Drain the Swamp?



“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

—Edmund Burke, the philosophical founder of modern Conservatism

Yes, this is absurd but then again, isn’t everything about this megalomaniac absurd?


Trump has redefined “corruption” in our political elite much like Caligula redefined orgies in the ancient Roman Senate, and only someone who has been lost in a swamp for the past four years would fail to know that this “Drain the Swamp” mantra was one of the key promises that the Liar in Chief made on his presidential campaign. This was Trump’s vow to chase the corrupt politicians out of Washington D.C. But, had he followed through on this promise, where would he & his cabinet along with everyone he has appointed during his administration live?


“Base” is one of those words that political pundits love to use ad nauseam & refers to a politician’s main supporters. And in Trump’s case, “base” is the appropriate word to describe a lot of the people who love Donald no matter how base his actions or words are because they (for the most part in my opinion) are lacking in the higher qualities of mind or spirit.


Moreover, I bet if you were to take a poll of Trump’s cult members, the majority of them are also fans of the series; The Walking Dead. Personally speaking, I watched about 15 minutes or so of one episode in the first season, I believe? And it turned my stomach. Guess I’m just one of those elitists Trump fans love to hate?


In the same way, I can’t handle watching one of Trump’s never-ending fear & hate rallies for more than 15 minutes or so. Why? Because Trump revels in all things base or crude & enjoys whipping his base into a frenzy of hate & violence. You see, fear & hate are the two most powerful emotions & this is why authoritarians depend on them to “keep the rabble” in line (Chomsky) And this reveals what is truly dangerous about this demagogue in the Oval Office. By-the-way, fear & hate are the secret power behind the “social media” and why it has spread like a plague (Chomsky) over the Earth.


By appealing to the lowest common denominator in his cult, Trump has unleashed an ugly force not unlike that of lynch mobs like the Ku Klux Klan. More specifically, Trump’s public boasting of being free to grab women by their genitals, walk into women’s dressing rooms, or sexually assault them is laughed at by both the men & the women who make up his base. And any woman who would cheer this kind of language or behavior clearly has a very low opinion of herself or women in general.


Now, you may have heard the phrase; “rude, crude, & lewd,” and this is another appropriate description of Trump’s kind of “people.” And Trump can’t understand why New York City’s social elite have always laughed at him & rejected him from their social circles?


Let’s return to that primordial swamp that Trump & his army of zombies crawled out of & which he promised to drain. And if it weren’t so deadly serious, it’d be hilarious that he has the audacity to label others as corrupt when he’s the king of corruption & all that we hate in politicians as well as people in general.


Trump apologists obviously know next to nothing of their leader’s background or the world of crime & corruption that spawned Donald doesn’t trouble their “Christian,” sensibilities? Similar to that list of over 16,000 or more lies that Trump has told just in the first three years of his reign of error & terror, the girly-man probably has an equally long list of criminal activities he’s been involved in or committed?

I am going to expose a small portion of this wanna-be mafia boss’ track record in this essay starting with the fact that he has exemplified a stupefying degree of lying. Moreover, he’ll spout a lie & in the same sentence contradict himself & swear that he never said what he just uttered? And his behavior in both his personal & professional life has been one long stream of corrupt practices.


Donald’s father was a slumlord who discriminated against people of color & bribed city officials re: building permits, tax breaks, tax schemes, and a close relationship with New York’s mafia elite. These mob bosses were known for their union-busting. Fred Trump was awarded federal govt. contracts to provide housing for the poor which he repeatedly didn’t honor.  Fred Trump used his political connections (bribes) to “win” these sweetheart contracts available through the Federal Housing Authority established by FDR to help those suffering under the Great Depression, etc. etc. etc. and sonny boy Donald followed in daddy’s footsteps & his grandiosity (greed) knew no bounds. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/fred-trump-tax-dodge-donald-inheritanc 

*Note how often Trump condemns those who feed off the government like parasites but of course this criticism to him or his daddy.


Trump is infamous for not paying contractors on his construction projects & God knows how many individual workers over the years? But one example stands out in the little background research I’ve done on Trump and that is the group of poor Polish construction workers who worked on Trump Tower. These poor guys were exposed to asbestos & other unsafe working conditions.


“As noted in an Aug. 25, 2016, story in TIME, Trump hired a group of undocumented Polish laborers who put in “12-hour shifts with inadequate safety equipment at subpar wages that their contractor paid sporadically, if at all.” https://time.com/5039109/donald-trump-undocumented-polish-trump-tower-bonwit-teller/


By-the-way, when Trump did pay these Polish workers, it was for a whooping $4 per hour & they were so poor that they slept at the construction site. In brief, Trump has used undocumented workers to build his real estate “empire,” but now he rails against them in his hate & fear rallies because as every tyrant knows, you gotta have a scapegoat to focus your base’s anger on. So, the undocumented continue to work for the slumlord Trump but now as scapegoats. And being the cowardly bully that he has always been, he loves picking on the weak & the vulnerable. Moreover, the poor immigrants who both Trump & Obama have persecuted & prosecuted, can’t even fight back in their own defense because they have basically no voice in the corporate media but Trump has the largest bully pulpit in America & gets to bash these poor souls every day with little  in the way of push back.



Furthermore, Trump has also hired undocumented workers at his beloved Mar-a-Lago & some of his golf resorts. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2018/12/06/president-trump-uses-undocumented-immigrant-labor


Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan by auto reflex dismisses every journalist & their news outlet as “fake news.” Doesn’t it ever occur to any of his willfully blind loyalists that when these same news outlets say something complementary about him he brags ad nauseam of it. He has even had the audacity to tell his brain-dead groupies, Don’t believe anything you read or see, only believe what I say.

Oh, if  only the public would read the short list of the early warning signs of fascism, they might wake-up before it’s too late? But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Powerful and continuing nationalism
  • Disdain for human rights
  • Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
  • Supremacy of the military
  • Rampant sexism
  • Controlled mass media
  • Obsession with national security
  • Religion and government intertwined
  • Corporate power protected
  • Labor [sic] power suppressed
  • Disdain for intellectuals & the arts
  • Obsession with crime & punishment
  • Rampant cronyism & corruption
  • Fraudulent elections
some argue that Trump doesn’t have a fascist agenda but he’s doing a pretty good job of following fascism’s playbook


Continuing with the amazingly corrupt career & behavior of this cretin in the White House are Trump’s consistent threats to sue anybody who criticizes him. This has been his modus operandi his entire business career & reveals his Achilles Heel i.e. his brand which is simply his name.

You see, modus operandi or M.O. as police detectives like to say, means “mode of operating or working.” And “the Donald” is nothing without his image or brand name recognition. He has skillfully promoted his brand i.e. himself, for the last 40 years if not more? I bet the majority of his indoctrinated following actually believe that he owns everything with his name on it? They haven’t caught on yet that he leases his “name,” to many companies, individuals, etc. allowing them to use his name because it usually brings them more business.

And this is why Trump never stops promoting himself, no matter what happens in the world or what anyone says, Trump will find a way to brag about himself in his response. I bet this lunatic even brags to himself in his dreams? So, Trump attacks anyone who dares to question him let alone commit the unpardonable sin of criticizing something he said or did, like a junkyard dog. He’s so insecure that he’s in a constant state of paranoia lest any sliver of criticism goes unchallenged. Like that pervert who was the Emperor Caligula, Trump lives in perpetual fear that someone may poison him. But in Trump’s case, the poison is slanderous remarks made about him.

Another critically important aspect of Trump’s personality & behavior was what his idol & role model perhaps even more important than his father? His mentor, Roy Cohn taught him i.e. the three D’s (Deny, Divert, & Detract). Cohn was a mob lawyer & introduced Donny the man-child to several of his more prominent clients like the heads of several of New York’s top crime families who just happen to control the construction business in New York, most notably, the cement business.


Roy Cohn taught Donny two absolutes; 1) anytime someone attacks you no matter how slight it may be, hit back viciously, & 2) it doesn’t matter if media attention about you is negative, because media attention keeps your name in the public eye. And because journalism in America has pretty much become infotainment & ratings are everything, Trump got billions of dollars in free advertising when he was running for the office of president. Why? Because Trump knows that the more outrageous, profane, & crazy his words or actions are, the more media attention he will receive.

Additionally, perhaps the single greatest factor in his “winning” the presidency is the fact that he starred in his own “Reality show” the Apprentice for several years. And once again, I bet the majority of his acolytes were regular viewers of this absurd sit-com? If you’d care to gain some valuable insight into how this series boosted Trump’s image so profoundly, watch this short You Tube video by the creators of the show. And yep, you guessed it, this series made me nauseous also within 15 minutes of watching it.


Anyone who tarnishes the girly-man with the small hands image one iota is public enemy #1 and must be shredded instantly! To maintain & protect his fragile ego and precious, gold spray paint image, Donnie has probably retained a platoon of lawyers over the years though I couldn’t find an exact number of them?


Believe it or not, I still maintain a bit of optimism that Trump’s die-hard believers might be slowly waking to the fact that they’ve been duped? Chinks in this tin-pot dictator’s armor of arrogance are beginning to rise to the surface & I predict that as our death toll numbers continue to grow, the willfully brain-dead will be forced to remove those scales from their eyes?


I have been urging people to develop their critical & analytical thinking skills for decades now but I’ve been about as effective in this as a screen-door in a submarine. Sadly, I bet that the majority of Americans don’t even know what critical thinking is & probably think it means to simply criticize someone? And I contend that this is another significant factor in the public’s gullibility?


Furthermore, I’m confident that the majority of Trump supporters are regular viewers of FOX “News,” and/or listen to Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck and other spewers of hate ad nauseam 24/7. I must admit that I didn’t catch on to FOX “News” for probably the first year or so of its existence. Perhaps I never became a regular viewer of it? But after I realized its agenda & function in our society, I was even more disillusioned that the mainstream media & to some extent, even our alternative media failed to denounce FOX “News.”


Ignoring the playground bully doesn’t make him go away & ignoring FOX “News,” and not denouncing it as fake news hasn’t made it go away either. I firmly believe that every time the alternative press refers to FOX as “News,” they are adding to its credibility.


Moreover, I have been living in small towns along the Oregon coast for the past several years & FOX “News,” and Limbaugh are about all there is in terms of “informing the public.” And I am only too painfully aware of the fact that anyone who would take the time to read any of my essays would realize that I haven’t really taught them anything, or very little, that they already don’t know?


I think that at bottom, I write for those ordinary working-class people whom I’ve always lived among. I have been obsessed with informing & empowering myself for well over 40 years & even though I am mostly spitting in the wind, I am compelled to go on not unlike Don Quixote, tilting at windmills.


Continuing on, FOX “News” with its sham of being “fair &. Balanced,” has caused very significant brain-damage in its viewers & this has been going on for 20 years now. And we can thank Ronnie Reagan to a large extent for this tragic turn of events because of his elimination of the “Fairness Doctrine.”


This “doctrine” quite simply required that broadcast news present both sides (which in itself is absurd because like life, there are many sides to most of the important issues we face) which was simplified to merely the “conservative” side of an issue & the “liberal” side of the same issue. Cable “news” was exempt from the fairness doctrine & Reagan vetoed the bill from a Democratic Congress that sought to have it reintroduced. And FOX “News” was born on cable news of course.


My central point here is that with the advent of cable news & the elimination of the fairness doctrine requirement for broadcast news, the range of debate about the critical issues we have faced ever since then has narrowed considerably. Mind you, I am only speaking about the surface of this truly vital function of what euphemistically called the “free press.” My intellectual hero, Noam Chomsky along with a colleague of his, Edward Herman, wrote the definitive classic on the subject in Manufacturing Consent which was published in 1988. In it, they detail & elaborate on the five filters through which the “news” must pass before it is aired or published. And they explain how narrowed the range of acceptable discussion of vital issues has become over the years. So, to some extent, I probably shouldn’t judge FOX “News” viewers so harshly but I do & I’ll continue to do so!


Thinking about this issue reminded me of how much I used to love watching the CBS news program, 60 Minutes. I watched it religiously for about 25 years but became more & more disillusioned as I watched its standards slowly devolve which I believe had to do with its executive producer, Don Hewitt, leaving & his passing away in 2009?


One of my favorite segments of the 60 Minutes weekly show was Point-Counterpoint which was included through most of 1970s. It had Shana Alexander who represented the liberal side of issues & James Kilpatrick who represented the conservative side of issues. And I believe this was the beginning of my political education? 60 Minutes had the reputation of being the most watched news program for most of its existence & I owe a lot to it. And I can think of no better or starker a comparison to portray the enfeeblement of the American mind when it comes to being informed about current events than from the height of journalistic integrity that was 60 Minutes & the gradual decline which is exemplified in FOX “New.”


Moving along on this trail of broken hearts & spirits to our current Commander of Thieves, Trump, the hypocrisy between what we were taught in public school about America’s defense of freedom & democracy around the globe, and the de facto reality that the U.S. now has the distinct honor of being the most feared & hated nation on earth should cause all sentient beings to pause & reflect on how we got here?  Therefore, perhaps in a sort of perverse logic, it’s appropriate that we have such a venal & vile creature sitting behind the desk in the once, well at least much more respectable guys who sat there?


And because Trump has been sliming Mexican immigrants in particular pretty much in an unabated malevolence for three years, I want to express what I’ve felt about the subject of “illegal immigrants,” since I was in my 20s. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say but for argument’s sake, say we were to agree that “illegal immigrants” shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the U.S., why is it that the corporations, the construction industry, the hospitality industry, etc. etc. etc. that hire these loving, good-natured, & extremely hard-working people & exploit them, are rarely ever locked up?



I’ll tell you why, it’s again because of the corporate greed & hypocrisy. If the politicians & the countless corporate cockroaches were hit with devastating fines & lengthy prison sentences in our toughest prisons like Pelican Bay, every time they employed these poor souls, you can bet your bottom dollar it would end illegal immigration in a heartbeat! And one last point on this subject i.e. if it weren’t for the immigrants who toil away in the hot sun in our fields in the Central Valley of California & elsewhere, food prices would skyrocket. Moreover, for all those phony liberals out there who portray Obama as such a wonderful president, he wasn’t dubbed, “The Deporter in Chief” for nothing! A guesstimate is that somewhere around three million people were deported under the wonderful & wise leadership of Obama. By-the-way, I voted for him on his first bid for the presidency but not his second one because I saw from the beginning of his first term that his appointing Summers, Geithner, & Bernanke to name just a few, meant that he was a Wall St. lackey & therefore a phony champion of the working poor & the middle-class in America.


On the subject of abortion which Trump has flip-flopped on through the years, several times, he clearly “took the position of being against it,” to placate the faux “Christians” who praise him & played such a significant role in his infestation of the White House. Moreover, the vast majority of the Evil Evangelicals & the Fascist “Christians” who pretend that life is so precious to them & that’s why they’re fighting to protect the unborn, are some of the most vocal critics of our welfare system.

The $100 million dollar televangelist con man & the Con Man & Chief Thief.


This translates into the unnecessary suffering & hardship for millions of young women who can’t provide a roof over the heads of their newborn babies or to feed them, etc. etc. etc. And this war on welfare got a major boost under that other darling of the lying liberals, Bill Clinton. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the republicans are even more vicious in their lack of empathy for all the downtrodden in our society.


As for the subject of “gun control,” this is just another red herring i.e. it’s an absurd argument! Allowing for the fact that perhaps it’s true that many people enjoy target practice & truly feel more secure if they own a gun, I argue that okay, allow simple handguns that can only fire six shots & hunting rifles. But to claim that the liberals want to take all your guns away is preposterous. Nobody needs an automatic rifle or handgun. These serve only one purpose & that is to kill as many people as possible in as short a period of time as is possible. I submit that those who demand that these weapons of mass destruction must remain legal, are de facto cowards & owning these kinds of weapons makes them feel strong. They are insecure little boys who like Trump, revel in bullying others & want the freedom to parade around in public with these murderous weapons to intimidate others. Moreover, I bet that most of these people are incapable of winning in debates without resorting to either physical threats or insinuated threats with their automatic weapons?


I believe that the majority of these anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, & pro-gun people are a large, if not the largest, segment of Trump’s “base?” And time after time we see that Trump’s hypocrisy in his speech & his behavior doesn’t trouble them one bit. Why? Because they don’t believe in their own lies & rhetoric either.

A third of the American public don’t believe the Holocaust ever happened


Trump has elevated willful ignorance to a level of national pride & proof of their patriotism. And this is why these simpletons actually believe there are alternative facts. Today, we are facing a nightmare pandemic that could’ve been greatly weakened in its proliferation in the United States were it not for the unfathomable ignorance & lack of empathy of Trump, Mitch McConnel, & all those craven cowards in the GOP who didn’t have the backbone to stand up to the inhumane policies & speech of Donald of the Duck Dynasty Klan!


Some pundits point out that Donny boy masterfully exploited the very real & honest anger at the elite of D.C. and insinuate that we shouldn’t therefore judge the Trump sector of our populace, too harshly. I say fuck that! Ignorance is no excuse & certainly doesn’t justify their glee in watching Trump & Company’s destruction of our government or their acts of violence against everyone different from them.

The first graduating class of Trump University


How much longer will Trump’s army of the Walking Dead defend him? Will they continue to defend him when the politicians take away their Social Security checks, their unemployment, they die in the streets as many of the poor around the globe are doing & they are forced to live in those streets with corpses all around them? Perhaps not even a real-life world that grows ever closer to the horrific series they love to watch will deter them from singing Trump’s praises? Too absurd you say? Remember Einstein’s words;

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein


         Undeniably, we are witnessing perhaps the most egregious displays of how inhumane the 1% truly are, in our lifetimes? They proclaim every time we ask for universal healthcare, “Oh, we simply can’t afford that! Yet every time the obscenely wealthy’s unfettered greed (deregulation) causes a panic among them, we are told that it’s a national emergency & we must bail them out once again.


But when we have the audacity to ask for help, they condescendingly tell us: “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps;” “You weren’t fiscally responsible;” “You didn’t save or plan ahead;” “Welfare makes people weak & dependent or lazy;” “You must take responsibility for your actions;” etc. etc. etc.


Moreover, whenever we deign to protest, we are mocked & ridiculed for being naïve, idealistic, or childish to believe we can change this putrid political system. This is just the way it is!



And because we’ve allowed them to get away with their greed & irresponsibility for the past four decades or better, they aren’t even bothering to hide their contempt for us & our lives. Yet that smug serpent, Trump is still getting away with his charade of being the champion of his base. Those who can’t see that the only thing Trump has accomplished besides his sabotage of every single bit of legislation or program that has Obama’s name attached to it, is his massive tax giveaway to the Masters of the Universe.


I can’t help but wonder if those who voted for Trump because they wanted to see him cause havoc in our government, are still happy about their decisions?


Yet even in the overwhelmingly abundant examples of Trump’s lies, selfishness, & destructiveness, his die-hard fans are still perplexed as to why the evil Democrats, liberals, intelligence agencies, journalists, etc. continue to plot against him & want to see him fall?

Jim Jones’ believers who drank his Kool Aid of Death because of their blind faith in him. Will the die-hard Trump supporters follow suit?


If you remember the horror that was Jonestown that Jim Jones was responsible for, you may recall the fact that he supposedly had his followers so hypnotized that the overwhelming majority of them willingly drank that deadly Kool Aid he’d poured for them? I honestly fear that most of Trump’s staunchest defenders have drunk the poisonous Kool Aid that Trump has given them?


Just how much more obvious does his corruption have to be? Trump was involved in over 3,500 lawsuits before he was installed in the White House. Yep! 1,900 lawsuits in which he was the plaintiff, 1,450 in which he was the defendant, & 150 which involved bankruptcies or third parties, or other matters.


Yeah, poor Donald, the picked on rich boy who daddy bailed-out of his failed business ventures again & again & again, is the victim of a vast Left-wing conspiracy. The Democrats & the Liberals hate him because he’s the protector of the poor, the working class, & the middle class & he made his vast fortune through his willpower, intelligence, & skills as a businessman.


I’ve had brief conversations with people like Trump’s acolytes over the years & when I realize that I’m simply beating my head against a wall not unlike that Wall that the petulant man-child is so proud of and my patience has grown short over the years so I no longer will waste my precious time on such imbeciles. In other words, I now realize & accept that I don’t have to “win” every argument. No, that is for the petty minds & petty spirits like Donald Duck. We have only so much mental, physical, & emotional energy and we shouldn’t waste it on the likes of this protoplasm that oozed out of the primordial swamp before humankind took form.


I know that Trump would whine that I’m not nice for these terrible things I’ve said about him but guess what? I don’t give a shit! And in fact, I’d love it if he were to catch the coronavirus because maybe if his life was on the line like the hundreds of millions around the world, he might find some remote, tiny speck of empathy in his black heart? You can be damn sure that he’d get the best medical care in the world but as to whether he’d change his policies blocking progress by our medical experts is another matter altogether?


But I do know one thing for sure i.e. if he were to get the virus & fighting for his life, there’d be Dancing in the Streets as Martha Reeves & the Vandellas put it.


Trump’s Cabinet of Corruption & moral cowardice may very well cause the unnecessary deaths of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Americans? And though I have no voice outside of a half dozen friends will hear, I will not be silent in my anger & hatred of everything Trump & that includes his inhumane & non-human cult worshippers. And quite frankly it simply baffles me as to how anybody, even his most loyal can fail to see through his façade of caring about Joe six-pack or America?


Trump is basically little more than a glorified used car salesman or ambulance chasing lawyer & is held in about the same regard as these two fields of scamming & rip-off artists by the two-thirds or more of America that see him for what he is.


This liar in chief who has over 16,000 lies to his credit in just over three years, and has brought a tsunami of corruption to an already corrupt government & political process but he has raised the bar of corruption to a level never witnessed or even imagined before? In fact, the corruption is so patently obvious that we should change our national bird from the bald-eagle to the vulture or more accurately a Vulture Capitalist.

The greatest fraud perpetrated against the American people, the Vietnam war!


In conclusion, one of the most obvious signs of corruption in a business or corporation or an industry is the evidence of rampant fraud. And how appropriate considering Trump has been a fraud all his life. In fact, we should call him the Emperor of Fraud. After all, he does enjoy strutting around like he’s an emperor with that Mussolini smug arrogance or Cheshire Cat smile on his hideous face. And here is a window into the fraudulent practices of the financial services industry that brought the world to its knees. The price of doing business?


It occurred to me that in some ways, Trump is a current version of the fairy tale; The Emperor Wears No Clothes, but he’s the Emperor of Fraud & has gotten away with his life of crime & deception for the better part of his life. Oh, he gets slapped on the wrist every now & then in the form of being forced to pay a settlement in a lawsuit against him like his fraudulent; Trump University but he denies having lost any of the lawsuits in which he was convicted, changes the subject, & attacks his detractors to take the spotlight off of himself.


Moreover, like that emperor in the fairy tale, Trump is blank to his own nakedness i.e. his corruption. And like the corruption & moral decay of the ancient Roman senate, Trump is destroying the American Empire not that it would be such a bad thing if it were done in a more rational & piecemeal manner?

the inner Trump in physical form


No, this swineherd has flung open the vault of the federal treasury & encouraged all his fellow pigs to help themselves to our taxes that we, the peasants are forced to pay under threat of imprisonment, but that the 1% don’t have to pay.


This private gorging at the public trough reminds me of an old television series of many years ago. Contestants were given an empty shopping cart & so many minutes—perhaps 15 minutes or so? –to run through the empty grocery store & stuff their carts as full as possible from the shelves of the store & whoever had the highest total of food items typical prices was declared the winner.


Trump can never stop, not even for a few moments, his self-promotion which is a blizzard of lies, exaggerations, & phony hype about himself. He needs to keep not only the public fooled & distracted from his agenda of greed & destruction, his ability to maintain a semblance of being in control of himself is critically dependent on this wafer-thin illusion & delusion he lives under. He is constantly living on the edge & being at risk of going bat-shit insane!

Greta’s facial expression says it all i.e.righteous moral outrage


A prime example of this fragile monster’s childish temperament was when he felt the need to mock the teenage champion of the world’s environment, Greta Thunberg because, like the child in the fairy tale, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, who had the courage to declare; the emperor is naked, Greta had the temerity to call out the hypocrites who give lip-service to the necessity of slowing down the world’s climate & environmental destruction.

Greta’s facial expression as well as her short scolding of the adults posing as our leaders, was priceless, and Greta like so many young people around the world aren’t impressed or fooled by Trump’s veneer of success. No, that is for the willingly ignorant & for Donald himself.


He hides his moral bankruptcy & the hole in his chest where humans have a heart behind his screen of ostentatious wealth that is about as subtle as Attila the Hun’s diplomacy in war. And when I see those pictures of the would be dictator sitting in his gold, spray-painted living rooms, I have to chuckle & I am reminded of some of the low-riders where I grew up in the ghettos of L.A. & their cars that were everything to them, their status symbol that said they were special with their tuck & roll upholstery that was often installed in Tijuana, Mexico complete with the little white dingle balls (I believe they were called?) that hung from their ceilings.

Maybe Donald will invite some of his supporters from the coal mines of Virginia over for a barbecue?


Trump’s function as the ringmaster in this farce we call a Democracy & that is to keep the rabble in line (Chomsky) with his traveling circus & carnival of fear & hate. And his occupation of the White House represents his only value to the power elite, that of keeping us divided so we will remain conquered & subservient slaves to the status quo.


This Divide & Conquer strategy is as old as recorded history itself. Yet, even with the astronomical power & wealth of the “Master Class” & their arsenals of weapons of mass destruction, their ownership of the financial “services” sectors of our economies, their domination of the world’s corporate media, public education systems, etc. etc. etc., the brave & loving men & women on the front lines in the fight against this deadly virus, show us again & again that the true power of this world is the power of love, compassion, & empathy. Here is a portrait of some of those compassionate brave souls fighting for us on the front lines who keep their spirits up as well as ours during these nightmarish times;


And the overwhelming majority of mankind have not allowed themselves to slowly morph into creatures from the black lagoon like Trump & his zombies. No, we know to the marrow of our bones that Love Conquers Hate and it is only by our mutual love & care for one another that we will survive not only this deadly virus but also the destruction of our climate & the ever-present threat of nuclear annihilation!


Humanity’s true heroes & greatest protectors have been the humble teachers like Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Martin Luther King, Noam Chomsky, & Howard Zinn to name just a few who have led by example, not the shallow rhetoric of tyrants like Trump the Terrible!

—Rob DeLoss, (alive & kicking in beautiful Gold Beach on this sunny day, April 12th 2020)


Namaste & Persevere my Brothers & Sisters!











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