any panties. I almost choked on the mouthful of food I was chewing & she turned around and gave me a wink. When this little vixen placed my check on my table, she also gave me a slip of paper with her name & number on it and whispered, “call me if you’d like to go out dancing or for a drink.” I blushed and said “thank you, great food & an even greater view. You certainly made my day!” She just laughed & walked away with a provacative sway of the hips. I slowly regained my composure and tucked her number into my wallet and headed off on my bike for Cody’s. I got to Cody’s just as they were opening up and I recognized that it was Fred, the guy who had picked me up when I was hitch-hiking, who was unlocking the door and getting things ready for another day of business. I locked my bike up to a nearby tree and walked in with my heart pounding in the hope that I was going to get lucky. Fred was unpacking some boxes on a table and I walked up to him and said “excuse me but I believe you gave me a ride last year when I was hitching on the ramp near the marina & headed for San Francisco?” Fred paused for a moment as he looked me over and then he said “your face does look vaguely familiar.” I reminded him  of our conversation about Bush and all the cuts he’d made to every social welfare program he could get his hands on & I told him that he’d given me a bottle of water when I got out of the company van & that he’d let me out right around the corner from the police department. Fred remarked “oh yeah, you were heading south to L.A. if I recall?” I answered, “yeah and the real reason that I came in to talk to you is because I met this beautiful woman about a week ago up in the Redwoods on the coast north of Eureka. She said her name is Karina and she’s about 5’7″ & 120 lbs., long brown hair, and she sort of looks Native American or Hispanic.” Fred took a good, long look at me as if he was trying to size me up and finally asked “so what makes you think I might know this gal?”


My heart dropped into my stomach as I fumbled for an answer & at last I said, “well, she mentioned that she was from Berkeley and something she said to me in a note she left & in the brief conversation we had, made me realize that she’s obviously a very intelligent person & I figured that since your bookstore is famous for its Left wing or progressive atmosphere, this would be the kind of place a woman like her would frequent?” Fred’s demeanor all of a sudden became somewhat furtive or suspicious like and he said in a low voice, “what exactly did she say to you?” I responded “she said that she was a child of the flowers & the forest and was sent there to do her part to help protect the wise, old ones whom the sick ones are killing. A revolution has begun and her part is to guide all those who come there, on to their path. She also said that she used to live in Berkeley until she met one of the masters who helped her find her path. And in the note she left me, she said I was a very special man and have an important part to play in the revolution. In addition, she said that our paths would cross again & I hope you will persevere.” When I finished saying this, Fred’s face broke out in a big smile and still whispering, he said “welcome my friend, you have done well & have taken the first step necessary for what lies before you. It’s not safe to speak here though so I want you to meet me at this address one week from today at this time of day & I’ll direct you to where you next must go.” My head was swimming with questions & I blurted “but wait, what about Karina? When can I see her? Where am I suppose to go next?” Fred smiled again & gave me a fatherly look & tone “I know, you’re dying to see Karina, it’s natural. She has that affect on most people but you have to be patient and follow my directions to the letter and it’s critical that you memorize that address I just gave you & destroy it. I’ll see you in one week.” I felt both frustrated & elated at the same time but accepted that I had no choice but to do as Fred instructed & reluctantly left. As I was unlocking my bike, I thought, “great, what am I going to do for a week?” I decided to mull this all over down at the marina so I picked up a six-pak of Guinness and rode down to the marina & my picnic table. After openning my first bottle of stout, I filled my pipe and once again visited the Elysium Fields of euphoria. I had my CD player and speakers in my backpack along with a fair selection of my CDs and put on Joan Baez’s album “Diamonds & Rust.” Ever since I had met Karina, my head & heart were in a swirl of emotions, dreams, & an enticing mystery that left me feeling befuddled. I pulled out the address that Fred had given me again & read “10 Birdview Lane, Sausalito.” I had repeated it so many times in my mind that it had become a sort of mantra. I felt confident that I had it memorized so when I lit my next bowl, I burned the paper Fred had given me. It was a bright, sunny day and I enjoyed the beer buzz along with the pot high & my music. It was around three in the afternoon when I remembered that sexy Hispanic waitress who had given me her phone number. Her name was Theresa & just thinking of that lovely ass when she bent over, gave me a hard-on. I thought, what the hell, I have a week to kill and God knows how long before I see Karina. Besides, it’s not like we’re married or are a couple and wasn’t San Francisco & the flower children the center of free love? I knew I was rationalizing but I was lonely and had too much time on my hands so I called Theresa on my cell phone.


Theresa answered with “hola!” I said, “hi, I’m the guy who had breakfast in the restaurant you work at this morning and you gave me your phone number.” She giggled and said “oh, I thought you were never going to call, it’s been six hours! What are you doing? Where are you?” I laughed a deep belly laugh and told her that I was down at the marina and just learned that I had a week to kill before I had to leave town and thought I’d give her a call. Theresa let out a squeal of delight and insisted that I stay right where I was because she’d be off work in half an hour and would come right over. I asked her if she’d mind picking up some beer and I’d pay her when she got here. She admonished me “don’t worry about it sweetie, I’m so happy you called. What kind of beer do you like?” I replied that almost anything was fine with me, get whatever kind you like to drink. I’ll see you in awhile sexy.” And we hung up. I thought, well, this is indeed my lucky day. I have gotten one step closer to finding my lovely Karina & this femme fatale, Theresa, appears to be very interested in hooking up. I smoked another couple of bowls and laid down on the grass and felt the gentle breeze off the water blow across my face and watched the sea gulls coast high above me. I must’ve dozed off because the next thing I knew, I heard Theresa’s seductive voice and openned my eyes to discover her standing over me with that same skirt she had on this morning and still without panties. What a beautiful sight to wake up to! I had felt my life was cursed for so many years with all the bad luck I’d had that I had a really hard time understanding how things could be going so great for me now. This thought quickly vanished because in a instant, Theresa had plopped down next to me & in a flash was lying on top of me smiling with those big, beautiful Hispanic eyes that have always melted me since my high school sweetheart who was from Ecuador. We started kissing and I don’t think we stopped kissing for over an hour before we came up for a breath. Finally I said “hey, where’s that beer?” Theresa chuckled and said, “keep your pants on, well, at least for now.” And with that she got up and walked over to a little Toyota pickup truck and returned with a six pack of Heineken. As we were enjoying our beers, Theresa asked me where I was staying and I told her that I was staying at a hostel on San Pablo Ave. She then offered “well, we’ll have to do something about that. You know what? I’m house-sitting for this rich family that are in Europe for a month and I’d love it if you would come and stay with me to keep me company. You’ll love it and they have a fantastic pool like you’ve never seen, half of it is outdoors and half of it is indoors.” I was probably grinning from ear to ear and asked “why are you so good to me? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t understand what you see in me because I am not exactly Brad Pitt and we just met?” Theresa laughed and replied, “you remind me of my first boyfriend who was the love of my life & you have warm eyes. You know what they say about the eyes?” I said “no, what do they say about the eyes?” She quickly declared “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” and I feel you are a good soul.” And lest we forget the horrors of the Vietnam war, which I came very close to being just another casualty of, watch this video;

Theresa, la senorita mas fina! And reflect on this young woman’s pain;
(all too often this is the fate of our young people who because they have such a poor education, must choose between flipping burgers or joining the military)


Well, my mom didn’t raise no fool so I said, “I’d love to spend some time with you la senorita muy bonita.” Theresa clapped her hands with joy like a little girl openning her presents on Christmas morning, and with that we loaded my bike in the back of her truck and then drove to the hostel where I collected my things. The house Theresa was house-sitting for was up on a hill overlooking the bay and had an awesome view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It had to be over 5,000 square feet and she was right, I had never seen such a gorgeous pool and boy was it inviting. We were standing next to the pool & the next thing I knew, Theresa had given me a friendly push and I was in the pool with all my clothes on and my shoes. I yelled “you’re going to pay for that!” She just laughed and started a slow strip tease and jumped in. Wow! What a voluptuous little body. Theresa was about 5’2″ and 130 lbs. with pitch black hair that hung in ringlets down just past her shoulders and her breasts were like luscious fruit hanging from a tree that were absolutely mouth watering. She must have been something like 38 double d. She swam over to me and started helping me out of my clothes as we were passionately kissing. We made love right in the pool and afterwards Theresa led me to the guest bedroom she was sleeping in & we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. I must admit that for some reason I did feel a twinge of guilt for being with Theresa and as I was making love with Theresa, Karina kept popping into my thoughts. I awoke late at night & went in search of some food because I was famished. I found the kitchen and the refrigerator and was snooping around to see what I could find when all of a sudden those warm breasts of Theresa’s were pressed up against my back & I said “hello beautiful.” Theresa quipped “why thank you kind sir, can I help you find something?” “Why yes, I’m starved and was just looking for a quick bite,” and the next thing I knew, she bit my butt. “Hey, what are you a vampire?” She laughed and said “you said you wanted a quick bite.” I turned around and lifted her in my arms to where her breasts were level with my mouth and suckled at those mounds of joy like a newborn babe. Theresa groaned soft & low with contentment & when I set her back down on the floor, she said “okay, now it’s your turn,” and led me to a gigantic easy chair in a den right off the kitchen & had me sit down in the chair and lean back. And then this red-hot Latina went down on me like I’ve never known before & I was in pure ecstacy. When I was totally spent, my lovely lover kissed me deeply and said, “you just relax honey & I’ll whip up something for us to eat.” She and I were both butt naked and it felt so good and natural & I didn’t feel self-conscious one bit even though I was at least 30 lbs. overweight. Before I knew it, she had returned with an ice-cold beer for me & then hurried back to the kitchen. I sure loved watching her walk away from me because that ass of hers was a work of art. She yelled from the kitchen for me to help myself to the stereo system or the T.V. or whatever I felt like doing. I found the remote for the stereo system and it took me sometime to figure out how to even turn it on but I discovered a CD player which you could program to play random songs from whatever genre or combination of genres of music you wanted. I selected a bunch of particularly romantic songs I thought Theresa might like.

my foxy, little Latina Betty Crocker!

(this is Chapter 1 of my novel which is over 2,000 pgs. and on-going; contact me if you’d like to read more)

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January 2021

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