Living in the Land of Trump-speak




Talk about surreal, we have clearly stepped through the Looking Glass & are living in a waking nightmare world. Every Trump supporter I have met proclaims from practically the first sentence out of their mouths that they like Trump because he “tells it like it is.” I have to try hard to hide my incredulity each time I hear this mantra because it truly blows my mind that so many Americans actually believe he’s a truth-teller.

Pushing people’s emotional buttons is easiest way to manipulate them


And the second I try to point out the latest lies by Trump, they go into automatic shut-down & dismiss whatever I say as part of the grand conspiracy against their hero. The supposed billionaire who cares about the working class who have been screwed by the elites in Washington D.C. I say “supposed billionaire” because there’s no proof that he is actually a billionaire & he refuses to release his tax records. Moreover, I learned recently that Donny insisted that as part of his contract with the producers of “The Apprentice” was that every time they mentioned his name on the program, they had to refer to him as “the billionaire.”

Lies repeated often enough from a bully pulpit become Truths


I would think that people who pride themselves on their “common sense,” could see that something is mighty fishy here when Donny insisted on this? And if he’s so secure & successful, why does he feel the compulsion to brag about himself every time he opens his mouth? I have been a lover of learning my whole life but even a kid in elementary school knows that another kid who constantly brags about himself or herself is a phony.

Common sense tells us that a braggart is full of shit!


Moving on, I am reminded of when Ross Perot ran for the presidency & told us that he was tired of making money & didn’t want to become president for the opportunities it would give him to make more money. Arnold Swarzenegger also tried this ploy when he ran for governor of California. You can be sure that anytime somebody makes such a claim, they’re full of shit! No matter how obscenely wealthy someone becomes, it’s never enough & they always want more.


I am also reminded of all the uproar of Kerry’s “flip-flopping” on a few issues when he was running for president yet Trump flip-flops often within the same sentence but his cult members either don’t notice or don’t give a damn because this is just part of his good old country boy charm & “telling it like it is.” Jesus, talk about willful ignorance! And it also doesn’t register with his groupies that how can a billionaire be a true representative or champion of the poor, the working class or the working class. How in the hell do you think he gained all that wealth? He got it like the overwhelming majority of the rich have i.e. by screwing everyone he could.


Trump has been the subject of law suits his entire business career & he’s screwed thousands of people who have worked for him. He’s declared bankruptcy several times & when the banks would no longer loan him money because he screwed them, he took out loans with the Italian American mobsters who were his buddies & helped him with his casinos & he in turn helped them with City Hall & his political connections (from his dad) and then he started taking money from Russian mafia figures—do you begin to see why he loves Putin and will never say a bad word against the Russians?


Again, it’s just all so patently absurd & so depressing that so many Americans have fallen for this Creature from the Black Lagoon’s B.S. He truly believes he’s above the law & his brazen profiting from his stint in the White House in many of his business ventures is a blatant middle finger to all Americans & any semblance of respect for the office he holds. Even Tony Soprano wouldn’t dare to be so disrespectful to custom & tradition.


Every time Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan opens his mouth, it’s painfully clear that he’s a moron. The average elementary school graduate knows more about American history & politics than this baboon in the oval office & the civilized world reels almost daily from Trump’s ignorant remarks.

we could really use a Mark Twain today to slap Trump down!


I try to refrain from being “too personal” in my criticism usually but the damage already done by this racist, greedy idiot demands that I take the gloves off. So, if you can’t see or refuse to acknowledge the mountain of evidence corroborating what a colossal criminal & cretin this piece of shit is, you share in the responsibility for tearing America down & spitting on the graves of all those who died in service to this country!


—Rob DeLoss, Trinidad, CA  Dec. 26, 2018


P.S.  Trump reminds me of something I learned back in my 20s when I lived in L.A. i.e. you meet a lot of phonies in L.A. who seemed to think that they could get away with lying & manipulating all the time because once they got found out in one circle of friends, they could just move on because there are so many people in L.A., they always had more suckers they could screw over.


When I was a substitute teacher in the mid-eighties, the average high school graduate read at an 8th grade level. This report shows that nine years ago, it has dropped to just above the 5th grade level. I wonder if the fact that we have a president who reads at a third to fourth grade level could reflect some shortcoming on our part? And with a faux “Christian” in charge of the Dept. of Education, what do you think our chances are of surviving our ignorance?

I bet the overwhelming majority of Trump’s “base,” or fan club don’t know a minor detail about him i.e. he doesn’t own all the properties that bear his name, in fact, he owns a very small number of them. He charges the owners to use his name on them & his whole life has been about promoting himself. Note that every time he speaks, he’s lying, exaggerating, & proclaiming he is at this & that & that ad nauseam. And this is why he becomes so upset if anyone criticizes him i.e. it poses a threat to his brand. Think about it!

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