Making America Great Again




Yeah, if you consider the 1918 flu pandemic that killed anywhere from 20 to 50 million worldwide, and the approximately 675,000 Americans who died, a great America?  Moreover, Daddy Trump said today; “If only 100,000 Americans die from the coronavirus, that means he’s done a good job.”


Yep, the 99%’s lives don’t matter at all, the only lives that matter are the 1%’s. You know, the ones who gave us the worldwide Crash of 2008. The ones, we, the taxpayers bail-out against our will, time & time again. It’s the same old sad song i.e. Socialism for the Rich & pull yourself up by the bootstraps for the rest of us. If you fail & go bankrupt & are fired through no fault of your own & are illegally foreclosed on, too bad, too sad!


The status quo must remain solvent & in control. The poor babies & hypocrites need another mansion, another yacht, another private Lear jet, etc. etc. etc. And they never change their mantra of mendacity i.e. we need the massive tax breaks (even though we pay little if any taxes) so we can put workers back to work. But they leave out the fact that they’re talking about workers in the “developing” world where they have no unions, no health & safety on the job, no voice whatsoever.


The “neo-liberal” theology that basically took root in the reign of Bill Clinton, the faux democrat who sold out the working class & the middle class. Yep! Another lying democrat who pretended to be our champion but sucked-up to the corporate cockroaches hoping they’d let him in the inner-circle of the corrupt elite in corporate America.


His price of admission to that sacred grove was passing the elimination of Glass-Steagall & the passing of NAFTA. Along with a few lesser issues like locking up every Latino and black citizen possible, slashing “welfare,” for the undeserving poor who would just waste it on food & other frivolous things like rent, utilities, etc.


But even these gifts that Billy Boy laid at his masters’ feet were not enough. No, he was also necessary as a perpetual whipping-boy for the crime-lords at the top of the food chain & that has continued down to this day with his wife, Hillary the Hun!


And in between the two democratic sell-outs Clinton & Obama, we had good old Alfred E. Newman. Yep, Georgie, the Coward from Crawford who was so spineless & stupid that Cheney, the man from Halliburton had to be employed to prop him up. And with Dick’s loving guidance, Georgie boy manipulated the gullible Americans whose minds have been eaten away by FOX “News,” into invading & occupying Iraq which has been a wet-dream for the military/industrial/congressional complex.

Pravda is Russia’s main paper but they know it’s propaganda, Americans don’t have a clue about FOX “News”


Yep! By unleashing a tsunami of propaganda & lies on the American public, the powers that be had a new perpetual enemy to justify their perpetual state of war i.e. the terrorists are coming! Be afraid, be very afraid! It doesn’t matter that our military is more powerful than all the other nations on earth’s combined militaries.

The $100 million televangelist & The Commander & Chief Thief!


And to help in this Crusade for Christianity, FOX “News” was invaluable in its 24/7 fear & hate campaign. Yep! And good ol’ country boy, Georgie “Dubya,” did his bit to help the cause of the greedy & the craven by turning a blind-eye to Wall St.’s ambitious theft scam which sent the world into a tail-spin.


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! After Alfred E. Newman exited stage left, they thought they’d really confuse us with I must admit, a very clever ad campaign, in fact, Obama’s presidential campaign won an award for the best advertising campaign of the year he was elected.

Wall St.’s Liars Row, just like the tobacco CEOs years later; “We had no idea?”


And in the spirit of “full disclosure,” I have to confess that I too fell for Obama’s ad campaign. But, believe me or not, I knew within a few weeks after the Black Crusader on the White Horse rode into Washington D.C. that I was just another sucker. His appointments of Geithner, Bernanke, Summers, et al showed me instantly the error of my ways & what a fool I had been in voting for him. Not one single Wall St. CEO was prosecuted by Obama administration!

Obama almost literally would get weak in the knees whenever Jamie Dimon entered a room he was in at the same time. Yeah! Perhaps the worst of the worst in the financial sector of our economy with his Cheshire Cat, smug mug because he knew he was getting away with grand larceny on a national scale.


And now we have the piece de la resistance, the Marie Antoinette cross-dresser, Donald the Charlatan, the Duck Dynasty worship & grovel at his feet to in abject submission. I cling to the dream of Trump’s Walking Dead army waking from their somnambulant anorexia & uniting with the healthy amongst us to overthrow this tyranny that threatens not only America but the entire planet.

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”


This duplicitous dumb-shit asks questions like; Why can’t we use our nuclear weapons? And if this doesn’t scare you, you might want to check your pulse because you may be one of the Body Snatchers? I for one, simply can’t wrap my head around the apparent reality that half of the American public can’t see how truly destructive & dangerous this colossal moron is?


Will the Donald of the Duck Dynasty’s Klan members still sing his praises as they & their loved ones slowly die from this modern-day plague that we could’ve drastically reduced the effects of? The misanthrope who is incapable of human sympathy, empathy, or compassion unnecessarily put countless millions of Americans at risk for catching this deadly virus because he didn’t want his numbers to go down in the polls as to how he was “dealing” with the pandemic.

And each & every day when I say to myself, this fuckin’ piece of human excrement can’t possibly say or do anything stupider, he proves me wrong? He is purposely subverting, undermining, & sabotaging the efforts of our top scientists & epidemiologists to contain & hopefully reduce the fatalities this virus causes.

The True Hoax is that Trump gives a shit about anybody but himself

If this isn’t a case of our top executive posing a clear & present danger to America’s national security, then you tell me what the fuck is? Are we going to follow this inhumane creature off the cliff like passive & obedient lemmings, or are we going to find our backbones & stand & fight for our lives?

The choice is yours my friend. The corporate cockroach class see us as only a means to an end. They know full well that climate change & destruction is real but they figure that the billions & trillions they can stuff into their pockets takes precedence over minor considerations like say, humanity’s continuation.

“The Very Stable Genius” throwing a tantrum


Their motto is; He who dies with the most toys is the winner! And the thought of their grandchildren playing in the rubble of a Hiroshima or freezing in sub-zero Arctic wastelands doesn’t trouble their empty hearts & souls.

If you care to know who the true Masters of the Universe are, watch this documentary:

I’ll tell you this my imaginary friend i.e. I get so few readers, guess they’re busy with their “Smart phones,” and “Socializing?” If we don’t somehow find our lost compassion for not only our loved ones but for our fellow man, we are truly overlooking that horrific abyss that Dante did a pretty good job of describing.


From the marrow of my bones & the depth of my soul!

You’ve been warned!


—Rob DeLoss, Gold Beach, Oregon, March 30, 2020

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