About Me

Hi, my name is Rob DeLoss.

Well, I was born in Oregon but grew up in L.A. My secondary schooling was in a town called Paramount (across the riverbed from Compton). It was rough but, in those days, we duked it out with our fists & there were rarely any guns involved. I first began to dream of becoming a writer around second grade when I took a test for the Rod Serling School of Writing that appeared in the Reader’s Digest my grandmother subscribed to. I scored 85% on the test but we couldn’t afford the cost for joining. I supposedly was reading at the 11th grade, sixth month level when I was in the sixth grade & have always been an avid reader. Books have always been my friends & my escape when other kids were cruel i.e. teasing me when my eyes would cross after playing sports (concentrating for too long a period of time). I was in the lottery so the Army got me but I kept going AWOL because my gut told me that Vietnam wasn’t a good idea. I worked hundreds of jobs from my late teens to my late 20s but nothing grabbed me until I became a substitute teacher. I was a perpetual student & changed majors several times & dropped-out of many courses, sometimes half-way or more through a semester because nothing captured my interest. I did a lot of hitch-hiking throughout my 20s i.e. across the U.S., up & down the West Coast dozens of times, around Europe several times, etc. I usually kept travel diaries & I began to write essays probably around the age of 25 or so? When Reagan became president is when I got interested in politics because he scared me. And without a doubt, the best thing that ever happened to me was when I met my future wife, Jeri, in 1981 & we moved in together. She was a special education teacher & her love & belief in me gave me the fortitude to pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher & a writer. She passed away in August of 2013 and my life will never be the same again!

Update: Jan. 2019; my first book, “Truth Against the World: The Humanists’ Fight for Our Freedom,” is available in both a Kindle version & a paperback version at https://www.amazon.com/Truth-Against-World-Humanists-Freedom/dp/1792834047/ref=sr_1_2?s=

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