Dangerous Stupidity!




Of course, nowadays on the Left side of the political spectrum, it’s not PC to call people stupid. No, we’re supposed to be sensitive of others’ feelings, etc., no matter how hate & violence-spewing they are.  Well I say, fuck that shit!

the laws against hate speech don’t apply to Trump or the rich


We’re being killed and you tell me to be polite? Is it any wonder that we’re constantly beat by the far Right? Michael Moore said that he was talking with Steve Bannon some time back & that he asked Bannon about this & Bannon said; “the liberals or democrats are having a pillow fight while we go for the head shot i.e. shooting to kill.”

Greta Thunberg’s “How Dare You?” to world leaders says it all!


And let’s face it, he was at least honest in this regard. Speaking of Steve Bannon, let me lay out for you how this vile, Machiavellian strategist for Trump who played a major role in getting Trump into the White House, capitalized on the public’s general stupidity to do so.

Bannon is on a Crusade stirring-up racial hatred around Europe


You see, Bannon was vice-president of a company called Cambridge Analytica & the Trump campaign hired Cambridge Analytica to help in Trump’s run for the presidency. Well, Cambridge Analytica bought access to Facebook’s data base & because of Zuckerberg’s greed & not bothering to place any limits on Analytica’s use of their data on over 80 million Americans, Analytica was able to target those American voters it refers to as “persuadable.”

Brittany Kaiser, supposed whistleblower but I don’t buy it (Cambridge Analytica)


If you are or were a Facebook user like myself, you’ve probably come across those apparently innocent little quizzes that are posted now & then asking if you’d care to see how you measure up against others in your type of personality or some other respect. Well, from the results of these “quizzes,” and the treasure trove of other data we willingly posted & divulged on Facebook, Analytica was able to brag to the corporations it tried to sell its services to that it had over 5,000 data points on every American citizen.


And unbelievable as it may sound, something like 70% of Americans get their news from Facebook & I don’t know what percentage of regular FOX “News” viewers we have but FOX is de facto America’s version of Pravda (look Pravda up for yourself; hint, it’s Russia’s major, perhaps only newspaper).


Access to the personal data of over 80 million Americans’ personal data & all their friends’ personal data as well, gave the Trump campaign a powerful weapon with which they were able to pinpoint the stupid, the weak-minded, the gullible in every voting precinct in the U.S. & they created over a million political “ads” designed sometimes for just a handful of voters whom they knew they could manipulate into voting for Trump with their absurd, obscene, & outright lies in obvious political propaganda ads attacking Hillary Clinton.


So, with Facebook’s selling of all our personal data to Cambridge Analytica & the unscrupulous machinations of the likes of Steve Bannon, the stupid, the conspiracy cult believers, the Duck Dynasty crowd, the racists & haters of everyone not a White Supremacist, & especially the faux “Christian” voters, this combination of dark forces put Trump in the White House.


And since Trump the simpleton & malignant narcissist who refused to even follow the rule of putting his companies in a trust so he couldn’t be accused of profiting from being president, has been systematically destroying our government.


As a matter of fact, in today’s headlines, the Trump administration is now trying to take away Social Security funds from those with disabilities. Yep! All you stupid morons who believe this lying piece of shit, this crook, this traitor to America, this sexual predator is cutting food stamps & every part of the social safety net that many of you probably rely on & you sing his praises? Yeah, that is indeed some “special kind of stupid!”


To elaborate on the dangerous aspects in the big picture regarding this tin-pot would-be dictator (an autocratic ruler with little political credibility & delusions of grandeur), malignant narcissist, con man, huckster, & sexual predator the morons put in office, reflect on this; Trump knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy but loves to strut the world stage like he’s some sort of gangster.


You see, Trump has been partnering with the Italian mafia for most of his life i.e. they got the contracts for cement in his buildings, ensured that his employees in his Atlantic City casinos wouldn’t strike with the other hotel employees who were striking, etc. And now he has “progressed” to relying on the Russian mafia for loans because American banks will no longer give him loans because he defaulted on hundreds of millions in previous loans—yeah, this is the “successful businessman” you’ve all been suckered into believing.


He thinks he can bully & bluster his way through his presidency but his latest truly stupid move against Iran is playing with a very deadly fire. Iran is by far the most powerful nation in the Middle East & if we were to seriously engage in a war with them, it’d be all over for all of humanity!


If Trump truly had a brain, he wouldn’t have threatened every school he’s ever attended if they dared to release his grades. Moreover, his trade wars are actually hurting the American economy but he’ll lie & deny until the day he dies & his cult will turn a blind eye no matter what.


For example, roughly a third of the American public don’t believe the Holocaust actually happened, what do you bet they’re the same third of our fellow citizens who think Trump is the next best thing to the Second Coming?


It’s taken America over two hundred years to evolve & yes, we have a lot of ugly history or crimes against humanity to answer for but how in the Hell can Trump zombies actually think that the total destruction of our government’s structure & institutions is a good thing just proves my point i.e. they’re fuckin’ morons!


Trump is so brazenly corrupt that it boggles the mind? Step right up suckers. Stay at my hotels, play gold at my resorts, buy my products, etc. And thanks to the totally spineless G.O.P., he is given free rein to defy every norm of human decency, decorum, & law.


Some of you may recall that when John Kerry was running for the presidency, they made a big deal out of his so-called, “flip-flopping” on issues? This idiot flip-flops within the same sentence time & time again. He says stuff, it’s recorded, and ten minutes later he denies ever having said it. He’s called on it & claims it’s all a conspiracy against him by the Deep State. Yeah, they’re so powerful that they can immediately alter video tapes of his speaking within a matter of ten minutes. People who believe this bag of shit shouldn’t be allowed to operate a car let alone own a gun.


And one of the scariest things about this orangutan in the oval office is the fact that approximately 70% of so-called evangelicals love him because they believe he’ll bring us Armageddon. The destruction of the Earth is their dream.

“Christian” evangelicals’ Wet dream i.e. WWIII


In conclusion, here’s a little thought experiment for you; if you’re familiar with the long-running, hit T.V. series, “The West Wing,” it was a very educational program in that it showed a lot of the inner workings in the White House i.e. the wheeling & dealing in the passing of bills, how compromises are reached, what happens in times of serious international crises, etc. Now this was classified as a fictional television series but a large part of its popularity was due to the fact that it was so closely modeled on the reality of our government & how it does & doesn’t function in so many ways.


Now consider the thousands of insights we’ve gotten over the three years that Trump has been the president & how himself & his administration can’t seem to function in even the simplest of tasks. It’s clear to all who aren’t willfully ignorant, Trump doesn’t have a clue, won’t even read his daily briefings let along attempt to inform himself on the critical issues facing us both domestically & internationally. He prefers to spend his days watching FOX “News,” tweeting, & playing golf or holding his Nuremberg-like fear & hate rallies & promoting his hotels & resorts.


Now ask yourself, would I rather have this dangerous buffoon running our country & ensuring our safety & prosperity or would I rather have a real actor like Martin Sheen, in the oval office? A man of compassion & intelligence!


Moreover, this total moron behind the desk in the White House decides to play chicken with Iran (which is clearly the most powerful nation in the Middle East) for absolutely no reason at all other than to “look tough.” It seems pretty clear to all with a functioning brain that Trump is desperately trying to distract us from impeaching his ass because he knows that once he’s out of office, a prison cell will be his next home. Gee, I wonder if they’ll let the girly-man Tweet from prison?

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